Yelp for Windows Phone receives update with minor fixes for bugs

Ever since Yelp ( hit version 2.0 earlier this year, the company has been steadily trickling our new features to give it parity with its iOS and Android counterparts. Last night the latest version of the app, one for Windows Phone 7.x and one for 8, was bumped to version and respectively and it brings along with it a few nice changes.

There isn’t a detailed changelog though we do note you still can’t add full reviews. Instead, the app will save a “draft”, which you then need to finish on your own time on the PC. That's kind of a weak implementation, though we suppose it may weed out the insta-angry reviews that sometimes people bang away while still in the restaurant.

Yelp's "Monocle" augmented reality, finally on Windows Phone

Augmented reality via their Monocle was added to the mix in the last update and (it came to the iPhone in 2009, ahem)  although it’s a little tricky to find (Hint: dig into a Category, hit the 3rd icon near the bottom). It seems to work well enough and it's similar to Nokia’s implementation of City Lens, which while fun we also find to be a bit gimmicky.

Other improvements look to be speed enhancements and general stability.

We have to admit: Yelp is a fairly solid app. We’re not of the hardcore Yelp crowd, in fact, we’re really new to the service. But so far, it’s been fun to use to scout out for local restaurants, eateries, bars and coffee shops. Yes, Windows Phone has Local Scout, which isn’t half bad but Yelp certainly goes further with its OpenTable integration, checkins and our favorite feature, bookmarks. It also has a social-network built in so you can interact with your friends. It’s fast, fluid and nicely laid out, so much so that we’re pinning it to our Start screen for easy access.

Think you may want to try Yelp? Haven’t already received your update notification? Give it a spin here in the Store. Windows Phone 7.x and 8.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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