You can create Microsoft's official Windows Insider t-shirt

Microsoft is holding a contest to see if Windows fans can create a design that can be used for the official Windows Insiders t-shirt.

Microsoft says (opens in new tab):

Think about what you like most about the Windows Insider Program (WIP) – the chance to shape Windows, be one of the first try to new features, and join a community of other tech enthusiasts. Then come up with a T-shirt design that captures that excitement.The winning design will be used for our new WIP T-shirt which we'll be offering around the world through our Microsoft Company Store. Plus, the winner and four finalists will receive the winning T-shirt, signed by Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group.

You must be a member of both the Windows Insider and TechRewards programs to participate. Here are the requirements:

  • Make sure your design will display clearly on either a blue or grey T-shirt
  • Add one of the official Windows logos from the folder located here. You may use the Windows logo in full (symbol + text) or just the Windows symbol by itself
  • Include the words "Windows Insider Program" or "Windows Insiders" or "Windows Insider"
  • Use only original graphics and text (English only, please)
  • No third party design elements
  • No photography
  • Note that judges will select the winning design based on three criteria: effective communication of WIP benefits (40%); creativity (40%) and design quality (20%)
  • Save your design as a standard image file (.JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF).
  • Upload your design file via your OneDrive account. Get the link to the file (right click on file name, then click Share>Get a link and copy link). Paste this link into the "Comments" box at right (or at bottom in mobile view). Then click Participate.
  • You're all set! We'll announce the winner and finalists in July.

The deadline for entries is June 30.

John Callaham
  • "...which we'll be offering around the world through our Microsoft Company Store..." Haha, good joke. Can someone tell ms that the only country in the whole world where they have their stores is usa, and "the world" is not equal to "usa" ?
  • Canada? Australia? Last I heard, those were outside the US.
  • There are many stores,including Kenya and UK
    Windows 10 Mobile
  • I was assuming they meant the company store website.
  • It's not their retail stores it's for the online company store where you can get Microsoft apparel like the shirts in the article
  • There are Microsoft Stores in other countries too... stop being so ignorant. Also, they said the 'Company Store' as in their apparel store.. a simple Bing search brings it up:
  • Canada and 1 store in Australia?
  • " the winner and four finalists will receive the winning T-shirt, signed by Terry Myerson" omg the excitement /NOT
  • LOL
  • I love how to acronym of the Windows Insider Program makes WIP, like Work In Progress, a bit like is Insider builds :)
  • I believe this was intentional...
  • I can't draw, but it would be pretty awesome having a window, and inside that window you can see walls of the other logos of Microsoft stuffs. And under it saying something like being inside has its benefits. I dunno, just throwing out stuff.
  • Something like this?!463411&authkey=!A... I made it in Word, so yeah. - Sent From Mars
  • lol @ "It's great to be on the inside"
  • This is actually an amazing idea. But unfortunately I can't draw either :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • This contest is a complete FANBOY fest.... Zzzzzzz can they do something that really entices and fuels their fanbase ???   Design a T-shirt that can get signed by Myerson is not my priority this year. Maybe next year. ROFLMAO.
  • So what would you do to garner interest? The article worked, because you are now aware of it....
  • I'm still trying to order the t-shirt with the binary code in the Windows Logo.
  • The "Step into my office" one is amazing
  • I do like that one
  • Loading... ?
  • Actually, that's exactly what I designed for myself and a few other WP die-hards.  I wouldn't submit it for the contest as it's definately a insider-insider thing that could be misconstrued by the general public.  I consider it more like a badge of honour.   Front:
      Back: Front:!905380&authkey=!AJwuB39lzuvE4zw&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg Back:!905378&authkey=!AHv_K_HXMxqJ2h4&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
  • I like it a lot! Smart...
  • Prize is the t-shirt!?! Budgets are tight at Microsoft!
  • I kinda like that concept of all the different OS logos from the past to the present, maybe they could even throw in an Xbox or 2. Pretty neat. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • window insider
  • Like it, but: As long as that kind of stuff is only available in Northern America, it is nice but useless. Like with many other examples, M$ is too much focused on the US and ignores the rest of the world. I'd love to get it, however, 90 $-US just for shipment to Europe..... no way.
  • M$? Really in 2016? Maybe App$e or Goog$e... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What the heck did you buy for $90 shipping to Europe?? There are online stores in Europe offering reasonable shipping.
  • He's not kidding.  I bought some shirts from MS Company Store a while back and the shipping to Canada pretty much doubled the price.
  • I hope the winning design manages to sneak in 'When in India?' in small print somewhere. Or how about the Office and Windows logos on the front with 'This.' underneath. On the back, a Windows phone and the words 'Never This.' underneath. Or, for my entry: Front: Office and Windows logos and the text 'Windows Insider'. Back: Text: 'Insider. Knowledge.'