Your Anthem progress should carry over to next-generation consoles

Anthem Titan fight
Anthem Titan fight (Image credit: EA)

Anthem is an upcoming shared world third-person shooter from BioWare. BioWare is the studio behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Anthem is expected to launch on February 22, 2019. Just like Destiny, the developer wants to support the game for the next ten years, and that includes continuing the adventure on future platforms.

Recently, BioWare's Head of Live Services Chad Robertson was asked on Twitter if your save progress would carry over to the next-generation of consoles. He replied, "Always." It's unclear what the PlayStation 5 will offer, but Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer has promised that all of the games that work on Xbox One — including backward compatible titles — should work on future consoles the company releases. This means that your library of potentially hundreds, or even thousands of titles will stay with you.

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Hopefully if Anthem is still popular when next-generation consoles start rolling out in 2020, it'll be upgraded with enhanced visuals — maybe even 4K 60 FPS — when the time comes. However, only time will tell. There's no easy way to predict how popular a particular experience will be and if gamers will still be devoting considerable time to it years later.

What are you most looking forward to most from Anthem? Let us know. Recently, Digital Foundry managed to test out all the versions and concluded that only the Xbox One X offered native 4K resolution. The PlayStation 4 Pro achieves 1800p. In an earlier analysis, Digital Foundry discovered that there were "checkerboarding" artifacts on all versions — even PC — but that's not the case.

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  • Why wouldn't it? Your game data always transfers between consoles.
  • Did it transfer for Destiny on the 360 over to the One?
  • Yes it did you could "upgrade" your character to Xbox one it was a one time thing it wasn't a sync so if you progressed on 360 after you "upgraded" your character then it wouldn't transfer over. But truly if all consoles going forward are going to be x86 based it would make sense that your progress would continue on the new console if the game supported it. It's not like they are doing an architecture change like they did from 360 to XBO
  • I imagine in this day and age this is a piece of piss, your save data is stored online anyway, and in fact Bioware could keep the character information on their own servers and then just beam that down to a different system when required.