6tag version 1.4 new UI

Sneak peek: 6tag for Instagram gets new Modern design in impending update

It was just a few days ago that 6tag, the unofficial Instagram client for Windows Phone 8, received a robust update with version 1.2. That update included the premier feature of multiple-account support. Now we can share with you the long-rumored new UI for version 1.4, which is due in the Store in the next twenty-four hours.

Responding to some critics who would prefer a swipe / gesture based system for 6tag, developer Rudy Huyn has obliged those users by offering them a second UI. The new choice is called ‘Modern’ while the old design is now called ‘Polaroid’.

Users can simply head into Settings and under General find the new design choice, allowing users the option to dynamically toggle between the two layouts.

From a usability perspective, we prefer the new Modern layout as swiping left or right to change categories seems more natural to us. Another neat trick is revealed when you scroll down through your images. Huyn as instantiated a UI change where the navigation bar disappears when scrolling, allowing you a nice full-screen view of your Instagram feed.

In related news, Huyn has quit his full-time job to focus squarely on making Windows Phone apps. That means more apps and more updates should be on their way. It’s hard to believe that Huyn has been doing this only part-time up until now, so we’re excited to see what else he will create.

6tag appears to be catching on as a handful of third-party apps like Ciel, Apict and Countdown have announced sharing integration with the Instagram client.

This version of 6tag will be for Windows Phone 8 only but with the new UI option, Huyn has noted that it will now be easier to port back for Windows Phone 7.x users.

Version 1.4 for 6tag will be available shortly and we’ll of course alert you when that happens. For now, you can watch our video tour above and see what’s in store for you soon. Stay tuned.


Reader comments

Sneak peek: 6tag for Instagram gets new Modern design in impending update


And that was when he was doing this part time too! Full time app developer Rudy Huyn will be even better than before (if that's even possible).

Unfortunately, everyday that goes by more people become loyal to 6tag.
I have already paid for both, so I'm anxious to see Instance. However, I'm not optimistic about support.

According to Marketing theories the first one hitting has the cards to win, even though the second could be good too the first place will be reminded first giving him more chances :)
So, a point for Rudy! :)

IOS was out long before android.
..you saw what happened there.

Point being, just because it was out first means nothing especially since instance support is next to nonexistent most of the time...amd I was an instance beta tester.

Yep, but what I meant is if you're second you must give your best twice if you want to win the market. If instance doesn't take our breath away that's it. As a neutral costumer I will give it a try anyway :)

Well i guess i'll stick with 6tag now.  I was liking the design of Instance way better but this will make me stick with 6tag

Really nice to see how Rudy manages to both create very functional AND well designed applications. I hope people support such nice developers by buying their applications and writing good reviews in the store.

Personally 6tag, and instance v2 more than suit my needs, but having an official instagram app would help attract people from other platforms.

I agree. "unofficial" is just harder to push through making people aware those are actually available. Just look at the cnet review claiming none instagram applications available, etc.

And check out twitter, everyday someone is asking @NokiaUS and/or @Windowsphone about instagram or are saying something like "I'd switch, but I need instagram".

Exactly what my point is. If all those people considering switching to wp knew how good unofficial alternatives we've got, they might end up actually switching. That would create a storm of a whole lot of switches --> official applications being thrown at store :P

I personally don't want everyone to switch from another platform to WP. I don't want WP to become some mainstream pos like iOS eventually. (doubt it'll ever happen, but still)

Rudy. When WP starts really taking on the market, this man will be a celebrated hero. A pioneer in everything that is right and awesome for the WP platform. He's basically nokia personified? :P

Now 6tag looks identical to instance. All of our twitter clients look alike, now we're doing the same with our instagram ones?

Similar, yes, but not exactly. Love that Rudy gives you an option on the upcoming update. I still prefer 6tag, but Instance V2 has been awesome too.

Awesome news. Amazing how he quit his "real" job to focus on developing, he's truly dedicated. I'd love to see a Twitter client from Rudy!

@ Rudy, if you are reading this, I would really like to know if you also have (near) future plans on making Windows 8/RT apps.
@Daniel, now this would be a nice time to think about that interview with Rudy, right?
(Forum thread is still live)

Great to know Rudy Huyn is fully dedicated and well appreciated.
Just got some problems with ppls videos appearing on others post. Hope that gets fixed. And some hash tags seem to not work.
Otherwise fantastic.

I had this a couple of times. I deleted the app, restarted the phone, installed the app again. Solved it for me.

Why don't large companies who are 'unwilling' or unsure about WP8 ask people like Rudy to make a third-party app, then if it works and is popular, buy it and turn it official. Win win?

I am a big fan of the multiple account support. Follow me at BK_lumia1020. What would be great for a future update is linked account support where I can view all my feeds in screen. When I go to post a pic or video, I get the option to choose which account(s) to post to after I edit the image. I can see how this might not work so well with the news section though. Just a thought.

im using instagramm because of 6tag...always heard about but 6tag gave me the option to creat a login and use this program...
my dollar bill goes to 6tag..kkk

I bet Rudy can make a full featured Facebook app in 6 weeks and make it work 3x better than the beta version Microsoft has been working on for months.

Such a gorgeously designed app. Still keeping my fingers crossed that the weird flash when you switch to video capture mode has been corrected.

I've been using both Instance Beta V2 and 6tag. Both excellent apps. Will continue to use both and decide which one is the best, though its starting to look neck and neck at this point

Wow, Rudy does it again. I'm so glad this happened, because I wasn't really liking the "polaroid" UI! This UI is much more practical Imo. I hope this comes to 6sec too!

Just downloaded it. Didnt even have to go into setting to swtich to modern, when I launched it started up with Modern. Leaving it like this. Takes what I loved about instance and incorporated it into 6tag Love swiping. much easier than tapping that counter at the top
Was wondering how the swiping the image around to download etc was gonna work, but now u tap the three dots at the bottom of the post.