Armed version 1.1 update rolls out. Mango update coming soon

Armed! 4 screens

As you might have heard, indie strategy title Armed! is one amazing game. With great graphics, an amazing UI, deep strategic gameplay, and online multiplayer to boot, Armed! is heads and tails above most Xbox Live games (and certainly Fusion: Sentient). What’s more, Dallas-based developer Sickhead Games plans to show Armed! lots of support, starting with today’s update.

The Armed! version 1.1 update consists primarily of bug fixes (full list past the break). As of now, most known issues have been addressed. I can enter my Scoreloop information without the game crashing now, so that’s one improvement. A version 1.2 update with Fast App Switching support is also on the way. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t enable the feature in this patch (it’s beyond easy), but apparently Sickhead was concerned about locking out Nodo users (do they still exist?).

Head past the break for the full changelog.

Armed! Version 1.1 release notes

  • Fixed bug in resource control that caused the client to crash in non-US Locales.
  • Specified a DefaultCharacter in our fonts. Now displaying "@" for characters that don't exist in the given SpriteFont.
  • Leaderboards now sort by rank, rather than rating.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements to the Scoreloop screen.
    • Prevented some exceptions from being thrown when Scoreloop returns bad info
    • Disabled Scoreloop Page's controls while a field is updating
    • Now displaying an "Updating..." spinner while updating a user's details.
    • Better error handling support and messages.
    • Fixed crash when entering e-mail in Scoreloop screen
    • Scoreloop has fixed their "Changing e-mails" problem. (http://bit.ly/xjMh4a)
    • Fixed issue that prevented the Friends list from scrolling in some cases.
  • Added "Buy Now!" button while in trial mode, added Rate + Review option to the system pivot.
  • Scoreloop names now update and display on the loading screen when changed during a session.
  • Adjusted layout of PlayerInfo in Multiplayer loading screen. No longer show player info in Single Player.
  • Better AdBanner placement.
  • Added an Ad to the lobby screen for trial users.
  • Added a missing WebBrowserComponent for Ads.
  • Fixed and simplified the filters for finding a Ranked Match.
  • Buyscreen for a "blocked" Factory (One with no valid build locations) is no longer accessible from a doubletap. Prevents crash.
  • LaserTurret's penetration upgrade can no longer hit units that are not visible.
  • Updated subtext for "Custom Match" entry on the Main Menu
  • Reduced the number of people visible in "Your Rating" section of the leaderboard.
  • Users on X version of the client may only challenge or matchmake against other people on X version.

Armed! costs $3.99 and has a free trial. The price might seem like a lot for a non-Xbox Live title, but trust me, it’s worth it. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Armed version 1.1 update rolls out. Mango update coming soon


Microsoft has created quite a problem, I'd be interested in this but now I know (from Doodle God) that if this game ever gets promoted to Xbox Live status it won't get upgraded to that version and instead will disappear from the marketplace and I'll be forced to rebuy it.

No worries...   if Microsoft ever invited us into the XBL circle of trust among the things we would ask them for would be a reasonable path for current ARMED! users.
That said don't expect free updates from now until the end of time... eventually we'll need to do a major version update which will cost money, but we won't be asking you to pay up next month or anything.
We do have to eat too. :)

In the cases of IonBall and Doodle God, owners of the indie game were not compensated or given licenses for the Xbox Live version. Considering how many more significant issues like transferring save data have yet to be addressed, I doubt they'l come up with a solution to this particular issue anytime soon.

locking out Nodo users
That is a good question... are there any non-Mango users out there anymore?
We have no data on that which is why we've been slow to move to a Mango build.

I love this game.  Glad to see the quick update.  This is the first app, game, whatever that I've purchased. I just hadn't seen anything worth parting with moola before...but I am cheap...

Good to see they are updating the game quickly.  It's excellent and I've shown friends on WP7 and they are really enjoying it.  I hope the fast app switching comes soon though.
Paul I'm with you, I was under the impression implementing fast app switching was fairly simple.  However many of the games spotlighted by MS (Angry Birds and PvZ for example) are not enabled for this.  Fruit Ninja for example, which I recall seeing in Mango preview videos and events, has yet to be updated for fast app switching.  I'm curious what the hold up for some of these devs is.  Is there just a huge backlog of apps waiting approval?  I guess that's a good problem to have, right?
At any rate, go get Armed! and support a great game!
Go Indie Devs!

Anyone up for a multiplayer game? The ranked match search can't find anything :( is it split by region or something?

I second that. Real hard to find opponents for a ranked game in europe. Sadly, because that was my main reason to buy the game. Not sure if i will buy subsequent updates without it..

I just managed to hit 4 games in a row (after a lot of trying). At least two were with the same guy (not sure about the rest since his name was some auto generated number)

ARMED! is amazing! I have been showing non Windows Phoners this game and they are blown away. I have a few little pet peeve gripes about about it like the lack of fast-resume. Nodo users are few and far between, but given the type of game this is, I really don't mind having to go through the menu to resume gameplay. The update helped some with the scoreloop bugs.
This game is easy to learn, hard to master. It would be nice to have just a few more battlefields though.
Four bucks for a non-Xbox LIVE game is still on the steep end, but there is no way that it is not worth it.
At times it can be a little dead in the head-to-head pool, but I'm sure this will improve as more people use this game.
My screen name is the same as here (and everywhere!) "BurnEthanol". Challenge me to a game!