AT&T may rollout Windows Phone 8.1 update 'as early as this week'

File this one under rumor, but an AT&T Community Manager for the AT&T help forums is stating that the Windows Phone 8.1 update may begin to rollout at on "certain devices as early as this week!". The AT&T employee then directs users to watch for an update on the AT&T Consumer blog, where the company usually posts details about such events.

The Community Manager named 'ATTMarianaCM' revealed the news and marked the thread "solved," effectively ending the help topic (though the thread is still open for comments).

Microsoft – and the old Nokia team who oversaw updates – started rolling out Windows Phone 8.1 only last week. Since then, there has been a limited issue with those running Windows Phone Preview for Developers and who have corporate phones with BitLocker enabled. However, the overwhelming majority of updates are going without incident. So far, only the Lumia 625, Lumia 925 have received updates with trial rollouts for the Lumia 1520 in Finland and India (there is also one Lumia 520 in France getting it too),

Despite public perception, AT&T has been in the past relatively timely for OS updates. For instance, the AT&T Lumia 1020 received Lumia Black well before other devices around the globe last December. Likewise, the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 both had their Lumia Black updates in late January, beating both Verizon and T-Mobile by substantial margins.

It now looks like AT&T may continue that trend by pushing out Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan to their customers just one week after the initial rollout. The only question that remains is which devices go first. AT&T has numerous Lumias to support, including the Lumia 520, Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, and Lumia 1520. Additionally, AT&T also has the Samsung ATIV S Neo and the HTC 8X, though Samsung and HTC so far have been quiet about any Windows Phone 8.1 updates.

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Source: AT&T Forums; Thanks, Vincent H., for the tip!


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AT&T may rollout Windows Phone 8.1 update 'as early as this week'



Yes, even though it's unlocked, update and carrier wise, it's still locked to AT&T unless you put a different ROM onto it. :)

No. If I not an att phone nop. You'll get the update when available for your device region

Wrong, it is an AT&T based phone. The update will come via the AT&T release schedule. Where the phone is now has no bearing at all unless they have flashed a different ROM.

I've been doing this for some time now on my 520...prolly cuz I have the "developer's pre-release" or whatever of 8.1 (thanks to WPCentral for telling us how to get that). ;)

Absolutely! 1520 is still the best WP on the market. Wondering what its successor will bring to the table. In the meantime, I want that Cyan update and the live lock screen app.

Respectfully, I disagree.  I think the 1020 is still better.  The 1520 is too large for comfortable one-hand use and the camera isn't as good as the 1020.  Until a TRUE successor to the 1020 comes along, I'm not throwing my money away on another device.

Lol I respect that. The reason say it's the better phone is because of the larger screen, microSD expansion, and quad cores. The difference in cameras isn't significant enough to me to really care. The 1520 still takes excellent pictures and my large hands are much more at home on the 6in screen. The quad cores don't make much of a difference in the OS that is really noticeable, but it does make a different in some apps and games. Oh, did I mention that this batter lasts an extremely Lon time for a phone this size.

Then again, there are those that would say the 620 or 520 are better. All about preference

Yes, 1020 is better for exactly those reasons. Additionally, with internet sharing, I prefer a smaller phone and just use it as a hotspot with one of my tablets when I need more screen real estate.

I hated the HERE maps and drving directions until I went into the settings and configured them.  The default settings will screw you over but once set-up, they rock.  FAR better than anything else out there.

My thoughts exactly.. That's why when its released I'm going to wait and confirm that Data Sense isn't removed.

Eh, my 810 is fine updated to 8.1 via the developer preview. I really don't get all the complaining since you CAN have 8.1 on it. It's just Black/Cyan we can't get. My 810's been better than ever since I updated it back in April.

Hey, as I've pointed out, AT&T has been first in updates before...the "AT&T is slow" meme is from ages ago, so this does not surprise me at all.

so true...   I'm seriously displeased with T-Mobile's consistent abandoning of their WP devices.

Yeah that was really dumb. But it got GDR1 aka Portico a month or so before any other device. It was a crucial update too since it stopped the phone from rebooting while playing music.

My factory unlocked dell venue pro att spec got it but by the time that was released I moved onto an ativ s. The update checking never worked on device

If memory serves correctly the GDR1/Portico update was pushed out very quickly and broke a ton of ATT devices. with GDR2 they wanted to make sure it was not going to brick any phones, so they put it through a lot of extra testing. No sense pushing an update if it is going to cause that much grief.
Besides, didn't GDR2 coincide with the iPhone 5s/c launch? Who is going to get testing and deployment priority? A minority of existing customers, or the next big cash cow?

No one will be happier than me if its true. I just learned long ago that updates are not worth holding your breath for on AT&T..

True. But it appears the smarter our phones get the less our patience becomes. In the day of rapid convenience soon is far from being fast enough. Lol...

I have personal 1520 international (HK variant) unlocked running the 8.1 preview. I'm not sure if bitlocker is enabled on my phone. It's my personal phone, which I just happened to connect to my company outlook/exchange with. Can you guys shed any light on if personal phones with preview will be affected for the cyan update??

If your phone can be used without a lock code, then BitLocker is not on. Requiring a password is a prerequisite for the policies.

If you go to settings -> storage sense, it will say encrypted next the amount of free space (x GB free, encrypted). It will do the same thing for your SD card (if applicable).

I am in charge of our exchange server so I'm just going to create a new policy, update, then change me back. All else fails, you should be able to remove your exchange account, update, then add it back.

There has been no consistency with how carriers have handled rollouts. Verizon was first out the gate with Amber while AT&T dragged it out for months. Then Verizon took ages for Black while AT&T wasn't too bad. At this point I'm not going to use previous updates as any sort of basis for the schedule any of the US carriers are working off of. The only thing Verizon has done consistently is not even try to release it for all devices at once. My dad's 822 has always gotten updates weeks after my 928 so now that that's been bumped down the pecking order for the Icon, I won't be holding my breath.

If they dont, I'm sticking with the dev preview.I'm never out of wifi unless I'm driving, but I do like being certain I'm not using it for when I want it. Not because my phone decided it wanted to randomly download something.

Exactly what I was thinking. Wait until others have updated and see if they remove data sense and replace Bing makes with here maps (shudder). If they do either of these, I'll stick with the preview release.

Well you well eventually need to update cause that means you wont be able to get anymore more updates if you where to stay with that build and I would doubt they could remove it considering it's part of the OS

keep in mind that ATT does not have the carrier part of data sense enabled (which is what give data compression over the network). This means that the data sense on your phone is merely a usage report and not a policy or compression application like it could be. Still handy to know what is using data throughout the month, and far simpler to check data use on that than the ATT app, but if you are truly paranoid about data usage then you can set policy via individual apps as you currently do.

Data Sense also regulates (Switches to Mobile sites instead of Desktop) IE when you are close to your cap. It compliments the OS so well just doesn't make sense (No pun intended) to remove it..

I'll sell mine. It's in mint condition, I brought it directly from Microsoft Store off contract back in January. I have it running on an At&t mvno known as H2O wireless. Reach out to me, I'll send you over some pics of the phone in all it's glory. jgrffin7@gmail.com

Cricket Wireless is Owned by ATT and has better rate plans then H20 just saying and sense it's not and MVNO it's alot better with selection of phones,data speeds and data caps just sayin

I just bought one over the weekend playing with it now and I gotta say I love it with tm lte it's fast.

It is totally free, not sure why you would say that. The way I understand is that if you connect to Exchange Server Active Sync and the EAS policies require device encryption then it gets turned on.

If I am wrong I am totally willing to stand corrected.

If you go to settings -> storage sense, it will say encrypted next the amount of free space (x GB free, encrypted). It will do the same thing for your SD card (if applicable).
I am in charge of our exchange server so I'm just going to create a new policy, update, then change me back. All else fails, you should be able to remove your exchange account, update, then add it back.

I agree, I need some of the abilities it offers and I miss the living images. Wish my phone wasn't set up to receive automatic updates when that occurred. I have since, shut it off and manually check. Then, I see what the changes are before I go trigger happy with the update button. Lesson learned. Of, course with Cyan, I won't practice what I preach and I wont think twice to see if anyone is having problems, been waiting so long:)

Hold on there, Rosco pico soul train... Some of us have jacked up devices as a result of the DP's updates... We're just waiting to see if somthing official fixes them..

Yes, Rosco P Coltrane and his dog Flash worked for his "little fat buddy" Boss Hogg. Oh the hijinks they had.

Yeah, forget this old Cyan crap, I want D... Daffodil? Denim? Desert?

Microsoft is always behind, they'll never catch up in the mobile wars, making us have to put up with Cyan and not giving us Lumia Denim.  MOAR VERSIONS

Yes. I don't think the dev issue will effect to many people. Most are probably personal devices not used with any company featuring Bitlocker. But if it does I can always roll it back.

I did try to locate information for you in that regard. I was unable to find anything relevant. But it doesn't necessarily mean Cricket or Leap won't be serviced around the same time. After all AT&T did acquire Cricket. So I hope you do.

I'm on cricket and I use a 920 that is still locked to ATT, so far I have not missed out on getting updates at the same time ATT releases them. That said, it will probably be later if you are using a handset that you bought through Cricket. My husband used a 620 back when they were still Aio and he got his Amber update at a later time than I.

AT&T, you slick somona b*tches... good job!  I just hope that they don't water down the update by robbing us of Data Sense like in previous updates.

Don't let me down AT&T...

Sometimes you got to have high hopes.  For the first time in a while I'm actually being optimistic. I gotta go get myself checked out...


My only guess is that Verizon is a larger carrier. Other than that, I've no idea. But I'm on AT&T and hopefully Verizon receives it soon as well.

Wait! This is AT&T? They didn't say which "this week". It could be 20 "this weeks" from now.

As a 1520 owner I will be pressing update once every hour until I see an update ready for my device.

Ya gotta sleep sometime. . .
And you better shower sometime. . .
And eat, maybe even work. . .

Yes, if you have sensor core in the 1520 (that phone is the gift that keeps on giving), the Icon, or 930.

No. Fitbit does not yet support windows phones. There is no official app that supports syncing. They claim to be working on an app, but we'll see.

I was drinking right now, so im kind of tipsy. Can someone please confirm me if i just read that AT&T is going to begin the rollout of Cyan? I was waiting that on 2015 not this year.

About time geez, but lately I've been having the worst service with my Lumia 520 with AT&T. People call and it doesn't ring, text unable to send and no service.

You should get the update. When I was on H2O I got updated at the same time as when ATT rolled it out. If you have an ATT handset like the 1520 you should be set.

Coundnt this also just mean that they intend on stocking or selling 8.1 devices like the 635 this week? She never said it was OTA's...


Hopefully we get to keep it. The recent video walkthrough of the Lumia 635 showed Data Sense on the phone.

Tmobile support directed me to watch the product page for their 925 for news of cyan.

Also, foursquare defined "soon" as later this summer for swarm on WP. Sure I'd get the same on an official fitbit app also.

Hope T-Mobile surprises everyone by rolling out the update for the 521/925 before ATT, lol..not having any high hopes for either one

So I'm in strange boat where I'm using 620 on AT&T. When would i expect to get Cyan? Along with rest of devices?

If its not originally am AT&T phone, you may have a while to wait. This would only be for AT&T branded devices.

Could be perfect timing for me as my 1520 should be here Thursday. My 920 will be happy too...I hope. AT&T, please make my 920 happy. Please.

I've benn with them for about a decade plus and I've only had one real issue which was worked out quickly. The price is great as far as I'm concerned I would rather be on ATT than any other US carrier

Next.week this week all sound good. Please stop whining about ATT or bring cheese to the wine tasting