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From Windows Mobile to Android

OnePlus 3T is the best Android phone for Windows Mobile converts

First impressions of Windows MR

We went eyes-on with Windows Mixed Reality — and it's very cool

By the numbers

Why you don't need an unlimited data plan

Theme me up Scotty

Master the new theme settings in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Android

Using Android in the Microsoft ecosystem

Nothing to fear

Why the decline of Windows 10 Mobile won't affect this site

The elephant in the room

Developers, what will it take for Microsoft to win you to the UWP?

Not for everyone

4 reasons why you should buy an all-in-one as your next PC

Postive > negative

It's time to celebrate the GOOD things about Windows Mobile

Responsible recommendations

Do you still recommend Windows phones to family and friends?

1080p vs supersampling vs 4K

Exclusive look at the resolution differences between Scorpio and Xbox One

Sound off!

What would Microsoft have to do to bring you back to Windows Mobile?

Badass on a budget

CHUWI Hi13 review: A Surface Book alternative that costs only $369

From the Forums

Why have things gone so wrong for Windows phone?

Sonic sound

Turn on Windows Sonic and experience spatial audio in Windows 10


Windows Central Podcast 46: A Windows phone reset

Hey cortana ... ?

A brief history of Cortana, Microsoft's trusty digital assistant

Scratching the surface

Here's one way Microsoft could make the Surface phone succeed

Beyond the doom and gloom

What does the 'death of Windows phone' mean for Windows Central?

Le sigh

Check out our in-depth Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review

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All Articles by George Ponder


Best Camera Apps for Windows 10

While the native Windows 10 camera app is a capable means of capturing images, some may prefer an alternative camera interface. The Windows Store has a few camera app options to consider and these are the best of the bunch.

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Exercise your brain twice over with Trivia for All

Trivia for All is an interesting Windows 10 Mobile game where you not only have to solve a series of trivia questions, but you also have to complete the questions using picture clues to fill in the blanks. Trivia for All offers a unique twist to the trivia genre and a fun time waster of a game.

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Best Cooking Apps for Windows 10

One of the convenient uses for a Windows 10 device is to help us find our way around the kitchen. There is a host of apps in the Windows Store full of detailed recipes to point you in the right culinary direction. These are our best cooking apps for Windows 10.

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Best Calendar Apps for Windows 10

If the native Windows 10 calendar just is not your cup of tea, the Windows Store has a nice selection of alternatives to choose from. Alternatives that add more customization, more views and in some cases, simplify things. These are our best calendar apps for Windows 10.

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Best Running Apps for Windows 10

If your fitness routine includes running, there are several Windows 10 apps available to help you track, monitor and evaluate your runs. These apps count calories, distance, time and these are our best running apps for Windows 10.

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Best Health Apps for Windows 10

Staying healthy is something we all should strive for and there are a bunch of apps in the Windows Store to help you achieve that goal. From eating right, sleeping enough and finding a way to relax these are the best health apps for Windows 10.

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Scramble to avoid extinction with Magic Dodos

Magic Dodos is a puzzling platform game for Windows 10 where you have to manipulate a series of platform levels to guide a pack of mindless dodo birds to safety. Available for Windows 10 PC, Magic Dodos has 100 levels of gameplay and is a challenging time waster.

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Dominate the greens with Mini Golf Buddies

Mini Golf Buddies is a Windows 10 game that challenges your skills with the putter. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the golf game offers 60 levels of gameplay and a multiplayer mode to challenge others to a friendly game of putt-putt.

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Best Shopping Apps for Windows 10

Whether you are planning a day at the Mall or looking for the best deals on the go, the Windows Store has a modest collection of apps to help out. They can find the best deals or shop from the comfort of home.

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Fastball Online races in as today's myAppFree Deal

Fastball Online is an online, multiplayer Windows 10 game where you compete against others in a platform styled race. The game is already a free title but through the myAppFree deal you get 30,000 stars that can be used to customize your player and unlock features.

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