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All Articles by Rich Edmonds

Wondershot, a top-down multiplayer game focused more towards family fun rather than competitive play, has been announced for February. The title is a top-down multiplayer game that's focused more towards family fun rather than competitive play. Players take control of different characters with the choice of four weapons to combat their opponents - bow, hammer, boomerang and the slingshot.

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It has been possible with Intel's latest Skylake processors to overclock even the locked family of chips. Motherboard manufacturers have made it so even those who opt for the more affordable (but locked) Intel processors can get more out of the component, but Intel is set to shut down this little unofficial party by releasing an update to block any form of overclocking on locked processors.

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AppRaisin has just been bumped to version 1.5.1 on the Windows Store. This latest release adds a number of highly-requested features by the community, namely comments for app news, the Live Tile going transparent, as well as usually bug fixing and general improvements. Those unfamiliar with AdDuplex's app, AppRaisin enables users to find new games and apps on the Windows platform they may not be aware of.

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