Accessorize your Dell XPS 15 and amp up the fun and function.

There are so many great accessories that can help to enhance your experience with your Dell XPS 15, you'd be remiss if you didn't consider some of them.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger laptop bag

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Hand-picked by a couple of our Mobile Nations editors, the Peak Design Everyday Messenger laptop truly lives up to its name. It's perfect for lugging your XPS 15 all around town, all day, every day.

This bag launched on Kickstarter and blew up into one of the best laptop bags money can buy. It's perfect for folks who need to carry their laptops, along with all of their cameras and chargers and phones and everything else. If you've just got your XPS 15 and a charger, then it might be just a tad much. But if you buy every accessory on this list, then you'll need a bag that can keep up!

The strap looks like a padded seat belt, designed for maximum comfort and durability, while the outer shell is weather-proof, so no worries if you get caught in a sudden downpour.

Make sure your choose the 15-inch size when you go to order yours, since it also comes in a 13-inch that won't accept your Dell XPS 15.

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ProCase laptop sleeve

ProCase laptop sleeve

Some folks don't need a full-on laptop bag. Maybe you keep your Dell XPS 15 in your backpack, but you still want to keep it protected. For that you'll want a sleeve — they're thin, light, and they'll at least help with light bumps and drops.

ProCase's sleeve is like a bag and sleeve in one, thanks to its extendable handle and fashionable design. It comes in light gray with turquoise trim, dark grey with orange trim, and teal with orange trim.

The inside is soft and padded, gently surrounding your XPS 15 and snugly protecting it, while the outside is a durable, textured material resembling denim but much lighter.

If you don't want a cumbersome laptop bag or if you'll be carrying your XPS 15 in a bag with items that might scratch its surface, then a sleeve is a good call and the ProCase sleeve is the best.

Just make sure you choose the 14-15.6-inch version before you check out.

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

Trackpads are fine, but sometime you need the accuracy and versatility of a mouse, especially if you're gaming or doing any video or photo editing — it's just more convenient.

The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth mouse is just about as practical as it gets. It connects to your Dell XPS 15 via Bluetooth — no extra tiny USB receivers to lose here.

It also has a Windows Touch Tab that can be customized to access the Start Menu, Cortana, and more, which saves time and can help speed up workflow. The 4-way scroll is super handy, allowing you to scroll up, down, left, and right without having to click and drag scroll bars.

The Sculpt Comfort's design is ergonomic, so you can click comfortably and it runs for up to 10 months off a pair of AA batteries.

If you want a mouse that feels great in your hand and won't interrupt your workflow, then the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort is the ideal solution.

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Dell Power Companion

Dell Power Companion

We've all been there: you're out and about and your laptop is nearly out of charge, with nary a charger or outlet in sight. Oh, if only laptop battery packs were actually a thing that exis— wait, they exist?

Dell's Power Companion is a laptop charger and external battery all in one. The XPS 15-compatible accessory includes a beefy 18,000mAh 6-cell battery pack for hours of additional runtime without having to tether yourself to a wall.

It also lets you charge two mobile devices via USB ports and charges itself via your Dell power adapter. The Dell Power Companion is rather compact at only 6 inches by 3 inches, and it's fairly light (around 14 ounces) for the sheer amount of battery shoved inside.

If you're constantly on the go and don't have time to sit and charge your XPS 15 (and hate crying in public), then grab the Dell Power Companion and keep going.

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Cambond 6.6-foot braided USB-C cable

Cambond USB-C cable

Future-proof yourself and invest in a quality USB-C cable, since that's likely the way technology's headed. USB-C is versatile and fast, and you don't have to struggle to plug in cables right-side up ever again.

Cambond's braided cable is durable, flexible, and thanks to its nylon fiber jacket won't tangle up on itself. You can use the Cambond USB-C cable to connect to any device with a USB-C port.

It's early in USB-C's life, but you might as well adopt it now and you might as do so with a quality cable.

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Seagate Backup Plus Slim

Seagate Backup Plus Slim

Sure, your Dell XPS 15 might have an enormous internal drive, but a portable external hard drive is always a great idea. You can carry around a plethora of music, movies, and more, without having to clutter up your laptop. Or you could use it as a backup drive, ensuring that should calamity befall your beloved laptop that your files will live on.

Seagate's Backup Plus Slim is one of the most popular external hard drives around and for good reason. It's compact, supports USB 3.0, and is rather inexpensive, usually starting under $100 for a whopping 2TB of storage.

It also comes in black, blue, red, silver, and gray, so you can choose one that matches your style. If you like OneDrive, then you're in for a treat, since the Backup Plus Slim comes with 200GB of cloud storage, free for two years!

This hard drive doesn't require a power supply; it's USB-powered, and it comes with Seagate Dashboard software to help you come up with customized backup plans.

If you have a ton of data and need to take it with you wherever you go, then check out the Seagate Backup Plus Slim.

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What do you use?

Do you have a favorite Dell XPS 15 accessory that we missed? Sound off in the comments below.