The Windows 10 Store is packed full of entertaining and challenging games to lose track of time with. Trivia games are one such gaming option that will not only challenge what you already know but may also teach you a thing or two along the way. These games can test your knowledge of scholastic topics such as science, geography and history or your smarts on current events and entertainment topics.

This Windows Central roundup focuses on the best trivia games available from the Windows 10 Store. While we are focusing on the PC versions of these games, many will have Mobile version as well and we will include those links as well. If your favorite trivia game isn't included in the collection, feel free to add your recommendation in the comments below.

1. QuizUp


QuizUp is a free, award-winning multiplayer trivia game that is available for both Windows PC and Phones. You can challenge friends or take on a random stranger to compete in a seven question, head-to-head trivia match.

QuizUp has hundreds of trivia categories that include general topics such as science, history and entertainment as well as more defined topics such as 1990's Music, Star Wars, Cold War History, Spice Girls, The Simpsons and a boatload more.


QuizUp does require a member account that can be based on your Facebook, Google or email accounts. While some will grimace at creating another gaming account, doing so will allow your gaming progress to synchronize between devices.

Gameplay pits you against your opponent in a seven-question trivia match. Both players answer the same questions and the faster your correct response, the more points you earn. As you might guess, the goal is to outscore your opponent. Win or lose, the points you do earn during gameplay will increase your experience and slowly move you up the gaming level ranks.


Along with offering a great way to pass the time, QuizUp also has a social networking aspect where you can post Twitter-like comments within each trivia topic category.

There are no hints or clues with gameplay, just you and your knowledge (or luck at guessing the right answer). QuizUp's gaming structure is great for short gaming spurts and addictive enough for marathon gaming sessions.

Download QuizUp for Windows PC and Phone

512MB RAM devices supported

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2. Guess That Song

Guess That Song

Guess That Song is a trivia game available for both Windows PC and Phones that challenges your knowledge of the music industry. The game has dozens of trivia categories based on music genres where a snippet of a song will play and you will have to identify the artist or title of the song.

Categories of music include Summer Hits, Country Hit's, 60's Music, Movie Themes and more. You begin play with ten categories available and as you earn tokens during gameplay, you can unlock additional categories of music.

Guess That Song

Games can be one or two player in style and will present you with five musical trivia questions. Questions vary from identifying the artist or song title. You only have a few seconds to answer the question and the faster you answer, the more points you earn. All of which will translate into more tokens earned.

The two-player game is play head-to-head has the two players sharing the screen to see who can answer the music trivia question the fastest. This two-player design works best from Windows table, but can be a little cramped when played from a Windows Phone.

Guess That Song

The song selection in each category contains popular titles and you may be surprised how difficult it is to name that tune. The free trivia game does have in-app purchase opportunities for tokens if you want to get a jump on unlocking the additional music categories.

Download Guess That Song for Windows PC and Phone

512MB RAM devices supported

QR: Guess That Song

3. Trivial Pursuit and Friends

Trivial Pursuit and Friends

While trivia games have been around for ages, Trivial Pursuit gave the gaming genre a spark in the 1980's with a host of trivia board games. Trivial Pursuit and Friends is available for both Windows PC and Phones that taps into the same gaming style the original board games offers.

The game offers three gaming modes where you compete head-to-head against other trivia gamers. A membership account is necessary and can be based on your Facebook or Microsoft account. As is the case with QuizUp, is free and creating an account allows you to synchronize your gaming progress between devices.

Trivial Pursuit and Friends

The three gaming modes include:

  • Duel: This game pits you against a single opponent in a series of trivia rounds that consist of three questions.
  • Blitz: Here you play against up to three other players in a lightning match that consists of seven trivia questions.
  • Topic: You have three tries to get as many correct answers as possible.

Trivial Pursuit and Friends begins with the Duel mode unlocked and the additional gaming modes become unlocked as you advance in gaming experience. Topics of trivia questions include Sports and Hobbies, Entertainment, Geography, Arts, Geography, Science and History.

There are hints available during gameplay that include a timer that gives you a few more seconds, public polling on the right answer, 2 taps that gives you two guesses and 50/50 that eliminates two of the four possible answers. The hints will cost you a few gems that are earned during gameplay or picked up through in-app purchase.

Trivial Pursuit and Friends

In holding my own against other gamers over the past few days, Trivial Pursuit and Friends comes across as a fun trivia game for your Windows PC or Phone. The only nit I can find with the game is the full-screen view did not adjust to the 1366 x 768 screen of my laptop and cut off the bottom portion of the display. The full screen will come into view if you minimize the gaming window a bit.

Trivial Pursuit and Friends is a free game that is available for both Windows PC and Phones.

Download Trivial Pursuit and Friends for Windows PC and Phone

512MB RAM devices supported

QR: Trivial Pursuit and Friends

4. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is another online, head-to-head trivia game, but takes a turn-based, board game approach to gameplay. The trivia categories include science, entertainment, art, geography, sports and history.

Gameplay will have you spin a wheel to choose your trivia question or answer a question to earn a gaming character. Each category has a corresponding character that you try to win through correctly answering the trivia questions. The first player to obtain all six characters wins the game.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack includes power-ups to help you answer questions, earn extra spins and even steal characters from your opponent. You will need to sign up for a free Trivia Crack membership that is based on either your Facebook or email account. Gaming progress does synchronize between devices so you won't miss a beat while transitioning from your Windows Phone to your Windows PC or tablet.

Trivia Crack

I did experience the same resolution issues with Trivia Crack on my laptop that I experience with Trivial Pursuit and Friends. Minimizing the gaming window fixed the issue but it would be nice if these games automatically adjusted for the various computer screens out there.

All in all, Trivia Crack is an enjoyable gaming title where gameplay is a little more prolonged than with other trivia options. The free game is available for both Windows PC and Phones.

Download Trivia Crack for Windows PC and Phone

512MB RAM devices supported

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