WPCentral App V3

Official Windows Phone Central app v3.0 is now available!

You may have noticed a lot of changes around here lately, whether it be our desktop and mobile websites, or on our forums, we’ve been rather busy. Of course, not to be outdone by all this change, it’s time for our app to see an update, and it’s a fairly major one at that.

So I present to you, the official Windows Phone Central app version 3.0, and the product of months and months of hard work, testing, private betas, and then lots more hard work!

The update is available to download right now from the Windows Phone Store here, but if you want to find out what’s new, read on for a feature list. Video walkthrough will follow in a future article, so stay tuned.

Our headline feature this time around, and one that with no doubt has been the most frequently requested, is full forum integration. Swipe over to the browse section and tap the forum tile and you’ll be welcomed to the new forum home screen (you could also tap and hold the forum tile if you want the option to pin it directly to your start screen - see above photo).

WPCentral App V3

We’ve built this forum support from the ground up, based on the Tapatalk API and you’ll find support for:

  • Posting and editing entries
  • Browsing the forums including sub forums
  • Quick jumping around the forums (just tap the header when you’re browsing)
  • Viewing photos attached to posts
  • Following links posted by other members
  • Viewing profile information about users (just tap their tile when viewing a thread)
  • Sending and receiving private messages
  • Deep linking to forum posts from articles and vice versa
  • Viewing recently participated and latest posts from the home screen
  • Searching for a post within the forums

We’ve also made a few other changes you might appreciate:

  • A new live tile to match the new site logo (rolling out soon to the website - this is a preview)
  • New wallpapers featuring our new logo (available in 20 accent colors)
  • Customisable themes for the app and live tile (try out a new Windows Phone 8 colour!)
  • Improved YouTube video support with HD streaming even on mobile connections
  • Rebranded with the new site logo
  • Adjusted margins to bring more content to the front
  • Added jump options to the comments section
  • Fixed a multitude of bugs
  • Made several optimisations to the app
  • Reduced the app’s installed footprint to less than 1MB

I’m quite sure I’ve forgotten something from that list but hopefully it’s enough of a change to make you interested! We’ve also made all forum functionality available to free users, you guys will just see the same adverts you’re used to.

Without a doubt this has been a very challenging few months for me but I hope you’ll all feel it has been worth it! Of course, we always welcome your feedback in any form, so please comment, e-mail, post on the forums and generally get in touch!


Reader comments

Official Windows Phone Central app v3.0 is now available!




JUST got the update WAY to execute guys!!!!
Note: WPC refer to my entry at November 1, 2012, 2:20am under the WP8 contest comments! I submitted in the wrong place before hahah! Again great update guys, the accents are a lil slice of WP8 heaven for us future 7.8-ers!


What i truly love about WP apps is the size... 1Mb.. Wonder what a similar app for iOS and android would be

^This.... Would be nice to know how much of that "System reserved" space on my phone is actually used haha

Does it matter??? Just tap delete, edit and tap the name again that you're replying to and it's done. Very simple.

You will not be FIRST anymore, if you mean that. And it doesn't matter. We geeks read each and every comment.

w00t w00t!  It's was a beta that seemed like it wasn't even in beta, so I'm sure the final release is excellent.

Superb job, Jay. Awesome work on the app. That new logo looks awesome too, patting myself on the back for those squares right there!

The new version looks fantastic. Thank you for your dedication toward improving this already-awesome app! Keep up the great work! :)

Well, thank you very much for making your app's live tile the only one worth even looking at on my phone. It's in nice olive accent and now I hate you because the rest of my phone's live tiles aren't in olive. Which means I'll be expecting WPCentral to buy me a Lumia 920 right now because I can't wait any longer! :) All because of your gorgeous new live tile, I want that phone on my desk tomorrow... :P
Anyway, great job, love your app, I'm glad I've spent those 8 kn on it (don't know the price in your currency :D)

Very nice! I like the updates and revamped interface and tile.

I do have one issue, I can not sign in to comment on stories. My account works fine via the browser (what I am using now) and I can sign in to the forums via the app.

Thanks for all your good work! This is an app I use everyday, and was glad to pay you for! Looking forward to the RT app on my Surface!

I bought this app when it came out I would have paid again for v2 and I would pay a 3rd time for v3 it's the best app for WP

I cannot find that sign in field (and I did clean my glasses)? I obviously signed in to be able to comment here, but in the forums it says "not signed in". Great improvement.

If you're having comment troubles guys, go into the app settings and delete your wpcentral account, then restart the app and try logging in again :)

I've tried, but still unable to sign in for commenting. I have a delete forum account, cache and purge log file options only now. I'll try another uninstall/reinstall.

Didn't work :(

I'll look into this straight away, I may have accidentally not published in India as it's listed as having restrictions

You do that!! :P Its normally my only point of contact with wpcentral (its that good that i rarely need to access the site).

Sorted. Successfully updated. Thanks Man. Updated version looks great. And I just  love the 'accents' option. :D Cheers!!

Ok I got it to work, I had to launch my marketplace, following the link in this article it wouldn't work, at first I got the 8000 error but retried and it worked

Don't know when but at some point it finally got the update installed. Noticed it with the new live tile (which I like, btw).

Hmm. Just tried to give someone a (plus) 1 from my device through the wpcentral app. The (plus) symbol didn't work. Gonna add three of them right now then go to the site to see if they show:
+ + +

Excellent work as usual Jay. You da man! ...and thank you. Eagerly awaiting the Windows 8 app surely you have planned.

Playing with the new app right now. It is awesome job, while few things, if could be changed, would make it perfect, one of which is change of text color in comments as the white text do not always work with every accent. I updated the app and first of all changed the accent color to yellow to get some feeling of wp8 but found some difficulty reading comments due to above stated reason. BTW i much like the two finger text zoom, its nice.

A round of applause for Jays hard work and contributions to the growth of Windows Phone Central. Great job on the app brow you rock.

Great update, will be easier to participate in the forums now. Also I now know for sure I'll be using the Crimson accent when I get my next phone :)

Awesome changes!  This has always been one of my favorite apps - I access it every day.  Now it is even better.  Thanks for all the hard work!

Superb update, love the new forums. I like how you swipe to go forward or back a page, but, I'm wondering if it might be 'better' if you could swipe pages before they load and show the page number you will be on. It works fine now, but it just takes 'a while' to navigate to a specific page.

I love the new logo, and icon. I wish all my apps had to conform to accent colour and white.

Nice app Jay! Interesting thing though. I can't see the (plus) symbol on the app. Only on the site. Tried to give someone a (plus) one and didn't show. Also I can see where someone else gave a (plus) 1 and I can't see the symbol on the app.

Hi! Great update but I would like to be able to see much more posts in the recent page. Could that be done?

This update looks great and I'm really liking the new logo. The accent colours are a glimpse of future WP8 goodness :)

Great job!
Just a suggestion: I think it would be great if the accent colours supported the official sky blue-like colour of the wpcentral logo.

OK Here is another one who is disappointed! I have version 2 on my phone which I obviously paid for. Couldn't there have been an upgrade price instead of the full price? Now everyone pays as if the app is downloaded for the very first time. If there ever will be another update of this otherwise great app could you consider that the download recognises an older version and sets the price accordingly (first time download full price - updates discounted)?

Perbear the update should be free for you, I'm really sorry if it isn't, but please contact Microsoft as clearly their store isn't recognising it for you

I upgraded from v2 to the awesome new v3 free, like with all apps in the marketplace. I've never had to pay to update a paid app except when I changed my live id associated with my phone and lost all of my app history. :(

Awesome job Jay, my favorite feature is the "jump to last"...finally, my finger will no longer feel like it's going to fall off, lol.

confratulations guys on a job well done! you guys are just like microsoft: you're
working your asses off to give us the good stuff!

Great update with the inclusion of the forums and different accent colors Although the new live tile and forum tile look really odd or unfinished to me. More so the forum tile. I'm gonna miss the old one sliding to the side with the large new article number. But everybody has different taste I guess. Now if it moved around like the people hub tile it would be ok. But app is running buttery smooth. Keep up the good work guys.

I deleted the account details in the app, cleared the cache, purged the log files and restarted. Then it worked :)

Great work, you guys! Love the support/work you guys provide to make the site experience better for us.

Great app comes wid great update.......so big thanks to developers...!! Its amazing n 1of ma fav. App.....:)

I tend to agree. It grows a bit when getting used to, bit I have to say I'm not a fan of the logo...

I hope there will be another live tile available. Don't really like this one.
Otherwise, very nice !

Great work Jay! This is one of a few apps I view daily (ok, many times per day). Love the update and new colors!

My only suggestions (and these are the same as my feedback at the last update):
-Make links viewable right from posts (underline them and make them clickable). I hate not knowing where the links are and having to swipe right, hit Links or Download App to follow a link. Bothers me every single day and I miss a lot of links I would otherwise follow.
-Make external links open within the app.

This is a valid request. Often times there are references made in the articles that are only indicated by the linked text within the article. From the app, not knowing that some text in linked sometimes causes confusion.

Shobiz: unfortunately it's on and off, I have to set the WiFi test to be on a different thread because otherwise the app can crash where Windows Phone can take a very long time to determine the connection type.

Just wondering what on and off means? I noticed this also when sitting images to low quality and checked high quality over WiFi... The high quality never showed up unless I selected to always show high quality.

It is asking me for update though I have latest version installed. When I click on update it saya no download available.

Some of the best app dollars for Windows Phone you can spend.  Even the live tile works.  I don't see the update to 3.0 yet but I guess its coming.

Everything looks nice, and i agree with others, why use the site when we have this ;) I don't fancy the white splash screen though. It lights up too much....