Windows Phone 8 Launch

WPCentral's Windows Phone 8 Contest Winner!

To celebrate the official launch of Windows Phone 8, we threw together a contest to give away a Windows Phone 8 device. All you needed to do is comment on the post and one lucky winner would be chosen at random to win the Windows Phone 8 device of their choice.

Would it be a Nokia Lumia 920? Or the HTC 8X? What about the Samsung ATIV S? Or would our lucky winner opt for the more modest Lumia 820 or HTC 8S?

After over 7,400 comments we spun the wheel and our winner of the Windows Phone 8 launch contest is Jojogill!

We've dispatched a congratulatory email to Jojogill and would like to thank everyone for making this a great contest. If you didn't win, don't give up hope. We'll have more contest giveaways later this year.


Reader comments

WPCentral's Windows Phone 8 Contest Winner!


Yea... same here.  
You know those cereal boxes that are supposed to contain a "free" surprise?  My prize is never in the box! :P

Once I went to an event, didn't win any of the giveaways. In the end, there was a few boxes full of shirts from previous events, everyone could pick one. I did, and when I got home I realized mine had a hole in it...

Congrats to Jojogill on his win.
I was hoping that I would win, of course, since my Samsung Focus bit the dust. Now I am using a first generation iphone until the can get a new windows phone 8. Really is my first use with an iphone, I really do not like it at all. I miss my Focus...

Haha, I am in the exact same boat. Dropped my focus about 2 months ago using the camera flash flashlight to put salt in my softener. While painfully slow, I gotta give the 3g credit for being so trusty. Patiently waiting for this weekend. Still undecided on 8X or 920...

:( Oh well. With a kid on the way, a 17% pay cut and mounting expenses, it's not like I could have actually afforded any apps if I had won.

Congrats JojoGill, but if only this site was run by Oprah...
"And YOU get a phone! And YOU get a phone! And YOU get a phone! And YOU get a phone! ..." Until all 7400 commenters were given 920's or ATIVs or HP Pre 3s

@bauermundo: Nice shoutout to the Pre 3 there; I switched from my Pre to a WP7 phone and have been very happy with it but miss the card interface :(

Nokia lumia 920
I am a big fan of Microsoft....
I am fuxking happy when I knew Microsoft decided to go with Nokia ,the best hardware there is.
And I knew a great phone is coming, so this is it..
Nokia Lumia 920

Windows 8 e Lumia! Combinação perfeita de habilidade e modernidade! Siga em frente e use algo diferente!!! Lumia 920 o melhor!

I wish I would have won, so I could get a new WP8 but will end up going on my Company's plan since my Focus Flash has died. Saves me money from the initial cost plus on the monthly bill too. Guess I will be getting an Android and dropping my Straight Talk service. 

I'm a spanish poor guy suffering the worst economic times ever in my country.
There's only one thing that could make feel better in these dark moments: A wonderful Nokia Lumia 920. It could be the begining of the end of our recesion.
Live long and Prosper...

Lets hope the winner is actually a frequent member of WPCentral and ends up using the phone instead of selling.

Believe me erzhik, I will be using this phone. Windows Phone 8 is going to be awesome and winning this was a surprise for me.

Thanks Agent-P! I picked the HTC 8X for AT&T. I wasn't picky with the color. Any color will do for me. 

To all those congratulating me...thank you! And to the WPCentral team...I couldn't thank you guys enough. I didn't have the money to buy a new WP8 and this is truly a welcomed surprise. You guys seriously are the best and once again, thank you! :)

Congrats to JojoGill!
I guess only one person wins, but it's great to have this giveaways on WPCentral!

Congrats Jojogill!!! And thanks to Daniel and all the staff at WPCentral for at least giving us a shot at a wp8 phone, now, bring on the next contest!!!

Awww man, I thought they were going to actually read our comments and select a winner based on that, I didn't realize it was going to be random...I actually put some thought into my comment when all I had to do was put "Yellow Lumia 920 - Awesome site upgrade"...basically a monkey could have won the phone...story of my life.

  I commented on the competition article twice before going back and re-reading the rules which said to leave one comment below the article - I assumed this meant I was automatically disqualified but I just went and checked and Jojogill also left two comments below the article.
  Was this an oversight or were users actually allowed to comment more than once and still be eligible to win? To me it seems like an unfair advantage.

Also ty wpcentral for this contest :D it was actually pretty exciting with all those awesome phones coming out and we all had a chance for a freebie!

Congratz Jojogill, have fun with your new Windows Phone :) And thanks WPCentral for the opportunity, I'm happy to be a daily reader of your website!

Well, congratulations Jojogill.
With that said, I think I am going to sue wpcentral, I should have been the clear winner. Or maybe I should sue the manufacturer of the wheel you guys spun, it clearly was broken. Can you tell me the manufacturer so I can decide who to sue? (I need to sue someone! :p)

Congrats Jojogill;  Lucky dog good luck with your new phone hopefully 8 x, I know how it must feel
 I won the vacation contest earlier this year.
Again Congrats 

Don't wanna sound like a sore loser, but I could certainly do with that Ativ S I wished for. Anyway, what's to say. Congrats Jojogill. Like your name too.

congrats jojogill, lucky guy...have fun with ur new device, enjoy it.
and thanks to wpcentral.
others contest ????
have a nice day to all americans, it's ur day today...

well... that's it then... nothing left to live for... may as well end it all.... thanks for nothing, wpc... goodbye cruel world... .... what?  $99 for a 920 at ATT?  Wow... why.... with those prices...Verizon has to compete!  Holy Cow!  Screw you WPC!  HA!  SCreWWWW YOUUUUUUU!!!  (you're still better than the rest, tho....)