AT&T Launches the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 today – Did you get yours?

Today is the day for many of you in the U.S. as AT&T has finally put on sale the Nokia Lumia 920 ($99 on contract) and the HTC 8X (starts at $99, up to $199). These mark the first Windows Phone 8 devices on the market and are the start of what we hope is a big wave of advertising and adoption. Look for our Lumia 920 review later on today.

The question for you is simple: Did you get one? Take the poll after the break and let us know.

Contest: Share your AT&T stories in comments, tell us what you think of your phone or share inventory status for your location and you we’ll randomly choose three of you for a $50 gift certificate to our store to stock up on accessories for your new phone! Also, head to our forums (920, 8X) for more in depth discussion!


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AT&T Launches the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 today – Did you get yours?



Same here with my 900. It might be for the best though, there is a rumor that the Chinese 920 will have a better processor. Hopefully by the time my upgrade comes around, there will be something better out.

I called AT&T this morning to see if I could order the Lumia 920 (I currently have the Lumia 900 that I got on day 1). When I was speaking with the CSR she told me I was not eligible for the early upgrade. Then she asked me if I was having any problems with my current Lumia 900. I told her, why yes, I can't upgrade it... She conferred with her manager and was informed that she COULD (with her managers approval) give me the upgrade price for the Lumia 920. She then quoted me a price of $199.99. I have her reconfirm and the price was still 199.99. I told her that online it is listed as $99.99, she confirmed that and then reconferred with her manager and I got the Lumia 920 for $99.99!

If you have an account number, case number or anything like that you would be willing to share, could you please send it to my email viipottaja2 at hotmail dot com? I would try to complain to AT&T and try get the price you got. Thank you in advance!

No account or reference number, I was just very polite and "sad" with the CSR. She chatted with her manager and things happened to work out for me.

Just finishing chatting with them again. First talked to a regular rep that kept insisitng early upgrade is always $250. Then I got "upset" and told that have heard of various cases of a lower price and asked to talk to supervisor. Long story short, I will get it for $99 + $36 upgrade fee!!! WOOT! Did not dare to ask about the charging plate though... lol. If I get that too its just extra gravy - I think its $49 to buy so would still be only $184 in total if I have to buy it myself.

Otherwise take your receipt into the store after you receive the phone and they should be able give you "free" charging plate for each device you ordered.

I have a Nokia Lumia 900 and my assistant placed my order for the 920 (I was out of the country on business) and this is from the confirming email.

One-Time Charges
Nokia Lumia 920 (Matte Black) $199.99
Offer Discount -$100.00
1 - Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate $49.00
Regular Promotion -$49.00
Services & Fees
Upgrade Fee $36.00

Sub–Total (One–Time)* $135.99

SHUT UP!!! I was on the phone with them yesterday, and they said the only phone eligible for early upgrade is iCrapware and nothing else. I specifically said I wanted to upgrade my Lumia 900 (day 1 bought) to the 920. I've been a customer for 12 years (since Cingular days) and I don't get any good treatment on that stuff. I think they hate me because I still have unlimited data plan for $30. I'm calling again. Thanks for the info.

I did the same thing yesterday and got the same response. I had to call back (this was my third call). I would attempt to call a few more times and see if you get a different location with a different manager, as they are the ones that can make the determination of yes or no.

Thanks for posting!  You guys gave me motivation to keep calling in.  It took 3 calls before I got a CSR to override the system.  My first CSR was getting close with the manager for an override when my L900 dropped the call (it was on speaker and sitting on my desk; ATT upgrade conspiracy theories).  NY call center, CA call center, and finally Texas was what got it done.  Only took an hour and a half.....  But excited!

Same for me...I was quoted the 8th and now it is the 12th!!!  WTF...  Can anyone get the Yellow in store?  Heard someone say it was online only?  But...It should ship the 12th, arrive the 14th...a little annoyed that they lied at the start.

I got an early upgrade but need to pay $250. I don't mind! :)
When I went to the AT&T store this morning (see below) there was another guy there who had negotiated an early upgrade. He said he got his for about $220. No fair! Well, I still don't mind - I want.. no NEED the 920! :D

How is it only $250 for you? I was told it is the promo price of $99 + early upgrade price of $250... $350

Just try to negotiate a good price with the online or phone reps, they can ask for exceptions with their supervisors. Note above that hafenbrack apparantly got it for $99!

Depends on the rep you get as well. I was offered $122 for early uograde. But she said I will not get the wireless charger. Maybe I was stuopid not to get it. Oh well, I'll try again & see what happens.

You should have taken it. I am chatting with an AT&T rep again now and she insists the early upgrade price is always $250....

keep in mind that the CSR I spoke with at first also thought the price if the device was $199.99. But she confimred the online price for me and the "manager" did the price match.

I want the 920, can't upgrade till Jan. I wish I was stuck with my Focus :( but it broke.
I was told that I could upgrade, any phone would be 100$ more than the 2-year commitment price.

I just bought the Nokia Lumia 920, gorgeous phone, does anyone know how to take off the vibration of the navigation buttons??

I don't know about you but my blue matte is slippery I have dropped it quite a few times I want a glossy just because of this.

Because you think glossy won't be slippery?  Or because if both are slippery, might as well go for a glossy one?

I've never dropped my glossy white 900.  The slippery for some is like the 920 is heavy for others. Check it out for yourself.

I got 3 black L920s yesterday.  One for me (thats a given) one for the wife and the other for Mom.  I wanted yellow but I could only find black.  AT&T doesnt have any in and wont get any till Monday.  Has anyone else come across that?  Best buy was the only place that had them in the Metro Detroit area.

Red, yellow, and white are glossy. Black, cyan, and grey are matte. Grey isn't available on AT&T.

I picked up mine already. First customer. The MATCHING charging pad was ordered for me and will get delivered in a week. Same goes for the Yellow one I ordered. Red for my wife, Yellow for me. Both at $75 each (not $99) paid by my uncle. Discount because of the issues they had trying to process. They went long ways to get me matching charging pads.

I assumed matching charging plate came with my white, but they were going to send a black one. After I inquired he did something to switch mine out for the matching white one :)

Waiting for AT&T to ship my glossy red.  They have blamed Hurricane Sandy for it being delayed. 
I have seen Hurrican Sandy blamed for just about everything now.

It is a clock, news feeds and weather and stock tracker. Very nicely done. The HTC also has an app that changes the ring volume depending if the phone is laid down or in your pocket, plus flip to silence.

If it were easy to purchase one unlocked/sim free in the UK then maybe I'd have a 920. Since it isn't Nokia are unlikely to end up with my money.

In north jersey area no stores have cyan in stock. Read online that it's an online only color...which makes no sense to me...
Also the ATT stores that I called didn't seem to know much about launch of WP8 in general...reminds me of Lumia 900 launch days...not good

Daniel, what do you think about those unlocking services for cellphones? I am thinking to buy a 920 today and unlocking. I am very lucky that t-mo has upgraded their network in my city (refarmed)

Past experience: Nokia devices can take a few weeks (!) and not sure if AT&T devices will be able to (they have not in the past). Usually you have to wait 6 months :-/

I can confirm Daniels statement. I have unlocked phones before but only via AT&T. I was a customer firstly, and secondly they prefer you have been with them for 6 months (and the phone) before they will unlock. BUT I am in the military (so I enjoy 20% discount) and they will unlock it for me right away typically, all I have to say is that I'm going overseas. But that statement should work for anyone, under the premise that your work takes you overseas frequently. They might try and sell you on a global plan, but you get the picture.

Basically it can easily be done by the host carrier, you don't have to pay a service to unlock, I never have.

Finding the same calling around north jersey. Stores I called had at most 2 colors in stock, other stores only had black.
One store I went to didn't even know about the wireless charger promo. I asked if they had any I could look at and they said they haven't even had the display set up yet. Shouldn't that have been set up before launch day?

I thought AT&T was going to be pushing this phone better than they did with the 900.

didnt get one today but i plan on trying to get one either this weekend or in the next couple of weeks. been sitting on this upgrade for months waiting for this phone and wp8

In the store now. Demo not loaded on phones, and no sign of 8x, and there is a spot for a 920 missing the phone, but there is a black 820 and 920 to touch...cant use though....sad. However all we'd have the Windows shirts on and the main display as you walk in is all Windows related...(STL)

Posting in my new white 920. I can't even begin to describe how much better this is than the 900. Free charging pad will be delivered when in stock.

Stock was good. They had red, white and black. However I was the first and only person in my store when it opened. The store manager wasn't aware if the free charging pad. They all know now. He went around telling his staff when I was done checking out, was even kind enough to show me that no stores in my area had the pad in stock. All in all, good experience, minus showing him their website about the free pad. This phone is smoooooth.

Also, they had two demo walls. One correct, the other a mess. I just happened to stumble on the mess first! Phones were out and working in the correct wall.

I got a titan a year ago so im ineligible for an upgrade. But I will buy this as an early upgrade... Just waiting until black Friday to see if I can get that price down a little if at all. Either way ill have my white 920 before december

pre-ordered it when the orders went live, waiting on delivery now... touch nervous since the web site hasn't actually updated with shipping information but it wouldn't be the first time I ordered something and had it arrive before the shipping information site perked up....
*crossing fingers...*

I'm in the same boat, unfortunately. No updates on the website. I even called premier yesterday and said that I should receive an email with information. What's really bad is that they have deactivated my sprint device by porting my number to their system. I'm phoneless at  the moment. I feel naked, lol!

Wow, another reason to switch to AT&T. Just keep your phone till the next one shows up, swap SIMs activate IMEI then log in with windows ID, contacts email everything is there, push your apps to the phone, in 30 minutes it like you never swapped... I don't know how people go sim less anymore these days.

Ordered the blue 920 on Wed. Got shipping confirmation last night. UPS site says no information other than shipping label. Called the 877 order status hotline. It says it was shipped yesterday and will arrive today before end of business!!!!! I hope this is true and I hope I will like the blue (cyan)!!!

OH Well, my status just changed to Monday Nov 12. B U L L S H I T

Yeah, I ordered mine the night it came out (1:30 am) and I will not receive it until Monday it says.  Maybe the cyan ones were held up a little longer.  Also, I was not able to add the free charger to the order, do you think I will still be able to get one after I receive my phone?

I have the same issue....I pre-ordered a Cyan and a Red Nokia 920 for myself and my girlfriend on Wednesday evening around 8:00pm Eastern time and my order status is still showing "In Process" and "Waiting to ship"....Also, I was never given the option to add the free wireless chargers to my order so I have no idea if they will give them to me or not....A few of the AT&T stores that I talked to today told me that they were giving the free wireless chargers to anyone who purchased the Nokia 920 today and when they ran out they were shipping the chargers to those who did not get one in the store with their purchase....I am not expecting to get the free wireless chargers with my phones when they arrive but I will definitely be going to my local AT&T store to complain and hopefully get a few chargers. By the way, if the only way I can get the free chargers is by returning my pre-order phones and re-purchasing them in my local AT&T store I will totally do that....I'm all about gettng $100 of free merchandise and I've waited this long so I'll wait longer if I have to...One last thng....I think there is a MAJOR CYAN SHORTAGE GOING ON!!!...Every store I talked to never received cyan phones and I think my pre-order is being held up because I ordered a Cyan Nokia 920 and a Red Nokia 920...The red ones were at most of the stores that I talked to today...Looks like I should have went with white and I'd be using it right now...Oh well I guess....Please let me know if you anyone has had luck getting a Cyan 920.

That's my situation too. Preordered the Lumia 920 in cyan and the only order status update I've received is 'Processing Preorder.' No shipping. Nothing. Hoping it will shipe and arrive soon though!

I just checked the AT&T website and my shipping status has changed but only for one of my phones...It now shows that one of my phones has a ship date of 11/09 but the other still shows as "Processing"...This SUCKS!....I checked their preorder and shipment policies and it looks like they may send me the phone that is in stock and I may have to wait a few more days for the other to be delivered...I can't tell by the order but I think I'm getting screwed by ordering the Cyan 920...I think that AT&T seriously underestimated the amount of people wanting the 920 and especially the amount of people that want the Cyan model...I think my girlfriend will end up getting hers as early as this Saturday (tomorrow) if they are shipping it today...I'm going to be ridiculously jealous if that happens but at least I'm seeing some progress in the status of our shipment limbo.

I have a question: shall I go with the Lumia 920, or wait and try to get a Lumia 920T via internet, as soon as it will be available?
I know the Lumia 920 is already a great phone, but damn...
The 920T has the Adreno 320, that's 3 TIMES the 3D performance the current Adreno 225 has...
I don't know what to choose...

The 920T does not support the US LTE standard so if you are ok with 3G, you might go for the 920T. The only place where the 920T LTE chip would work is China and India. Although in India, Nokia is launching the 920 with the LTE chip taken out altogether.

I'm in Italy, I only have 3G, and it is ok for me :) I'm just wondering, will it be possible to order a 920T from China, to Europe?

I don't think it would be possible officially. But if it is unlocked, you might be able to acquire it from somewhere.

I can confirm you that the phone itself is unlocked but you can only use it with 2G(GSM) since its 3G is China Mobile specific and different from standerd 3G

No, Chinese 3G phone won't work in Italy, their 3G is TD-SCDMA, which was originally developed by Siemens but failed to compete with WCDMA in Europe. Chinese bought it out from Siemens then modified it and claimed their "own".

The 4G networks in India which are coming up are all TD LTE unlike the US one, which is FD LTE. The lumia 820 spec page on Nokia India site has no LTE info at all. Although the 920 page has it now, it has been there on and off... so I wouldn't count on it. Plus the FD LTE chip would not work with the LTE networks in India unless someone comes up with a FD LTE network.

+1 - also waiting for MS to release their own "hero" device next Spring. Then I would decide for an early upgrade at that point.

If somebody could tell me how to upgrade early!!??  I'm still rocking my Samsung Focus from a year and not-quite-a-half ago.  Technically, I qualify for early upgrade in Jan.  But that feels soooo far away!

Buying my white as we speak!!! Dreading going home and starting all over installing apps and what not...

Check an official At&t store. They have the ability to upgrade phones earlier than the online date. I got my phone in march in '11 and I'm able. So try again.

I'm in the same vote.  My early renewal is January.  Trying to figure out a way to get it today.  Will try calling AT&T on my lunch break and see if I can get it.
Update:  If you are persistent enough with them they will do it.  They first told me it was going to be $199, but I said the stores and such were selling for $99.  He told me the stores cannot override like they can and blah, blah, blah.  I said can you talk with your supervisor about it.  He came back and said he could do it for $99

one fedex delivery truck... ordered two at the same time.. but both phones are on different trucks... =/..... hurry 3pm!!!

my store opens at 10am Phoenix AZ time. Spoke to 3 stores closest to my house out of like 10 on my side of town yesterday and all said they have Black, White, and Red 920s. I didn't ask about the 8X but will update as soon as I get back from the store.  Also told me no need to hurry down as they have plenty of stock. I'd be really shocked if we all could not get our phones today! Good luck to all! Enjoy your new toys!

Its on a fedex truck on its a way. Lumia 920. Goodness the wait for the 920 has been so long since they first announced it. I hope I can say it was well worth the wait.

It will be! I have it since tuesday (in Germany), glossy white and although i was hoping for a matte (like the black 800 I had) I'm really digging it! Super beautiful. Damn fast, damn amazing screen great camera.

I'm more than a little ticked off that I pre ordered my Yellow Lumia and won't be getting it until next wed.  If you are going to promote the device all over the internet and keynotes, you better have it ready when people start ordering. 

In all fairness, the AT&T site did say it wouldn't ship until Monday. Sucks that it is only on the yellow one, but they were clear about it on their site.

still doesnt say much for Nokia or MS.  you dont push a product everywhere and then only have similar devices at launch.  people get a little miffed. However I love my wp & surface.  Just a little ticked that my friends who didnt pre order are walking away with a shiney new 920 today.

Clear?  Not at all...The CSR told me it would ship the 8th!  Even after checkout when it finally said the 12th I checked again and she said that didn't appear to be the case at all...  It sucks...but I've waited 3 months, 2 days is seriously going to kill me, haha.

what shipping method did you go with by chance? I selected the highest shipping available on there

I did a pre-order and it was supposed to be a 2 day shipping from ATT. But on tracking the device, i will get it on Monday. I really hoped I would have got to play with it over the weekend. Very sad. Do you think I can just pick up one from the store today and when my new one comes in by Fedex, retrun it in the ATT store ?  Please help guys as I am so excited but sad that I am not going to have it over the weekend

I preordered a Cyan 920 at 12AM when the preorders went live and my phone did not ship until this morning and is scheduled to arrive on Monday as well.  I am pretty upset that I won't get it today either, what is the point of preordering if you can walk into a store and get it sooner?  (Yeah I know Cyan is only available online, but still..)

I am in the same situation.  I called the store and the dude said that they will call me when their shipment arrives and will do what they have to do to let me walk out with one today even though I preordered and it is already shipped.  He said we can even lie and say that I'm going out of town on Monday, lol.

Looks like I'm in a similar position as a few others - ordered as early as I could so it would show up day and date direct from AT&T; and of course it still says "processing" in their system, which is a non-state.  Too far into execution to cancel, not far enough to arrive somehow magically today.

Getting my Glossy RED today. It is on the FedEx truck for delivery. My experience went pretty smooth except for the ATT rep who said it was on backorder and then when I hung up and called back, the next guy said it was shipped. sure enough, it was shipped. Have to wait until monday for the charging pad though. Can't wait for it to arrive.

I am bumed out. I pre ordered my phone around 9am pacific time on the 7th and had my order number ready to track. Nov 8th came and went yesterday and i still did not recieve my tracking number. So I called ATT this morning and they finally had my tracking number but come to find out its not getting shipped until today Nov 9th. ouchhhh. Which means I wont get to play with my phone all weekend and have to wait until Monday. The rep at ATT told me they experienced more pre orders than what they were expecting. I guess thats a good sign. For everyone that got there 920 today have fun. As for me the 920 wait continues.

Going to get mine today up in the Bay Area(CA) around 10am. AT&T retailer will have black or white available. No word on charging plate. The local AT&T stores as of last night seemed clueless on when the 920 was coming out. One store nearby told me - maybe December?? Really?? Can't wait to get mine today!!

It would say web only, like the pink 900. But I can't find it at any store. So I'm just gonna go to att and have them ship it to me.

I'm going to Microsoft Store after clases to try and score a yellow one. However, when I went there yesterday the guy didn't even know they were launching WP8. He didn't know what Lumia 920 was and he didn't know why AT&T was launching it before them. This is the first time I see a clueless Microsoft Store rep.

I will be getting the 920 on Saturday. They currently have black and red in limited stock in the Lafayette area of Indiana. Not helpful to most of you I am sure...lol.

I've got an extra line that I can upgrade and then need to switch the phone to my line. Going to have to go into the store this evening or over the weekend. Cant decide on the color... red or white. I really want the Cyan or Yellow... maybe I'll order online and just "cut" my sim down to the micro-sim size...

If you order online, it should come with a sim in the box. Just call AT&T when you get the package and tell them you want to use that SIM for what number. You can also go to a service center or corporate store and tell them you lost your phone and got another phone, but you need a micro sim

Switched from VZW over to AT&T. My yellow Lumia 920 is still 'processing' so I doubt I will see anything before Monday or Tuesday.

Switched from vzw to ATT for the 920. Preordered a white one on wednesday. just got the shipping confirmation about 5 minutes ago.

If it's possible to unlock the AT&T version I'll be down this weekend to buy a red one.  If not then I have to wait for Rogers to get their but in gear and sell something other than black.

Stop! I bought the first one in the store this morning and called CSR for unlocking it immediately, after a while of submitting my IMEI, I was refused to unlock my phone. They said the phone cannot be unlocked until next March. So you can choose to wait or just use it on AT&T network.

I went in to my local AT&T store yesterday and they didn't have the demo units yet and said it was to be released today, but they weren't sure if they would get any - going back in a while to check.

It is apalling to hear what the ATT stores close by have to say on the Lumia 920. I called them this morning about stopping by later to pick up either the BLUE or YELLOW Lumia 920 and to my surprise they said they only have BLACK Lumia920's in stock. That was the case when I called two to three stores close by. One of the stores that is very far from where I live has the BLACK and WHITE models. 
I am a diehard WP fan and have the HTC Surround and was waiting forever to hear a launch date from ATT which they finally did, and for them to not have all colors on launch day is just awful. I for one am willing to either order the color I want online or may be wait a day or two to see if the stores have the colors I want in stock, but, for a new customer who is willing to give WP8 a try, they will absolutely be ticked off if they are told by an ATT rep that they can only buy the BLACK or WHITE color models. 
Just when we thought ATT is serious about pushing WP8 with the Nokia phones, here we are reminded that they are who they are. I hope they prove me and everyone else who has this opinion wrong by doing something about this.
This is certainly not what I was looking forward to on launch day. This is apalling ATT, please do something about this......

ATT have always said the Cyan and Yellow would be online only. All of my 920's I preoredered on the truckw aiting for delivery but the Cyan which says delivering on the 12th. I called my local store to check if by some miracle they had the cyan and they told me the same online only. They said the other outlets like Radio Shack or Best Buy may have them in store. I asked if they ahd any 920s in stock and he told me they had people lined up this morning to buy them when they opened and they are already out of the black. I am sure they didnt get a ton in but still a positive sign.

Still using my launch Samsung Focus. I missed the upgrade window when the L900 came out, so I held off for WP8. I had planned on picking up a 920 today, but with all the rumors of better devices around the corner I think it might be best to just give it a couple weeks and see how things go with the early adopters. My own difficulty in deciding on a color doesn't help things either. I sure want one though.

Um, what rumors of better devices around the corner have you heard, man? I'm also on an OG Focus intentionally waiting until at least Black Friday to pull the trigger on a 920.

Preordered a Lumia 920 (Matte Cyan) from AT&T at 10am on the 7th. However, it's still "processing" so yea... i'm kinda annoyed that there hasn't been any update on shipping date at all. ::sigh::

You, too ay?  I ordered the yellow on the 7th from the store as well.  The salesdude told me it would ship and be here on the 9th by 1:00.  I had him confirm that twice because I had heard the yellows were delayed and he said it was in stock.  Two days later my order is still processing!   My friend ordered on Wednesday but was told it would ship on Monday but at least his has been processed and he's at least got a tracking number.  I wish I got a straight answer like that, too.  
Oh well - am very excited for it to get here.  I wanted it in time for T-day so I could show it off to my family!

Still no updates for me. Still processing... Called a Premier rep and she said, it's still processing and will ship when it's ready... Not helpful at all. Thus, I continue to wait. Hopefully some of you are having better luck with your cyan ore-orders.

Just went to the AT&T store here in DC. I am getting an early upgrade from the L900 to L920 for $250. They didn’t have the phones out in the front yet, and only had eight black ones at the back – I saw the black one and it feels fantastic in hand… both the curved back, the curved screen.. REALLY nice! There were two other people asking about it as well – hopefully a good sign. At least one of the sales reps had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about the free charging plate.. so yeah, still lots of work to do with sales execution.
Will tomorrow go to the Microsoft store at Tysons Corner to see if they have the other colors – if not, will just go ahead and order the yellow one.

You are able to use your early upgrade online too? I need to go talk to someone at AT&T, Might try and get myself an early b-day present. :-)

yeah, I think you can if you are eligible to upgrade your account will tell you so. but if you are not eligible yet you'll need to talk to the reps and try to get an early upgrade as a special favor to you. :)

How were you able to get an early upgrade from the L900 ? I had my L900 preorders in March but a few days back when I called ATT, they said that I am not eligible for an early upgrade until March next year. 
Tell me the trick you played to get the early upgrade to see if I can pull it off. Pleaseeeeee. I am sure, there will be many of us who would want to get an early upgrade just Like you.. 
Thank you bud!!

I too bought my L900 in April. So, I just said, look I have a L900 and it has a problem (it actually does - it goes to the voice prompt randomly in the middle of playing a game or watching a video etc.) and I would need to get it replaced anyway. So can I instead get an early upgrade, especially since we've been good AT&T customers since 2004? The chat rep talked to her manager and voila, they put a note on my account that I should be given an early upgrede for $250. Then I read here and elsewhere about people who got one even cheaper. Then I debated with a regular rep first and then with the supervisor who finally gave me tnhe $99 +$36 deal. So no magic tricks, just try to (at least to start with) be polite, ask for a favor, tell them what a good customer you are etc. etc. They might tighten the reigns though and you might only get the $250 deal but still better than nothing, right? Good luck!!

I have the same problem with my 900,bing and voice prompt opens when I'm on speakerphone as well.
Will try next week if I don't get it resolved with Nokia.

Spoke to the Tysons folk earlier, they are expecting their shipment afternoon time for the Lumia 920's. 
He wasn't sure about the charging plate..I'll be going there after work or call them up and try to reserve one. 

Yes I switched from Sprint and I even paid the ETF. I have given up on Sprint.  I bought 2 920's and due here on Monday because I picked yellow. 
AT&T scares me. I contaced 2 local stores, One told me to go to Verizon, the other told me they didn't know what the Nokia 920 was. So I contacted AT&T on live chat and they told me they have no information at all on the free charger.  Sad? yes very. I contacted Nokia and was told to contact AT&T. So I tried Best Buy, that was even worse, they didn't know they sold the product either.  I tried Live chat again and found someone that said she knew about the free charger and told me just to order it and I'll get the charger.
AT&T is starting off on the wrong foot, it took me 15 people and 8 hours to get the phone knowing I'll get the charger. I ended up ordering on line.  I don't think i'll stay with them long.

WTH AT&T told you to go to Verizon even though you were willing to pay Sprint an ETF and join AT&T? That person who told you that shouldn't be in the retail business.

AT&T is horrible customer service. I really spent all day trying to order the phones and get the free charging pad.  I gave up on customer service and just ordered 2 of them on line.  I hated to port my numbers on line but it went ok after I removed the stupid employees. :(

I did have tell them about their charger but once I showed them on my phone on there website they ordered it and it will be here on Monday

pre-ordered on 11/7 and called att premier 4 times... still no phone and no tracking info. not a good start for me having a new contract with ATT

I ordered through Premier also and they haven't even taken any funds out of my account.  ?:(  I also don't have tracking info.  Just still preocessing which is why I was hoping to see the Cyan in stores.

I've been to 3 AT&T stores and each one only had 1 (one!!) black 920 and no charging plates.  So much for the "hero" phone.  I can't even buy it.

Is this a nation wide release. Can I go into any AT&T store and hold the phone and put a end [or prove] the nonsense over the weight. 

Just called my local store. They have 6 black 920s only. She said there are probably more colors on the noon truck today. She also said I could get the free wireless charging plate at the store as well.  This is good news!

Called two of my local ATT store, one didn't get the shipment yet, so no Lumia. The other only have the black 920, no idea about the wireless charging plate. I told the lady on the phone about the ATT announcement, but she said they didnt hear anything, they would have to double check when the shipment comes in. They don't know anything about WinPhone 8.
AT&T! This is not acceptable!!! I want my red lumia 920. I have been holding out since June!

I pre ordered a Yellow one my order still shows as processing. Its okay though I new the Yellow ones might not ship till next week. I was hopefully that a few much get out early that doesn't seam to be the case.

I ordered mine with the help of Customer care person, He said you should get the wireless charger free as you are pre ordering, cos instore you wont get it free, Is it true?