Best Buy offering Lumia 920 for free on Rogers through Black Friday

Rogers Lumia 920 Deal

We've had a Best Buy advertisement sent in showing off the Lumia 920 on Rogers with an extra saving of $100 for the duration of Black Friday. Should you be looking to pick up a Lumia 920 on Rogers, you can now own one for free (when taken out with an eligible contract) after established savings have been applied to the purchase.

What's interesting with the Lumia 920 offered by Rogers is that reports have continuously been published by consumers who have managed to pick one up that the Windows Phone is unlocked and works with WIND and T-Mobile (though this is through Best Buy). The HTC 8X is also going on sale through the next couple of days on both AT&T and T-Mobile.

Unfortunately, according to the promotion material sent into us, this deal with Rogers is only available with the Lumia 920 in black, restricting choice but the deal includes a flagship Windows Phone for absolutely nothing. Rogers is looking set to stock the Lumia 920 in yellow too in the future.

Thanks, Barry, for the photo and tip!


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Best Buy offering Lumia 920 for free on Rogers through Black Friday


If I was unfortunate enough to be buying a mobile in Canada, the up front price wouldn't make a difference. 3 year contracts are of the devil and need to die. Free isn't cheap enough for anything when it's seriously outdated and you've still gor 12 months to go.
Advice to Canadians. Buy unlocked - or, at worst, pre pay. You'll save more over the course of 3 years - trust me.

While I agree with the 3 year contract to be axed, Canadians have the best deal out of any country so far (besides the lack of color) due to the unlocked and pentaband phones. So either way you are getting a better deal, but 3 year deals do suck the big one for sure!

It isn't as bad as it seems. Up until now, you could upgrade when you finished 2 years on the contract and now they've modified it so you start off with a "device balance" when signing a new contract. $10 is taken off that each month so you only pay the remainder of the phone's price if you break the contract. Not so bad really.

Also, buying unlocked can blow because the budget carriers usually use a different frequency here (Wind, for example) so you'll be paying $600 upfront and then $60/month (which you'd be paying if you got the phone for $99 from the carrier) so it makes little sense as of now. The only way it'd be great is if you actually got a discounted price for bringing your own phone.

The 3-year contract is merely to subsidize the cost of the device over the three years.  If you want to end it a year early, you just pay for the remaining third of the cost of the phone.
That said, their retention department can offer some great plans you won't find elsewhere if you threaten to cancel and you're a customer in good standing, even if you're not at the end of the contract.

You can actually cancel at anytime and just pay off the remaining balance of your phone (FLEXtab). Also if you wish to do a hardware upgrade early there is usually an upgrade fee on top of the phone cost (the remaining balance of your current device), however it is very possible to get that fee discounted or completely waived depending on your account status. Personally I was just halfway through my 3 year contract and upgraded to the L920 for a total cost of $100. If this deal is true I will just call or return the phone and get it for free.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the unlocked Penta Band (//Build) phones are gone.  Anything you get from Rogers now is a standard North American locked 920. And still... only in black.
Pass thanks.

Actually, it's still pentaband, but locked. However, it's much easier to unlock than AT&T's at the moment.

It's nice to see a little 920 love from Rogers, but the "black only" is still a no-go.  If I wanted this phone in black, I would have bought it on day 1 when I went to my local Rogers and they had 2 in stock.
I think they're 920 will increase significantly if/when they release other colours.  I'm personally waiting for white.  If I don't get better options soon, I'll switch to Bell or Telus out of principle.  No offense to those waiting for the rumored Yellow, but that's my LAST choice, even over black.

#1 - Only week 43/2012 Lumia 920 phones on Rogers were unlocked, but all are pentaband.

#2 - Three year contracts are fine on Rogers since they changed the terms.  The phone subsidy is $13x36 months = $468 for the Lumia 920, so If you leave the contract, you only pay for the months remaining for the phone, which is cheaper than buying it off-contract $549.   ie: 1 month later, you will owe: $455

This is a good deal, but Rogers has terrible voice and data plans, always tryna screw us Canadians. They know the average customer doesn't understand how data work.

Fuck me. Mine cost $360 or so when all was said and done. Aside from taxes $150 of that was an "early upgrade fee" despite having my last phone for over 2 years.