Nokia Maps updated, introduces speed improvements and fixes

Nokia Maps Update

Nokia Maps has been bumped to version, which introduces improvements to stability and performance. When firing up the app on a Lumia Windows Phone it no longer takes noticeably longer than Bing Maps--in fact we're only seeing about a one-second speed advantage now with Bing Maps for load time.

As well as the optimizations applied, the team has reported that Microsoft also addressed the Windows Phone Store issue. Those who were hit by the "Problem with app" dialogue that persisted showed when attempting to load the application will be pleased to hear that this update addresses that very issue.

Nokia Maps Apps

It's good to see Nokia continuing to develop and expand its services for its Lumia family of Windows Phones. The company recently announced a branding change for its mapping and location services, which will be marketed under the HERE umbrella.

You can download Nokia Maps from the Windows Phone Store (using a Lumia device).


Reader comments

Nokia Maps updated, introduces speed improvements and fixes


Nope. Nokia Maps shouldn't effect your charging sounds anyway. That is a Windows Phone 8 thing, which *should* have nothing to do with Nokia Maps.

I did. I sorta want to disable it. I pick up my phone on and off the charger at work and it gets old hearing that... especially since it makes the noise regardless of whether your phone is on vibrate or ring.

Hopefully Drive+ will be getting an update soon to at least bring it up to par with what Drive was on my 900. I have to admit I am missing my MY Commute feature.

I wish my commute gets updated to what is on Android, which honestly I though it was going to be in the first place, an alarm that goes off to tell you to leave based on current conditions.

yeah I saw the fantasy land commercial where his phone told him to leave and he took off in the middle of a meeting. Hope the android app can also direct him to the unemployment office.

Why is that a dream? Drive knows my commute, I can enter in my needed time of arrival, it can now run in the background, pull down traffic, set an alarm. I asked for this when my commute was announced, look on the forum. Just because an Android commercial shows it off doesn't mean you need to get your panties in a twist.

It isn't the app...it is the fact that the dude gets up and leaves, during a meeting...which employeed people don't do.  Or at least don't do multiple times, as they do not stay employeed.

Um, I have a 920 with Drive + and I have the commute feature now. And I have to say I love Drive + so much better than Drive on my 900. Especially that I can search for something in Bing, see it in Nokia Maps and then connect right to Drive + to start my trip once I get directions.

Nokia makes Nokia drive available for other manufacturers very soon, but it is up to the OEMs if they are willing to implement it.

Nokia Drive is not the same as Nokia Maps.  From what I understand, all WP8 devices use Nokia Maps as the mapping service.

Nokia's maps are used on all phones, but Nokia Maps is only on Lumia.  See the difference there?  If you play around with a WP7 and then a WP8 Lumia, you will see the difference in the newer app...and you can also tell the difference because Lumias have Nokia Maps AND Bing Maps (which uses Nokia's maps)

Try this guys...open up Local Scout.  Tap the map at the top of the screen that first pops up.  Now, tap the Start button and open up the Nokia Maps app.  Press and hold the back button...notice you now have a MAPS instance AND a NOKIA MAPS instance?  Notice the look different and have different option at the bottom?
That is because your phone is running the Bing Maps app and the Nokia Maps app.  [I said in another post though, you need to remember Bing Maps uses Nokia's maps, the data that is, that is a different distinction]

Nokia maps supplants it.  However, Bing maps is still hidden in there.  Try using local scout, you will notice it still ties into Bing maps rather than Nokia.  Kind of a strange situation if you ask me.

I agree...it is awkward to have them both, mostly because they pull the reviews some two completely independant sources for business you are looking up.  Plus Bing Maps in Local Scout has quick ways to send dirrections to Drive+, but if I look an address up from Nokia Maps it will NOT send them over easily...I think that is a complete failure!

Agreed. Nokia Maps is no Bing Maps. Has a lot of catching up to do. It has been horrible in New York  and you have no BING voice directed navigation at all on the Lumia 920.  I couldn't take it. I returned my Lumia 920 and picked up the HTC 8X.
couldn't believe it..

Really? You took a 920 back because you couldn't take 30 seconds to use Drive+ instead of Maps?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the 8X or discrediting the fact that Nokia Maps is redundant and inferior to Bing Maps and/or Nokia Drive, but you make it sound like you didn't even try to figure it out.

At first I was frustrated because I thought the same thing, there is no voice navigation in Nokia Maps.  And that is true.  But when you pull up directions on Nokia Maps, you will notice that there is a button to send you to Drive+ where you will get your voice guided navigation.  I find that to be an acceptable solution since Drive is the better option for navigation anyways.

Nokia forces you into nokia maps. Bing maps while running on nokia tech, is superior. I used a samsung focus since day one ofwp7, a lumia 900 on day one, and paid to upgrade early for 920. The fact a 920 has nokia maps only , but in some apps uses bing maps is an absolute joke. I love wp7 and wp8, but I couldnt take the fact nokia gave ita flagship device a slower, less friendly map system. I supervise people in the field and bing maps made my life easy. Nokia maps as an app was such a step backwards that I had to ditch the best phonw hardware I ever held in my life. The 920 is amazing, the nokia app forcing is a deal breaker for me. I dumped my 920 and nokia stock the same day. Made out extremely well with both decisions. I still miss the feel of my 920. Maybe nokia will wake up and realize that while bing maps uses their tech on thw backend, their app needs a lot more work. A choice would have kept a customer.

NOT TRUE! WP7 will get updated to WP7.8 in Jan 2013 and to WP7.X after that! Who said MS abandoned WP7! If you're talking of LG not going to implement WP7.8, that's not MS' fault!

"I would expect both platforms to exist for quite some time, from a global point of view. Windows Phone 7.8 devices will span much lower price points than windows phone 8 devices, initially, and given the application compatibility across the platforms, it makes the ecosystem stronger to have more device and more price points. We value every 7 and 7.8 customer we have; we'll continue to work for them as well but it is true that Windows Phone 8 is our future platform."
Windows Phone 7 will continue to exist for at least another year, it will just be their lower price platform. :|

Where is the Drive + update to add list directions or at least a shortcut to the list directions in Nokia Maps?

WP8 only it appears.  Seems everyone at WPCentral now has a WP8 phone and they've forgotten that some of us are stuck with WP7 for now.  lol

Always nice to read the comments, that are mainly "nagging nagging nagging" about everything, instead of being thankful that your precious product is receiving constant updates... Good job Nokia! Keep it up and you will see many new (and old) customers using your phones.

I like updates, but Nokia Maps is still an inferior product compared to another mapping application on the same platform. And then you compare it to Google Maps and, well...
Patting Nokia on the back doesn't do anything.  Vocalizing shortcomings and bringing them to Nokia's attention so they can address them is actually productive.

I may be off with some of my comments, as I've only used Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive in Europe, and in every country where I've used it, it has been very reliable. Can't speak for Northern America, for example. Also, the Symbian version of Nokia Drive has had all the nice features for ages, so there may be some differences still to WP8-version. At least it is good to know, that Nokia knows how to bring a good experience to customers, so it should be only a matter of time when all the versions are on a same level, and improving...

I agree with Phil.  Nokia knows we care because we gave them hundreds of dollars...that is the pat on the back they get from me... Now I want them to know what is missing so they can improve it, sell more phones (more pats on the back) and raise that stock price over $50 so I can retire.  na...I'd need more stock than what I have to retire, haha.

Totally agree! One of the reasons why I broke my contract was Nokia's apps plus great service from comments on the boards...off topic but I am still on the old Extras how do I update?

Still runs slow as before when scrolling, not sure why they can't make it smooth, wp8 devices have plenty of power.

Traffic still doesnt work correctly.
Also Nokia needs to add voice command and voice turn by turn just like bing maps. I prefer to use bing maps over nokia mps/drive. which seems clunky.

Thank god now I don't have to use gmaps for everything. Next up they need to figure out the difference between Brooklyn and Manhattan, took Bing maps about a year to figure out the difference between the two, hopefully its faster with Nokia maps.

I have Nokia Maps and Local Scout (small tile) pinned next to each other based on what I need for maps. Hopefully the Q1 OTA update might just include a separate Bing Maps app for nokia phones.

Updated and restarted the phone. Loads up much faster now but it's crashed twice when opting for the traffic view of the map. It worked the 3rd time trying it.

Well Nokia Drive is battery sucker. I just used it for 10 min for thanksgiving & my bettery drained from 75% to 25% in  less than 1/2 hour. HAd to completely block it in background to keep my phone from dying. Unitl it's addressed I am not using Nokia Drive anymore.

Live traffic is still broken.  Only shows pieces of data here and there for NYC.  I guess I will go into Bing Maps for that still. Really,  Nokia your map data sucks in the US please just use Bing's map data.

Traffic is broken for me, too, here in DFW.  That is a HUGE issue for me.
For Drive+ to tell me it's going to take 44min to drive 40miles through a traffic jam is absurd.  I was hoping that I just don't know how to use it & that I'd run across an article or blog post that showed me what I was doing wrong....

Strangely the update shows on the web (I am signed in) while on the phone it doesn't. I am a WP7.5 user by the way. I guess it's for 7.x as well, just gotta wait 'till it gets pushed to the store.

When will other 7.5 devices besides Nokia phones get Nokia maps? Really don't care about it until I can use it

Just updated maps + all the other updates on my L920 including the auto restart, now Maps opens for a half second then closes itself... :(  

Is this update WP8 only?

My L900 has Nokia Maps, but clicking the link here says not for my device. If I go to the Nokia collection and click maps it recognizes I have it and that there is no update.

Damn, can't Nokia do anything right? The L920 has great hardware specs', but it's hardware/software integration is pathetic. I guess they figured if they upped the spec's people wouldn't notice the substandard performance of their devices.

Mine is crashing and froze my phone :( I wish I could use my old maps. I like that more then Nokia maps right now :|

Am I the only one who feels really annoyed about the map not showing the exit #s and direction of the highway on direction list? :-/