Coverage of Nokia's 'This is Lumia' light show with Deadmau5 from London

Nokia and Deadmau5 came together once again in the name of Lumia and produced an event of lights and magic for many who managed to attend the action in London on Wednesday evening. A light show was hosted, as well as an aftermath concert at Electric Brixton, which shared a live stream of the London square with those who were watching online.

Nokia reports that thousands (evident from coverage and photos of the event) gathered to witness the magic that Deadmau5 and Nokia were both conjuring up using Flat Iron Square as a base for an impressive display. While many may view last year's Millbank Tower projection as more of a triumph, this year's event wasn't far off (if not better).

Conor Pierce, VP for Nokia had the following to say on the event:

"We see the Lumia 920 as one of the most exciting phones we have launched at Nokia, it includes some truly ground-breaking innovations: Wireless charging, a screen that automatically adjusts its colour and brightness, depending on sunlight, a touchscreen that even works when you're wearing gloves and best of all it's a beautiful device; like the 'This is Lumia' event the 920 looks just awesome."

As mentioned above, Deadmau5 also performed at a gig in Brixton after the light show, which we attended. Be sure to check out how the Lumia 920 fared when used to record some of the action.

Source: YouTube


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Coverage of Nokia's 'This is Lumia' light show with Deadmau5 from London


Really? I thought it looked pretty awesome. Rubbish bins that lit up matched perfectly with the urban environment and windows, door & shops lighting up too.

Yeah i thought it looked awesome as well. 
Granted the last year show was certainly more wow, but it was also way too short. 

This show was not as cool as last year's... But really, who even saw that video? And for those that did, it was anything that would have persuaded anyone to #switch.

It was nowhere close to last years event. This one was actually rather boring to watch. I guess the highlights were the colorful trash cans, the two Nokia trucks, and two mirror balls being moved by forklifts. Last years was awesome in comparison.

I think this time the diea was ro provide full set. Last time it was something like 8 minutes and that was that. 

I don't think deadmou5 dictates the length of the set. If Nokia wanted to put on a 30minute show then Deadmau5 will just play the same drum beat for 30 minutes. And why was he using some old laptop? Should have been rocking a Surface. Not a well planned out show.

Note that as mentioned in the article, this video DOES NOT cover the concert that was held in Brixton, London - that was pretty epic.

First two songs were good and that's where it started to lose me.  I know last year was short but it was a way cooler production IMO. 

I thought it was pretty damn good...bunch of haters on the board today. Its promotion for Nokia and WP8. Or would you prefer they be Samsung and not do anything?

Didn't see last years, but thought this was pretty sick.  Cool of Nokia to do something like this.  Would never see Apple doing something on this level.  #Switch

What exactly does this guy do? Press the play button and then move around? Funny what passes for talent nowadays.

He composes his own electronic music unlike most electronic artists, who sample and remix others' music and press play.

What this guy does, and many DJs like him (such as tiesto) is create a set of original or remixed music from scratch and then perform the set as part of a show. It's not the normal DJ one record after another thing, but these guys put a lot of energy and time in creating the overall performance. Sounds like you think you can do better so I will be looking forward to seeing and hearing your efforts, otherwise stop trolling and get a life.
I am pretty sure you will not be able to create even part of a set like these guys do.

You're pretty sure I can't do better without knowing anything about me? You really think highly of yourself. In my opinion, this is shit and requires no talent. Like many people in this guy's generation they create shit that takes no skill, training, or practice, put on a goofy hat and say, "look at me!". My 8 year-old daughter could make "music" like this if I threw the equipment at her.

*they create awesome music that people love. Even if they do produce it at home before the gig and they just press play, it takes a lot of skill & talent to make it in the first place. It sounds like you're opposed to electronic music in general without any idea of what it takes to make it

What I think he means is that there's a shitload that goes into electronic-music production than what you perceive. They're pretty much audio engineers if you ask me....you might find that out too if you took the opportunity to know about the genre before taking what is obviously a very simplistic viewpoint.
On the other hand, the performances are, in many cases, meant to be theatrical productions...lights, visuals and creating an ambience that gels with the music and makes you one with it. I am a fan, so this is my experience...you are probably not, hence the apathy....fair enough.

+100 a drum machine, a mouse man, and glowing trash cans in an alley way somehow do not equate to epic. The Lumia phones, Nokia and WP rock. This did not do them justice. I expected something on par with last years Lumia 800 and Mills tower, this came off as amateurish.