AT&T HTC 8X available at Amazon Wireless for 1 penny

Good news for anyone who's looking to pick up the HTC 8X on AT&T. Amazon Wireless has the Windows Phone 8 handset listed for just a single penny, that's just $0.01 when taken out with an eligible contract. Consumers will have to either extend their contract or add a new line to their AT&T account to be able to purchase the HTC 8X, but it's a superb deal with the festive holidays soon approaching.

We've continuously praised the HTC 8X and while it doesn't share some of the highlighted features of the Lumia 920, it's a lightweight Windows Phone that packs a punch. Be sure to check out our HTC 8X review for the full rundown on our thoughts. The handset listed at Amazon is the blue 8GB variant.

Source: Amazon Wireless; thanks everyone who tipped us!


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AT&T HTC 8X available at Amazon Wireless for 1 penny


HD2 was a solid phone too and still is. However my Titan 1 fell victim to the poor antenna connection, which I spent $25 buying a new back plate from Amazon because the entry level call center rep didn't offer it to me, nor did they seem to know much about the issue, and was going to make me ship my phone back to them. It is also a victim of the random reboot.

That's a tempting offer but I'm trying to wait until CES and MWC to see if anything new is announced before I upgrade to WP8

Funny, I tipped you guys two days ago when both the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 810 were free on T-mobile and you ignored that tip. I'm sure some people on T-mobile would have appreciated that info.

8X was also free T-Mobile? I thought it was free only on cyber monday.  Still hunting for free *X on t-mobile. I know that 810 was free for few days .. but  8X was free for only 1 day.

Perfect timing.  My T-Mobile contract ends on Saturday so I just ordered 3 of these.  Goodbye T-Mobile.  Hello AT&T.

the lumia 920 is available for $19.99 with an upgrade or additional line.  and best buy matched that price for me.

Does anyone think dropping prices like this less than a month after launch hurts the brand? I don't know, I just feel like what this is teaching people is to not pick up a phone on launch day because a fee short weeks later it will be practically free.

Best Buy has the 8x for even cheaper!  Free.  I ordered mine Monday... and should have it tomorrow

I wish nokia 920 body design and very light weight like HTC 8x many weak people will not complain too much of nokia weight

Why this kind of offering only happen in the US but not other countries like in Asia? I think the market is big in Asia.