Patent wars

Samsung really does not want to pay royalties to Microsoft

8.1 update

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 rolls out for ATIV S owners

C'mon Samsung

Samsung ATIV S getting Windows Phone 8.1 Update? Kind of

5G is fast!

As you'd imagine, Samsung's 5G is pretty fast


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Samsung to start using Microsoft Word in 2015

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New App

Samsung releases new ATIV Clock app for Windows Phone 8.1

Legal Drama!

Samsung incurs the wrath of Microsoft

Windows Phone Apps

Samsung releases ATIV BizCard scanning app for Windows Phone

General News

Armed robbers raid Brazilian Samsung factory for 40,000 devices

General News

Samsung, Intel and Dell create a consortium for connected devices

Windows Phone Apps

Samsung's bringing HDR, Smooth and Slow video to their Windows Phone 8.1 app

Windows Phone Apps

Official BlueFly app brings a boutique fashion experience to Windows Phone

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EU and South Korea working together to develop 5G networks

Windows Phone Apps

Weather Hound updated with transparent Live Tile support

Windows Phone Apps

Watch live television on your Windows Phone with the official Ditto TV app

Windows Phone Apps

Awesome Lock updated in preparation for the World Cup

General News

Intel and Samsung teaming up for lower-cost 4K monitors

Microsoft News

Microsoft pokes fun at Samsung's Heathrow advertising, fails to book flight to the Galaxy

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Control your Samsung Smart TV with Unofficial Samsung Remote for Windows Phone

Unofficial Samsung Remote

Unofficial Samsung Remote is an app that does exactly what the title suggests. The Windows Phone app enables users to control their Samsung Smart TV sets to take advantage of the television's advanced functionality that may not be available with the standard remote.

As well as changing channels, adjusting volume levels, navigating around the Smart Hub and inputing data into fields using the keyboard, the app boasts a number of features that's going to make any Samsung television owner drool.

It's noted on the app's Store listing that it supports the following Samsung televisions:

  • LED 6500 series or higher (model code starts with 'U')
  • LCD 650 series or higher (model code starts with 'L')
  • PDP 6500 series or higher (model code starts with 'P')

Unfortunately there is a downside to the app (though it's reportedly down to the television itself, and not how the app is coded). The app cannot turn the TV on as its wireless remote server is only running when it's already powered on. Furthermore, this is not a licensed, endorsed or approved Samsung solution, so be sure to use at one's own risk.

The latest version (1.6) upgrades the app to fully support Windows Phone 8 hardware, as well as the implementation to make holding down volume up / down keys to register continuous manipulation of the volume.

You can download Unofficial Samsung Remote from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (£0.79). It's available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.5.

QR: Unofficial Samsung Remote


Reader comments

Control your Samsung Smart TV with Unofficial Samsung Remote for Windows Phone


Two interesting things happened for me.
#1) It worked with my wife's Lumia 800, but did NOT with my Lumia 920
#2) My Sammy C8000 saw my Lumia 920 as RM-820.  Innnnnnnteeeeresting.

That's what a 920 is called. Go see your About in the phone settings.
My TV works with my Samsung Focus, but not with Lumia 920.

Two more interesting things.
1: This app is not new, it has been out for well over a year, I've been using it to control my UE6530 perfectly.
2: As Visual360 says, under WP8, it connects to TV fine but the buttons do nothing. (Lumia 920)(Please update your app to fix this Mr Nice Developer sir)
The RM820 and 821 are the actual model numbers for the Lumia 920. Just like the European HTC Titan was actually called the X310e.  OEM's have generic names for their devices before the marketing people get hold of them. As far as I know the 820 is the US version of the Lumia 920 and the 821 is everywhere else.