PSA: You might have some money on your hands if you have the rare Xbox Minecraft Pig Controller

Official Xbox Minecraft Pig Controller.
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What you need to know

  • Minecraft has held the position of best-selling game of all time for a while now, with over 300,000,000 copies sold. 
  • In 2017, Xbox released an official Minecraft Pig Limited Edition Controller as well as a Minecraft Creeper Limited Edition Controller. 
  • Since then, these discontinued controllers have become somewhat rare collectibles, with brand-new and sealed options currently selling for hundreds of dollars. 
  • This is a reminder to occasionally check on the value of limited edition accessories and games that you have acquired over the years. You might have a little treasure trove.

Recently, I saw that the official Minecraft Pig Limited Edition Controller from Xbox has been trending, so I decided to figure out why that might be. As you can see from the official Xbox announcement, this Xbox One controller released back in September 5, 2017, alongside a Minecraft Creeper Limited Edition Controller. Since then, these gamepads have been discontinued, making them somewhat rare. In some cases, owners can sell them for hundreds of dollars. So, if you have one in good condition and you're willing to part with it, you might just have some money on your hands.

A quick look on Amazon tells me that brand-new Microsoft Xbox Minecraft Pig Controllers are selling for a minimum of $189.90 at Amazon. On eBay (which is a treasure trove for rare collectibles), the same controllers are selling for $59.99 when used and in good condition. Meanwhile, the lowest Buy Now price for a brand-new and sealed controller starts at $179.99 on eBay but can go up higher. Some listings even went as high as $300 or more. There are definitely other Limited Edition Xbox controllers that sell for more, but this is still more than the controller sold for at launch. 

For those who are wondering, brand-new Minecraft Creeper Controllers are also valuable, but not worth quite as much as the Minecraft Pig Controller. Brand-new Creeper controllers start at $128.99 at eBay and used ones start at $39.95.

What's so cool about the Minecraft Pig Controller?

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I've always found it interesting to keep an eye on limited-edition video games and gaming accessories to see just how rare and valuable they become over time. The thing is, you never quite know what will retain its worth down the line and what will completely lose value as time goes on.

In the case of the Minecraft Pig Controller vs the Minecraft Creeper Controller, my guess is that more people initially purchased the Creeper Xbox Controller than the Pig Xbox Controller. This, in turn, might be why the Pig version is harder to find and thus more valuable to collectors. It also helps that Xbox One controllers can be used on Xbox Series X, so this Minecraft Pig Controller still works when playing current games. Between their value and current usability, you can see why one Redditor got super upset when his brother destroyed his Minecraft Pig Controller. 

My Brother Absolutely Massacred My Limited Edition Minecraft Pig Controller. (These go for like $300 on Amazon rn) from r/xbox

Of course, Minecraft pigs are super cute and fun to play with in-game. You can ride them, lead them with a carrot on a stick, tend to them as part of a farm, and much more. So, it could just be that people want to show off their love for these creatures.

The Minecraft Pig Controller specifically stands apart from other Xbox gamepads thanks to the front depicting the blocky face of a pig on a pink background. Flip the controller over and you see a curly tail on the back. When you take off the back panel with the tail on it to put AA batteries inside, you'll find that there's a hidden carrot on the panel's interior. It's a very cool Easter egg for fans.

This voyage down the Minecraft Pig Controller rabbit hole has reminded me to look into the value of other video game collectibles I've gathered over the years. You might want to take a look at your own collections. For all we know, you or I could be sitting on a little treasure and not even know it. 

Official Minecraft Pig Controller FAQ

The Minecraft Pig Controller and Creeper Controller both released for Xbox One in 2017. (Image credit: Jennifer Young / Windows Central)

When did the Minecraft Pig Controller come out?

The Minecraft Pig Limited Edition Xbox Controller for Xbox One released on September 05, 2017. It launched alongside the Minecraft Creeper Limited Edition Xbox Controller. 

What's special about the Minecraft Pig Controller?

The Minecraft Pig Limited Edition Xbox Controller features the blocky face of a pig on the front but also has a curly tail on the back. If you open the battery compartment and look on the interior side of the panel you'll find a hidden carrot. 

Is the Minecraft Pig Controller rare and worth anything?

Yes, finding a new Minecraft Pig Controller isn't the easiest thing as they are somewhat rare. If you own one already, it's worth depends on the condition of the controller. For instance, if your Minecraft Pig Controller is sealed and in the box, it might be worth a few hundred dollars. If it isn't working properly or has notable wear and tear then it likely will only sell for a small amount. 

What is the rarest Minecraft Xbox controller?

In general, the official Minecraft Creeper Limited Edition Xbox Controller and the official Minecraft Pig Limited Edition Xbox Controller are the most valuable Minecraft Controllers. If they're new-in-box or don't show much wear and tear they will be worth more. 

Can you use a controller in Minecraft Bedrock?

Yes. Both Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition have controller support. So if you happen to have the Minecraft Creeper Xbox Controller or the Minecraft Pig Controller it will match your game rather nicely. 

What is the rarest Xbox controller?

Things change over time as additional controllers are released, but some of the rarest Xbox controllers include the Launch Team Edition which was only given to Microsoft employees, the China Day One Controller that released with limited-edition Xbox One, the Mandalorian controllers which were rewards for a sweepstakes, and the Project Scorpio Edition which came out at Xbox Series X launch.

Of course, there are several other limited-edition Xbox controllers out there as well. Some will be more valuable than others depending on what collectors are willing to pay for them. 

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Is Minecraft the best-selling game of all time?

Yes. As of 2024, Minecraft has seen over 300,000,000 sales since it launched in 2011, making it the most purchased game by far. The second-best-selling video game of all time is Grand Theft Auto V, which has sold 195,000,000 copies since 2013. 

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