Updated Podcatcher: Grab those podcasts

Updated Podcatcher : Grab those podcasts

This is something that we have been keeping a close eye on for a while. The app, as the name of it suggests is for subscribing and downloading your favourite podcasts. Things have been moving fairly swiftly from this developer and we’re today seeing some important updates to bring it up to version 1.3.

The app itself has a simple but effective UI and allows the ability to search, subscribe and update automatically. The full list of updates and details follow.

I have been using the app since it was first released to marketplace, the rapidity of the updates has caught my eye and I look forward to reviewing it when it matures a little more. For now things are coming along nicely and I find myself reaching for this over other solutions.

If you’re using your Windows Phone with a US account or just live in the US, apps for podcasting might seem a little moot due to the excellent built in subscription system. For those of us outside the US apps like this are essential for grabbing a podcast or two.

Updated Podcatcher : Grab those podcasts

Changes in this update include:

  • Podcast episode description view with download button.
  • Added settings: auto-continue playback from last saved position, clean old played episodes and try to use cellular data for downloading.
  • Change main view pivot headers to match Windows Phone style.
  • Fixes for crash in Windows Phone 8.
  • Bug fixes

The app is still in its early stages and it does show in many places, the marketplace reviews will attest to that but it has promise. It currently costs US $1.49 but there is a trial mode which allows you to have two podcast subscriptions. I suggest strongly you try it before taking the plunge as it may not be for you. We really like what we see so far and look forward to more updates soon.

You can download Podcatcher from the Windows Phone Store here.

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Updated Podcatcher: Grab those podcasts


I would not call Xbox Music excellent. My subscriptions are taking 12+ hours to update. Say for instance Giant Bombcast will come out at around 8pm on Tuesday, yet on Wednesday it didn't show the new episode till mid-afternoon.

Agreed. Even with the trick of manually downloading a podcast to cause other feeds to update, some feeds are way late. Actually I had the same frustration as you with the Giant Bombcast (Hey duder) this week. I ended up listening to half of it on my laptop and finishing it later on my phone, which is less than ideal. The Windows Phone podcast experience definitely needs some work.

Exactly, i contacted xbox music on twitter, or it might have been winphonesupport...but they just said "oh yeah, there's no way to do any type of manual refresh, sorry about that"
Really fuggin ridiculous especially when I want to watch podcasts as I commute or while I'm in the gym...and wireless syncing doesn't work so that's out of the question.
I hope the spring update fixes this, because there's a lot of crap that shouldn't have to wait until next fall to fix.

Thank you, I'll give this a shot. You might want to try Slapdash Podcasts, it should give Podcatcher a run for its money, since you can add your podcast via a web based interface and sync them via the app.

Can somone explain why something like the built in podcatcher function would be unavailable for some non-US people? I understand why some music functions are not available,but I don't understand the podcast thing.

Although it still has the annoying habit of when I'm in the middle watching a podcast and go back to the home screen and then go back to the podcast it doesn't resue where I left it so I have start it again then use the < > to go to where I left off.  Annoying but is this a WP8 problem?

I might be missing something here but i have downloaded two podcasts and cant see where i actually play them? Any help would be great

the download button turns into the play button ... but as hard as it is to find out how to play a segment, don't exit the app if you want to be able to find that "playing now" screen ... doesn't seem like there's a way to get back to that screen if you do.

The latest version ( improves the UX by displaying the main view as a pivot view. You can swipe left or right to see all three main views of Podcatcher, of which the now playing view is one of them. Hope this helps!

Wpodder, by far, the best podcatcher app in the store. By far. Could use a few more one touch commands, maybe add a "play all" feature to have playback run right into the next segment, but its currently the best.

I apologize but the built in solution for podcasts is absolutely dreadful, in the US or not!! This is the time for the developers to cash in and make a true podcast app for the store.

I'd tried podcatcher (actually I've TRIED them all) before, I'll have to check out the update. Thanks as always for the heads up on these types of things.

I will be soon releasing my own podcast app, which is currently being beta tested, if you want to join in send me a pm, the app will be free when it's released.

WPodder is not so straight forward searching the podcast Windows Weekly Video does not give me the desired results it just returns the audio podcast. I know I could manualy import the feed by typing in the url but really?  Seems long winded and not as simple as podcatcher

Bringcast I beleve is worth a try as well.  At least it resumes my video podcast where I left it and has a polished downloader which doesnt require it to be plugged into mains for larger podcasts

Switching from iOS to WP8... the biggest issue for me has been finding a decent Podcast app. I had a few that were amaing on iOS. I have to say this has been my favourite so far on WP8. 

This is my fav podcast app. It automatically downloads new episodes and has a clean and simple UI, even has a scrubber for audio.

Not perfect tho, sometimes it doesnt save ur position when u leave the app, especially with video. And for some reason it forces u to plug the phone in to dl large episodes.

Still its the best one out there and is being actively developed, so hopefully the issues will be fixed

As the author of Podcatcher, it's nice to see Podcatcher featured on such a great site as WPCentral. Thanks a lot!
I am more than willing to recieve bug reports and feature request over email. Just look up my email address on the About page. Just to answer a few comments here, that I get elsewhere as well, the downloading over WiFi -only for large files (over 20MB in fact) is actually set by Windows Phone. It's something Microsoft encourages apps to use (see API documentation for BackgroundFileTranfer) for large file transfers. I opted for this solution instead of doing a homebrew one to match the data and download experience as set by MS. I have however improved the notification of this feature in the latest version of Podcatcher.
Another point of confusion has been how starting of playback takes the user back to the main pivot which can confuse people who then want to use the back button, which exits the app. This is something I am working on to have a nicer solution for.
Let me also say that the upcoming version of Podcatcher will have such requested features as importing podcast subscriptions from your gPodder account and subscribe to password protected (premium) podcasts.
I am always welcoming other feature requests and especially bug reports. Cheers!

Just wanted to let you all know that version 2.0 of Podcatcher has just been released to Marketplace. It's a pretty big update so you should check it out if you like podcasts.

Please fix the app as the latest update immediately crashes after the start screen logo. I have a Lumia 920. Thanks.