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Wordament heads to iOS with Achievements - what that means for Windows Phone

Alright, so Nokia has a good grasp on what the word exclusive means. But Microsoft takes a more liberal stance towards supporting other platforms. We’ve seen the big MS publish previously Xbox Windows Phone exclusive games to iOS before, such as Kinectimals and Tentacles. It always hurt, but we sucked it up and complained only in small doses.

Yesterday, another exclusive turned coat and migrated to iOS: Microsoft’s own Wordament. I had previously speculated that Wordament could function as a killer app, attracting gamers to Windows Phone with its highly addictive gameplay and smart design. That will no longer happen, but here’s the really bad news: Wordament on iOS is an Xbox Live title complete with real Achievements!

Migrating Achievements

Wordament iOS Xbox Live loginYes, Wordament has become the first game on a non-Microsoft platform with Xbox Live Achievements. Sure, it only offers 50 GamerScore worth of Achievements as opposed to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions’ 200 GamerScore, but it’s only a matter of time until that 50 GS limit rises to 200 GS.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by this move. After all, during the Wordament presentation at Casual Connect Seattle, Microsoft’s Alex Navarro basically hinted at this future when answering the following questions from an audience member:

Q: “When integrating a mobile game with Xbox Live, is that a Windows-only solution?”

  • A: “It is right now, but it won’t be for very long.”

Q: “You’re bringing functionality [from] the Xbox to mobile?”

  • A: “Absolutely. The same people who engage on the console are the same users who have the Live account who engage on the mobile titles. We find there’s a great deal of migration between the separate screens.”

At the time, I hoped that he was just stringing along the attendant iOS and Android developers with deliberately vague answers. But the iOS version of Wordament was likely already in development. Knowing that Xbox Live Achievements would spread to competing mobile platforms, Navarro’s encouragement was subtle but honest.

Cross-platform boggling

Wordament iOS screens
iOS screenshots from Wordament.com.

Wordament is also the first Xbox Live game with cross-platform multiplayer. iOS players compete against Windows Phone and Windows 8 players in real-time, trying to find as many words as possible during each round. Existing Wordament players who sign in on an iPhone or iPad will see all of their existing Xbox Live Friends and frenemies. Presumably, stats and rankings carry over as well.

Now, I can’t rally against this feature because if you’re going to port Wordament, of course you want everyone to play against each other. The ability to play the same game simultaneously with non-WP friends is alluring. A fair chunk of Wordament’s appeal is seeing so many other players sharing the same experience and comparing your own results against theirs.

On the Xbox 360, Microsoft has long opposed cross-platform multiplayer of any kind, even when developers wanted it. That’s why Playstation 3 and PC players can enjoy Portal 2 together, but Xbox 360 players cannot. Hopefully Wordament is proof of a new stance on that well-liked feature from Microsoft.

Why WP needs exclusives

Wordament photo
Wordament, we used to be proud of ya!

Now, every time we complain about the loss of an exclusive, somebody hops in and responds that they hate exclusivity and that Windows Phone doesn’t need exclusive apps and games. And let’s face it; Windows Phone exclusivity is bad for some people: iPhone and Android users who have no plans to switch to WP and don’t want to be incentivized to make that switch. For them, every little thing that makes Windows Phone look better is a curse instead of a blessing.

But let’s remember that Windows Phone continues to be an underdog platform. Android and iPhone have a huge lead, both in market share and the public mindset, which makes it hard for Windows Phone to compete on even ground. For Microsoft’s scrappy little mobile OS to win over new users, it needs features, apps, and games that those users can’t get anywhere else. Why else would an average Joe give up the iPhone he already owns hundreds of games on and throw in with Microsoft?

MS, I find your lack of faith disturbing

Wordament iOS screens
The offending Achievements

Make no mistake; Wordament popping up on iOS with Xbox Live Achievements is a vote of no confidence in the Windows Phone platform from someone at Microsoft. In case you didn’t know, Microsoft is comprised of multiple teams housed in separate buildings, each one responsible for its own little niche in the company’s business. These teams have little incentive to cooperate with each other when they’re not forced to do so by senior management. In fact, even within a team employees actually compete with each other in various ways, but that’s a story for another day.

So the situation is that many portions of Microsoft simply don’t care whether Windows Phone lives or dies. They’re just concerned with turning a profit for their divisions rather than helping out a floundering mobile division.

That’s exactly why:

  • We still don’t have a mobile (and exclusive) Halo or Forza game (two of Microsoft’s strongest console game brands).
  • Microsoft doesn’t just throw money at big developers to get them to bring big name games to WP even though they could afford it a thousand times over.
  • We got no new Xbox games for two weeks within the last two months.
  • There are exactly two Xbox Windows Phone 8 games after two months of the new OS’s availability.

Appearances matter

Don’t think this is the end of days for Windows Phone or that I’m ready to jump ship over Microsoft’s mixed signals. But you know, not everyone understands Microsoft’s divisive nature. They look at the big MS publishing games and bringing Xbox Live to iOS and they see a company that doesn’t believe in its own mobile platform.

You will never catch Apple releasing one of their hot products for Windows Phone, nor Sony bringing their games to the Xbox 360. They’re focused on making their own products succeed, not competing against themselves. If only Microsoft would show the same solidarity and commitment to their brilliant Windows Phone platform.

Play it anyway

Wordament for Windows 8
Windows 8/RT version

All implication aside, let’s not forget that Wordament is simply a fantastic word game. It did make our list of 5 Must Have Xbox Games, after all. And just look at our review!

Wordament, much like Boggle, involves trying to find as many words as possible from a field of 16 letters, all within a time limit. The hook? You’re competing against hundreds of others in real-time over the internet. Rounds last for a couple of minutes. Once they end, you get to see how you compared against everyone else, and then the next round starts a few seconds later.

Some rounds have hidden themed words and digrams (words that use a specific combination of two letters) to find as well. You can also add specific players to your Frenemies list and keep track of how you stack up against them. It’s all incredibly addictive.

Wordament is free and supported by ads on all platforms. Seeing as how each version counts as a separate game Achievement-wise, GamerScore fiends might as well play every version they can. I'd certainly be tempted to if I had an iDevice!

Get each version of Wordament with the following store links:

Update: Check out sister site iMore's impressions of the iOS port. It sounds a little rough compared to our version, but those kinks will surely be smoothed out over time.

Update 2: As it turns out, the iOS version was developed by Babaroga, makers of Zombies!!!, Shuffle Party, and several other Windows Phone games.


Reader comments

Wordament heads to iOS with Achievements - what that means for Windows Phone



He's not trolling. And some people have tried the Lumia 920 and left it behind for whatever reason; that can and will happen with any phone.

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and yeh, prize is a lumia 920, which I could win by ur help

I SECOND that!! Even third, fourth, five, tenth, hundred or thousand times if i hv to
No pressie from Santa for the MS Marketing team, been a bad bad boy!!!

Also, I can't wait to see how all the anti Microsoft \WP sites will spin this. Microsoft just keeps creating their own bad press.

Wordament is terrible on iOS. It doesn't support iPhone 5's screen size, it intercepts the multitasking system, the interface is impenetrable and cramped, and overall it's just not a well done port.

Is that a good or bad thing for Windows Phone?


but does it change the anger people have? its outrageous that ios would or should even get any xbox titles at all especially when its already difficult enough for current wp users to wait on games and apps for as long as we have/are?

Excuse me sir, but how did manage to get on the internets when being so.. challenged? Or are you just trolling?
Half of your review is moaning about how you can't figure out how to play this simple game. Dear gods, there are videos on youtube of 5 year old kids playing Wordament wihout any problems.
As for the tiny letters - that's what you get for buying a phone with a tiny screen and idiotic aspect ratio. A 3,5'' with a useless extension for a fifth row of icons is still a 3,5'' tiny screen. You can fit more rows of letter or icons on it, but they'll still be the same size, otherwise the words or icons wouldn't fit in the width - get it? The UI in Wordament on iOS is exactly the same as on WP. And I've never heard anyone complaing about small letters on their 3,7'' WPs. Probably because they had a proper aspect ratio.

You may have one valid point if Wordament really doesn't suport multitasking on iOS. But all the rest of your article is just utter shit. Shat by an incompetent person. I had tried not to be an apple-hater, but you just made me. Honestly.


Did you read the review? It's staggering. I literally facepalmed at the part about an "invisible timer" written right below the screenshots showing a clearly visible timer.
It appears that all those iphone user stereotypes are actually true.

Rene is the EIC of iMore, our sister site. So let's be respectful of him. I agree that the iPhone's screen is foolishly small though.

I still can't figure out if his review was serious or some ironic parody of an iUser struggling to learn a new app in which the controls aren't skeumorphic. The part when Rene is confused by text being an active UI element is just mindblowing.

It's possible I'm stupid AND the game isn't well done. They're not mutually exclusive.

(Actually, the game itself is great, it's everything surrounding the game that's problematice).

The iPhone's screen size is something that needs to be taken into account when porting the game over. It's what separates high quality, caring, details-oriented developers from the pack.

Wordament could be a great game. Microsoft is getting in the way of it.

(And sorry for missing the tiny timer amid the sea of tiny text the first time around. I've since found it. I haven't, however, found the buttons that would let a human accept or skip the next board, and give them control of the experience.)

MS just don't know what they are doing compared to companies like Google. Google are pulling support from MS yet MS are giving everyone their exclusive content.... Muppets

MS is a software company. MS rules software. They really don't care what device you're using as long as it's MS services that you're using. Google is nothing compared to MS, two entirely different beasts.

I dont think its a big deal. I dont know anyone that was buying a windows phone based on Wordament. I didnt even know it existed when I made my purchase. the way I see it, this move gives us something we need, compatibility to play games with people on iOS and Android.

You give them a little to get them hooked, then you offer them a bigger piece to draw them in.  By putting out software on other platforms it gives people the ability to see the quality work MS does and introduces them to another platform that they may want to try out next time they go upgrade to a new phone.
If you remain obscure and never build on other platforms people will see you as irrelevant.  This is just like google not building apps for WP; the more and more they choose to disregard the platform the more people in the WP ecosystem will find alternatives and then learn those alternatives are either better or 'good enough'.   People will become dependent on your servcies and obviously there will be more xbox live games on WP than iOS or android will ever get - so if you want the achievements and xbox games as a main feature WP is the best option.

Exactly. The doom and gloom talk is crazy. They just want to give them a taste of the XBox live experience.

I'm wondering what happens to WP if Nokia decides to go Android. I mean what incentives does Nokia have to stick with WP is it sees MS loosing faith in its own platform? This is all a bit strange really it is!!

I got myself a 920 and am very happy with it. And now that I am invested, I do want to WP8 to be a success. That being said, I don't think a few games are going to make or break the platform. As popular (and good) iOS and Android maybe, I think a lot of the popularity is also driven by herd mentality. And that is what Microsoft needs to pursue. The way I see it is that if Microsoft can get popular titles like instagram, flipboard,Spotify etc on WP8 then it attracts a lot of customers and also gets the attention of a lot of developers who may be abandoning WP8 right now. And it would be surprising if MSFT is not investing in that already. I can see why they may not have done it for WP7, as they would have always known the sales projections and the upgrade path (or lack thereof) to Wp8. I also realize that wp8 already has a few alternatives to the popular ios and android apps, and I hope they are not banking on those to substitute these popular apps because they need to tap into the herd mentality.

Wordament is fun, but it wasn't going to be a "killer app." Very few people out of WP have heard of it.

If we see a bunch of really fun games make their way to iOS or Android, but are on WP first, that may actually legitimize WP to them as a gaming platform.

Then after some legitimacy exists, promote the hell out of something that is truly exclusive.

All this gloom and doom talk is a bit excessive, former android user, casual game player, I agree cross platform is better, getting as many hooks into people as possible, we forget all these companies are there to do the best they can for themselves...loving my Nokia so far. The build quality is excellent and so is the WP interface.

If they all act a stupid and rediculous as Rene in his review on iMore, you have nothing to worry about. He didn't even try to understand how the game flow works. It was like it was written by a five year old. But that is typical of on ifan, if it didn't come to iOS first then it no good.

The other day i was bragging to my friend who owns an iPhone 5 about how I get to play Xbox live games and he cant...now it feels like that exclusivity has just been violated...raped if u will...
I, on the other hand feel as if I just got kicked on the gonads by Microsoft...

Someone please explain to me how android users get to play the full version of any game, for example angry birds for free and we (windows phone users) have to buy the game?? I am new on windows OS.

There's no such thing as a free luch. Android "free" version is ad-supported.
And you know why there's so many ad-supported apps on android? Because nobody wants to pay for anything on android, since it's so easy to crack and steal apps on it. And google won't secure their system, since they are an advertising agency, not a software and services company.


Aren't the free games on Android full of ads?  Personally, I am not interested in playing a game with ads if there is a paid version available.

As I just explained, android games basicaly come with battery and data transfer draining ads. There are "premium" ad free versions of angry birds which cost a mere $1, just as on WP. But since you can simply grab pirate copies of android apps from the internets nobody buys them. 

Yes, I know.  I didn't intend my response for you...i meant to reply to jordan.  Agree with you, though :)

No big deal from my pov. No one was going to buy a phone because of wordament. There much bigger problems with WP than non-exclusivity of some apps.

Buying a phone (or any tech) for the promise of features to come is a risky decision. New features can get cut, canceled, or modified. Instead, you should get the device you like the best. If it changes for the better, enjoy that.
If you like the style and interface of Windows phone, get it and enjoy. If you don't, change platforms. Exclusivity sucks. If you want a lot of people to use your product, you have to get its features into their hands. Being unable to share a game because you and someone else are on different platforms sucks. 

I think MS smartly knows it lives in two worlds. One where there are those who feel the need to be staunchly tied to one platform/company/ecosystem or however you want to describe it. And then there are those, like myself who may have different devices from different brands and doesn't necessarily tie themselves to one brand. Is it a smart strategy considering the other two players seem to be playing hardball with their brands? Who knows. I inherently don't see anything wrong with it and don't think Wordament being on IOS is going to prevent people from trying out WP

Just read some of the reactions here and don't get why some find this bad? In what way is this making my WP experience any worse?  I like wordament, it's one of the very gew games I have on my own (Games are not important to me). Why shouldn't iOS users play it too?  

I think I explained why this is bad in the article. I honestly haven't seen any responses that counter my points other than some folks not believing Wordament is a killer app. But the problem is larger than just Wordament. This is just one of many exclusive titles that's gone or will be going over to iOS.

It's the "Achievements" part that has me all screwed. I don't care if they port over all the games as long as they leave Achievements exclusive to our platform.

Why even bother having your own mobile platform if your going to pull a Sega and become a multi-mobile-platform publisher? Replete with all the goodies' that come with it?

But if an iOS user is a Windows 8 PC user, and if they've created a Live account in order to play Wordament on their PC, why is it a detriment that they be able to use that same Live id to play the game on their iPhone/iPod?

I get a trip out of these posts... SO what ? Let MS spread the weath elsewhere. Who cares, sooner or later they will come over to the dark side....hehehehe

While I really hear the whole argument about MS having many divisions and them not always or even rarely working cohesivelt together, this HAS to be seen as a bad move surely?
Think about this and I'll use myself as the example in this rhetoric. I've been saving my dollars for a WHOLE year waiting to lay out for a new WP8 device. I've been with Windows Phone since the beginning, firstly a Samsung Focus, then the Focus S. I've been a frequenter of this fine board for a long time (and seriously dudes, the in fighting, flaming and foul language nees to stop, it's honestly reached disgusting depths) and keep well abreast of current tech trends. 
So, here I am with money burning a hole in my pocket. First off we have the Nokia 920 debacle of a release quickly followed by the realization that stock of all Wndows 8 phones is ridiculosly low. That's followed up by post after post and article after article about hardware issues, software issues etc. That's followed up by news like this whereby we're starting to see what should be Wndows Phone platform exclusives slide over to other OS's. So I'm holding off on purchasing a WP8 because I'm starting to have grave doubts about the future of the platform.
Secondly, I dropped money on the Surface RT. Beautiful piece of hardware and in my opinion fairly well executed. But I'm seing it back. Why? Because the SDK for Windows 8 has been out for months and STILL tHe app store is like a freaking desrt, with many big name companies still stating outright they have NO intention of releasing a verison of their app for Windows 8. Couple this with the fact that the single,killer app that Microsoft should be keeping COMPLETELY exclusive to the platform, MICROSOFT OFFICE, is going to be released for iOS and I've stopped in my tracks and said to myself "WHY sould I bother to invest in the MS ecosystem when pretty soon I'm going to be able to do it all on other platforms that are alrey light years ahead innterms of ecosystem?"
I'm now firmly sitting on the fence as I honestly don't know which way to turn. I deeply love the Windows Phone experience b there are just some really basic things that MS needs to fix and I'm not sure they're going to. Honestly I'm feeling pretty down about the Windows ecosystem at the moment which hurts, because I truly believe WP8 has the ability to be bloody fantastic presence in the arena. 
I guess only time will tell but for the time being I'm done being the early adopter. I got burnt really badly with the Zune player and am starting to feel like its heading that way again so I'm off to the sidelines to wait it out.

I think you're looking at it from the just the WP aspect. Windows has, of course, Windows,Office, Outlook, Skydrive, Xbox, Bing, IE10 and WP that encapsulate the "windows" experience for consumers.  I personally am waiting on the Surface Pro and additional high-end W8 hardware to round out my "Windows" experience
iOS or Android don't allow you to entirely live within their ecosystem. If you use an iphone, ipad and Mac you still require google (or bing) for search, mail (outlook, as well) or browser. and if you use an Android phone and tablet you need a PC or a Mac. These offerings don't have the breadth that MS offers which sets MS apart.

You make a good point and one I fully acknowledge. I'm just waiting and hoping that this will all smooth out in the coming months and I can reinvest in to the ecosystem. I'm really waiting for a good surface pro competitor that's not as expensive. I do worry that it's going to put people off, particularly given the lower battery life.

I think we might be blowing the battery life issue out of proportion and Panos is to blame, but most sources have acknowldged that the battery life for the RT is far better than what MS initally lead people to believe, only time will tell if that's true or not, but there are plenty of reports indicating more Surface line of products coming and to be honest, I wouldn't mind a touchscreen ultrabook (Lenovo thinkpad carbon x1, to be exact) and they are pricey, but Lenovo has always, to me, been the creme of the crop of the OEMs and if MS is planning a signature Surface Book Pro made out of VaporMg I am sold because I know it's going to be that quality build the Surface offers. 2013 is going to be another MS year and I have faith.

Just buy what you want. Problem solved! We give developers to much power. They want our money. I be damn if i let any developer dictate what I buy.

The ONLY way I can support this exclusiveness' is if in fact, Microsoft advertises the HELL out of Windows Phone on the IOS version.

I love my experience with WP, been with it since the launch of wp7 and will continue to use and enjoy it until if or when they abandon it. If it grows good! If not, I'll switch. But I hope it succeeds. I don't care what goes to ios or android I'm using WP for the experience. I mean come on, Microsoft is a software company at heart they can't help it its in their DNA to try and get software sprayed to every nook and crany..

thats how i view it as well. but still there are certain things microsoft should refrain from doing like improving experiences in ios and android before doing so on their own mobile platform, and before anyone trys to give me the deal about there not being enough users well i say screw that the more and better they improve the experience the more users will switch the more devs will develope sort of like a chain of command

"In fact, even within a team employees actually compete with each other in various ways, but that's a story for another day."

I'd really like to read that story, if you guys are ever so inclined. Or if you could link me to articles about that elsewhere, that'd be cool, too.

I'd have to think about it (and do more research). As you might expect, Microsoft doesn't really dig articles exposing their inner workings in a negative light.

Honestly, I love Microsoft but the culture is toxic.  When your corporate ranking system is essentially a bell curve, you are competing against you're coworker.  Basically, you're on your own because you need to make yourself look good and your coworker look bad so that you can receive a better ranking from 1-5.  Look at it this way, the email app on WP is head and shoulders above what is on Windows 8.  Why didn't they just use the same code from WP?  Because somebody on the Windows team had the objective of creating an email app.  Their ranking is based on this, and they're not going to use somebody else's code and give them credit.  That would reduce their compensation.

All the people who are upset about this, shouldn't be, its kinda sad that people still consider this old game as an exclusive. Just shows you that there isn't any good games for Wp if you still consider this as an "Exclusive".

I don't think it really means that at all but here we go again; another article that reads a lot of drama into another business decision. WP has such a small market share that the only people who are going to see the exclusive apps are current owners. I hope you considered that cross-platforming apps might be more about proliferation and less about hedging against their own product. It's safe to say that there is interdepartmental competition at MS and it's safe to say that for most other companies as well. But I don't think you really have enough of a grip of the situation sitting from the outside to go that far in that direction. The only people who really know what these decisions are about is the MS Biz-Dev team but even from where I sit I don't see any tangible signs of trouble down the road and I don’t think you really do either. I don't care how many employees or inside sources you've spoken too officially or unofficially. Please stop making flying saucers out of weather balloons. If you get your click-throughs more as a journalist and less as a Chicken Little blogger your words will carry more weight.

The only thing I find depressing is the comments on here. 2 years ago with what windows phone was - this might have been different, but I stick with it because update upon update I love the OS more than ever. Give them wordament and bring some Halo type game as an exclusive to WP. Now the hardware is getting there it could be on the horizon. Even if they gave the whole wp Xbox library to other platforms Id stick with WP. iOS is terrible to me - too appcentric, and android is too much work. Blackberry has the same ecosystem problems as WP but without the OS that I've learned to love. With a bit of perspective.. Its a drop in the ocean really isn't it?

SMH Y'ALL need to calm down with this gloom and doom. I expect an article like this from the other tech website, but not from WP. WPCentral.com should be ashamed of itself, and no this is not reporting, its the wrong type of propaganda. Good job in scaring the new user that just joined the site. With friends like this who need enemies. By the way this was said before, but here WE ALL ARE WITH WP8.

I'm not ashamed for expressing my opinion in a news/editorial piece. I do plenty to promote Windows Phone, but I'm not paid to never be critical of it.

I agree with article Paul and it seems like MS is hedging their bets with WP instead of being "all in" lime they said they are. How is something like this and putting Office on other devices supposed to draw people to the platform? Why choose WP when you can get all of MS's services on other platforms?

I'm a Microsoft DieHard and this doesn't bother me slightly. First of all by offering Achievements you require all IOS peeps to create a Microsoft Account. Which then allows all of these people to instantly have access to Hotmail, Outlook.com, SkyDrive, Messenger, and many other services. Once they get annoyed with DropBox or Gmail it will be very easy for them to make the switch. 2. Jealosy - Achievements are one of the best features in gaming. Once they try Xbox Achievements and see how their games doesn't have them, some may switch because we have hundreds of games with achievements. 3. Xbox is still king. If MS can get some IOS people to buy an Xbox, that is more important to them then converting an IOS to WP.

I love Wordament. This is totally ridiculous. When Windows Phone 8 fails, don't blame us, we went out bought your products to support the ecosystem. Blame your ownselves for your own stupidity and mismanagement of your own business

"Exclusive" Apps won't help WP grow unless people without the platform Know about it and Want the Apps. Right now, no-one who doesn't own a WP knows Wordament exists. If MS had the muscle to lock up 2 or three Angry Birds titles exclusively, that would get noticed. You're right that MS should make some kickass Halo games exclusively for WP and let you integrate your experience with the XBox - that would matter. Getting someone to switch from iOS or Roid requires that they can still get their favorite Apps and games on WP. What better way than to hook them on MS titles on their current phone. - then when the WP OS starts to look good to them, they won't be held back by missing their favorite Apps & games.
Smart move, not betrayal.

You are looking it wrong! People won't move to WP8 because phew game exclusives at least that there is huge titles like Halo, Forza Sports, etc. Wordament is a very normal game. Still, even in the case of Halo or Forza Sports, it's likely people will not move because those games at least that they first get used in their already purchased phones or have a chance to play for long time in their friends phone.
MS can develop a list of games like Wordament for the casual user releasing first on WP and let people outside WP play it. Everyone that their favourite game becomes a MS one, it's a person that loses the "no apps" reason to not buy a WP. Just think, why did Google succed with Android? Because everyone was used to Google search, Google Maps and GTalk. People did not move because those apps were nice, people move because those were the apps they wer ALREADY familiar with.
Until MS decides that it's worth to release a game of the size of Halo or Fable on WP, WP exclusivities mean nothing. I will get pissed if MS releases HALO for iOS before WP, but Wordament is that kind of small game that can make a person addicted, and then, make it painless for him to move to WP because he/she won't worry about lack of games.
What MS needs to do is:

  • Promise 1 million $ to the top 200 most used apps to release a feature complete port to WP.
  • Dedicate 200 million $ to create a mobile version of Halo, Fable and Forza Motor.
  • Dedicate 200 million $ to create multiplatform apps for Microsoft services that hooks everyone to MS instead of Google services or third party developers that usually give lacklust support for WP. For example, MS can create a better-than instagram application, and make sure they also have it for WP, just as they did with Photosynth.

MS has a name problem, and in order to solve that name they need top notch games and apps being representatives of the quality people can find on MS products, just as google does with their web services on Windows with Chrome, Google Earth, etc.

Further proof of what I've been thinking to my self. MS doesn't need WP to succeed. Sure they may want it to but they could fold it tomorrow and live fat from Windows and Xbox which is their main focus right now.

Been thinking the same, MS can just be a service provider and put Xbox live games, Word, and everthing else on ios and Android. Focus on Xbox and Windows and maybe team up with RIM to make BB10 the only business phone you would ever want. I believe this would be a win win situation for them.

I agree, they don't need WP if that js their plan to just sell their services and honestly it kind of feels like they're not even trying to be competitive and putting all their services on other platforms as a plan B in case things go sour.

Microsoft doesn't believe they can gain adequate market share with WP, so they port one of their BEST Xbox Live exclusive titles to iOS?! Yoda?!!! - That is why you [Microsoft] fail!

I dunno if I see this as an issue for windows phone. The only thing I feel this does is further the unimportance of achievements. When they first started they were really cool, and when they were on wp7 it was still cool. Then they came out on windows 8, now iOS, probably android. Its just all spread out everywhere now and they feel like less of an achievement because of it. I just think they should have stopped at xbox360 (console) and windows phone (closest thing to handheld).

I don't see how you could interpret the proliferation of Xbox Live Achievements as a sign of their unimportance. In fact, the more places they become available, the more meaning they have.

You know what is bad about it? Achievement-whores now have an incentive to get an iPhone. And what if they like it and stick with it? The horror..

I think most of us who faithful windows phone fans really don't want to leave for another platform, but it's frustrating trying to tell people the benefits of having a windows phone, and all the other platforms have what we have and more. I like WP because it's different and I'm different and I really want this os to succeed..

Great article.  While I don't think this is the beginning of the end, it's definitely a step in the wrong direction.  There are definitely a lot of Achievement hunters that chose WP just for the achievements.  If WP doesn't keep those Achievements exclusive, there is going to be a decent amount of WP users who jumps ship.

After seeing this today, I lost a large amount of respect for Microsoft. Every thing that males their platform attractive, they bring to other platforms. They're stupid. What's going to persuade me not to Jump ship to ios? Smh

I am not 100% sure on how to take this. I love my windows phone and honestly the reason why I got mine windows phones was because it was something different and synced up with everything in my house. The only good thing I could see of this would be hopfully cross platform gaming for the future and i mean with everything. Xbox and Sony sharing online resorces so people can enjoy games together. Phones all talking for games. I wonder if the reason for MSoft doing this is becasue they do think their UI sells itself. Live tils is something no one can really have. I still think it is to early to move exclusive content to other platforms though.

What are you doin?

Can we just get some stuff that we get to keep and entice others with? We want more users. Why should they make the jump if MS gives it to them? *sigh*

I'm now very close to giving up on WP, from the start they've made it tough, and it doesn't look like getting easier. I'm nearly done with it I think.

Microsoft had a project once called Live Everywhere. It eventually came to life when Windows Phone was reinvented. They have reached that point where their core service is available on their products, but now they're taking it a mile further by putting that same service on other platforms. And I really don't give a sh*t about users. This is the phone that I want, it works with me, its great, so don't spoon-feed me with your android or ios crap. Only primary consumers can be as ignorant as I am, and I'm pretty sure most are, but developers shouldn't *cough* Instagram *ahem*

First off who the fuck buys a phones for app exclusives???
You buy a phone because of the OS and the hardware you are holding in your hand, not because it has some app that is not available on another platform. I dont understand why so many of you are upset that stuff that is on WP is also on other platforms, at the end of the day who really gives a shit, it really makes no difference to the WP platform. Just childish behavior from members on here i am seeing.

The senior management at Microsoft are just idiot for not stoping these kinds of lapses injudgement by the competing divisions. Until WP is on par with the other platforms in terms of market share no WP exclusives should go to the competition.
But it probably should not surprise anyone that Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot again, just look at the Skype support for iOS and Android compared to the shit support for WP7 and WP8 users.

It is a little premature to feel betrayed over a few game titles. It makes more sense to feel betrayed that ms is not moving apps and games to the platform fast enough. I hate google...hate hate hate. I vowed I would not own another iPhone nor another android google machine...., but if this ecosystem does not grow in apps I will be forced to leave.
I care less if some exclusives are on another platform. I care the apps and games are not coming fast enough.

Huh? They've been moving more and more services and games to other platforms and soon Office so why would they stop this trend? What this signals is that WP isn't really a priority for them as opposed to getting their services out there. Not very comforting when you just dished out money for a new WP8.

Do like me hold on too your old wp device until the apps you want come ( i want real uno multiplayer) iphone had it years ago yes i know small thing .i am getting a old ipod for the apps, but i may make the jump if its not to bad to iphone.

I don't think we have to worry apples sales have slowed down it will just be a matter of time they'll be gone just like the innovator of that company.

I really don't see this as negative as many of you. Microsoft's biggest problem these days is perception. People simply think ms is uncool. They think of windows 98. Friends chastise my phone with things like "does it blue screen?"

So, making quality apps on other platforms may be a step towards turning that perception. I can see it being more of an upside than a downside... I don't know how many people are buying windows phones for the Xbox achievements.

I agree but it's not just about wordament its that they're giving lots of stuff away like office and SkyDrive with no price. They should over price it if they're going to give it away so at least they can make some money. That's what all the app companies on WP do.

Who said they are giving away office for free? Everything I heard about office on android and IOS is that it would be free to download, but require an office 365 account. That is exactly how it should be... You don't want apple to get 30% of every copy of office sold on iPad or iPhone.

SkyDrive is free for the first 7gb of data, regardless of whether or is on WP, android or iPhone.

I'll be worried when we lose ZOMB1ES (on teh ph0ne) exclusivity. I purchased the wonderful indie title I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1N IT!!!1  on my Xbox for a measly 80ms points. When I saw it on my phone with another game included and and horde mode tacked on, I picked it up for 2.99 without even thinking twice. A great ridiculous game that I love to show my friends. Probably the only real game I play on my phone.

I played Wordament earlier today and was excited to see that so many new (who I thought were) WP users... It turns out they are new iOS users! Its a little disheartening. I used to gauge the popularity of the platform by how many players were online in wordament.

This is a stupid idea. If they want their platform to grow they can't give away what's nice about WP. They should keep office, keep SkyDrive, keep WP exclusive apps, and keep local scout. All of these are why I love WP and like to show it off to my friends who have ios or Android. Even though they might not listen because they're ignorant its still nice to be able to type a paper on my phone when im not at my computer.

Not to be too negative on this. If we think losing an exclusive games title will affect wp adoption, I guess we are just too pessimistic. Wp is a gem, people will adopt it once they learn more about it, not watching someone playing wordament on it.

This is odd..
When WP7 came out one of the main selling points and stand out features was the Xbox integration which was not on any other mobile device.
Slowly this selling point is vanishing, first Kinectimals, then Smartglass & now Xbox games & integration.
I'm all for maximising the user base of Xbox etc but it will really cancel out one of WP major features and user attraction points.

Soon Office will also be on iOS and when that happens there is absolutely no point of Windows Phone for the enterprise. iOS will have Xbox Smart Glass, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox Live Games with Achievments and Office 2013. So MS can you please tell me what the incentive is for someone to move from iOS to WP? a platform with a smaller install base, fewer apps and mostly the worst version. I'm afraid to admit it but Microsoft may be becoming the next IBM, don't show a lot of faith in their own platform.

I don't really get all the complaints. Im a convert from iOS and I assure u the exclusive apps didn't even come into it. Wp doesn't have enough users to tout the exclusive apps. The main apps I used on iOS, skygo, iplayer and cydia :p

Personally, I see this as a good thing for Windows Phone.  There might me a lot of iPhone users out there who don't even realize that we can get achievements on our phones.  As stupid as it may be, that is actually incentive for a lot of people.  This could be a good way to get the WP brand out there.  And with the way people have been flocking to WP lately, I don't think we have a lot to worry about.  My only concern is that there is going to be way more competition when playing Wordament; ranking high is already hard enough as it is.

im really confused by the comments, ms is a services company and this means more service users.  wordament is small time title comprated to the iphone apps that get talked about in my office.

I lol at some of these comments. I doubt MS has any intentions of abandoning the new mobile phone platform given that it shares so much with Windows RT and Windows 8 and not to mention the solid start it has had. I think maybe they are enticing users to switch IDK. But keep in mind this is Microsoft, a company that tries to get their products out to as many customers as possible. That is quite apparent in Office, Xbox, and Windows machines, etc.

Just to say while I dont play games on my smart phone much I will turn one on and say "oh that's cool" and dismiss it quickly. I dont care for them never really have. Words with friends was like the most used. Beside this point Microsoft knows good and well that games accounts for something like 70% of their app revenue. While this is a free one they should know better being in the gaming business themselves this is akin to them putting halo on PS3 and inexcusable anyway you look at it.

However I purchased my windows phone two reasons. 1. the grid interface on my iPhone never changed on the device even after five years of use the WP UI is refreshing with large tiles I can see while driving. 2. I think Samsung hardware is cheap in contrast I didn't like HTCs sense or I just didn't want to pull the trigger on a titan while a solid device it just didn't compel me. I have always loved Nokia highend hardware as a N95 user and that was the point of the switch for me. I now have a distinct device and laugh at apple trendies leaving them bewildered at the marvels that is photobeamer. I have sold like five windows phones with that app alone hehe. I love my windows phone for these purposes alone and sorry to see MS making stupid moves like this as an owner, but it doesn't affect my experience in the least.

If Nokia goes android though i would likely move back to iOS unless MS releases a surface phone. If it were there actual hardware I assure you, you will not see this sort of thing happening. Forgive my grammar I typed this on my didn't care to scroll up and look. ^^

Man I am pissed at MS for doing this. Why not have Xbox live on a PS3? I was wanting a Nokia Lumia 920 here in the next few months but maybe I should just go back to iPhone.

Not trying to suggest anything, but since the game became available on iOS, my percentage ranking improved dramatically, but point score only marginally.

I'm tired of seeing these moves from Microsoft. If it's all about the bottom line then port Halo 4 and Gears of War to the PlayStation. There needs to be exclusivity on the platform to make it unique. Earning achievements should have been the one thing that stayed exclusive.

Exclusive apps are never good for the consumer, companies play on your desire to feel special by you having somethin haveg else that no one else has. Multiplatform software is good for developers which is good for the consumer. MS has made software for other platforms for a long time, since Office for Macs, it is thier strength. Would you like to use Skype? which you can contact anybody on a PC/MAC or any other smartphone, or something like facetime that's only on one platform.
And I still don't know why someone having access to what you already have would make anyone upset, your phone is exactly the same as before.

Windows Phone actually has one less selling point than before - that is the point. It's not about enjoying our phones less, it's about the phones becoming less attractive to new users and thus getting less new apps and games in the future, etc.

Just one year ago i bought a Lumia 800 and still had only an old AMD 3200+ with Windows 98.
2 weeks ago there came an XBOX and now its day 2 with my new intel I5 with windows 8.
Everything falls into pieces there no better  way too enjoy Xbox live as under MS.
I,m very statisfied

Its actually genius to put versions of your apps on other platforms in small doses of course it shows the quality that's on windows phone in a much more integrated fashion if you put a couple Xbox games on ios getting a few achievements it'll make people want all there games with achievements thus making windows phone an appealing choice

"A new report indicates that Microsoft's Windows Phone Store has reached 125,000 apps, just ahead of Windows Phone 8's launch"
And after Windows Phone 8 its seems even better:
Instagram will probably come to:
And there are other options to:
So why go away from Windows Phone? I think its looks good for the platform.
Nokia got some great and exclusive apps on their Windows Phones to.


People saying they're going to leave WP8 because of this really need to check their medication.  One exclusive goes and now all of a sudden WP8 is crap?  I was a 4 year iOS user and just switched over to WP with the Lumia 920 and couldn't be happier.  But if you're looking for a reason for a move like this, allow me to run through a list of Microsoft products: Server techs (Win, SharePoint, SQL), Cloud stuff (Azure, SkyDrive), Windows, Office, Xbox.  These are all bigger money makers and a higher priority than WP8.  It only makes sense to throw a bone to other platforms in the hope that it will bring people to Xbox, and maybe possibly WP8.  I think this is more of an Xbox move than phone OS move.

There is no correlation between Wordament coming to iOS and more people wanting to pick up Windows Phone. And really, it's not just about Wordament. This game is part of a trend, and the same thing will continue to happen in the future.

I just don't see a problem here.  Windows 8 users use iOS devices - they are already playing Wordament on Windows 8.
So what if they can now play the game on their device.  They are in the Microsoft ecosystem with Windows and a Live ID...I don't see this as a bad thing for Microsoft, and certainly not WP.  If they do decide to toss their iOS device for a WP, the transition will be that much smoother for them.

Is this really as bad as people make it to be?

Perhaps Microsoft are just testing new ideas and approaches. So, Wordament is no longer a Windows Phone exclusive. Big deal.

I HIGHLY doubt that this ONE game, alone, would make someone say, "wow, this game is amazing. I MUST have a Windows Phone!". My point: it's fun, but it's not a system seller or KILLER APP.

You've got it all wrong. This isn't about losing an exclusive title. While you do make a valid point about exclusivity, we're talking about Wordament, not Halo or Forza. What this *does* mean is that Microsoft is opening up the XBOX Live service to non-Microsoft platforms, which will encourage developers to create games that are cross-platform...as in iOS, Android, AND Windows Phone. What's the point of developing a title for just Windows Phone when you have millions more users on the two competing platforms? There isn't one. But, if you can develop a title for all three, and allow your players to all use the same service (XBL) without building out your own...well, that makes Windows Phone a heck of a lot more appealing as a target platform.

This is similar to the problem with Blackberry and BBM. I certainly understand the appeal behind cross platforming content, but on the other hand, you HAVE to give consumers a reason to want to buy a WP8 handset. If you are going to offer Skydrive, Office, Onenote, and XBox Live games on Android and iOS, then it makes being on Windows Phone less attractive because Apple and Google ain't doing Windows Phone any favors. Google just very publicly dissed MSFT and gave Windows Phone the bird. And Apple has been openly hostile to MSFT for decades.
MSFT, keep the crown jewels to yourself and develop a mobile experience that people can't get anywhere else.

Perhaps I am on the minority here. I am an iDevice user who has been planning to get a change of mood by trying out WP8 (possibly L 920), and I have been addicted to Wordament. To be honest, Wordament is an additional reason for me to get a WP8 device. I bet it will feel more like home playing this in its origin.

¿Why always iO.S. before Android? Android is way more popular and not supporting iO.S. will only secure a #2 position for Windows Phone and strip Apple of its most powerful O.S.