Verizon Lumia 822 drops down to free on contract. Priced to compete against Samsung?

We haven’t talked much about the Verizon Lumia 822, the customized Nokia 820 that the massive US carrier picked up a few months ago. The phone seems to have done quite well as we even know a few previous Android users to pick one up. But with the impending launch of Samsung’s entry-level Odyssey, it looks like Nokia is trying to get ahead by cutting its price from $49 to free on contract.

Heading to Verizon’s website we can now see the lower price, which evidently dropped somewhat recently (or we missed it). By comparison, the HTC 8X with its high resolution display (and arguably nicer aesthetics) fetches for $99 on contract.

Granted you could pick it up on Amazon Wireless or Wirefly for the same price but for the majority of folks, walking into a Verizon store is still the main method by which to purchase a new phone—in that sense, lower price point equals better.

There’s no doubt that Nokia will want to position the Lumia 822 better for when Samsung’s 4” Odyssey comes out, which is also expected to be free on contract. The difference of course is the 822 comes with somewhat better services like Nokia Drive+ for free in addition to all of the Nokia Collection apps, something which Sammy can’t really compete on. The Lumia 822 also has an 8MP rear camera, larger display and the ability for wireless charging (optional) making it quite possibly the better deal between the two phones.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, truedesi, for the heads up!


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Verizon Lumia 822 drops down to free on contract. Priced to compete against Samsung?


Does the 822 suffer the same call quality issues as the 820? People often complain they can barely hear me, like if I am behind a pillow or in a separate room than my phone. And I'm not the only one having that issue on 820. Never had such problems with the 800.

I've not had any problems reported with my 822. I do ask the people I'm talking to if they can hear me OK and the reponse has always been great sound.

I have an 820 and haven't had anyone complain about call quality. Not to downplay anyone's problems as trivial. Just never had any issues with my device

@Thomasz S
While the problem is not common, yes, it does happen for some of us.  Sometimes call quality is great and others people tell me they can't hear what I am saying.  The biggest pronlems for me though are abysmal bluetooth connectivity and perrodic LTE dropouts. From my perspective, the OS is great but the phone quality merits it being free on contract.  ,

Sounds like maybe yours has a bad mic or something. See if your carrier will trade it in for you.
Love my 822. It is a very under appreciated phone IMO. I have had zero problems with mine. Great battery life and classic mind blowing Nokia call quality, even at 1 bar (What I get at home). Also I think the 822 is the best looking of all the 8xx WP8 devices out there. An HD screen would have been nice, but WP8 is so good at using the 800x480 screen it's not really an issue. I just though, I do have one major gripe about my 822. The loud speaker is VERY tinny and high pitched. Its loud and good for ringers, but sometimes I like to play some music at a low volume through my phone, but the speaker just sucks. Oddly, it works more or less fine for speaker phone and the mic pickup is killer.  --J

I don't know if this is your situation, but I have had times that I was accidentally blocking my mic on my 822 which is located on the right speaker grill which is just for the mic. So maybe your are holding it wrong?

This price change happened the same time the 8x dropped to $99.  Last week I got my in-laws who are in their 70's their first smartphones, a pair of 822's.  Hard to argue with the price, now for the ongoing training  :-)

I got my girlfriend this phone in white and she loves it. Got it from Amazon the week before Christmas for a penny.

i love daniel. highlighting a lumia 822 article that HE wrote in the picture up there lol. your my favorite on this site, keep up the good work!!!

Hey man. For me I couldn't wait. Other than the camera and the screen, the 820 has all the same internals, same video, CPU and all that. But the 822 is much thinner and smaller compared to the 920. So if you want a huge phone with a kick ass high res display, great camera, and you don't mind not having upgradable memory or removable battery, 920. Otherwise the 822 is compact, removable memory, still has a great 800x480 screen and a reasonable camera, you can add wireless charging, and it has a replacable battery. -- J

I'll see what's available in April that when my contracts up. I'm not getting just one. Wife and I want the same one, sticking with WPs. I forgot about the not removable card. I'm leaning towards the 822 more then I have before. Whatever I upgrade to is better then the trophy.

Anyone know any way to force an early upgrade from Verizon?  My wife has a 3 year old droid incredible, and would switch, but she's on her family's family plan still and they used up all the upgrades!  She was ok with her family using her upgrade at the time, but now her phone is getting kinda wonky.

You can just buy it off contract. It isn't that expensive. Other then that, no. Unless insurance fraud is an option, but most insurance only lets you exchange for same type

Unnecessary. The Samsung is no match in specs or tools to the 822. Not to mention the Nokia lone is being promoted and supported.

I love it so far. Picked it for $400 at Best Buy since they price matched amazons off contract price to keep my unlimited data. After selling my trophy back for $180 can't complain about the price and even picked up a 64 GB micro SD SanDisk for $45.

Just wish the SD card could store apps and the Nokia maps as I am down to under 700 MG left

Cool now I know what to get my daughter for her birthday in a few weeks. I'm trying to hold out for CES or MWC myself for another WP8 Verizon device announcement. If nothing comes up I'll take the 8X for its aesthetics.

Picked this phone up for free last Friday for free with a new contract. I had to ask the verizon rep about it since the sign said $49 but I told her it was free on the website. Told her I'd renew my contract if she could give it to me for free, so she checked her computer and I got the phone for free :)  I came from the HTC Thunderbolt and have been very happy about the switch.  I compared it to the 8X but just couldn't find enough reasons to go with the 8X.

My wife works at Verizon and she says her coworkers are turning against Nokia because a bunch of them have had problems with the battery draining and phone freezing. I use to always tell her how my 900 would never have problems but now she doesn't seem to want a Windows Phone at all.

The 822 was free on Verizon about a week ago. I had bought mine at Best Buy Mobile for $49.99 2 weeks prior to that. Went back to Best Buy Mobile and they price matched it down to a penny for me. Looking like Best Buy Mobile may be my go-to phone store.
Other than a couple glitches at the begininng, after a hard reset, my 822 runs smooth. I love the size of the phone, good screen and even Otterbox makes a case for it. It is a good choice for Verizon users.

This may not sound too kind to some here, but when a device is dropped in price to free in less than two months, that is a major sign is not selling as thought it would sell by both manufacturer and carrier.  Microsoft needs to find out why that WP8 device is not selling well.

Why did I pick the 822?  Well, since the only WP8 / Nokia press I could find anywhere was about the 920 - I guess I had to base my decision on that device:

  1. 822 = 95% of the same features as the 920.
  2. Better size and weight than the 920.
  3. 822 is cheaper than the 920 @ Verizon.
  4. I can add >4X the memory to my 822 compared to the 920.
  5. My 822 battery life will ALWAY be better than the 920 cuz I can replace my battery at any time.
  6. The 822 comes on a better LTE carrier than the 920.
  7. 8MP camera with dual LED flash - just like the 920.
  8. Gorilla Glass and Sensi-Touch Screen - just like the 920.
  9. Same front facing camera as the 920.
  10. Wireless Charging - just like the 920.
  11. NFC - just like the 920.
  12. Bluetooth - just like the 920.
  13. WiFi Support - just like the 920.
  14. Nokia software and apps - just like the 920.
  15. Better 822 accessories (that are in stock) than the 920.
  16. The 822 runs WP8 without random restarts.  NOT like the 920.


Nokia sent me this phone to review for them. It is a great phone overall, just a shame it fell from the ugly tree. They just sent me the 820 to review and keep, and I must say that they 820 looks much nicer, but the 822 wins out due to the hd front facing camera and 16GB of internal storage.  Two great Nokia devices though