Fantweestic for Windows 8

Fantweestic! for Windows 8 now live in the Store and available for free. Get it now!

Fantweestic! is a Windows 8 Twitter client with the sports fan in mind and it's about to go on sale.

Fantweestic! is from Liquid Daffodil, the developers of the Windows Phone apps glƏƏk!, Outsider and Locksider, and offers a sports themed take on Twitter.

Fantweestic! has the ability to easily add a Team or College Twitter feed directly to your views based on the theme you select. There's about forty themes available, including a Windows Phone Central theme! Oh... if you don't see your College or sports team listed in the theme, there's no need to panic.  Shoot the developer an email and it should be on the list shortly thereafter. Fantweestic's goal is to have hundreds of themes available.

Along with the sports themes, Fantweestic! has full Twitter timelines, mentions and retweets along with unlimited account support. It's a nice looking Twitter client for your Windows 8 tablet or computer.

Fantweestic for Windows 8

So here's the deal on the sale. Fantweestic! normally runs $10.99 but the developer is about to make it free for a little help from you the consumer.

If you love Fantweestic! and think it’s a 5-star app, rate and review it as such, if you don’t think so, instead of making comments in a review, send the developer an email via Support within the app and explain what you want to see. It's a way to encourage Windows 8 users to start communicating better with the developers to improve their products. We see it all the time with Windows Phone 8 developers and this is a small way to encourage similar with Windows 8.

You can check out Fantweestic! here in the Windows Store. The developer should be making the price change sometime today and as long as they keep getting feedback, they'll keep the app free. [Edit: as of 11:30 am PDT the app is now 100% free]

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Fantweestic! for Windows 8 now live in the Store and available for free. Get it now!


Well, since we ONLY create apps because our Fans love them, we gotta give our Fans worldwide opportunites to get our stuff, even when they aren't able to pay for apps, right? We get love, our Fans get apps, and everyone wins! :) (BTW, what in the heck is DFS?) :)

...and to clarify, this is a BRAND NEW APP for Windows 8, just went live this morning. You guys are the first to know about it! Enjoy!

If we get enough Fan requested we'll totally port this to Windows Phone 8. We believe it's a great idea and totally unique twist on Twitter clients. Shoot us an email via Support if you want to see it on Windows Phone 8!

AwA thanks guys. I had to break this down Gleek for ohone ,,cowlick for the PC... Alright I'll toss this on surface....

Actually when I search for this app, it shows up as free in the results window, but when I click on it in order to download, it shows up as 10.99. I'll probably give it some time.

Can't wait for my NOKIA tablet..
I have been patiently waiting..still rocking my l900 waiting for tab rt bring it in red!!

It is a wonderful twitter app. The only thing that I dis.ike about it is that it doesn't AUTO Retweet well enough like MetroTwit. Why do I have to compromise?? I am going back to MetroTwit until Fantweestic learns how to Auto Update without an one minute interval. 

Do we really need so many articles on Twitter clients? I read WPC through the app instead of the site, and maybe it doesn't come across as saturated on the main page, but really. And a Twitter client that costs $11, no less 0_0

Since 3rd Party Twitter clients are the most used Social apps on any platform, makes sense to have this type of coverage. :)

EDIT: you can't auto refresh but you can refresh it in the side bar mode by clicking the fantweestic logo.. 

I think I have tried just about every twitter client for Win8 available. They all SUCK!
I was so fed up with what is out there I had started writing my own client.
Fantweestic, however is great, best one i have seen yet, and exactly what I had envisioned for my own app (except for the themes)
It does crash once in a while though, nothing i'm not willing to live with for a while.
Great job!

Liquid Daffodil devs are awesome, very commited to WP8. I bought Gleek (after using Cowlick for a while) in my Lumia, love the fact that I can use several twitter accounts (my clubnokia account, my personal account, my work account, etc).

Keep it up.