Best Dell XPS accessories in 2024

Dell's XPS laptops are some of the most feature-filled and premium Windows laptops you can buy today. A significant overhaul for 2024 has resulted in XPS 13, XPS 14, and XPS 16 laptops with a futuristic design and modern Intel Core Ultra performance hardware, as well as optional discrete graphics in the larger models.

XPS laptops include everything you need to sit down and get to work, but adding some worthwhile accessories will only improve your experience. Many of the great XPS accessories we've collected here also work very well with Dell's XPS desktops, which come in at the top of our best desktop PC picks.

Whether you're looking for essentials like a keyboard and mouse, protection from a sleeve or backpack, more ports from a hub or dock, or a larger display, we have collected here the best of the best XPS accessories that we've tested and reviewed, with other highly-rated products filling in the gaps.

Best accessories for Dell XPS laptops in 2024

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We've tested and reviewed nearly all of the great XPS accessories listed here, and any that we haven't personally used I've filled in with top-rated Dell or Anker accessories that have a strong reputation on their own. Our reviews are linked where available, and further below you'll find a more detailed breakdown with review highlights for the accessories we deem essential to the XPS ecosystem.

Essential Dell XPS laptop accessories

Windows Central Best Award

Logitech's MX Master 3S wireless mouse and MX Keys S wireless keyboard. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

In our Dell XPS 16 (9640) review, Windows Central Editor Rebecca Spear noted that the "flat keyboard, capacitive buttons, and hidden touchpad might be divisive." That stems from the overhauled design we first saw in the XPS 13 Plus, hitting all the latest XPS laptops for 2024. We also reviewed the XPS 14 (9440), in which Editor-in-Chief Daniel Rubino came to the same conclusion about the keyboard and touchpad not being for everyone despite the laptop being an overall excellent machine.

For these reasons, most users will deem an external mouse and keyboard as essential accessories for their XPS laptop. In that case, Logitech and its MX series of products are your best bet.

The MX Master 3S is our favorite mouse on the market today, and Logitech has really done a fine job of refining its design and features over the course of multiple generations. In our MX Master 3S review, Zachary Boddy said, "With smart upgrades in key areas and the same premium design, the Logitech MX Master 3S is indeed one of the best wireless mice you can buy right now, as long as you're not a gamer."

Zachary also reviewed the Logitech MX Keys S wireless keyboard, noting that "both the MX Keys S and MX Master 3S are perfect for multi-device, multi-platform setups, and boast per-application smart profiles to adapt on the fly to any workflow." 

Thanks to Logitech's ingenious wireless connectivity, you can pair these accessories with multiple devices for quick switching. They offer Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connectivity, and the rechargeable battery in each offers long runtimes.

Windows Central Best Award

The CalDigit TS4 docking station can solve connectivity woes in your XPS laptop. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Dell's XPS laptops have slowly been stripping away ports as they get thinner and more refined, and modern models rely on Thunderbolt 4 to handle practically everything. That's not ideal for a lot of users who rely on wired accessories, especially in a more permanent desktop setup.

That's where something like CalDigit's TS4 Thunderbolt 4 dock comes into play. In my CalDigit TS4 review, I called it "the pinnacle of Thunderbolt 4 docking stations," and I'm confident that remains true even a couple of years after its release. It has the ports needed for removable storage, Ethernet, accessories, and external displays, with support for dual 4K screens each at a 60Hz refresh rate. It'll even charge your XPS with up to 98W of power.

If you don't want to spend as much, something like Dell's own Dual Charge Dock might do the trick. It's especially useful for those who keep their phone nearby at all times, all thanks to its upright stand with a Qi wireless charger. 

In my Dell Dual Charge Dock (HD22Q) review, I said, "Dell's Dual Charge Dock works best with a Dell laptop, especially if you need to use the built-in remote management features. But it can also handle other PCs, and the Qi charger is a great addition that I want to keep on my desktop for daily use." It can handle a 4K display at 60Hz, it charges the host laptop with up to 90W of power, it has an Ethernet port, and it brings multiple USB ports for wired accessories.

Great accessories for Dell XPS desktop PCs

Windows Central Best Award

Keychron's Q1 Pro is easily one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards on the market today. (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Windows Central)

Logitech's wireless MX mouse and keyboard are stellar options for your XPS desktop as well, but don't count out the Keychron Q1 Pro if you prefer typing on mechanical switches. 

In our Keychron Q1 Pro review, Senior Editor Harish Jonnalagadda said, "Keychron somehow managed to take the terrific Q1 and improve it by adding Bluetooth, making the Q1 Pro the ultimate choice in this segment. The minimalist design doesn't call attention to the keyboard, and the all-aluminum chassis is built like a tank. There's vibrant RGB lighting, limitless customizability via QMK, and you get a decent set of switches and keys pre-installed out of the box."

Windows Central Recommended Award

Dell's U3425WE curved ultrawide monitor is great for both XPS laptops and desktops. (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

If you do opt for an XPS desktop, you're definitely going to want a quality display. Dell's own UltraSharp U3425WE ultrawide monitor is a great option if you often multitask, and its KVM switch allows you to connect more than one PC. That's ideal for those who use a laptop and a desktop PC at the same desk. It also features a built-in Thunderbolt hub, which can solve connectivity woes on your XPS laptop.

In our Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved monitor review, Rebecca Spear remarked, "It offers excellent picture quality with a great color gamut and crisp WQHD resolution. Additionally, the built-in KVM functionality makes it very easy to swap between two connected devices while using the same keyboard and mouse."

If you'd rather go with something more compact and affordable, Dell's 27-inch UltraSharp U2723QE is a monitor with which I have personal experience. It hits the size sweet spot for most users, it has a crisp 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate, and it offers color reproduction for those getting into specialized work.

Accessories for older XPS laptops

Dell's XPS 13, XPS 15, and XPS 17 laptops that came before the 2024 redesign and resizing are still going strong in the hands of many users, and you shouldn't have many issues using these accessories with the older models.

Unless you're using something that was released before 2015 — in which case you might want to check out our guide on buying the best Dell laptop — your XPS laptop should have at least Thunderbolt 3/USB-C connectivity. The ports combined with Bluetooth ensure that the accessories collected here are compatible. In the case of the EcoLoop Pro sleeve and EcoLoop Pro backpack, just be sure to select the proper size at checkout.

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