Huawei invites you to color your life with the Ascend W1 Windows Phone

Huawei has released a commercial spot over on YouTube featuring the Ascend W1 Windows Phone. While the video highlights Windows Phone features we've grown accustom to (photo sharing, email, live tiles, Office Hub, etc.), it does give us a nice glimpse of the new Windows Phone.

We spent some hands on time with the Ascend W1 at CES 2013 and found it to be a decent budget oriented Windows Phone. The Huawei W1 will sport a 4" WVGA display, dual core 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a 5MP rear/.3MP front camera set up.

Source: YouTube


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Huawei invites you to color your life with the Ascend W1 Windows Phone


I actually like the ad! Nicely done! (love the chinese l920 ad more!)

Funny though: "The newest Windows Phone"... haha^^ considering the fact that huawei had to wait for more than one year for releasing the phone, it doesn't seem to be the "newest one" ^^

That ad is nice dont ge me wrong, but noonr is going to buy a phone based on hardware alone. I'll be more prone to but a 1st gen lumia 800 vs a HTC One X+ becsuse the lumia performs how I need it to consitently and the OS is refreshing. Microsoft and manufacturers neeed to show off features of W8 and WP8 to be a succsess. This ad does that better then any one ad I've ever seen with WP. kudos to them, they did a great ad for a great budget phone.

I agree with showing off the features ... that commecial wasnt even in english and I wanted to buy that phone!

Microsoft (and it mobile making partners) need to be at the forefront of everything right now.. (maybe not with budget lines) but with its flagship phones?.. I WANT the fastest processor, speed that is not matched by apple or android next week. I WANT the innovative technology. the best camera, intuitive apps, I dont want to settle for second best. I want the fanboys to READ about the specs of Windows Phone and have nothing to say because, along with being a superior OS, it exceeds every spec they attempt to compare it to on THEIR phone!

in short, I want to shut the fanboys up so I can enjoy my phone!

Not everyone wants or can afford a high-end phone, and that is the market this phone is aimed at. Lower-end phones actually outnumber the high end because there are more budget-minded people than there are snobs with attitudes like yours. Be glad there's a Windows Phone for them.

This is the kind of commercial ms and Nokia is missing in the us. Please no more Droid rage, Droid this Droid that!

I like the looks of this phone, and I've got a feeling the price will be nice, too. My only quibble is with the memory... is 512 MB going to be enough?

Its an interesting mix, dual core and 4" screen but with 512 ram and 5 mp camera... Seems they could have gone single core like the lumia 900 and made it even better budget phone. 512 ram is enough, but it won't compliment the dual core well, or maybe the dual core is needed to take the load off the ram in lagginess.

Looks like a mix between a Prius and WP commercial.  Actually very good, though.  It will appeal to a lot of people.  I know this has been beat to death but that camera, ugh.

1st commercial ever that shows features and how they can be used in your everyday life. The presentation felt old though, could have been more modern.

Bravo..one of the most effective WP ads that I have seen so far. Clean, simple and to the point...just like the OS.

That batery part got me, three day stand by? Are we finally headed back to the days of dumb-phone battery life? Or is that just some very specific, no apps on, all services off kinda test?

I had hands on with this phone at the Huawei booth at CES. WP8 ran really choppy on it and when I had it side by side with the 920 it was like night and day. It's a fantastic looking phone and felt good in my hand, but the smooth WP experience just wasn't there.

Why do a lot of ads seem so airheaded? Like this ad. 
Also, I wonder who actually watches these ads on YouTube. I.e. is it just WP enthusiasts like us? Because if it is, they are pretty much only selling the phone. NOT the ecosystem, because we already know about the ecosystem, don't we?
In other words, putting a video on YouTube, I believe, only appeals to the people who are already invested in WP anyway. There's nothing new in that video which we didn't already know about it. 
It's preaching to the converted, basically.

Not bad, not bad at all. Good job Huawei. My heart is set on the 620 at the moment but will definitely be scoping out this phone when it comes around.