GAME Rewards updated with price checker and more.

GAME Reward

The official GAME Reward app for Windows Phone has been bumped to version 2.0, which introduces a number of features and addresses a few bugs. We previously looked at the app when it was made available for Windows Phone 8, but were stunned to see just how limited the experience was - if one managed to get the thing working.

The developer has managed to sort through some of the issues and what we now have is a usable client. So what's new in 2.0?

  • Trade-in price checker
  • View accolades and track which have been achieved
  • GAME charts
  • More improvements and fixes

The trade-in price checker will prove useful for many who enjoy trading in their old games to fund their next purchase. With the pricing of console games rising to beyond the £40, it's a channel that many consumers opt to use ensuring they have the latest and greatest experiences for their chosen platform. The GAME charts is also a nice addition to help keep users on top of what's hot in stores across the country. 

On paper it appears as a rather small update, but underneath the surface (or simply launching the app) will reveal much has been addressed. Should you be in favour of the light Windows Phone theme, you'll now be able to utilise the lighter UI and successfully use the GAME Reward app, which was not possible in the earlier version.

There's still room for improvement. We'd like to see better use of UI elements available to really bring out the best of the platform. As a retailer, we can hope to see more account management, order manipulation and more efficient stock browsing / searching. It's an app that works, which is always better than no solution at all.

You can download GAME Rewards from the Windows Phone Store for free.


Reader comments

GAME Rewards updated with price checker and more.


i find it pretty funny how when the android and ios updates for the app was out they were shouting from the rooftops about it.
now the update is out for wp8..... nothing, not mentioned once.

The only mention I got was in a e-newsletter some months ago with "app now available for Windows Phone". The newsletter was either released too early or by mistake as the link to it turned up not found on the Marketplace. The web version of the newsletter then changed to "Windows Phone app coming soon" and then a few weeks later it emerged as WP8 only.