Look who's on the News: Lumia 920 featured in segment focusing on mobile cameras

Lumia 920 Guest Apperance

We’ve talked about it before, but here’s another example of the Windows Phone platform gaining some mainstream support and recognition. What we have below is a video of the photography strengths found in the Lumia 920 on a local NBC news station in Dallas.

The segment highlights some features and smartphones to help take your photography to the “next level”. The Lumia 920 fared well in the eyes of the anchors. Check it out.

The segment highlights the ability to use the Smart Shoot lens on the Lumia 920, like the ability to select the best face for a person in a picture or the ability to remove someone from a picture if they walk in. Old tricks for most of you reading the site, but it’s really cool to see Windows Phone gaining some traction in the eyes of the public. One thing we wish Nokia and Microsoft would communicate to the public better is how easy and powerful the camera is. A killer ad would highlight the photon eating powers of the Lumia 920. Anyways, we're a news site not consulting firm.

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Source: NBC DFW Thanks for the tip Rodney E. Jones!


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Look who's on the News: Lumia 920 featured in segment focusing on mobile cameras


I think we already covered this, but Scandal has Windows Phones galore. Definitely my favorite TV show and WP gets massive exposure every episode.

Too bad it's not like that here in San Francisco. The majority are all about ios and android. Booooo I say!

MS NEEDS to step up their game, because everyone is just waiting to see when MS is going to finally go away(not me of course, but Ms needs to step it up).

I agree! They need to really start showcasing these features. I'll tell you guys what... If Microsoft comes with this huge WP super bowl commercial then I will never speak negatively about WP marketing again. Now, you guys know that Samsung, Apple, and Verizon will have some kind if Suber Bowl commercial. Will MS?? Lets see. This better not be Super Bowl miss number 3 for WP!

That's a huge game, but that's only the NFC championship, not the actual Super Bowl.. Plus this commercial is nothing new. They are just planning to air a different version of the current one with a alternative ending. Depending on which way the vote goes we could be seeing the complete original version. Besides the fact that there's at least going to be a commercial during a major television event there really isn't much to get excited about. Now, if they would air that cool UK commercial, that was posted here on WPC a short time ago, that would work, but this still isn't the Super Bowl... Lol!

I'm not sure if WPCentral posted this, but I could swear I saw a white Lumia 900 (or it could have been a N9 or a 800) in an episode of Homeland.

It could have been either a cover for the phone or maybe it was an NL920, because I don't think they make 900 in white.

But I could be wrong.

In the crowd for the New Years countdown at American Airlines Center we counted 4 Windows Phone devices directly in front of us; Black Lumia, White Lumia and two older ones (Samsung maybe). Three different groups of people and I wouldn't have noticed if my girlfriend didn't point it out. People ask me about mine occasionally and I know of two who switched simply because they're tired of their iPhones. Just pointing out there seems to be a lot of interest in Windows Phone in DFW from where I stand.

Yeah, here in Dallas people think WP is cool. I think its because Dallas is the home of at&t.. Have you guys ever noticed that in Irving right beside Microsofts headquarters is a Nokia corporate building? I know this is where LTE development, and testing, for WP was done.. Nevertheless, DFW does indeed rock!!!

I agree definitely starting to see quite a few windows phones around here.  I was sitting inside the Starbucks in Rockwall the other day and saw 2 920's and a 8X.  Still more iPhones than anything but it's encouraging to see a few in the wild.  Also spotted a few GS3's in that same setting.

Anyone else notice that the Lumia 920 appears to be the phone of choice for the cast of the ShowTime series 'House of Lies'? I'm not 100% sure but what other phone on the market looks like the 920 :)

People always ask me about my white 920, and the majority wants to confirm if it's indeed the latest Nokia. So finally we have a recognizable phone, probably as recognizable as the iPhone.

Good job, Nokia!

Nobody ever asked me about my phone when I had Samsung Windows Phone. But with my Red Lumia 920, people ask me all the time. They actually recognize the phone.

That is somewhat painful. I hope that one day not too far in the future I can hear "...available for your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone."

Absolutely. I get sick of companies bragging about having an "app for that" then come to find out it is only for iPhone and Android.

I like that the person demoing the Lumia 920, ACTUALLY knew how to use it!
And Deanna uses a GS3 (or maybe it's a 2 - they look so similar) - she had a segment the other day regarding insurance on smart devices, and had her device sitting out.  Maybe, just maybe, she will switch:)

The guy she interviewed basically stated that the insurance that is offered to you at the time you sign your contract doesn't cover  accidents (drops in water, screen shatters, etc.) more than once (?) and after a second incident, you'd have to buy a new phone unsubsidized.  He said  that if you feel that you want coverage for said accidents with unlimited incidents, that a seperate insurance policy would be for you.  His business was offering that type of insurance coverage, but he was local and I don't remember his site address.  For special effects, he let her smash his iPad screen with a rock!
When I purchased a new Lumia 900 in November off contract, I purchased a Square Trade policy for accidents to complement the 1year limited warranty with Nokia.

They should've had the 920 with the phones that can do voice activation to take pictures. You can with Ready Click.

Here is a tip 1st episode of season two for House of Lies, they all had 920's and also saw JBL Power up and the powerplay speakers.

ok.. so I have the Nokia 920 here and I want to know how to remove the person who walks through the shot... is there a lens I'm not aware of?  Thanks!

Too bad they didnt' talk about taking pics during low light conditions or video recording for that matter.  I would have liked them to talk about the great Job the L920 does when moving around while recording at the same time @ 1080P quality.