Samsung ATIV Odyssey

First impression with the Verizon Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone

We just got our hands on the new Verizon Samsung ATIV Odyssey and it makes a nice first impression. The Windows Phone has a familiar feel to it that reminds us of the Samsung Focus 2 or maybe a thicker version of the original Samsung Focus.  The ATIV Odyssey joins the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 822 on Verizon's Windows Phone lineup.

The 4" Super AMOLED Screen looks nice and the Odyssey feels comfortable in the hand. The Windows Phone is powered by a 2100Mah battery and driven by a 1.5Ghz Dual Core CPU. Add NFC support and a 5MP rear camera and the ATIV Odyssey comes across as a decent mid-level Windows Phone.  The only downside that jumps off the paper is the Odyssey only has 8GB of storage. However it does have a microSD expansion slot and while 8GB may not sound too great, memory shouldn't be an issue.

First impressions are good and we'll take the Odyssey out for a test drive over the next few days to get a better feel for things. Verizon is offering the Odyssey for $49.99 after contractual discounts and you can find all the fine print here at Verizon's website and look for our review sometime next week.


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First impression with the Verizon Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone


Oh, you have an Odyssey?  Wow, you got a jump on everyone!  You don't know it's worse.  It may be a fantastic phone.  It has expandable memory and a sweet battery that's even more juiced than the Lumia 920!  I'm not opting for this phone, but it's nice to see Samsung finally dropping a device in the states under WP8.  Now we just need the ATIV S...

I'm comparing it to the 822, which it has microSD also. Look at the spec sheets on both phones, then talk to me. The only thing better about the Ativ Odyssey is it has better battery life.

Im not hating dude..
This phone has nothing to be impressed new customers,it looks like that Samsung galaxy mini..if they really want help they have to create something new!! Not the same plastic design they been selling and fooling people..

The Samsung has 1GB RAM and 1.5GH dual core.  620 has 512MB and 1GHz dual core.  Will that matter in real world use?  Probably not.  But technically the Samsung does have better specs.

While I'll agree that all Samsung mobile phones ARE pretty ugly, it IS another WP device to further the cause. Plus, there are people out there who actually like Samsung devices.

Glad to see Samsung joining the WP party, but I don't see anything compelling here. Then again, if you want a WP and you're stuck with Verizon, I guess its not a terrible option.

Verizon has to change and stop placing logo on the top of the phones.. Its looks dumb.. And ugly

LOL.... Anyone else catch the Nokia Twitter Logo in the people hub tile?  Bet Samsung loves that!

Ugh, that ugly tile color. If that's an official Samsung product pic, they should pic a new color scheme for their official pics. I wouldn't give that phone a second look!

Not sure what the author means by "memory shouldn't be an issue".  With the "mysterious growing Other" problem, memory on an 8GB unit is all but certain to be an issue.

"no one"?? What a load of nonsense. I'm always hovering around 12 GB for "apps and reserved space" and have to constantly delete apps to make way for new ones. It is very common to have over 100 apps & games. Many apps are over 250 mb each, offline maps use heaps too. 8GB is fine for low-end/budget phones, 16 GB should be the minimum for mid-range, and 32 GB minimum for high-end. ALL models should have microSD. SkyDrive does not compensate for low onboard storage. I've given up storing music on my phone... The small amount I have left is for photos that I have to remove from my mobile regularly.

App data cannot be saved to SD card. Only photos, music and videos (and documents?). Offline maps, app caches, etc. have to be saved in the internal memory.

Have you ever used a WP8 phone?  I'm guessing "no", based on what you are saying about what can and cannot be saved to the card.

I guess we can pull up the Windows Phone Central 822 review and see how these compare...oh...wait a second...

In the shadows VZW releases the Lumia 822 in red the same day as this comes out. Free with an upgrade, limited edition color Nokia > run-of-the-mill Samsung.
Where's the ATIV S?