Windows Phone 7.8 Update

Forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update: Camera button not required but patience is

If you've checked your Windows Phone 7.5 device for the 7.8 update with no success, you may want to try to force the process, just as we did with other Windows Phone updates like Mango.

This is a little different than downloading and installing Windows Phone 7.8 manually, which we reported on earlier. With this method you're basically tricking the Microsoft servers to recognize your Windows Phone and initiating the update early. Think of it as cutting in line (and Microsoft is okay with this, no worries).

The other benefit with this method (versus the CAB one) is it means you are getting the official carrier/OEM update that usually includes the firmware too. If using just CABs you are updating the OS but not any device specific software. That's not a bad thing but it's really not ideal. 


How to

Forcing requires patience and the ability to disconnect your computer from the internet. Make sure you have the Wifi and your data connection turned off on your Windows Phone and connect to Zune.  Go to settings and check for an update and as soon as you click the "Update" link in the settings you'll need to disconnect from the internet.

Let Zune come back and tell you that it can't check for an update right now, reconnect to the internet and you should see that an update is now available. Timing seems to be key and it may take you a few tries to get things just right (took me six tries).  From there you follow along with the update wizard and your Windows Phone is updated.

Windows Phone Updates

If this trick doesn't work, it likely means that the update files for your device aren't out there on the servers yet to be installed.  We were successful in forcing the update on the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 but couldn't get the HTC HD7S to update.  When all was said and done, the Windows Phone version ended up being 7.10.8858.136.

Interesting note on the 7.8 update is that it provides support for devices without a camera button. More than likely this is for future low-end devices like the Alcatel One Touch where the lack of a camera button will keep production costs down.  You may see this in a smaller update that installs before the 7.8 update goes through.


Step by step instructions to force the Windows Phone 7.8 update

  1. Connect your Windows Phone to a PC and launch the Zune software
  2. Click on Phone > Settings > Update. Allow the software to tell you whether an update is available. If so, skip this guide. If not continue to the next step.
  3. Time to force the update. Click another button (any of the options above or below the word Update). Then click the Update button again, and this time disconnect your computer from the internet after 1-2 seconds. Do this by pulling out the Ethernet cable, disabling Wi-Fi, etc. If it says your phone is already up to date, you didn't disconnect quickly enough and need to try this step again.
  4. Wait 30 seconds or so and Zune should display a notification that an update is available.
  5. Now reconnect to the internet and continue with the update process through the Zune software.
  6. Depending on what OS build you are starting with, you may be prompted for several OS updates
  7. Let the phone update and wait. The final OS build is 8858. If you are getting just 8779, you'll want to repeat 1-4 above
  8. You may also be prompted to install a firmware update at the very end, follow through with this
  9. Celebrate! The whole process, including backup could take up to 60 minutes. Check that you are on build 8858 to see if you are done.


What if this method just doesn't work?

This won't work for every Windows Phone out there, only those that are officially designated for the 7.8 update, so your experience will vary.

If you don't get the update, it can mean one of two things.

  1. Your software update is literally not on Microsoft's servers for your phone/carrier. Try again in a few days.
  2. Your update may never come.

On the second point, we're not too confident generation one devices or Sprint's Arrive will ever "officially" get this update, which is why try as they might this method will never work. For you folks, you'll have to do the more tricky manual CAB method.That will do the job but obviously it won't include any firmware. C'est la vie.

Let us know in the comments if you've had success with the forcing trick to get the update.


Reader comments

Forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update: Camera button not required but patience is



I have an HTC radar. And there is no updates on Zune if I check. Will be trying the cable trick later. But U know how I could skip the cable trick and still update my phone.. Also avoiding the cab files method. Thanks

My brother had HTC Radar. He successfully executed all three updates consecutively without any failure. We're in Indonesia though.

I want to say if you fail. Start completely over. Unhook phone, shut down zune, reconnect phone, open zune, check for update, nothing found, check again, disco the net.

is anyone else unable to even download the update? My zune software shows it as available and shows the update in progress but I just can't get past 0% download. Stuck on "step 2 of 9"

I can confirm that Fujitsu IS12T owners on au are able to get the 7.10.8779.8 through this process. I have yet to confirm if the 8858 update is on the servers for the phone.

What should be the version final version number for the Firmware revision number for the AT&T Lumia 900 in the US? Different people report differently. The Nokia site ( says 2175.2905.885x.124x0, but on the forums, people report 2175.2307.8858.12480. Note this is the firmware version, not the OS version.
Why the discrepency? Is some firmware not getting installed by doing this trick? Also ATT hasn't announced the availibility of this update so there may be a possibility that all updates don't flow through.

I am getting the same problem doing this trick. I think this trick is not allowing us to download the last firmware update. That's why many people cant get the bluetooth sharing app etc.

Yeah it's just not working for me on my HTC Titan on AT&T. When I first plug the phone into the computer and it connects to Zune it takes makes 5-6 seconds to come back that the phone is up to date. Then when I click away from Update and then back it takes less than a second to come back with the phone is up to date message. So if I have to get between the "cannot connect" and "up to date" message timing down, that means I have a millisecond window. I guess I'm not that fast. Sigh.

Please read the other comments, you are wasting your time.

The only phones to get this update ARE: unbranded/unlocked WP's and the ATT L900 - no one else!

ALL OTHER - ATT Titan's, Titan 2's, HD7s, Surrounds, Focus', Focus 2, Focus S, and Focus Flash are still pending release from ATT.

THAT ALSO INCLUDES: Verizon Trophy, Sprint Arrive, T-Mobile Radar/800 (locked to t mobile)

Lumia 900 only! Not sure why you're trying a Titan. Please point to ATT site that says the Titan is getting it..

*Sigh* Sprint sure seems behind the times, considering they're tagline is "The Now Network" Last carrier to get iPhone, doesn't support Windows Phone at all, and from what I hear, they'll be late to the game for Blackberry too.

Got mine on at&t lumia 900 cyan to work and now running 7.8 after second update. Location: Los Angeles CA

tried this morning before work quickly on L800 on telstra in Australia but no joy. anyone in Australia got the update yet?

Managed to update to build 8779 with the disconnect trick, but no luck with further updates. L800 on Telstra (Voda branded)

update: finally after numerous tries, I now have 7.8 fully installed on my Lumia 800. Voda branded L800 on Telstra network.

ah!!!!! it worked!!!!
att Nokia L900. 
1!!!!! ahahahaha yes! thank you for the trick. did it about 5 times. airplane mode is def helps. 

Make sure your device is in airplane mode and WiFi off when u check for update, I usually put my computer WiFi connection in airplane mode (aka pulled plug) within 4 seconds of clicking check update, timing is key, should get an update notification within 20 seconds

If you're a Lumia owner that's having trouble receiving this or any other update through Zune, make sure that your PC doesn't have USB drivers for Nokia Care Suite installed (Start > Control Panel > Programs). These drivers will prevent Zune from connecting your device to the Internet to check for updates

Halo Heri,
1. Aktifkan Airplane Mode.
2. Masuk ke Zune. Klik Settings - Phone, lalu klik Update.
3. Setelah beberapa detik Zune akan katakan "Your phone is up to date".
4. Klik salah satu menu di atas/di bawah Update, contohnya klik "Name Your Phone".
5. Siap-siap untuk mematikan link internet...
6. Klik Update.
7. Setelah beberapa detik (ini tergantung koneksi Anda. biasanya saya dapat sekitar 6-10 detik), matikan link internet.
8. Jika munculnya "Your phone is up to date", berarti Anda terlalu lama menunggu sebelum mematikan link internet.
9. Jika munculnya "Can't check for updates right now", berarti Anda terlalu cepat mematikan link internet.
10. Jika terlalu cepat/terlalu lama, ulangi kembali dari langkah 2.
11. Jika timingnya tepat, akan muncul pesan bahwa tersedia update... nyalakan link internet lalu tinggal klik Update.
Ada 3 updates untuk sampai ke 7.8. Dan ketiganya harus melakukan proses force seperti di atas. Saya udah update HTC Mozart dan Nokia 710. Semua okeh. Selamat mencoba!

Well I tried to update my old L800 (Deutsch T-Mobile) with this trick and no luck. I know the update is on Nokia's servers as I've seen it on Navifirm. So I clearly lack the hability to perform this. Oh well...seems my mother will have to wait for the "official" release. :P

Mine will say checking for updates for like 30 minutes and never tell me update found or not found when I disconnect... Lumia 900 att

as of RIGHT NOW...I have the Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T and attempted the force uprade, I live in Virginia and it's currently upgrading. After you disconnect the wi-fi from your internet, give it some time to bring the update itself. It'll come up on it's OWN! and once it does, turn your internet connection back on and begin the upgrade!

OK, it required 3 times update (3 times disconnet ethernet cable) and all works great.
Best way, if you go for airplane mode.

when i try i get cant check for updates right now try again later  and then it says we couldnt connect to the update server disconnect and reconnetc your phone and make sure your computer has internet has that happen to any one else

Just updated my T-Mobile HD7 to 7.8. I used cab sender. It's pretty easy. You don't have to be a genius to do it. Here's the thread that really helped me out. You may have to update from mango to tango (8017 to 8773) , if you haven't done so already, first. From tango to 7.8 I had to send Cab files 3 times. From 8773 to 8779 (with language pack), from 8779 to 8783 (without language pack), and from 8783 to 8858 (It's 2 cab files and has a language pack). Hope this helps those HD7 users or others who can't update using the "turn off internet" method.

Im trying to manually update my HD7 right now but Im confused by the XDA post even though I read pages of it.  So do I download all four of the cab files for each update? Could you tell me what links you used?  I just dont fully understand it and do not wanna brick my phone. 

AT&T Lumia 900 here, got the update available on the 3rd try and a half hour later I'm on 7.10.8783.12 (still 7.5).  The backup takes a while.  The only updates it said it was installing were updates for phones without a camera button.  Trying again...
UPDATE: About 6 more tries and I'm currently installing 8858 (i.e. 7.8).  YES.  This is a big win for Nokia.  Not even going to bother with the wife's Focus S as I haven't heard of anyone getting theirs to update yet.

unlocked 900 on rogers here .. thought the same thing but finally getting update as i type this. :).. i pulled sim and killed all wifi and date and airplane mode and waited for 4 seconds.. gl man

the disconnect trick seemed to do the trick for the actual 7.8 update. took several tries. so here goes, currently downloading. 

The disable internet trick do not work for lumia 610, it has only found nokia update and when I install it, theres an error occured.

I usually don't do all the extra stuff, but this cable trick worked. I'm now using 7.8, but it takes a few tries.

From reading, it appears that most peopel are still doing the cable trick to get the update.  So you all know, my wife's Lumia 900 (AT&T, state of Georgia) was never setup with Zune.  I did so tonight for the first time and, when I did, it checked for updates and gave me 7.8--no cable trick!  I hope this helps!

Follow the instructions ... connect phone to computer... start zune..... settings>update..... wait for 5-7 secs and disconnect the internet.... try for a few times.

Anyone from India got an update on their Omnia w?
I got the 8779 update.. But after that Zune says.. Your phone is up to date. I had to get the 8779 update through cable trick.

I couldn't get the connect trick to work on my Titan on AT&T, but just updated everything using the CAB method. F*** yeah!
Thanks to the nerds that are nerdier than me!

Downloading it on my Omnia W :) INDIA
for every update you need to do trick. Disconnect after 3-4 seconds. If you have laptop see for wifi lights to judge when to disconnect.
Edit : Please put your phone in airplane mode and after each update disconnect phone and close zune and open and connect again

Just got it for Lumia 800 using the Zune disconnect trick...There were 3 seperate updates altogether but I persevered and got it done. I'm on Orange in the UK and now quite content with my Lumia... I can avoid shelling out for the new WP8 for now lol

CONFIRMED  worked with ROGERS Canada L900.  Had to do it twice.  Once to get 8779.  can't believe i didnt have that one already?  then after 3-6 attemps got the 883 one. aka 7.8.  Sweet!!!!

Quick tip guys make sure the build number is.8858.136 That is WP7.8
On my first try I got a small update to MANGO , now on my second try , I got 7.8


If you get the error of "can't connect or check updates at this time" you turned it off too quickly. Be patient, and good luck. Updating now


Connected my Samsung Focus(Rogers) to Zune and boom! update available, 2 updates then updated to 7.10.8858.136, very surprised since I had to do the trick for Mango update.

Has anyone gotten the error code: C1010009? I have a carrier unlocked ATT branded Nokia Lumia 900. The prompt for the update comes up on it's own. I can start the process. After the step 2 of 10 though, it gives me that error code. I haven't been able to figure out what the code means.

ROGERS USERS NEED AT LEAST 3 UPDATES. to get the 7.8 one.  They are cumualtive so they have to be installed.  the instructions are wrong saying if you get 8779 start over.  What you do is update it everytime.  The number keeps rising until 8853 one.

Worked for me!
Rogers Samsung Focus here!

I had to install the first update twice, and then the third update was the big 7.8 (7.20.8858.136) update. :)

Is anybody able to change the default browser search engine? I was able to update my ATT L900 but can't seem to be able to change the default search engine. I thought this feature is included in the update, am I right?

Oh man, I liked the camera button requirement. That's one of the features that mattered to me and made me switch to Windows Phone.

Wel I give up, after 4 hours of trying cable trick. Lumia 710 has 2 updates installed / Lumia 800 has 1 update installed. Hopefully both will say tomorrow: Update Available.

Worked for me on my Gen 1 Samsung Focus. Three updates in total. Only problem in the directions was I needed to make sure WiFi and cellular on my phone was off too before it would work. Thank you Microsoft for leaving this little loop hole in Zune available to us crazy techies!

Follow the steps and was able to update on the fourth try. But now after updating to 7.8, and going to into the marketplace and look at an app, then side scroll to see more details but once it reaches the related apps an error comes up: Marketplace error, we're sorry but we can't complete your request right now. Try launching Marketplace again. If the problem continues, check back in a little while, or try restarting your phone. error code: 80070057. I have restart the phone many times and waited about two hours and the result is the same. Anyone else getting the same error?

I've spent the last ten hours trying to get this to work on my Lumia. Decided it would just be easier to cancel AT&T. Problem solved. Yay!

NO LUCK WITH TITAN 2,ive done force updates before and im having no luck...anybody having issues with titan 2?

I tried for 2 hours. O don't see how you guys get to wait 4-5 seconds. I have to pull the plug as soon as it says "checking." It gives me 2 seconds at the most.

after you ran the first update check did you unplug your phone from the computer, reconnect and run the update check again? you should have enough time then. But really 2 seconds should be enough to disconnect from the internet

I managed to update my Lumia 900, but I don't see the new start screen. The version number indicates I have build 8858 running, but even when I hold down on a tile on the start, I don't see more size options like I expected. What gives?

I updated my Lumia 710. I have now Windows Phone 7.8 but the application to share bluetooth does not work. It says that is not compatible with the version of operating system...

I wrote a post about how to force the update with sucess and without any luck and "feeling" here, maybe you can include the relevance of waiting for the network connection to show a sign of clear activity before pulling the plug (otherwise you get a "no connection" error - waiting to long will get you a "no update found") into this article. You can check it if you want, the last updates from 7.0 to 7.8 since I have had my phone, it always took me 10-40 tries, now that I have found that trick it worked on the first try every single time.

I updated my Lumia 710. I have now Windows Phone 7.8, but the application Bluetooth Share does not work. I downloaded it from Marketplace, but when I open it, says that does not work with the version of my Operating System... :(

Updating now on my unlocked Lumia 710 from Malaysia. The update was detected immediately so I did not have to force it.

Just got my phone to pick up the update using the "disconnect" method ...Rogers/Canada. It took several tries and it looks like I was missing 2 updates prior's updating right now! cannot wait! 

I forced 1 of the 3 updates on my phone and cant force the other 2, will i still get them after (like automatically from the server / getting a message saying i have update, cause i get fed up after 4 hours trying

Help me I completed Update my phone To 7.8
but I got only 2 update 1st showing from nokia telling camera support without key
and 2nd is for os build 7.10.8858.136
but there is no blutooth share or ringtone maker on marketplace
what to do?

OK, I have 8858 installing now. The trick I found is to let it check properly the first time (and between updates), then try the disconnect trick. I didn';t let it check after the first update and it didn't work for ages, tried again and let it check fully, nailed out the next step, let it check fully again, and then got 8858 after a 2 second count.
Good luck guys

I do have an AT&T Lumia 900. I couldn't update with my mac. I downloaded Zune on my friends Computer and the update with the cable trick worked at the first time. I like the different sizes of the tiles. But i truly like only one theme colour. Not really a huge update. 

I have a friend at Verizon that works in tech I'll find out when and if Verizon gonna release the update for trophy. Watch for my comment right here later today.

Same old WP shite, instead of just making the update available when connected to Zune, lets fook the process up, so we leave some users waiting for months, whilst the update is clearly available to roll out... And people wonder why im gradually becoming disillusioned with Microsoft and windows phone...

We waited for more than 6 months and all we got was these lousy times..
I guess for MISFT a screenshot function might come when WP7.9.99 arrives..... IN 2014!
Fu** this , im going back to iphone , at least they have something called UNIVERSAL SEARCH

We waited for more than 6 months and all we got was these lousy tiles..
 I guess for MISFT a screenshot function might come when WP7.9.99 arrives..... IN 2014!
 Fu** this , im going back to iphone , at least they have something called UNIVERSAL SEARCH

We have ATT and live in KY ... Iwe have Lumia 900 cyan .. Did hers from Navifirm and Nokia Suite. Working perfect ...

No luck on both an unlocked HTC Titan and a Telstra HTC Mozart which is supposed to be unlocked. I'll give it a day hopefully it is just overloaded servers and dodgy internet and not my meddling with my Titan's ROMs.

Unlocked doesn't necessarily mean unbranded. Unlocked means you can use any SIM, like the HD7 phone I have which is a Telstra branded device (I use Vodafone though). I still have to wait for Telstra to release the updates. However, I have done the cable-disconnect-trick and it's currently updating (the 2nd update so far).

Finally got my father in laws ATT L900 updating.  Someone mentioned counting to 4 Mississippis but it took me seven Mississippis.  Everyones internet connections are different experiment with counting.

The network cable trick works, but takes awhile to get the timing down; just don't forget to turn the internet back on before pressing that update button!

I just updated my "HTC Arrive" (Sprint) using the manual method.  Works great.  I installed each update (total of 3) one at a time.  I'm now running 7.8.  Now to play with my icons tomorrow. ;)

does anybody know if they will have it for the LG quantum? i notice that i need to run zune, does it work with windows 8 OS? please reply to my comment with a response...thanks.

Thanks A Lot !!! Worked for my Lumia 900.. Though have to try atleast 20-30 times before getting it, but finally have it !! Yeahhhh !!

I used the 'forcing' method to update my Lumia 610 on Koodo in Canada. During the afternoon this method went very smoothly to force the Nokia Update and the preliminary Update for Windows Phone 7.10.8783.12 Update. However it took me until late evening to receive 8858.136. Fat tiles filling up the screen! Thank you Microsoft, Nokia and Koodo.

Haven't been released by NOkia...yet.

In fact about 3 weeks ago, it was released to the marketplace (as I had installed ringtone maker to my Titan). However, after I flashed to another custom rom, it appeared Nokia took them off the marketplace for a later release date. 

For all the Dutch people in the Netherlands. My lumia 800 is updating right now to 7.8. It took me like 30 min and it is just a matter of waiting and patience.

So close with this force method. I attach phone, click update, disconnect from WiFi. It checks for a bit, then my phone alerts me there is an update. However since I am,disconnected when I reconnect it searches again and it says no updates.

got it without doing any tricks, just connected the phone to the Windows Phone 7 Connector on my Mac. (wifi on the phone was also on)
Lumia800 unlocked, Finland

Hey guys, 
I just received WP 7.8... Loving it!! =)
but I just wonder, can anyone tell me if home + lock screen takes a screenshot.
I know it does on WP8 but does it on 7.8.
Lumia 800 Singapore Locale - residing in UAE, no carrier lock

HTC mozart being updated right now... I didn't have to disconnect my internet. I plugged in my Zune and it automatically detected the new update.. 
7.8 is downloading as I type. I had to go through 2 other small updates before this one. 
One for a fix for an email syncing issue and the 2 one for was that 'no camera button' thing. 
Located right under India. :)

LG Optimus 7 on Telus in Canada.
It took about 20 tries using the disconnect trick, but it finally updated. I had to repeat the process 2 more times for more updates. But after getting the first update, each next update only took a couple tries. Remember to turn off wifi and data on the phone.

Works on HTC Arrive. The Start Screen makes a huge difference! And the update just makes the phone feel fresh :D

windows phone 7.8
No bluetooth share 
No Ringtone maker 
No Google set "home"
My guess is that this update is no different from 7.5 Can only new Live Tiles

I tried this method for 2 hours using Wi-Fi on a laptop. I couldn't get my LG Quantum to update as it kept on giving the "No internet" message. I then read comments which said that it meant that I disconnected too soon. I tried for an hour, this time timing with a stop watch. The message for "phone up to date" appeared at 4.5 seconds. I tried disconnecting from 3-4.5 seconds and nothing worked. After that second hour, I just gave up.
Either the update hasn't come to the LG Quantum in Australia, the servers haven't gotten the file yet or that doing it with Wi-Fi in Australia is next to impossible.
If anyone can give advice, it would be much appreciated. Or if there is another method for force updating, please reply ASAP
If not, I'll just try with ethernet when I can.

Thanks for the clear instructions! Worked for me without a problem here in Switzerland (unlocked 710 on Orange). I did have to go through two updates before "7.8" came along.

Hi I'm from Singapore just updated to WP 7.8 Singtel Carrier. The trick works! Just need a little patience and to find the correct timing to unplug the Ethernet cable. The timing is quite random, it may be 1-5 secs it depends. If after the first update you don't see the 7.8 start screen, don't worry, just repeat the process again as I had to update twice to get it. One thing to note is do not ever try to turn on the cellular connection in your settings after zune and your phone prompt you "Update Found" which I did, it immediately cancelled my update and stated no updates found and I have to go over the process again. You may go here to confirm the firmware is correct and up to date for your Lumia.

If I've already updated via cab files (impatient me), can I still get on Zune and get the firmware updates or is it too late?

Just running the 3rd update i.e 8858 update.
The phone is going to update 3 times so you will have search for updates unplug and replug ethernet cable 3 times,
Lumia 710 here in India.

after like 20 times trying to force the update, it finally came through.. :-) I don't know if it helped, I changed my phone's name and immediately after that forcing to update worked..
Omnia 7 - tmobile - Croatia

I can't edit my post but forgot to mention how important turning off your phones data is.
I tried a few times before I realised I had made that mistake.
Either turn off wifi and mobile data which are two seperate settings or just enter Airplane Mode before trying the update otherwise you still have an internet connection no matter how many times you pull your network cable.