Chilling out with Relax Melodies on your Windows Phone

Relax Melodies

One aspect of personal health and fitness is the ability to relax to allow yourself a restful night's sleep. Relax Melodies is a Windows Phone app that hopes to sooth you into relaxation for a better nights sleep.

Relax Melodies has forty one high quality sounds designed to help you slip into a more relaxed state. Sounds can be mixed together with different volumes and timed to stop once you fall asleep.

Relax Melodies is a nicely laid out sound app for your Windows Phone that could help you get a better night's sleep.

The user interface for Relax Melodies is simple. A series of tiles are scattered about much like a wind chime. Just tap on the tile to start the sound and tap additional tiles to create a mixture of sounds. As you create your sound mix, a volume bar appears as you tap each tile. You can use that to set the volume each sound has within the mix.

Relax Melodies

The tiles are spread out across four pages and a fifth page gives you the option to choose two wave length options, Concentration at 20Hz and Relaxation at 10Hz.

At the bottom of the main pages are options to pause your sounds and clear your sound choices. There is also a sliding menu that offers options to upgrade to Relax Melodies Pro, access the timer, view your favorites, view a relaxation blog, and a more screen. From the more screen you can access the app's setting (resets your sound's volume), view news on the app, view the developer's website and share or offer feedback on Relax Melodies.

The timer has options to set a specific duration or choose a handful of preset times. If you create a sound mix that you want to save, head over to your Favorites screen and an "add selection" button sits in the upper right corner to save your melody.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is a nice sound relaxation app for your Windows Phone. It has a nice, large selection of sounds that can be mixed together to increase the selection of sounds.

Relax Melodies is a free, ad supported app for your Windows Phone. Relax Melodies Pro is a paid version (running $1.99 with a trial) that has more sounds, no ads and a few more beat frequencies. You can find Relax Melodies (free) here at the Windows Phone Store and Relax Melodies Premium here in the Store.

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Reader comments

Chilling out with Relax Melodies on your Windows Phone


Definitely a great app.  I started using this over TMSoft White noise when they stop supporting it with a half ass port from their Android / iOS app that is MUCH better and updates than what it is on WP.  The sound combination is a great feature and I sleep quite good.  I only wish it played in the background but it doesn't.  I don't believe it supports WP8 wide tiles yet, but it's not like it's really needed.  My only gripe is it not playing in the background.  Other than that rock solid app.  The loops *edit* aren't *edit* looped with gaps you can obviously hear.   I had the free version and upgraded to pro just for the quaity.

I really do like this one.  One thing that bothers me with other relaxation apps is that you know exactly when it repeats, and sometimes it repeats quickly and is more annoying than relaxing.  This one is pretty seamless.  I'll probably upgrade to the Pro version to get the added sounds, but the Free with ads is good for now since it's difficult for me to sleep in silence.
As others have said, I wish it would run while doing other things.  If I check an email/text, the sounds stop, but it does start up again instantly when you hit Back.  It's a port, so it doesn't have the Windows Phone feel... but it does look nice.

I use this app too and the sound collection is just great. However, there is a slight problem with the timer though. The app does stop the music as the timer suggests but the app itself keeps running all the time.
So, if you use this to go to sleep, you will find that your battery would be fully drained by the time you get up in the morning :(

I  teach martial arts and I use this app, plugging my phone into the stereo, at the beginning and end of class while we metitate (and also for my personal metitation).  It's great because I can change up the sound depending on the mood I want perceived and so it never gets old and boring.
The wife and I also will also often turn on the crickets and frogs at night and fall asleep to it.