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O2 lists Lumia 920 on website, announces February release

We're not ones to go with the saying, "We told you so." But, well, we told you so. All you hungry consumers who are O2 UK customers can now relax as the Lumia 920 is heading to O2 this month. The UK mobile operator has listed the flagship Windows Phone on the official website, also revealing a February release (though no exact date has been provided).

We previously touched on the company and Nokia's Windows Phone back in October when a support representative from O2 revealed that the Lumia 920 would indeed be heading to O2 at some point in the future. We were sceptical at first because support staff generally do not have access to future company plans and EE still held exclusivity over the Lumia 920. But then it just made sense.

O2 has become Microsoft's premium partner in the UK for Windows Phone. The mobile operator has a healthy line-up of hardware from HTC, Nokia, Samsung and soon Huawei - it's definitely the place to go for all your Windows Phone needs with the variety of handsets available. The Lumia 920 will join the likes of the ATIV S, 8S, Lumia 620 and Lumia 820.

What's more is the Lumia 920 is 4G ready, which means the Windows Phone will be able totake full advantage of O2's upgrade to LTE. Pricing hasn't been announced just yet, but we'll bet that the handset will be available on contracted plans, starting from £13 (with upfront fees) to £34 (without the immediate fee).

To recap on the specifications of the Lumia 920, should you be looking at this Nokia Windows Phone, we're talking dual-core 1.5GHz chip, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 4G, Bluetooth, wireless charging and the 8.7MP PureView shooter (with FFC).

Source: O2; thanks, Sam, for the heads up!


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O2 lists Lumia 920 on website, announces February release


i was with O2 previously, i tried holding on to get the 920 on O2, but i couldnt wait forever, with EE now, too little too late O2 for me.

you could have just got the 820 many think it's a more usable option to the 920 .unless you have big hands then go for the 920 ..

Is this real life? I've been looking on their website everday since the phone was released. 
Edit: now all I want is the grey lumia. Keep dreaming I guess...

Got the 920 on ee a week ago, first they send a nano sim with my 920, spent 30 min on the phone and they told me i could pick up a micro sim instore, went there and they told me i couldn't so i had to ring back up for them to send me one out, i received the sim this Saturday and all i got was no service. Spent another 2 hours on the phone and now waiting for another sim and all this time ive had no number because they've cut off my orange number. Might just cancel the upgrade and go with O2.

Bought one on EE 6 weeks ago and unlocked it as i couldn't wait for O2. On Virgin mobile now and much prefer the signal.

Oh Rich... damn, damn, damn! You may recall that it was me in Oct that sent you a screenshot of a chat with an O2 support agent last year when they confirmed they would be getting it in 4G but no date confirmed. I asked them the same question again and they said yes, but no but... Then asked via Twitter and they said they can't comment and info i was given before by Customer Servs was incorrect. After all that i gave up and went to Vodafone last week and got a black 920. Incidentally my wife got a yellow one. Bit hacked off now as would have loved to stay with O2 and even told them that when i got the PAC xfer code, but i guess in the end its their fault really that they lost me. BTW - one great thing about Vodafone is that we got their SureSignal device at home (a femtocell device) that gives us guaranteed H & H+ fu strength service!
Hey Rich any ideas on O2 colours - gray looks nice!!!

Of course, but if you had asked me before moving away I would have ordered you to wait! :-P I would suspect they'll get black or white.

Damn again... next time I'll remember to ask you :) I locked into a 12month contract so have a route out when the Lumia 1000 (or whatever it'll be called) is released. BTW Vodafone Femotcell is amazing!!!

I was on Orange for 9 years and when they started playing with frequencies and masts it all went wrong. I basically got any phone or tariff I wanted and life was good - then I didn't have signal in Central Manchester.
Moved to Vodafone November 2011, brought my parents over this November and we both have Sure Signals. My dad was quite sceptical due to previous experience with them. I've had a few customer service issues but I'd rather that than network service issues. Who wants to speak to customer service if you can hardly use your phone - I can now use my phone and then visit the store instead. I used to get annoyed with Orange when they claimed the stores couldn't help as they're a separate business - with Vodafone the stores can and do help, a lot more than the guys on the phone and the twitter teams are pretty spot on too.
One of my mates really wanted the 920 and last month couldn't wait any longer, moved from O2 and joined EE about 2 weeks before it was released to Vodafone. Told him to wait but now hes outside 30 days and fighting with EE as the coverage expected and given online isn't what hes receiving. I didn't want to tell him, but I did - I told him so.

Moral of my essay? Use a network investing in technology and robustness, not one making a piecemeal of a network. While I'd not use O2 myself, if it meant you didn't use EE, I'd recommed it; or simply get Vodafone.

I've been pestering Three about stocking any other colours apart from black. No joy yet... I want a white one dammit!

How did I miss this news earlier today... I'm just after "tipping off" on this story like an idiot, when it was like 3 stories down on the front page.  Duh.

Always worth doing the math for the full life of the contract + the phone cost.
When I was looking to upgrade (and was told by O2 they wouldn't be offering the 920) I went for the iPhone 5. O2 were the only provider that offered unlimited text, calls and 1GB data per month for £26. EE's neares tarrif was nearing £40 a month.
Paying less per month means more for the phone initially, but working the costs out over 2 years (the contract length), by paying less per month I'll be saving almost £200