Nokia Lumia 520

Pics of the Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 surface

We've heard rumors on the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 and now we are seeing images of these two new Windows Phones.

The Nokia Lumia 720 (a.k.a. "Fame"), pictured above, is reported to have a 4.3" ClearBlack display, 1Ghz Dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB of storage, HSPA+, micro-SD card expansion, and 6MP/2MP rear/front camera combination.

Nokia Lumia 720
Nokia Lumia 720

The Lumia 502 (a.k.a. "Zeal) should sport a 4" super sensitive screen, 1Ghz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB of storage, HSPA+, and a 5MP rear camera.

We are expecting a few new Windows Phone devices from Nokia next week at Mobile World Congress 2013. We'll know in the matter of days if the Lumia 720 and 520 are just the tip of the iceberg.  More as things develop.

Source: @evleaks; Thanks, everyone for the tips!


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Pics of the Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 surface


Wow, very nice looking hardware. Nokia has put together a great portfoilo. Going to be exciting to see the new hero phones...

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I sure hope Verizon get's some Nokia love this time around.  Yeah, I know the 822, yada, yada, yada.  I want a 920 variant, or at least something that actually looks good and is made by Nokia.  The 822 IMO, is just flat out ugly and reminds me of the Trophy I've been carrying forever. 

have you actually handled one? I felt very much the same way based on pics of it online, seeing it in-person and handling it a bit changed my mind and I actually really like the design.

..that being said, yeah I ditched vz and went to att for the 920 and am exceptionally satisfied :-)

This goes together with Reuters and counltess of other rumors today that Nokia will only reveal low end phones on Monday.
EOS will be somewhere Q4 and Catwalk somewhere in summer. 

I hope not. Because other rumors point to 4 devices will be showed. These 2 and ?. Otherwise this event will be both awesome and lame at the same time. We'll find out soon enough.

Edit::: What!! The 720 front camera is 2MP and it looks thin and neat! Nice work Nokia cant wait for Nokia 1000

....what? Lumia 620 got 5MP so Lumia 720 for the very least will have that. It only reads Carl Zeiss on the back on Lumia 720 so i'äm not sure how you came to that conclusion. 
Lumia 520 in a other hand could have 2MP camera. 

Yes, according to the rumors.
Lumia 520 specs make no sense. They would be way above the receantly released Lumia 620 and the price should be cheaper. Makes no sense.

According to the rumors, the 520 will only have a 5MP camera with no front facing camera so should be priced lower than the 620. What I don't quite get is why the 520, which is supposedly a lower model compared to the 620, has a 4.0" screen while the 620 only has a 3.8" screen.

Its same as 510, 610 and 710.
510 is low end, focuses only screen while stripping some features of 610
710 is high low end, focuses more on features of higher end models.
610 is mid low end, focuses on balance between these two

Having a larger screen with a low resolution is cheaper to make than a smaller screen with the same resolution, due to the lower PPI.

Like the numbering says, they are low end phones.
EOS and catwalk can't come before WP support higher resolution and most of all the new SoC's. There's no Windows Phone event in MWC.

There's still long way to go before we get next high end models.

I really hope Nokia doesn't release these phones. They really don't improve the line-up in any way, it's complete as it is with the excellent 820 and the cheap yet good 620.

You should check out Samsung's line of galaxy phones. Different variations, same ol phone. Yet they sell like hotcakes. And the gullible consumer just eats that crap up. With that said, let Lumia do the same.

nope they need more phones to reach every price point. how do you think nokia maintained the no1 phone manufacturer spot for more than 15 years? this is the first year nokia will have a full range of wp devices, and that is just awsome.

You're wrong! They make a lot of sense in price-sensitive emerging markets where they are meant for!

Holy crap!!!! I would trade in my Lumia 810 if Tmobile got the Lumia 720! I love how much it looks like the Lumia 505 and 800. Nokia keeps making beautiful phones!

notice! lumia 720, Carl Zeiss optics ;) looks pretty cool actually it looks like as if it is a unibody this time? I mean curved glass and such things make me expect this...

i don't like these designs very much. I would prefer the top bezel much thinner than the bottom one. They did it right with the 620. Also the nokia logo has been moved to the center again  :(   Why Nokia?   :(

I hope that future flagship models will maintain the Nokia logo in the top-right corner.  I find the corner logo much more visually appealing than the centered logo.  I do not like the centered logo.

I really like the centered logo, and wish that my Lumia 900 had it.  But no, at&t just had to share in the spotlight.

Hopefully people from Nokia are reading this. Please move the logo to the RIGHT.    Has Marco Ahtisaari left the design team or something?  :(

another low end device wtf is with this WP8 one high end device L920 locked into one carrier US really you can walk into any carrier and come walking out with a high end device it's just not going to be a WP8 device unless it's AT&T

Well honeslty we are talking about only one country here and the high end really is needed for only Verizon.

Why just Verizon ? one can walk into any carrier and walk out with a high end device it's just not going to be  a WP8 device. Unless it's AT&T State side. who the hell wants a WVGA screen. sorry but WP8 is really starting to look like the low end OS.Yes they should have low and middle range devices but thats all we are seeing from WP8

Like tissotti said - not Nokias fault your countries carrier market is messed up / anti-competitive!

Looking for a 920(ish) quality device, at a size that fits a small handed person. As and when that happens, my money is yours Nokia.

As long as these don't come to T-Mobile. We have been budget phoned out over here. It's flagship or HTC One for me. At least I won't have to unlock it to enjoy on my carrier.

But then again I'll probably buy the coveted red Nokia Lumia 920 and bring it to T-Mobile. I don't think the HTC One's camera will match the 920 let alone whatever Nokia plans to announce next week.

Specs for 720 seem a bit low, considering the 710 had the same guts as the 800, one would have thought the guts would have been the same as the 820 again. Just 512mb ram could be a problem a year down the road.

the 820 has the same guts as the 920. you can't have another model share the same internals

So was I .but i'm getting the feeling that Nokia is just going to do the low and middle end now. so state side that is what we will have for WP8

Promising, looking forward to the next high end line. It's just about time to put the quantum to rest...

Am I the only one who misread the title as "pics of the Nokia lumia/surface"? As in a Nokia branded "surface"? :)

I'd buy that in a heartbeat

The 720 was in that Finland commercial, where the girl was supposed to hold a Lumia 920 in the beginning, but wasn't. Later we saw her holding a 920. Nokia and the carrier tried to deny but it was merely as part of a teaser.

I dunno about the 520.  No FFC, no flash on the rear camera, no microSD expansion.  Unless they plan to sell it for $150 contract-free I don't know how many people are going to be happy with that.

1)I guess this is for other contrys 'cause the 920 is gonna be expensive in some contrys so they want give to other people the same quality and a lower price especially in some contrys that the phones are more expensive than the US or the UK.
2)Nokia needs a lot of phones in the new Lumia brand if they want to beat the galaxy phones line , so they have diferent phones for every need and every budget.

Anyone notice on the image of the 720, that the Nokia Maps tile reads HERE Maps; the branding announced earlier this year?
Expect more location-based announcements at MWC

I did plan go buy 820 in April but now I want 720 looks awesome love at first site. Actually I own 710 I wish the 720 have gorilla glass aswell as 710

Is there not a risk Nokia are releasing too many Lumias? I'm confused as anything about the range to be honest. How does the numbering work? Is it just a scale upwards in quality, with the highest number being the best device or do the series numbers mean something? For example the 5 series have the best cameras or the 6 series is budget, the 7s are best for audio etc? Or are they just numbers, in which case Id be even more confused about which one to get.

There is a risk, it is not as confusing as buying a BMW or Mercedes, yes generally the higher the number the better the lumia, but with only 5 variants not too much yet

While front camera is optional, I thought Microsoft required every WP8 device to include a flash for its rear camera. The 520 doesn't seem to have one.

Lumia fan/owner here. But, I just can't help having the word "repeat" blinking in my head. Sure they have different shapes but they're starting to look the same. Here's hoping it's a portfolio for this generation only, and they counter this style with their next generation Lumias (1000?). 

Nokia phones look way better in real life than in renders. Now all they need ia a 5+ inch Note like monster phone

I don't understand why Nokia are making pretty much the same low end one three times with the 5, 6 and 7. It would save money to just make one.

I dont suppose the editors are going to get around to fixing the "502" and "720 pictured above" mistakes are they?
I notice that neither of these have LTE which should keep the price down. I don't expect working LTE coverage to come to my town for another 2 years, so I could buy a phone on contract now, and probably be finished with the contract and looking to upgrade before I could ever use LTE.
The 720 looks promising. I need a phone that can be used one handed. Having tried out the 920 (way too wide) and the 820 (a little bit too wide), what I'm looking for is:
15:9 ratio 4.3 inch screen (820 sized) in a body thats no wider than the HTC 8X (66mm). Its doable - 5mm bezel on the left and right. A screen this large has a decent width portrait keyboard so you can actually type with your thumb without every other letter being wrong.
The screen needs to have ClearBlack and Super Sensitive Touch. The UK is cold!
Don't care about the screen res, 800x480 is fine, with my eyesite I wouldn't see the extra detail of 1280x768 anyway.
1Ghz CPU and 512MB RAM are fine (of course more would be nice).
8GB onboard flash memory with microSD is the bare minimum (the 820 is left with 5GB usable out of this)
Could not care less about the cameras (I have had 5 phones with front facing cameras and never used any of them).

You guys noticed that mysterious tile in pic of 720 near to tile of HERE MAPS (NOKIA MAPS???)? Maybe its another lenses app exclusive to lumia!!!
And those three dots at back of 720? Maybe 720 is a wireless charging enabled (not equipped) phone and nokia will release a thin sheet type of accessory to equip it with wireless charging feature as ad-on/ or maybe they are notification lights (:D i always wanted a notification light on back of the phone) !!!