Asphalt 7 for Windows Phone 8

Asphalt 7: Heat races onto Xbox Windows Phone 8 with realtime multiplayer

While Microsoft and its partners haven’t exactly announced a ton of Xbox games for Windows Phone 8 so far, the same can’t be said for Gameloft. Back in October, the mobile game publishing giant announced a whopping 12 games specifically for Windows Phone 8. These titles rely on the new mobile handsets’ extra horsepower and most would be impossible to port accurately on our beloved Windows Phone 7.

It’s been a long wait, but the first Gameloft Windows Phone 8 game is finally here: Asphalt 7, the arcade-style racing game. That’s right, a non-Angry Birds Windows Phone 8 game! Who’d have dared to imagine such a thing? In case that didn’t knock you right out of your office chair, it even has…. Real-time online multiplayer! I don’t mean asynchronous: this is the for-real deal. Ho-lee crap, I just had to fetch my socks from across the room. And did I mention Asphalt 7 is priced to sell?

Head past the break for details! We'll have a video soon too.

Who needs 6?

Asphalt 7

Asphalt 5 was a functional but poorly balanced racer on Windows Phone 7. For Microsoft’s new mobile OS, Gameloft has wisely decided to skip part 6 and jump straight to the latest series entry, Asphalt 7: Heat. It is once again a fast-paced, easy to play racing game that doesn’t get bogged down with too many simulation aspects.

Asphalt 7 features the most detailed 3D graphics in an Xbox Windows Phone game to date with stunning cityscapes, beautiful colors, and lighting effects that rival a JJ Abrams movie (I kid). Just like its predecessor, the cars are fully licensed and rendered in lavish detail. Some of the more desirable makes include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and even the DeLorean.

As a result of the complex graphic engine and the game’s wealth of content, it clocks in at a whopping 878 Megabytes. And it requires 1GB of RAM, so devices with only 512 MB such as the HTC 8S, the Lumia 620, and the recently announced Lumia 520/521 will not be able to run the game. That’s a drag, but graphically intensive games would struggle with the tiny 150 MB of RAM that is allotted on those low-memory devices.

Multiplayer, what!

Asphalt 7

It looks like the increased level of hardware access in Windows Phone 8 finally allows the inclusion of real-time multiplayer (Pool Pro Online apparently only simulated it). Since the game just came out and takes a fair bit of time to download, we haven’t been able to test its multiplayer in action yet. But it does appear to operate with Gameloft’s own servers as opposed to Microsoft’s servers, so users will need to create their own Gameloft accounts to hop online. That’s actually very encouraging since the multiplayer features in games like Carcassonne have been terrible on the whole.

Check out that sticker price

The arrival of a hot game like Asphalt 7 (complete with online multiplayer) is wonderful news for Windows Phone 8. It looks like Gameloft (possibly with Microsoft’s input?) is serious about making sure Asphalt 7 sells, too. It costs only 99 cents, just like the iOS version. There are optional PDLC micro-transactions, but they aren't needed to simply enjoy the game. If you’ve got a Windows Phone 8 device with enough RAM and storage space to run it, you might as well skip the test drive and give this one a buy.

Get Asphalt 7: Heat here at the Windows Phone Store. As usual, the link may take awhile to show up in your Store. Just try again later.

Thanks to Jey Si for the tip!

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Asphalt 7: Heat races onto Xbox Windows Phone 8 with realtime multiplayer



you need to liberate about 4,5 gb i moved some big vids installed the game and then removed them back to the phone 

Can't download on my L810. What gives? I have 1gb ram. It says my software needs to be update (just checked update, nothing), this app is exclusive to another service provider, and or this app is not available in my country. Anyone care to help?

Same here. I have 810 on T-Mo in AZ...others suggest to wait and see I am waiting. There are reports that some users were successful downloading it via PC ;P

So wp8 is officially fragmented. Great job Microsoft. One of things I originally liked about WP is that every device would be capable of the same thing in regards to CPU, gpu, and ram. Smh..

I partly blame Nokia for this mess. It started when they wanted Tango to run on ultra low spec devices and now we have this. I hate this race to the lowest strategy that Nokia and Microsoft are planning. 

Volume sales are at the low end, WP is not going to grow its marketshare significantly by just selling high end devices and ignoring emerging markets that cant afford such phones.
And as we've seen with Angry Birds a game can be optimised for lower RAM devices for release on those devices later so lets not start the moaning just yet.

Wait, you're upset that low spec phones can't run high spec demanding games? Why did you think differentiations in RAM and what not even existed from the beginning if those phones with better internals were never destined to take advantage of more demanding software? Seems like you overlooked that and the fault is with you...

Snarky, I'm not sure you understand me. Originally WP was meant to give all their devices the same capabilities, setting restrictions and requirements to avoid fragmentation. So essentially every game should work on every device but obviously better on devices spec'd higher. Don't get defensive.

I see what you mean. However, as someone pointed out, the low end WP market can potentially be huge if phones like the 8S and low end Lumias are marketed correctly...and as attractive as a "we're not going to fragment our user base so all phones must meet this baseline spec sheet requirement" rule may be, I can't see phone makers cranking out low cost phones that can still run the games that publishers like Gameloft are doling out nowadays.

Good in theory, lower end wp8 are a big market, they just don't have the specs, fragmentation will exist unfortunately, much of that is due to the storage and ram issue, I bet the processors are upto the mark

Yea i believe the processors are up to par. I think the issue is with RAM. The requirement should be 1gb. OEMs can differentiate their devices by screen tech/size, camera tech, memory, and other things like sound enhancements.

Let us hope with the new System on Chip the new devices are mandated to have minimum of 1 gb for all phones. That would be great, especially if they can get the higher density RAM for a similar cost.

What?  Can't buy it.  It says "This app is not available for your device."  I have a Lumia 920.  Is it because I'm in Canada or something?

I had the same problem but then it fixed itself. I think you just have to wait for an hour or so it will be in the system since it was just released. I am on US AT&T by the way.

I had the same problem but then it fixed itself. I think you just have to wait for an hour or so it will be in the system since it was just released. I am on US AT&T by the way.

Downloaded to my ATT L920 using computer link. Currently downlaoding now. Will update if it works.
Update.. Great getting error c101a027. Hope i didnt buy this for nothing will try again later on tonight.

I have a Lumia 822.  When I go to download the game, I get the following message:  "Your version of the Windows Phone software is not supported by this application."  Huh?

Getting 805a0194 error. Oh well, maybe it will show for me one day. In the meantime, Asphalt 5 is still $2.99. Such nonsense. lol.

Gameloft doesn't make Temple Run; Imangi does. But Temple Run is WP8-only, as are all future Gameloft titles. WP8 is much easier to develop for than WP7...

Purchased.  The dilimma for me know is whether to buy N.O.V.A. 3 or Modern Combat 4 from Gameloft when they make these WP8 games.  Both supposed to be multiplayer shooters!  Decisions, decisions..

See? Now THESE are good prices for phone games. Perhaps Microsoft and Nokia could learn from this and lower their ridiculous high prices.

I couldn't initially download, said my device wasn't compatible. Restarted and then it said i had too little space. I deleted some apps and it allowed me to download the trial. I opt to buy the game and it says its no longer available. :'(

I downloaded to my Lumia 920 from the link in the WP Central app. I had no issues downloading it. For those upset about us getting after iOS and Android we have to remember that WP8 just came out they've been the dominant platforms. I don't mind waiting personally. We get an Xbox Live version with achievements something that neither 1 of them can claim

Finally a game that's actually worth the price!
Still, it does take a considerable amount of space, but the inclusion of ACTUAL live multiplayer takes the cake.
Hopefully, we get the other promised games and some more by the time this year ends, but we all know Microsoft TOO well.....

No bloody way I can free up enough space to install it :(
It should say "5GB space required to install" right on the store page - what good is it for me to know its 900MB when it actually needs 4 times the space to install...

Hi guys. Iam trying to free up enough space on my 810 ironically having 32gb microSD @_@...anyway, my phone has 1.74gb allocated in "other". Does anyone know what software is considered "other"...I tried deleting, games, apps, podcasts, supertube videos etc., but nothing seems to free up that space :/...I really want this game o.O. Tnx all far help ;).

Seems like temporary installers, cache, useless junk mostly, try running an app shrink storage that another poster mentioned above, I had 14 gigs free, took an hour to add 5 gigs to other, mostly good results at reclaiming some space from the reviews

Hi. This has been an issue with all of us. So here's an app that MAY solve your problem but not really release the entire OTHER. Link is here so just click that. It's called Shrink Storage. It works as it says it will. But don't be on the look out to freeing everything in OTHER. You'll be extremely lucky if you are able to free more than a 100 MB.

Thanks for sharing.  Shrink Storage was able to remove 10MB from my Nokia 810. Now it has 0.8GB storage available. lol
MS needs to allow us to move and install apps/games to microSD. I really want to give MS my money, but with space  and file restriction, it appears they don't want it.

I deleted all maps in Here/Nokia nav and only has 1.21GB free space.  What the hell is "other"?  It takes up 2.34GB.
I love WP as much as the next person, I purchased WPs since the beginning, but MS pisses me off with things like this.

Error message came after spending my money. Tried going to the web marketplace and it still won't download to my phone even after it says it did.

Finally got it downloading. Download thru web, phone said attention required, error 8000ffff, rather than tapping attention required, hold it and u will get a cancel download option, back to web, purchase history and click reinstall, booyaka!

For Christ sake..... 7 years of this "Other/Reserved" space problem crap. GET OFF YOU DEAD ARSES, MICROSOFT, AND FIX THIS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Lmao. I had 1.2 GB free (because I have 10.6gb in OTHER). I attempted to download this and it told me I did not have enough space. The kicker? I now have 786mb left. I lost over 400mb just by unsuccessfully trying to install this. How the hell can Microsoft continue to let to many issues a d massive bugs go on for so long???? This is getting embarrassing.

AT&T L920, downloaded and installed just fine on the first try from the Store app on the phone. Repeat, zero issues. Can we dial back the wailing and gnashing of teeth a little bit?

Am I the only one that says it doesn't support my phone? I have a Lumia 822 and when I go to it in the marketplace it says it doesn't support my phone. In the reviews section someone said it was working fine on their 822. WTF?

I had that issue with my l920, I think Microsoft is having roll out issues due to insane demand, I would try in a bit, when I checked an hour later the phone store was working properly

Yeah the only way I can get to it is by scanning the code up there and when I do it has tons of 5 star ratings but it says no ratings and shows no stars overall. Guess I'll wait for them to officially post it on the marketplace.

I know it's blasphemous, but I don't find this game to be very much fun, and I love racing games. There is no challenge to this game since you don't have to brake around corners.

I've only played the trial and it doesn't allow multiplayer. I'll give it another shot, but it's not looking good so far for me.

HMk, Nokia 810 here w/32gb of useless microSD storage, because WP8 does not see it for frustrating. I used shrink storage app to gain phone storage and even w/4.07gb freed space it is not enough O.O. That's definitely frustrating! Almost wanna go back to flip phones now @_@

I have a Lumia 920 but the Store is telling me it's no available for my device? Can anyone tell me why?

What a sick game. Just played multiplayer and this blows out all the crapware games out there. Worth the 99 cents for sure, buy buy buy

Ugh, just went to download this and it said I needed to free up space. Deleted a couple big trial games and went back to download and now it says its not available for my device (920).

Windows phone is really starting to piss me off.

L920 here.  The game is pretty awesome especially for a buck.  Can't wait for Gameloft to release more games for WP8. Controls a lot better using the wheel on the phone screen.

Ok, so I pay for this app from the store, and now I can't download it because its not available on my device? What the fing f!!!!

Well, looks like I just made a donation to gameloft. Can't free up enough space to install it, only enough for Microsoft to accept payment. Only a buck, but this is effing ridiculous. And no, I'm not going to reset my phone.

Bought the game for a buck and played it for a little while.  Decent graphics and gameplay.  But my Lumia 920 gets mad hot and noticed the battery going down even while it was plugged in charging

I think 1 GB for any Gameloft game is too much... it's not RealRacing.
They almost never updates their releases with new contents.
They point everything on the graphics, with always super easy games (gorgeous to see, but nothing else - bad story, bad controls).
On iOS there is always a video that start with their apps, I wish they would let me delete it to free some space! Or at least stop the autoplay.
Plus as other pointed out it's already an old game, only good point is the price & multiplayer (anyway it was free for a few days on iOS). Maybe they'll continue with future new releases.

This is a bit ridiculous. Finally got it to download by starting it from the website. It gets to the "installing" stage, notifies me that the memory is low and the download restarts.

Will definitly pick this up when I get a WP8 from Sprint....assuming that's actually ever going to happen.  Oh, and I guess I'll need to make sure my phone has enough RAM to play it as well.

Who needs 6? Really?
We'll soooner than you'll realize have 8 out & we'll end up saying we paid for something that is old already, because the same company launched the next version of the game.