Nokia updates Camera Extras for Windows Phone 7.x

Camera Extras from Nokia

Nokia has bumped the Camera Extras app for their Windows Phone 7.x devices to version 2.0. We haven't been ignoring the update. It's just that we aren't exactly sure what the update brings to the table.

There's not a change log available, which doesn't help, but we did notice that the "Smart Group Shot" feature is now labeled "Smart Shoot". We've also received tips that you can now remove unwanted items with the Smart Shoot feature but wasn't that always there?

For those not familiar, Camera Extras is a collection of four features that are incorporated into your Windows Phone 7.x camera on Lumia devices. The features include:

  • Smart Shoot:  Smart Shoot will take several pictures of the same group and select the most suitable facial expressions (avoiding subjects with their eyes closed, mouth open, looking away, etc.)and combine it all into one shot. You can also choose which facial expression to use as well.
  • Action Shot: A burst mode to help you capture all the action shots you may face.
  • Self Timer: A ten second timer to let you get in the picture.
  • Panorama Mode: This allows you to capture several photos of landscapes and other wide angled subjects, the automatically stitches them together to create a single panoramic image.

If you haven't tried it out, you can find Camera Extras here in the Nokia Collection from your Lumia Windows Phone 7.x device. And if you're seeing something new that we've missed, feel free to share below in the comments.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Reader comments

Nokia updates Camera Extras for Windows Phone 7.x


Mandatory change log in store now. How hard can it be Microsoft? Also please auto update of apps as well.

I think what's new is the ability to remove objects in smart shoot.. just like in WP8.. AFAIK that hasn't been there before.. ;)

Pretty sure Smart Shoot object removal was added with this update. But I'm not 100% sure. I'm happy with Nokia's continued support of 7.x and am fairly confident that I will be sticking with Nokia for my November upgrade.

Yes, I checked many times, so I'm pretty sure that the object removal was not there before, only the changing of faces. Now you can erase unwanted object as well, that's why it was renamed to smart shoot, as in WP8

Why isn't cinemagraph part of this? I really dislike how Nokia has all their apps so segmented. Though, I guess it is good Nokia at least has apps.

cinemagraph is for WP7. Just downloaded it yesterday.
It's not part of extras as there's no lenses in WP7.