Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Quick take: Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the Nokia Lumia 920

Today here in New York, Samsung finally pulled the sheet off of the Galaxy S4, their next big flagship Android phone for 2013. Due at the end of April, the phone looks almost exactly like the S3 save a few minor differences, but it’s the guts and software that make this a killer device. It will launch on a massive 327 operators in 155 countries for complete global reach.

We’ll spare you all the details of the S4, though it does feature 2GB of RAM, an eight-core Samsung Exynos 5410 running at 1.8GHz, a triple-core PowerVR SGX 544 graphics chip with a massive 2600mAh battery. Oh yeah, it also has a swanky 5” 1080P Super AMOLED display at 440 PPI and various sensors, including Infrared gesture, temperature and humidity sensors, which while gimmicky is still really neat. Finally, it sports a 13MP rear and 2MP front camera, with some new "innovations" like two-way shot.

We briefly put it up against our Nokia Lumia 920 in a video and while this is far from a controlled “versus” battle, you can at least get an idea of how Samsung’s beast looks against Nokia’s.

Should Windows Phone and Microsoft be worried?

As much as we hate to admit it, yes. Samsung is a juggernaut right now with a lot of momentum. Just as the S3 is peaking globally they’re showing off the next version, which nicely builds off of its predecessor. For all of Android’s faults (and yes there are plenty), since the 4.2 1 update the operating system has stabilized with a more coherent feel to it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

The problem is becoming clearer with every release: Samsung (and other Android OEMs) can out maneuver Microsoft and its partners, both for phones and new iterations of the OS (though carrier updates are a separate issue).

Don’t get us wrong, loyal readers, we’re not down on Windows Phone at all and still prefer it. But we’re not blind either to recognize that tonight, the completion just ratcheted up to a new level. And if you saw the money and determination behind the Galaxy S product line, you’d be concerned too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

For more hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and more information, head to our sister site Android Central for all the details.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920


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Quick take: Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the Nokia Lumia 920


Same boring, plastic design. The functionality is decent, but really nothing earth-shattering. What is most concerning is the amount of money they are willing to spend to promote it. Then again they will do what they always do, copy everyone else...


Samsung really can not build a quality phone. I picked one up the other day, the s3 and i hoenstly couldnt get over how cheap it feels in the hand, not only that but it feels really flimsy, not durable at all and thats backed up by the stories of randomly cracking plastic which can occur even if the phone is being gripped in the ahnd. HTC know how to build a quality phone, as do Nokia. Samsung, no chance. The S4 looks way too similar to the S3.

People continue to knock Android but the thing is.. the Operating System has come a long way.  I think Windows Phone was more polished when it was first released but it had predecessors that had pretty much pioneered the user experience that people had come to expect.
I have a Nexus 7 Tablet and it's pretty bad ass.  Android 4.0 was a muturing of their platform.  They had a simple operating system prior to that that was able to be placed on many different devices and people were buying them.  They didn't limit themselves to phones either.  Now, they're a leader in the Market.  
Microsoft is really limiting themselves by making such a drastic change and I know something different had to be done because they just weren't as profitable.  I'm hoping the platform doesn't die on a vine... but rest assured when Samsung makes the switch to they're own operating system... it will be they're downfall.

Samsung is not remotely committed to Windows Phone, they only did it so they could say they have one available.  When i was in their store in HK, they were actively recommending away from it to Android.

This feels like an android commercial and Nokia bashing wow why don't they call it androidwpcentral ??

Reading the number of people here arguing against putting better specs, better resolutions and more features in windows phones really makes me wonder whether I'm on the right platform.  
I want bleeding edge technology, not "sufficient" or "good enough" and I don't want a company telling me higher resolutions or more advanced processors aren't necessary.  I want them.  That's enough.  Put them in your phones or I will move on.  

There are a lot of consumer forward features there that really make the S4 unique. The face tracking knowing if your looking at the phone and how you're oriented to your phone is really thinking forward. Then there's also the hover touch, while not new, will get known from thus device, and again consumer forward thinking. It seems like the S4 is what the S3 should have been. I think Microsoft needs to open up the OS more so Nokia can have more phone making features like this too. We've seen it with the super sensitive screen, now they just need to up it one more time this year; don't just focus on the camera, but the overall package now.

Iphone 5 is alot better than the shitty Phones Samsung is bringing to the Market. And Iphone 55 will beat the crap out fo Galaxy S4 it wont even be funny. The Only reason Samsung sells more Phones than Apple is because they have Phones at 49$.
Nokia has the most beautiful Phones in my Opinion, Those Lumias are jaw dropping beautiful.

Ehhh... This was inevitable. The Lumia 920 is running on the same hardware as the Galaxy S3 having adopted it towards the end of it's lifecycle. Same as the Blackberry Z10, except that they're even further behind in the hardware game.

The fact is that this is all incremental and reminiscent of the CPU clock-speed wars of the 90s. Except that back then if you were crazy you could spend $2000 on the fastest CPU on the market. That isn't possible today. So the Galaxy S4 will be the head of the pack for a few months, and by the end of the year, or early next year, there will be a Windows phone running the same hardware. And either way, it isn't going to be a huge leap for anything but benchmarking tests. With the resolution increases they'll be just above parity.

What matters is the OS and software. In this Apple still has the edge, at least in terms of perception. They could copy Windows Phone wholesale and take all the credit like they invented the interface. Based on what I'm seeing in the press, where critics feel the incremental updates to the Galaxy S4 are a disappointment, the incremental updates to the iPhone 5 meant the best iPhone ever.

The premium smartphone market is saturated to hell with Samsung's Galaxy S3 and S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, not to mention iPhone and Blackberry Z/Q10. There is barely anything Nokia or even Microsoft do to penetrate this market, even if they put out a beast of a super phone, they'll barely be able to scratch the surface.
But it doesn't matter. As good as Android is when paired with the right hardware, it's not that great of an experience on mid and low-end hardware. These are the only markets where Windows Phone and Nokia in particular have a real advantage against the likes of Samsung. This is where we're most likely to see market share and user base growth, and where Windows Phone devices stand out rather well (e.g. Lumia 620 and 720).
Microsoft needs to be more aggressive and prompt with keeping the OS up-to-date, and Nokia needs to aggressively focus on bringing Windows Phone to even lower price-points, e.g. <$150. Sure, keep two premium models with one of them as a flagsip showcasing the newest/best technology, but be mindful that those devices aren't going to be shaking ground.

I saw s4 video and 1 feature I saw a copycat of wearing the gloves similar to 920. Yes I love the other features s4 have but having a 5 inch is way to big. I still prefer a 4 or 4.3 inch size. No matter how cool features s4 have I still prefer 920 and still prefer user interface of 920 over boring icons of s4.

 Who needs slimmer and lighter design, true HD 1080p, 8 cores instead of two, 2 gigabyte of memory instead of one? I jjust say screw them. I'm happy with my Nokia 800. Its  so much cuter.  Screw instagram, screw vine, youtube etc.  Long Live WP. 

Biggest issue here is, Every carrier in the US will have the S4 but, only AT&T has the Luima 920.... and it was the same with the 900....
and MAYBE Verizon will get a so called 928 but, nothing but rumors at this point and no one really knows the specs yet....

lol. definitely just like S3. rubbish and cheap looking. any phone with chrome on it looks like a potential fake phone to me.
i never liked the OS eversince. so i dont care.

Microsoft must todo more than wp8. Better music hub albums manegment not good. Tellme sucks. Web browsing there something are missing, element of mobile browsing. And more more

Just because you cant buy an S4 because you have JUST bought a Lumia dosent make S4 lame, in any way. Let the sales talk later this year.

I hate to admit it but I feel like I'm being pulled to the darkside. Same dimensions as my 920 but half the thickness and a 5inch 1080p display looks pretty good. Not to mention a lot of the "gimmicky" software upgrades actually look pretty nice. Why won't Microsoft innovavte with WP!? After 3 Windows Phones (Focus, Titan, 920) it's hard not to be getting bored with the operating system. The only thing that is really new since the first round is tile size.

I still can't get over how fricking HUGE the L920 is. I mean the GS4 is an engineering feat to cram a 5 inch 1080p display into a body no bigger than a 4.7 inch phone and at 7.9mm thinness to boot. But the catwalk better be a lot smaller if the screen is only 4.5 inches.
I was a huge Lumia 800 fan but they really screwed up the sizing of both the L900 and L920. I would have purchased the 920 if it wasn't a brick.

No doubt S4 is very Brilliant Hardware wise....Because this is Samsung NEEDs
if they will not use Q-Core processor no will buy there Phones. Just look at behind when S1 came then S2..every time most of the time SAMSUNG's PROCESSOR was changed because of ANDROID OS. they produced WP Ative S look at hardware because Windows Phone OS no need such BIG hardware.
Google need real WORK on their Andriod.

I'm just tired.
I know the WP OS is smooth. It runs its apps smoothly.
I like Windows Phone. Its safe. It doesn't take risks. Live tiles? Great stuff.
But what I want and I think we all want what IOS has. Not IOS but an OS that is fearless. We want what Android has. Not android but an OS that is FEARLESS and BOLD.  
I don't want to watch another demo of Belfiore's kids and him talking about how the kids can't get to the important stuff on his phone. I'm the parent. Kids can't play with my phone unless I give permission. PERIOD.
Why didn't we get notification in Windows Phone 8? We expected it in WP7, hoped to get it with Mango in WP 7.5 Sure to see it in WP 8. But no notification.   "We  ran out of time"? Seriously?  That's the excuse?  BS! 
We could get a room for kids on the phone  "IN TIME" but not notification?  What happened to official Pandora first quarter 2013? What of the official FoodSpotting app for Windows Phone 8? They had a developer working with MS on that but suddenly, he's gone. Something is mad wrong.
I don't want to see another WP demo from Joe Belfiore telling me about possibilities. Show me proof of concept and killer code in practice I can use. 
Big woop. I can send pics to Facebook with lightning speed. Yay. But we are in 5 months into Windows Phone 8. That was WP 7. I'm not impressed by that anymore.
I don't even care about the next NEW promise with code name "Blue" whatever that is.  I see it as more dragging of one's feet.
No more hobby. No more beta test. No more BS. 
Make WP a reality Microsoft or give the reigns over to Nokia and get over this chatter about fragmentation.
I'm not an impatient man, but I do get tired.
I'm tired.

For a minute I thought I was on android central. But it's hard not to feel that way with the love fest that happens with ever new android phone released.  Man, where is the love for wp8. 

Where is the love ? Where is WP8 ? Where is Microsoft Surface ? Only o few countries have Nokia, look at Samsung S4, launching in 133 countries and 165 carriers all ready to sell, promote, do whaterver to mae a profit of it. Microsoft is not ready to make money with windows 8, no matter the form. Not enough touch screen notebooks on stores, Surface available only in few, very few countries, Windows RT a poor experince, Windows Phone 8 really coool, but no promotions in many countries, nobody here about nokia htc etc with WP8 in east europe, Nokia 920 appear on Vodafone last week, 5 month after release, hidden somewhere on vodafone website. I have never seen such a poor marketing from Microsoft as i see with windows 8. After 5 month from launch i haven't seen a surface tablet, and i sell a lot of microsoft software, next week i go to a presentation maybe i'll see one. Right now there are not selling any wp8 or tablet through any reseler.

The sales numbers won't lie and this phone will probably be as popular as pizza in a frat house. I'm sure the "octo-quadra super extra deluxe" cpu runs Android (and whatever else Samsung has thrown on top) just fine. I just like the look and feel of the 920...subjective I know but one man's "brick" is another man's sculpted art.

Great phone -- BUT... It crashes several times a day and I am unable to get the new firmware. My Lumia 920 (open phone) is on the Vodafone network in Hungary. Nokia tells me see my network provider. Vodafone does not have the Lumia 920 here yet, so no firmware. Grrrrrr. Do NOT buy the Lumia 920 unless you can get the latest firmware!!! The nearest warranty service is conveniently located on the other side of the planet, in the Philippines -- no global warranty like with the iPhone. THIS SUCKS!!!!!