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Still need to upgrade to Skype? Microsoft offers one month of free calling to get started

Microsoft is sending out more reminders to consumers who are still using Messenger with an offer for them to upgrade to Skype. On April 8th, the company will be merging both Messenger and Skype together, including IM and contact lists. This will require consumers to upgrade to the communication service, which will see the end of Messenger as we know it. To help soften the blow, Microsoft is offering a month of free calls for those who sign up with Skype.

To be able to redeem the welcome gift, one has to download and install the latest version of Skype, sign into a Microsoft account (using the same email address used for Xbox,, etc.) and head on over to Skype to set up payment details and you're good to go. This trial enables consumers to call mobile phones and landlines in numerous countries.

The reason why said details are required is that a subscription ($9.99) will automatically be started once the free trial is over - so be sure to cancel before the trial is up (by the 27th day) should you not wish to pay. It's stated on the website that a promotional price will be offered for those who sign up for the paid subscription with over 50% off the usual price.

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Still need to upgrade to Skype? Microsoft offers one month of free calling to get started


Any clarification on what happens to the messaging app for Windows and in particular Windows Phone 7.x? I assume they wtill still function the way they do, but from what I've read it is just a matter of time.

already now the message from Skype show up under Messange Hub (if the message are sent from skype to messenger account)

everyone needs to understand Messaging app != Windows Live Messenger.  The Messaging app on all the respective formats will continue to work, MS is just exercising everything "Windows Live"

I have a Skype account and a Hotmail, both of which I want to keep. Can I associate my Hotmail email with my existing Skype name, keeping both as one account?

If I use Tmobile for my cellular service. I also use a Verizon jetpack for when I'm outta Tmobiles service area. Could I port my Tmobile # to Skype and cancel my Tmobile cellular service? I'm currently using a Rogers Nokia 920. If I basically just ran the phone off WiFi and Skype would I loose any features?

I had the previous version installed, but when Skype calls came in and I wanted to answer on my MacBook, it wouldn't let me if the phone was logged in.  It would be a very rare occasion that I'd use Skype on the phone vs my laptop or desktop.  Anyone else have this problem?

Skype app on WP 7.5 and 7.8 is a horrible,unusable mess, MS please update your app on your own platform so that its atleast in usable condidtion before updating the rival platforms wilth latest features.

Does anyone know of a way to have people's real names show up in the Skype contacts? I have a bunch of contacts in skype and I have no clue who they are.

Watch out MSoft. CISCO Phone is in beta, but already beginning to eat up enterprise VOIP, and it will have an App for Windows Phone 8. You heard it here first ;-)

I don't want skype.
I just want to continue using my email (had this account for over 10 years).
Previous announcements said that the email account would continue to be free.
But now I'm getting the impression that I must pay for skype (even though I don't want it and have not plans of using it).
Therefore - the email account will not be free because I'm being forced to pay for skype in order to keep my email?
Is that correct?