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Report: Nokia Lumia 920, the 1308 firmware and connectivity issues

Although by all accounts Nokia Lumia 920 owners are some of the happiest (and proudest) smartphone users out there, no phone is perfect and neither is any firmware update.

Recently, the 1308 firmware for Windows Phone 8 Lumias has begun rolling out, starting with AT&T and just this week heading out to other carriers globally.  Now, we’re getting numerous reports that the update, while adding advanced Storage Tools, improving sensors, tweaking some camera settings and more, has wrought some issues with the radio.

Indeed, from our own experience we too have witnessed these oddities with data and phone connections on our white AT&T Lumia 920 (clean install of the 1308 ROM). What makes the problem hard is it is not easy to quantify e.g. on occasion, it shows the phone being connected to LTE but data either trickles in or doesn’t come at all (both for uploads and downloads).


Toggling the radio’s Airplane Mode can solve the problem but it seems to come back at some point in the future. Often, you don’t really notice it because you often still get data but things just seem slower, other times it just stops but resolves itself soon thereafter.

Likewise we have had at least one day where no phone calls came in to our device with no missed calls recorded on the phone. Like usual, we were home in our normal location, enjoying 3 (out of 5) bars of coverage.

Users in our forums have been registering complaints since the update started rolling out and while not all of the discussion in that thread deals with connectivity problems, a large majority do. Some have also reported missing text messages in addition to phone calls or reduced data bandwidth.

“My phone is basically useless while at work. I get two bars of LTE now but no data connection with it. I miss phone calls, texts, and cannot browse the Internet while connected to LTE. I do get a very slow connection once it switches to 4G only but I have no way of forcing it into 4G.” – JamesF25

“Let me join the club...Severe connectivity issues after 1308 update on 4G/LTE, 2 black NL920, NYC. Att is sending new sim card which supposedly should fix the problem.” -- hudsonvalley

“Exact same situation with me. Once I started having trouble, I would check the signal strength first to see if it had one...always 2-3 bars. Then, when I would try to send the message or run an app that uses the network, it would die.” – Jeff Cofield

“Well, I'm on my lunch break so I don't have time to read all 18 pages, but my data connectivity has gone to **** since the update. I'm in New York and am experiencing this both in Long Island and New York city -- both LTE-heavy regions. I caught it one time going to edge network. Seems accessing different apps will randomly send the phone to "loading land" with no end in sight until I close and try again. Happens in IE, two versions of Facebook, etc.” -- Tigersoul

Another complication is not everyone who has the 1308 update installed is experiencing the issue, making it difficult to isolate whether these are carrier settings with the radio or installed user software that is interfering somehow.

Nokia on the case?

If there were one company to quickly rectify their mistakes in software bugs, it’s Nokia. The company has numerous bugs on various devices that have caused performance issues or underperformed e.g. the “purple haze” with the Lumia 900's display but they’ve also been one of the fastest to acknowledge and fix such problems.

Reader of the site Jeff D. has notified us that he’s been in contact with Nokia Support on the matter and that they’re trying to isolate the problem:

“I had the issue and I've been in contact with Nokia.  They swapped devices with me so they could study mine with apps installed, settings set, etc. I did the update on the fresh phone and then did a hard reset before starting to install my apps and set my settings.  The connectivity issues are still there.  I've had some email contact with the Nokia team, but I have no idea if they are on a path towards resolution yet.  I'm glad to know that they are looking into it and actively seeking a fix.”

In other words, Nokia does appear to be responding to the numerous complaints are actively investigating it. The bad news is we of course have no ETA on a fix (or knowledge of what is causing it).

Faulty carrier settings?

Lumia Access Point AT&T

One oddity that seems to coincide with the 1308 firmware is varying options under ‘Access Point’ in Settings. Access Point is Nokia’s custom software that will allow users to switch SIMs on their Windows Phone. It’s basically a list of carrier settings, including gateways for data and SMS/MMS, that users enable when changing their micro SIM cards to ensure adequate pairings.

At least on our device (and a few others), AT&T has no less than three settings: AT&T 3G, AT&T – LTE 1- Lumia, and AT&T – LTE 2- Lumia. What the difference is between all three is currently not known, nor do we have any idea of why toggling one over the other would be beneficial. That raises the question how would a normal customer know how to select the best carrier settings (assuming they each do something differently)?

For its part, Nokia Support (via @NokiaCareUS) seems to be under the impression that those settings are a mistake. In a tweet addressing Ian R.’s concerns, Nokia states that those settings “should not be there” even though we have seen them on our 520, 620 and 920 with the 1308 firmware (we’re unsure if they were there prior to the update though).


As usual in these matters, we’ll toss up a poll to see if we can get a rough idea of how widespread this is (and it’ll help Nokia too). For now, we’ll keep it as mostly “AT&T” and “other” as the majority appear to be on AT&T in the US (though we’re not 100% sure of that).

We’ve of course reached out to Nokia about this issue and are awaiting a response. We’ll certainly pass on anything that we hear on the matter. If sharing info in comments on your experience, please remember to mention carrier/region.



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Report: Nokia Lumia 920, the 1308 firmware and connectivity issues


Agreed. AT&T and Nokia, give us the ability to turn off LTE like you can on the Iphone. Connectivity problems are solved when I can disable LTE


I think it's related to LTE. When I firstly bought the L920 I was using 4G network, and I just noticed that every time I finished a phone call the network disconnected for several seconds and connected itself. Before I moved to Lumia, I used a Samsung s3 and I also had issues like frequent switching between lte/3G which cause temporary connectivity problem, and also power burned up. I simply disabled the LTE on my S3, and too on Lumia to solve all these problems.

My guess, LTE is new with many known/unkown problems therefore equipment manufacturers and device manufacturers need to find a way of smooth evolving. Personally I am glad to stay on 3G.

Agreed. AT&T and Nokia, give us the ability to turn off LTE like you can on the Iphone. Connectivity problems are solved when I can disable LTE

I can live with slower data speeds for the moment. My biggest beef is the effect on battery life. My AT&T 920 is basically back where it was pre-Portico. My battery sucked then and I was turning off services left and right (including turning off LTE using ##3282) to try and make it through the day, then Portico hit and I could have everything (location, bluetooth etc) on all the time and for the most part the phone was rock solid.
Now it's back to square one :( I've been turning off my phone when not in use so I can have juice for the commute home! Nokia has been solid with updates and the like and it sounds like they are on the case, still, it's frustrating to have backwards movement in terms of performance.

For some odd reason I noticed how dusty the FFC is on the 920 pictured on the article.. lol random, i know.

Thanks for letting me know about the Access Point and tethering issue.  I didn't realize it was broken after I installed the Access Point.  I re-flashed my 920 and am doing a restore now.  What a pain.

Aside from a couple of random restarts the first couple of days (hasn't happened since), I've had no problems with this new update *knocks on wood*

had the same issue prior to 1308, and also with 1308. both times I did a hard reset and it fixed it. I also think it might be LTE, if I put phone in 2g or 3g only mode everything worked a treat. For now I've done a few hard resets and the problem hasn't returned.

So many ppl have this issue (I also have it)... Makes me wish I should've went witn HTC model instead - yea, their camera sux, but I need my smartphone for other functions as well...

All the problems in Lumia 920 seems to be becuse of the carrier crap on board, or some MS screwup... (except the dust in the ffc). Must be very frustrating for Nokia, to have such a great device and other companies are ruining the reputation.

Well I don't even see the update. Lumia 920, AT&T - hit "check for updates" multiple times, even after restarts, and I'm apparently "up to date" though my firmware is still 1249. What gives? Anyone else in the same boat?

I havent got the 1308 update but I am still seeing this issue. I think this started happening after the portico update followed by access point update.

Same problem, though I think that there is an OS issue that causes the over heating and battery drain. Power the phone off and back on and the power drain stops. I reckon some rogue process.

Hi all,
I have an unlocked 920 running on Vodafone Ireland and have not connection issues at all but i have what I consider a far more serious and potentially a serious risk to my data protection and privacy.
I will be using the phone, next thing the screen freezes only while in homescreen generally, the buttons at the bottom dont work and i cannot scroll up or down...only locking and unlocking fixes this.
Issue 2 and this is the serious one is that while using the keyboard all of a sudden the phone will take over and keys will rappidly start pressing, webpages will open....outlook opens new emails are opened and it even tried to send email out also before i stopped it by locking the screen.
As yet I have been unable to video this but i will soon
Anyone else have this ?

Had issues first day with missing texts and connectivity issues. Performed two soft resets and haven't had a problem since. Don't know why first reset did not fix or why second seemed to resolve but so far so good. Seems to be behaving like pre update.

Just an idea... is everyone experiencing this using Access Point?  I haven't had issues but then don't have that installed.  (Ironically I just installed it so will be interesting to see if anything changes).
PS. I see you're using a great picture of the FFC dust problem in this article :)

I have had issues with LTE on every ROM with the Lumia 920 before I even heard of Access point. I thought Access point would help, but it didn't. I flashed back to 1249 so I could disable LTE using ##3282

Agreed. AT&T and Nokia, give us the ability to turn off LTE like you can on the Iphone. Connectivity problems are solved when I can disable LTE

AT&T white 920, has this issue since the update. It happens when I am on the move. When I am sitting in my office, it is ok. Access point was not installed.

I have not been able to play a game of Draw Something since the update actually.
It loads the game lists fine, but when it tries to load an invidiual game, it just keeps trying and trying and gives me a no connection error after ~3 min.
Regardless if I am on WiFi or no...!

I'm having data issues, the signal goes on and off, can't send or receive texts, suddenly Voice mails arrive without the miss call and is really frustrating. All of this after the Update which to start was a hassle because the device was not finishing the installation and stayed in the "gears screen" for a while. I hope they make a quick fix for this.

Did anyone see that? Or only me? At l920 pic, you'll see DUST in front facing camera. Woooooo! Finally know not only me got this problem~~

Posted earlier about similar problems. I don't know how, but all my issues seam to have corrected themselves. Connection is better, phone no longer shuts down and battery no longer drains quickly. Sorry can't give a explanation how. Only rebooted several times and switched WiFi, Bluetooth and location off and on.

Nokia US has stopped the1308 update. They are most likely working on a fix:
Nokia Care US ‏@NokiaCareUS
@HodgeyBoi Yes the update has been temporarily paused. We'll share more information as it becomes available. ^RT

At home where I have 5 bars of LTE everything's fine. But at work where the LTE signal is weaker and it has to switch back and forth between LTE and HSPA+, my 920 often loses signal entirely... sometimes it reacquires but other times I have to reboot to regain signal (enabling/disabling airplane mode doesn't work).  It definitely seems to be related to LTE, and maybe LTE/non-LTE switching or idle radio or something.  It isn't AT&T because I have other AT&T devices that are just fine. I may take a photo of my Lumia next to these devices and tweet it to Nokia.

(By 4G I mean HSPA+.) Then as I was watching the two, 920 lost signal entirely for ~60 seconds, then switched on to LTE... now both devcies have two bars of LTE. The iPhone is occasionally switching between HSPA+ and LTE seamlessly, as the Lumia did prior to the 1308 update. I got some pics and will try to send to Nokia.

Thanks for the pic. That's what happens to mine as well. That is why I just disable LTE on mine via the ##3282 menu. Seems that Iphone has better LTE connectivity and the option to turn off LTE. Really dissapointing for Nokia.

I'd like to say that I have these issues while while on LTE in the city of Chicago (60610) but not when I'm on LTE outside of the city of Chicago (In park ridge, 60068). Maybe it's a problem with the volume of people on ATT's network? I really think this might be an ATT problem, too.

It seems that there are issues the Lumia and LTE, but I have read around other forums for other LTE phones that issues with AT&T LTE as well. There are probably updates that could help make LTE connectivity better, but the update that would fix the issue now is the ability to turn OFF LTE. That's what fixes it for me. On the 1249 ROM using ##3282. Contact Nokia Care and AT&T and request an LTE OFF switch. I have. Maybe they will listen eventually.

After the update, at work everything is fine. When I get home. I lose LTE randomly, no cellular network found, text messages send double or triple. Switching to airplane mode and back works.

Its att LTE coverage on the windows phones in general.  My 900 wont use data on LTE here in Reading PA.  To force H+...make a call and instantly hang up.  it kicks off LTE and stays on H+ for a couple min for me.  Thats when I can use my data.  Att said they have had LTE issues in California, Texas, and PA...BS if you ask me.  Jumped back to my Galaxy Exhiliarate and the LTE works fine.

It was rock solid here before the update, now not so much. My phone shows three bars LTE yet web pages won't load. I called my cell. It never rang and went to vm. Truthfully, it feels like I'm back on T-Mobile. Hoping for a speedy resolution.

At home my phone seems to be fine, I don't have issue with connectivity. It helps that I am on wifi there though. At work (Downtown Fort Worth) my lumia will often show 3 bars and LTE but have no or very slow internet capability when prior to the update to 1308 I was getting great performance with LTE and never losing connection. Now in my office will frequently show no signal at all and I will not receive calls or texts either. The only time it seems to work correctly is when it switches to 4G instead of LTE, which it does very infrequently. As a result my battery life is worse than it was before the update when at work, and the phone is nearly worthless while in the office. Seriously considering going back to the previos firmware version no matter how difficult just so I can have a phone that works in my office.

I've seen a few issues since my firmware update.. Just today, my 920 said I was connected to LTE but I live in an area many miles away from any LTE signal. I was actually connected to WiFi at the time.

I haven't seen any issues on EE in the UK, but am happy to report that the proximity sensor issue that has plagued my 920 for months seems to have been rectified with this update!!!!

I wouldn't mind downgrading back to previous firmware but I don't know how. I'm familair w/ android rooting but windows is a bit more locked down. Is there a way to do it thru the Window 8 Windows Phone App? I would really just prefer to regress until there's a patch. Any help or diretion is greatly valued.

So Nokia may respond quickly to this issue, but they continue to ignore the random, frequent freezing problem that many Lumia 920 owners (including me) experience on an almost daily basis?

im also having cellular connectivity issues and i have the global unlocked version from dubai. my firmware version is 1249. this has been going on for a week and it gets frustrating because i dont know what to do, im not even on att and has not updated to 1308. anyone having the same prob?

This is just not an ATT, I'm with Rogers and am also having this connectivity issues with LTE or data in general. Had a few missed calls myself so issues with phone functionality as well. 

Since receiving the update I was fairly sure my brower speed had decreased particularly when it comes to signal strength.  
Something I was not very sure of was my batter.  Initially, my battery seemed to be draining faster but I couldn't be certain until late last week.  Seems that every day for the last four days, I have had to charge my phone before bed at 10pm to avoid my battery being completely drained by 530am when I wake.  Unfortunately, charging to completion before bed does not resolve the problem.  By the time I wake up my battery is completely dead.  
Something I also noticed is that a few times when I picked up my phone after it was not in used, the phone was warm to the touch as if i had been browsing the internet or making a call.  I only allow two apps to run in the background and have since turnd off all background tasks to see if the problem persists.  
Hopefully Nokia is working on a solution.  Regardless, I still LOVE my 920 so this little hiccup won't change how I feel about this phone.

So happy to find this article - same thing is happening to me after the update.  My service (ATT) drops sporadically while I am at the office (Orange County, CA area)...I do not seem to have the same issues in the Los Angeles area where I live.  I hope they fix this soon...super frustrated.

Same issue here with a brand new 920 from AT&T! At work I lost connection very often. When I turn the screen on, I often see NO BARs at all, then goes back and forth between to 2~3 bars and no bars. At home, I lost tons of phone calls, even got nothing when my friend called me with his iphone right at my door (don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of apple product at all). Back when I was using my lumia 900, none of these ever happened to me.

Nokia has no answers for many customer query related to any sort of  AT and T issues,really annoyed a lot to get use the features of Nokia Lumia window  8 Phone, wifi hotspots are really not worth, with the most struggle fixed an issue from getting into forum discussions and I request nokia's windows 8 mobile  developers to concentrate more on windows phone 8 issues. 

this is idiotic, my lumia 720 have issues with lockscreen, my girlfriends lumia 920 has connictivity issuse, nokia really did a bad job with lumia going with wp, all the complaints, dont you see it guys?
a problem like connectivity shouldnt wait till amber comes! this is a major issue that needs to be solved within days. not months

Maybe it's a little bit late for this, but I am from Mexico and had been experiencing the same on my 920 with carrier Telcel. Not them nor Nokia could solve this issue, but I did on my own by leaving WhatsApp open, going to settings and turning WiFi off, then going back to WhatsApp.
I posted about this on my car blog, where sometimes I talk about tech too. It's in spanish, but you can use the translating tool on top of the sidebar. Not doing this to promote, just to let you know there's a solution.
Here's the link to my post

Me too having this problem on Lumia 920 (Amber+GDR2), carrier: Vodafone Egypt.

Nokia care replaced my internal board and the same issue still exist

I live in the UK and I am on Vodafone and I am experiencing the same issues???

I used to have a fairly speedy connection, but after the update, it has all gone to hell!

Anyone else from the UK with Vodafone?

Does anyone know when Nokia will be able to push the update, I was in the Voidafone shop and they said that it would be within a week or so?

This is a really interesting issue.

I did not have any data connection problem after the amber update, as I was traveling out of US when I installed the update, it worked fine under non-att carrier's network.

After I was back to US last sunday, I found my lumia 920 did not have any (or tiny) data connection although it's under LTE network and full-bar signal. 

I went to a local ATT store, they installed a new sim card, useless. And suggesting me to call customer service. 

I searched internet and found out this webpage, and the problem is solved after I install the "access point" in my 920. 

Really speechless.