Official Digitally Imported app in the works for Windows Phone

Although we have the stellar and frequently updated Beem Plus for Windows Phone to deliver your thumping Digitally Imported (www.di.fm) electronic music, having an official app always gives a nod of true authenticity and some legitimacy to the platform.

So it’s quite exciting to see DI.fm list Windows Phone as “Coming in 2013…” under their supported apps section. Hoorah!

While no firm dates are listed, we can’t help but think that DI.fm wouldn’t have listed the app on their site if it weren’t coming sooner than later. In addition, if you look real close you can see what appears to be the first image of what the app will look like (in short, it’s nothing like Beem).

We’re quite confident that Beem Plus will stick around for awhile and we’ve always said that third-party devs can maneuver faster and often offer more in terms of features making them a consistent viable alternative. Having said that, being a DI.com premium subscriber, we’re quite excited to see yet another official app hit our platform.

For now, users can try out Beem Plus here. We highly recommend it.

Update: Digitally Imported have let us know in comments about the app's status: "We're currently testing an internal alpha version and hope to have a public beta in the coming weeks."

Source: DI.fm; Thanks, LCARS, for the tip!

QR: beem


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Official Digitally Imported app in the works for Windows Phone


I agree!  Is there a list of Official Apps anywhere?  Not games but actual apps like this one.  I discovered that there is an official Hertz app the other day.  It was a nice find for when I travel for work.
It would be nice to be able to reference official apps that we have vs what we are missing.

Yes!! Microsoft is doing something to make this happen, and its great!!... In other news, I hate when these companies use old Windows logos on their websites!!

welcome to the wonderful world of windows phone!

..any thoughts on getting the beem dev on board to make it official? I feel its already pretty complete and a great foundation for an official app..

Poor beem, rowi, 4th and mayor, etc etc. These guys have done an awesome job supplying us with 3rd party alternatives, but as the official apps get releases, I can't help but imagine their user rates plummet within a day.

Hard for me to admit, but I haven't touched rowi since the new (awesome) official twitter app came out. I used to be all about rowi, as well.

If you have a premium account, Beem allows you to access premium content. If Beem does not work, the most likely culprit is that an update was installed over a prior version. The fix is simple, uninstall Beem, reinstall the latest version. Viola! Microsoft should've bought Beem instead of going through the trouble of creating an app that I won't buy. But, that's just me. No doubt many WP users are anxious to try out the "official" version.