Instagraph continues to improve its service, puts Windows Phone 8 app on sale


Instagraph is an unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phone, which enables consumers to upload and share photos with other users. Utilising a workaround to get past restrictions with Instagram APIs, the team has gone from only allowing a limited number of submissions to no limits at all. The team has improved its service since launch and an update is planned for the near future.

The team boasts a sizeable improvement since day one, by 10x in fact. 80 percent of Instagraph users are said to upload less than one photo each day. To make the deal that much sweeter for new users, the app is currently on sale for just $0.99. We'll have more details on this update soon.

You can download Instagraph from the Windows Phone for $0.99 (usually $2.49)

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Instagraph continues to improve its service, puts Windows Phone 8 app on sale


Exactly, but at the same time early adopters will be getting up to 10 uploads per day. Double the current count.

They have no choice because there are other cheaper apps available (itsdagram/winstagram) now that can do the same as instagraph. 

But these other apps use private APIs and Facebook can ask to remove or disable access to these apps easily.
Instead Instagraph don't violate the instagram's conditions

don´t want to hear any news more about the instagram fakes in the store. They are no fakes at all.... and when Instagram hits the store the other apps about instagram are lost....

That could be a long wait. Let's hope it's not, even though I don't use Instagram. I just want to see my WP ecosystem grow.

I don't use it either but I understand people really want it. Nevertheless, it won't be that long a wait. The App is ready and has been on tests for a while. I expect it won't take long now.

This repeated news about these work around apps are frustrating to say the least! I mean...cool and all that these developers have taken the time and effort to make these apps...but why should that need be there?
I know it's not Window's fault...and it certainly isn't Nokias since they are doing everything they can to bring Instagram to WP. I'm pretty fed up with the people behind the decision at Instagram/Facebook to make this, what I can see as inevitable decision to make an official WP app.
tl;dr, Alternative workaround apps all well and good...but don't flood us with news about them. It just brings up the bad thoughts of an official app NOT being on the store yet.

Update: Just tried the Winstagram app mentioned in the above comments of this post. Posted instantly to my instagram account without issue using my HTC Radar. Thanks Winstagram!

I'm not trying to be cheap but id like to get it while it's on sale but im not upgrading to a 720 into the end of the month

Buy it now you'll be able to download it again for free later...if you don't have a Windows Phone 8 try & buy it on the website

I prefer itsdagram, very nice looking app and full featured too. I got lucky and bought it when it was leaked yesterday. It should hit the store again this week. But is currently WP8 only.

Folks here seem so sure that an official app is coming, lol. Until then, I have no problem with third party alternatives

Not that I'm really worried about it, but wasn't there some mention of a "bonus" for early purchasers of the app? Those of up who bought it and then the service went down for days under its own weight? What every became of that? 

By the time this Instragram fad is over we'll just be getting the official app anyways. I don't see myself using it once it comes out. But hopefully WP8 gets "the next big thing" right at launch.

F*** this app its garbage..... I'd rather waste $50.00 on a more legit app like insdagram. My $1.50 lost on this will go towards insdagram.

Kind of glad I only wasted $1 on this cause it's kind of garbage. I can get passed the 5 uploads a day but the character limit is kind of stupid. Wish I would have known about Winstagram before buying it lol Oh well, I guess I'll stick with using my old android phone over wifi to use instagram for now :P

Sorry I see that now, they didn't update the description on the store when I downloaded it. The app is still really slow though and $1 for something that only uploads a photo is kind of a rip off. I'm sure it will get better but right now its just not worth it.

Yeah like my comment below, I don't touch anything that doesn't have a trial for that exact reason. I am more than happy to dish out some cash if something is good, but I want to see it first, even if it's only $1

I don't really mind not having a trial it's just the major lack of features your getting for what you paid. I'm not really trying bash the app since it does what it advertises but for $1 I was expecting a little more lol. No biggie though since I don't use instagram religiously like most people :P

Bought it yesterday. It does not upload pictures, gives me an error which says ' Operation aborted, publishing error, try again later'. 
Any tips on what could I do to get around this?

Hi. It is great you have made iG uploading app for wp. But have you noticed that tags are not working.. Yousee I can find OTHER things by clicking my tag, but MY PHOTO is not among those pictures wich I found by clicking tag..