Catwalk camera gets teased in UK TV ad prior to Tuesday's Nokia event

Catwalk camera gets teased in UK TV ad prior to Tuesday's Nokia event

Nokia as of late has been all about teasing new phones before their announcement. The Verizon Nokia Lumia 928's camera was repeatedly teased before its formal reveal on Friday, and with a new Nokia Lumia announcement scheduled for Tuesday in London, Nokia's at it again. This time the teasing is happening on national television in the UK on Channel 4, with an advertisement noticed by TechCrunch that focuses on the camera of an as-of-yet unannounced Lumia device, followed by title cards reading "More than your eyes can see" and "The new Nokia Lumia is coming". In other words, the Catwalk cometh.

Unlike Nokia's teasing of the Lumia 928 where the focus was on images produced by the camera, the new teaser ad focuses on the physical camera unit itself, with close-up shots of the raised lens and dual-LED flash. Unlike the Lumia 920, 928, and, well, every Lumia excepting the 520/521 and the 710, the camera featured here is not surrounded by a glossy black or silver plate. In fact, there's a distinct lack of branding around the camera, with just a hint of lettering on the other side of its hump.

The shape and placement of the camera, the flash, and the branding are consistent with the image leak of the Catwalk from last month. By all appearances the Catwalk appears to be built with an aluminum body frame while still possessing a plastic-type back panel. The device is also reportedly significantly lighter and thinner, though unlike the current flagship Lumia 920/928 combo, the Catwalk does not appear to come with built-in wireless charging.

Regardless, we're less than two days from the official unveil of the new Nokia Lumia XXX, with yet another improved camera and a build radically different from anything Nokia's released as a Lumia before. What do you think?

Update: Our folks over at The Verge managed to snag a copy of the ad - it's below.

Source: TechCrunch, The Verge


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Catwalk camera gets teased in UK TV ad prior to Tuesday's Nokia event


He obviously meant tmob exclusive in the US. Perhaps you'd like to give att and Verizon another incentive to promote Nokia? When you enter a market, you have to understand how it works to be successful. Unfortunately, this is the way to enter the American market if you want carrier support. You don't think nokia would want to put their beautiful 920 on every carrier if the carriers would wholeheartedly promote it?


You misunderstood. By "exclusive" to an American carrier I meant that the phone will not be US-carrier only in the way the 928 is for Verizon (or T-Mobile US's 821 and 521). Those phones aren't sold anywhere else in the World. However, Catwalk will be available worldwide. Therefore it won't be "exclusive" to an American carrier, you can get the phone elsewhere.

I know Americans are used to get phones through contracts and financed by the carriers, but I assume you can get a normal carrier-free phone in any tech store in the US? Or don't you have phone stores in the US that sell carrier-free cellphones? o_O

Oh no I meant for the american market, I want the entire world to have Nokia's in their markets even on every carrier but for once i'd like to have an advantage as a t-mobile customer just once 

We can get carrier free phones but they are expensive, and only work on GSM and you don't get the 4G speeds that your most likely already paying for. 

Right, thats what I said, maybe not articulated properly. He meant exclusive to tmobile in the US market. Just like the 920 was exclusive to ATT in the US market. These exclusivities dont apply anywhere else in the world unless theyre off numbers like you mentioned.

So how is being an asshole online working for you? Get you lots of virtual friends/confidence? At least there is some merit to my comment as phones have been given away in the past.

Better than the eyes can see? Well that isn't 8 mega pixels.. Camera must be significantly better than 920, yet disappointingly no xenon flash.

could the thing that the article saying has writing on the other side of the lens actually be another flash and not writing.

You people hate the camera bump? I'm just happy it'll be thin very thin (apparently 8.4 mm). But it seems everyone is excited for the 41 MP preview. Imagine that bump.

agreed, everyone seems to be caught up in the illusion of the huge bump, but its not that big, it just looks bigger because of the thickness of the phone (i would say 30% thinner than 920)
the hump is fine, get over it - you know you want good phoots, so thats why you want the hump.

please DON'T let this be that UGLY Catwalk prototype we saw last month! :( if they shift too much form the design of the's gonna make a lot of us very unhappy.I'm about to get the 920, but waiting to see if my fears come true.

Not to burst the 41mp bubble but the reason for the raised lens (bump) could be due to the phone being made with a slimmer profile however keeping the image stabiliser mechanism would mean the thickness couldn't of been reduced around the camera. Also the removal of wireless charging plate has helped slim it down also.
I do think there will be an increase in megapixels....just not 41mp.

Pretty sure this is the EOS. And whatever coming in september is the summary of 928 and this.

I don't know, I think this is Catwalk and people are going to be disappointed when the camera doesn't have the pureview 40+ mp that EOS will have in a few months... We'll see Tuesday!

This is Catwalk. EOS is in Nokia World, September when the GDR3 update comes with hardware support to new SoC's and screen resolutions.
Before that you can't see EOS. 

Noticed the ad tonight, also noticed that Apple had an ad on the next break. It focussed heavily on photos, the tagline staed that "more pictures are taken with the iPhone every day". Until the end it looked like a Nokia ad promoting photo abilities.

I heard the catwalk is the international Lumia. So it should be available in the US and overseas. T-Mobile bound. At&t got the EOS. Verizon got the 928

Not sure why people are getting upset about the possible hump, it depends how its finished, if its a one piece Aluminum matt finish, which from the last tease shot it looks to have it will look pretty amzing. And for the neat looking size of that lense it going to be a very nice compromise for all thst extra light coming in to what will hopefully be a bigger sensor.

what are you all talking about? thats just the lumia 920 variant in a slimmer aluminum body.
no 41mp monster here

Not only is that intuitively obvious, its what Daniel has been telling us for weeks!
That said, I'm still excited. I'm really eager to see a premium Lumia in a trim profile.

That wasn't a teaser. The Nokia employee who took that pic already said that it was not a teaser.

If this phone has a quad core and a bigger screen than my 920 then it's mine! Bet that up homeboiiiiiiiiii

Camera bump and "more than your eyes can see" sounds a lot like lossless zoom pureview, which means 41mp. The only thing I'm finding weird is that it should have a xenon flash, not dual led. Well, let's just wait.

The bump prevents the back from touching a surface when laying on its back. The contact point in the lens is not dead center on the glass but rather on its edge. The bump may improve speakerphone acoustic performance... I should get a part-time job in marketing with Nokia.

Im hoping they have colored wireless charging backs. I don't think its terrible as long as it's cheaper than a high end (920) with wireless charging.

I'm beginning to think this is going to be a better sensor than the Lumia 920/928. Nokia could be playing a game with us, but watching some of the ads makes me feel like this isn't the "Eos" but maybe a smaller sensor with the same oversampling that was found in the Pureview 808. It is of couse a bummer there is no Xenon, but if the sensor is better than what's on the 920 with OIS I think most people would be extremely happy.


Omg this will be exclusive to att again... No wonder the 920 went from $99 to $0.. I will be patiently waiting

Camera is 8.7 Megapixels.. Sames as Lumia 920.
Better camera software onboard. Probably GDR2 Firmware
Super AMOLED screen...
Specs for this device has been on PocketNow for a week or so.....

This is a UK announcemnt guys, vodafone will also be in attendance for this reveal. An international version may also be revealed, but the phone above its a release for a new Vodafone Lumia.

gaaaa these teasers are killing me. i wanna see the phone in full. its either 928 or catwalk for me so hurry up and let me see the damn phones!!!

A quad core processor and 1080p screen would be nice. Also, seeing how WinPhone 8 is so light it would blow the S4 out of the water in speed. 

I hope they also talk a bit about phablet. I wont buy any 9xx but a phablet with cool pureview xeon led. You know from wp 7.8, jump to 8.1 :)

guys whats happening on the 24th May, I have this from Facebook and Windows Phone.
"Want a 1st look at the next release of Windows Phone? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 24th at 2:30PM PST for a live preview of what's coming."
anyone have any more info on what this is??? kinda sounds like windows phone blue but im not sure???

Not sure why that's still up. look at the date though, it says may 24th 2011. probably for the announcement of Mango.

well the phone is slim so the lens is sticking out.. this is not the 41 mp moster.... i dont think it i s the right time since that has to be releassed for fall/  christmas this year and also give all the 92X some time in the limelight..

if i were nokia, im making eos a 4.7-5.0 inch 1080p screen with 41mp pureview camera. and slap some bigger battery.quadcore,.   that way it can be slimmer coz the phone will have bigger dimensions in length width. then the camera bump will be smaller

This is not a US announcement for a phone guys. Not every phone in the world is for the US. This is a UK announcement and Vodafone will be the exclusive carrier for the UK. Maybe they will announce an international version at the same time, but this is not an announcement for a phone to be released in the USA.

Hopefully they don't start straying away from the original Lumia design! # if nothing wrong with the outside don't change it! Just make the internal more better...

Ya an SD card slot would help I have be down under 10 gugs so I had to remove some games to bring it up. More storage please.

I think they want to be able sell 920 as well but they would like to put this out for someone who wants a slimmer lighter phone.. obviously there will eb some minor improvements to camera. This is what i am expecting.
The next one which comes in June or July or Sept, will be the 41 MP monstor.
If they release one better than 920 then you should be seeing 920's cost being reduced a lot. which is not the case. This will be an option for pple who dont like the weight of 920. And it will come without wireless charging.
This is my guess/

I do like Nokia's aggressiveness but doesn't this make the 928 "feel" outdated. Span seems way too short to release new phones.  With the ability from the 920 I'm probably set for another year with it (happier than ever ofcourse) but when I want my next Nokia after a year I'm going to have a hard time deciding when to get a phone.

I don't get Nokia, I have always liked their designs, but this 'catwalk' just looks cheap and nasty if the leaked images are are anything to go by.

Only six months and my 920s being replaced, damn looks like I gotta buy catwalk and eos this year, I agree with comment above that Nokia should release whole range once a year.

Why would you buy Catwalk? If it's the same phone that leaked a month ago it's just a thinner 920 that has less storage and no Qi charging.

No one knows at this point what is being released. With all the rumors I have no idea myself, I do expect an increase in the camera sensor, plus t-mobile is getting this phone, Vodafone, and probably internationally as well. Slimmer, less weight, and better camera? A lot of people will like that.

If this is the same phone that was leaked in April...
Basically a 920 that's thinner but only 16GB storage, still no SD, and no wireless charging. 
Kinda sucks actually.

When will it be available in the US? The only thing apple does better than the rest is announce and release within days...granted it is only one product at a time.

I am not in the market for a new phone at the moment (quite happy with my seemingly indestructable L920), but the new L928 and Catwalk are super exciting to me mostly due to the sheer speed of progress.  When my contract is up at the end of 2014 there ought to be some astounding options to upgrade to.  My next phone will definately need something like a full PureView camera on it.  I picked my L920 over the 8x even though I liked the 8x better, purely because of the camera.  Having small kids I have found the camera invalueable. The quality is not as good as my dedicated camera, but I never caught good pictures with the dedicated camera because by the time I found it, got it going, and messed with settings, the moment would be over.  With the phone I can just pull it out and capture the moment.  The L920 is 'good enough' as a point and shoot, but a true full PureView camera would be even more awesome by bringing back a real zoom functionality to a pocket camera, and probably rival the quality of my standalone camera.
A good camera phone is something every parent needs!

This has to be marketting genius... show one billboard picture and later one advert early and everyone is talking about it on every website without barely paying a dime.
Wonderful stuff.
I want one even though I don't even know what it is... looking forward to tomorrow!