Instance for Windows Phone

Instance, formerly known as Itsdagram, is now live in the Windows Phone Store

Earlier this week we held a community contest to rename Itsdagram, the unofficial but fully featured Instagram app for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft had contacted the developer, Daniel Gary, about changing some of the likeness of the app to keep Instagram off their backs (and no, this does not mean an official app is around the corner).

In true underdog fashion, instead of just declaring the name we asked you folks what it should be called. After taking proposals, developer Daniel Gary and ourselves agreed on five candidates, of which one was selected in a late night user poll.

Thus Itsdagram died to be reborn as….Instance.

Instance new look

The free version of the app is now live in the Store and the paid version should be pushed out any moment as well! Links are below.

For now, the app has had a minor UI make over, with a grey background and a Instagram-like rainbow accent added to the top. The icons are also a bit bolder and we think the redesign really “pops” though some of you will lament that the old version is gone. Other changes include:

  • Pull to Refresh
  • Faster loading
  • Find Friends will work with Facebook
  • Registration bug fixes

Regardless, the app works as well as it always did. In fact, at least one minor bug was squashed on the back where certain images wouldn’t show.

Developer Daniel Gary will continue to work on the other lingering issues (like the black box problem in comments, or Tag search) but for now, you can enjoy the cosmetic makeover.

Special thanks to Conner Monsees who helped with the redesign as well as Chris Lindhartsen for the suggested name!

Pick up Instance Free here and Instance (Paid) here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Instance Free

QR: Instance Paid


Reader comments

Instance, formerly known as Itsdagram, is now live in the Windows Phone Store


I hate the rainbow up top! Looks just like instacam now, and that's not a good thing! One of my favorite most used apps is now about to be uninstalled, rather than updated. I'd keep the itsdagram version if it didn't crash so much, but I definitely won't be updating to instance, at least not for now.

All because of the rainbow? Yeesh. Why deprive yourself of an app that you like and use a lot just because of a cosmetic change? Sounds crazy. Perhaps you ought to just send some feedback to the dev instead.

That's like literally saying "I use an app that doesn't work well but DAMN does it look good" which is totally lame bro..

lol really you hate the rainbow on top? why dont you go to mama and cry? seriously. people will NEVER stop whining. this app is amazing. we finally get a super decent instagram solution. and a rainbow on the top bothers you. haha. damn. 
and dont update. no biggie. im sure the developer doesnt give 2 shits about one whiny customer like you. theres 1000's of us who appreciate the effort and will update and will support. 
oh and also. the find facebook friends feature properly works now! :D loving this. three cheers for Daniel Gary

I already stopped waiting for any app coming to 7.8 at this point. Bummer.  I'm getting a Windows Phone 8 next month anyway. 

I just don't get my hopes up. I really want to switch to a Nokia phone when I get a summer job 720 or higher, maybe 520 if times are to crucial but I'm a heavy music man (make my own) and Zune is so much better than Xbox music I don't know if I can handle a horrible music player

I was wondering the same. Would we have to pay another amount for instance if we bought the paid version of itsdagram?

Lol I know the difference between a paid and free version (I'm a developer).
I have the paid version and downloaded the update....

lol, sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you had no idea what you where doing. It's just not coming up on my 920. It only shows the free version for dl.

So when I click the paid link (since I paid for Itsdagram) it takes me to the Itsdagram app page. There's a reinstall button.. do I reinstall it? Will it automatically update it to Instance?

I still do. 

As a company, they're buffoons. Stupid limitations of the service abound and they have no business model.

I also recognize that it fulfils a niche in social that a bunch of buffoons have lucked into!

So as a company and app, it's just lousy. As a concept, I'm not fundamentally against the sharing of photos...that's just stupid.

Is it possible that the people in charge at instagram were at war with Microsoft back in the 90s and now refuse to support Microsoft's platforms as a way of getting back at them? They're still holding a grudge even after all these years, maybe? Same thing with other companies that refuse to release apps for windows/phone 8. I mentioned in another post, who has time to read articles :P
We just read title, get all excited and then things don't work, even though the article says it might not work yet haha.

I really thought "Pixalot" would at least be in the final selection, developer even made a comment to whoever suggested the name.

It was close and a few of us, including myself, liked it...kinda. 

I honestly don't see how some of you are so fixated on these names. Call it Pixalot, call it Instance...whatevs.

Might do as it's pretty much just a colour change of the icon on the bottom right of an image you have selected on the instagram website. 

Mine is on and off. Sometimes it works fine. Other times I open the app and notice new activity from hours ago, but no update to my live tile. Not a deal breaker for me, but the new UI is!

Live tile works fine for me (in the UK). But I have other apps where I can't get the live tile working and other people can.

Similarly, the live tile (pinned from the App list) has never shown anything to me except the main logo, which is a real shame.  For the record, I've tried both the free and paid versions of the app.  I'm in the UK and I do have live tiles working OK with other apps.

Sorry grey, but the old UI looked better, can't justify the windows colors on top, and I'm not sure, but I guess the photos got a little bit smaller, right?

Man Daniel has been answering today lol. Kind of odd lol. Anyhow I can't enjoy this... Recently switched to an N8.. 

One of the things I love about this site is that the writers engage in the comments. On many other sites (and, indeed, some other mobile nations sites) the authors can't be bothered to reply to comments. Respect to wpcentral.

Please improve the app's speed, it sometimes dies (loading forever) when browsing pictures.
Also fails to post a comment consisting of text and(!) tags on regular basis.
Despite that, great app :)

Color me stupid but i just discovered that the Home page displays either grid of photos or the timeline style when you long press on any photo. Ha! I like that!

Is only me that hate the "add" button?? When I'm tapping one comment I can't see this button. I have to touch somewhere on the screen to make the keyboard disappears and so I can see the button. For me the better way to do this is to use the same approach that the built in comments in photos on WP, using a "send" icon within the comment balloon.

Are the pics smaller in the main view compared to the Itsdagraph version? They look to be in the screen shots- the 'polaroid' esque border is wasting alot of screen real estate. Or is this to to with the sizing Instagram restricts/crops the pics to?

Thought there was going to be an icon (makeover). This doesn't really look different to me. If this is a dumb comment, please just move on to the next post. And pretend you never read this. Thankyou

I have so many friends on IOS and android and all there missing on wp8 is this instagram app so I've shown them our version and call it generic so how to let friends believe we have the same app just not called the same I'm a big advocate for wp8 but can't budge my friends with out instagram why not?

If Instagram doesn't write a 1st party app or doesn't allow MS to write one for them, a 3rd party app is the best that will happen.  I can't understand why not being an 'official' app would matter to 'droid or iphone lovers.  But to each his/her own...

This app is fantastic, BTW.  I personally don't remotely care about an app being official vs 3rd party.  In many cases 3rd-party apps are much better.  And in this case, Instagram for WP doesn't exist.  And I tend to believe that even if an official app did exist, Itsdagram/Instance would still be better! 

What do you mean? Its using decent fonts (typography), implements a pivot/panorama (motion), and focuses on the content (content first).
So it is basic metro.

I've had nothing but problem with this app on my 8X (it would NEVER upload a photo), but I just switched over to the 928 and now it's working perfectly. Looking forward to the paid version getting the layout redesign/new name.
Still confused about the "#" option being greyed out/never working. Is it just supposed to add the hashtag sign for you or does it bring up popular hashtags or something?

Is anyone able to view comments? i have it on my NL 920 and I can view comments...only view likes..and do other stuff...

Hey Daniel Rubino

thanks for the dedicated coverage on instagram can you please focus your efforts now on a SiriusXM app for us? I think you have a lot of influence and pull, we have no working 3rd party apps as well as a glaringly missing official app

+1 for SiriusXM! I called and complained for months, before I dropped my subscription, two months ago. I had been a continuous subscriber, since 2004, but they had/have no plans to support WP. Shame, their iOS app was superb. Really wanted to stay, but, I like my 920, too much to go back to crummy iPhone, even for Sirius.

before that it was better! need white background and the photo on the FULL SCREEN. Borderless!!!! PLS!!

One design comment...the rainbow at the top reminds me of the Chromebook Pixel. I'm still buying it to support devs that support WP even though I despise Instagram.

Wait a minute!

I have the paid version, I can't see an update. Does that mean that I will have to pay again when the paid version comes out?

Not bad, finally has its own live tile's color. Hoping for a redesign logo but i can wait. Its good that finally all images are clear now! I just wondering why i should install a new one instead of updating? And whats up with that black box in the bottom? Is that meant for ads? Anyway, alwayd happy to meet an update! Thanks!

I cant seem to find the link of the paid version, i paid for itsdagram, how to update? I can onlu see link to Instance free and a link to the old Itsdagram.... ????

Waiting for the paid version to be updated. Will use the old Itsdagram first. I hate that black box at the bottom and the fact that the feeds are getting smaller in width... Why? Why?

My Starbucks Barrista asked me if this was the 928. I said mine was the 920. He asked if I like it and if it has "all" the apps. I of course said I love my 920 and that we just got Instagram. He was like OMG!!!! I may have just sold a 928 (with the help of Instance)! Lol.

Debbie downer. I don't think so at all. Should I really sit there and explain instance to him while there are people behind me in line waiting to order? I see no reason to. Its not like I'm under oath and testifying in court. Please.

No, you didn't have to 'explain' Instance to the Barista.  All you had to say was there was an app called Instance that gives you access to Instagram - The simple 'truth'.

Just added it. Question how you your Facebook friends? You hit the square and it should check right??? Cause can't add friends right now.

Daniel Gary, I am really enjoying the design of the app.  Thank you.  I was wondering if there might be a chance that it can be implemented as as Lens, so when you choose the Instance Lens from the stock camera interface, it will automatically load it into instance and let you choose your filter, add your caption, and send without ever actually opening the app.  That is one of the big advantages of WP8, and if Instance did that, it would make my iOS friends jealous as hell.  If it was a Lens, I would pay double the regular pricetag.  
Thank you for a well written app.  Thank you even more for NOT making it look like an iOS app.  

So I really like the new design of it. I noticed that the pix are better quality now.
Now if he can just fix the profile mess.

Great update, thanks!
I run it on 620 and it crash sometimes when I look some photos into profiles with 500+ photos, don't know why. The new grey layout is very nice, but maybe I prefer the original blue one. Overall, it looks more faster.
There's still is the problem with the hashtags you put in your photo caption (other people doesn't see them in their search) which is very annoying...but I'm sure is the next priority of mr.Gary (with adding new filters...these are useless).

Nice update but we NEED more filters! I'm growing a little tired of having to edit my pics in Fotor prior uploading.

The level of reading comprehension and thoughtfulness in the comments on articles lately really assures me that WP8 has gone mainstream ;)

Hey Daniel Gary! Can u please tell us is the 7.x version coming? And if it is, when? I understand that there is lot to do with wp8 version.. We just want some information about 7.x..

I downloaded this app when it first came out (the paid version) and I had no problems with the updates until today. I would always get a "error connecting to the store" when trying to update this. I then uninstall it and tried to reinstall the paid version of the app again. When I put in the ID for my Wallet it would give me the same error (trying to reinstall the app again).
I even turned off my phone and took out the battery and still got the same error. I am however able to install the free version. Does anyone else have the same problem? I am using the Nokia Lumia 822.

He should've kept the name Itsdagram or called it Insdagram: I prefer the latter.

I still appreciate the developer's efforts.

I think I noticed the problem. while one can still upload photos with Instance, they can no longer include a caption or else it wouldn't upload.

How do we get Itsdagram back ? it was so much better, never crashed . I regret doing the update because now no one can see my instagram . everytime someone views it on the computer or mobile it says i have no posts but i have over 200 pictures on there and i can view them when i sign in and look at my page but no one else can and its not on private . none of my followers can see them and im losing followers like crazy because people think i blocked them . this never happened on itsdagram . Is there any way to fix this or get the old app back ???? please help .