Win a trip to New York City and attend the world premiere of Man of Steel with Nokia

Man of Steel

Nokia is running an exciting contest in the US. Those who participate could win the golden prize and be flown to New York City for the world premiere of Man of Steel (June 10th), the new Superman movie. So what's the contest all about? Every two weeks, Nokia has been prompting fans and followers to submit photos based on certain themes. This time round it's "Heroes", based on Memorial Day and -- of course -- the Man of Steel movie.

As well as tickets to the world premiere, the winner of this contest will also pocket a T-Mobile Lumia 925 with custom Man of Steel accessories. So how does one enter? Simply submit photos by tweeting an image with the #Discover hashtag or through the Facebook page (link below). What should you capture? Take a shot of "your own personal hero, a person who really made a difference in your life."

Check out the Nokia Facebook page for more information on the discovering your hero contest. Also, if you haven't already done so, download the official Man of Steel app on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.


Reader comments

Win a trip to New York City and attend the world premiere of Man of Steel with Nokia


I never liked superman movies, they all sucked, this one should be awesome just like The Batman movies coz Christopher Nolan is involved, also Nokia is in the picture so..

can't wait for superman the movie. It looks to be way better than other superman movies. Love how special effects are changing rapidly. Don't about the actor they chosen. Was hoping for a superman look alike. Superman should fight against hulk or batman. In real fight superman would win easily over batman and hulk

Man to man Supes would mop the floor with Batman! However, Batman was revealed to have prepared for such a fight and has Kryptonite at his disposal. But it's like me saying if I brought a gun to a fist fight I'd win everytime. It's highly likely, but it's always possible to disarm someone and Batman probably didn't plan on having to fight Supes from long range.
Anyways, I feel like such a geek right now so I'll shut up.

Does the picture have to be taken with a Lumia? I own an 8X...

Batman would only stand a chance if Superman was stupid enough to get close. Heat vision from a distance, a handful of razor sharp rocks thrown at super speed yeah bats would die

I remember back in the '90s the Amalgam Comics (DC/Marvel crossover series) had Superman vs Hulk as part of the lead-up. Superman pretty much dropped a mountain on Hulk's head. Done.
Batman, on the other hand, wins any time. :)

Never saw the last Superman, when I saw the preview saying "truth, justice... And all that other stuff" (omitting 'and the American way')... I decided I wouldn't support it. Was it any good? This new one looks alright.

... Sure, he's an American citizen right? Beside the point.
The original line is 'truth, justice and the American way' omitting that to appease international audiences (particularly anti-American ones) doesn't sit well with me and for me takes away from a story that has always been about an American superhero who stood for our countries ideals.

Josh, Superman Returns has its moments but it was pretty much garbage. Cool scenes but they hammed it up too much for my tastes.
I liked Smallville (tv series) better. Followed it for 10 years. They were guilty of largely the same but I feel like through season 4 they at least tried to do it justice. Superman Returns didn't take the subject matter seriously enough(funny its from what we call a "comic").

Josh, most people believe in truth and justice. That's not a particularly American trait. Is there something Superman stands for which is found only in America? I know its annoying when slogans change, but its the way life goes. For instance Star treks was changed from "where no man has gone before" to "where no one has gone before". I prefer the former, but i acknowledge it is also exclusionary to women and so the latter is preferable. Its the same with superman. Removing that final bit makes superman a more inclusive figure.

Political correctness or inclusion has reached sickening levels, to the point where tradition and history have been bypassed.
I can appreciate wanted to not make others feel left out, but by attempting to include everyone, they have alienated people like me who is drawn to Superman as a American hero above all else.
Does Superman posses values exclusive to America, as you asked? Of course not, but as I said, he represents American IDEALS. The kind of morality and justice that everyone strives for - things that used to be what set America apart, the things that made America a beacon for immigrants.

I could continue to rant, but I suggest reading about the creator of Superman. I forget his name, but he was a Jewish immigrant who lived through the great depression and his experiences parallels Superman's base story.

"The American Way" is far too controversial nowadays and Superman doesn't need to be dragged into politics. I wouldn't hold out for that motto in the latest flick...

The 'American way' is only controversial if prescribing to the thought of America's current perception based off recent wars and policies.
The true American way is based off of fundamentals set forth by our fore fathers, the ideals that American's should strive for. Nothing controversial about that and Superman's creator originally based his story off of very political views.

"The American Way" was merely a patriotic term used to aid Superman's quest to lift the American spirit during the depression. Sure it resembled the core midwestern ideals that were instilled into the character, yet you can't deny its assertion of superiority over other cultures. The term is severely outdated and problematic when associating the character with America's foreign policy, not to mention the mythos adopted his Kryptonian heritage heavily, also.

Yes, American exeptionalism or American pride. Nothing wrong with it from an American's point of view, and other cultures shouldn't be concerned or so thin skinned as to be offended by another country's display of pride.
And I think it should be revived. Why does it have to be problematic today? It should used today to remind people of our ideals and aspire citizens to reclaim them. Why can't he be an American symbol again? Why must he be an international symbol? ...one word... MONEY.

I don't think the term causes offence to over sensitive nations. The reality of the American Way merely tarnishes the credibility of the character and detracts away from the narrative by inviting the audience to put The American Way under the spot light. People, categorically, will not comprehend the notion that America is the self-declared epitome of moral perfection... neither should they. Lets be honest, its incredibly cheesy and laughable. Donner had a hard enough time delivering the line back in '78. It was acknowledged as being outdated in the context of the scene.

Haha, that was my thinking as well. I was so ready to enter until I read that it required me to do some work to enter it.

I work for NYCT and I work with everyday heroes. I know exactly what to post,...I'm finally in on a contest!!!

Hey tds101, I'm a fellow NYCT Local 100 brethren. Nice to see someone other than me with a windows phone!

Where's that guy that was complaining the other day about never winning competitions and bitching about it here to Daniel?

LOL! Hmmm...That would decrease the value quite a bit. You shouldn't have pointed that out, now they have to pick someone from NJ!