Nokia 41MP EOS Elvis in yellow

Image leak: Nokia’s 41MP Lumia EOS now comes in yellow too

Recently we saw the upcoming 41MP Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’ (don’t worry, that’s just its codename) appear in black, metal and even white. We of course revealed that the phone would also come in yellow, especially for AT&T where the device goes by the codename ‘Elvis’.

Earlier yesterday, Nokia teased the monster camera-phone on their Conversations blog by noting there are “41 million reasons” to tune in on July 11th, when the phone is expected to be revealed in New York City for the press.

Noia EOS

Interestingly, a lot of those teaser images from Nokia themselves were in yellow, something which we noticed as that color has become representative of Nokia’s brand of Windows Phones.

Now, a new image that is similar to the recently revealed white polycarbonate version shows the same frame but in Nokia’s iconic yellow color, solidifying our reporting that indeed the phone will come in that bright and happy color as well.

While we can’t speak for everyone, we know when this phone does finally go on sale, yellow will be our choice. What about yours?

Source: Sina Weibo; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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Image leak: Nokia’s 41MP Lumia EOS now comes in yellow too


White. Have yellow 920, and while its a sexy beast, it doesn't look good with all theme color combinations like white or black do.

Same. I tried a Yellow 920 and a Cyan 900 and its hard because it doesn't fit all theme colors. Ima have to go with a white fot my next Lumia.

Don't regret as your cyan model is a rare beast, here in Australia our rare model is green. Most ppl love the cyan

To me this looks very slim compared to Lumia 920. The black one is same as 920 with EOS camera.
From all the rumors and leaks, I have a feeling that this is what happened with EOS.
1. EOS is rumored to be announced at MWC by numerous sources. I believe Nokia prepared EOS device with 41MP camera in 920 chassis and specs.
2. Every reviewer bitched about weight and thickness of Lumia 920.
3. At this point Nokia realized that if we release the phone with 920 thickness and may be more weight because of bigger camera, they will be in trouble. Also, wireless charging really did not help as much as they thought it would.
4. So they scrapped that phone and went back to drawing board. They made the wireless charging option which made the huge difference in thickness which we saw in 925.
5. So now they are releasing EOS with slimmer (because no wireless charging built in) and lighter 920 with 41MP camera which is why the delay.
I think they made the right decision in this case. But I wish they use S4 pro processor (quad) instead of the 1.5 year old dual core S4 processor. I know that WP performs better with S4 but it would be a great help in selling quad core phones than dual core one.
Microsoft should have make WP support quad core without waiting for WP8.1
They did that in the case LTE support for Lumia 900 without waiting for WP8.
This is just my thoughts on what might have happened.

I have been saying. I think Microsoft has been pressured to move up ahead of schedule quad cores and 1080p screens. This will be build.

thats microsofts fault not nokia's htc had a quadcore win phone  a year ago but had to scrap it as microsoft hadnt supported quads yet, and for what ever reason instead of just supporting it they want to release support as a part of an upgrade gdr2, gdr3? blue

Quad core is pointless for WP. It runs buttery smooth on a dual core. If they went to a 1080 the quad would help but for now ot doesn't need it. Heck, the Samsung GS4 doesn't run as smooth as my 920 and it has the latest quad core. More cores isn't always better.

Wow someone that knows what their talking about. Only thing quad and HD do is drain the fk out of the battery. Iam more interested in battery tech advancements which have made serious progress in the last 3months, unfortunately it won't make it to consumer devices for years

Quad core doesn't drain the battery like you think it does unless the company designing the take is just dumb.

Qualcomm's Snapdragons are all dynamically clocked - with four cores it might consume more power for much more performance. But if the CPU is only using a single thread, it will only power a single core. The same thing happens with our current dual cores.

WP could use snapdragon 600/800's to power a 60Hz 720p display on all of our phones for example. Or >60hz later on? Who knows.

Ok but does the current tier of nokias really need it? Both my 920 & 925 run very quick and smooth with zero lag, my android tab with quad core runs crap it pauses and crashes all the time, I think when the CPU is correctly optimized like wp8 the quad is unnecessary. Future Nokias on the other hand may well need them but atm I see no need, also isn't the refresh rate already 60hz on the pure motion hd nokias? Thank you for your knowledge and opinion. Cheers

The current crop of high-end Lumias will be next year's mid-end phones, i.e. specs of the 920 will likely end up in the 730. The next crop of flaships might as well include quad-core. WP needs to compete with the competition, no one has listened to us about WP's efficiency, so let's move on to where it apparently matters -- specs.
That said, I think the EOS needs quad-core. I'd much rather the imaging processes take no time at all than a little, and if quad-core were to help achieve it, then great.

Honestly, specs only seem to matter  on these sites to techie people like you and I. The average consumer who is considered the majority don't even know what quadcore is and don't care; they see the cool features on television commercials and buy because of things like air gestures, tap to share etc. Heck I just showed some of my WP users here at my company the tap to send feature of WP and they were amazed. Like everyone has been saying,  MS needs to highlight all of these features including office and Stop just showing office in  their commercials. I believe consumers see WP as productivity only. Microsoft needs to change the way they advertise their product. They should show all of the cool features: Tap to send, posting/reading social networks without an app, how easy it is share pics, the store along with apps/games, then say by the way if you need to get work done, here's office......One device to do all things.

I like the fact that WP is not popular as I like having a somewhat unique phone that separates us from the sheeple. We all know what a great product we have. I do welcome all the amateur photographer's soon to join our ranks with Nokias awesome EOS. Shh not to loud the sheep might hear

I think they were waiting to see how well the mainstream 920 (and variants) would sell before releasing a niche device with limited appeal...

Is this his "official" wpc account such as the one he has on Twitter and The Verge? If so, Daniel give him moderator privileges! :D

Holy cow!...wasn't expecting this at all, a verge editor on WPC, cooolll!!!
And thanks for letting a lumia finally cross the 8.0 barrier! That thing made my day!

Don't ask for the impossible bro. How do you expect that to fit that big sensor on that small hole. The only way would be to make the device thicke and you know how many are crazy about having their devices as thin as possible.

Looks very matte in this picture.. maybe it's just the terrible quality. Although I wouldn't mind one bit, the 720 looks great in matte :D

Does anyone know the benefits of quad core and 1080p on wp8? Or are you just looking for bragging rights? I can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 4.5" display and current processor is much faster than any android quads I've played with, WP os is optimized

I have a feeling that the leaked aluminium photos are housings for prototypes/testing devices for the 5" Lumia. This would mean we wont see any concrete information on that until later this year. Most likely it would be announced October and have 1080p screen etc...

I have been waiting for it but no built in wireless charging and only 32gbs of memory has killed the excitement for me. Also, I'm not a fan of AMOLED. I'm gonna keep my yellow AT&T 920 and hope they improve on it in the next go around. Maybe it will have a 1080 screen as well for WP8.1.

Just release this retarded giant and start manufacturing a smaller high end please. (sorry this one barely interest me at all)

I have a white 820 and thinking of getting a yellow shell.
White looks great and goes with most themes but I've had more than my fair share of (ignorant) people ask me if it was a galaxy.
I wish they made more phones eoth replaceable shells so you don't have to choose between colors.

Oh please are we going to get this story EVERY time a picture of a yellow shell is leaked?! We get it! It will be in yellow, big woop. 
I think the tech in the phone is just a little more interesting than the fact it comes in yellow. It's like boasting about your new Bugatti Veyron being yellow; it's really NOT the point. 

That camera bump is going to turn off 90% of the people who see this phone. This seems more like a gift to Nokia fans

It's a phone for people who want the best camera in a phone, as easy as that. It's a gift to everyone that want to take really good photos with their phone. I'm sure Nokia is aware that it's not for "everyone", just like the 808 was. 

And think we should give Nokia a round of applause for doing something like this, and pushing the technology even further. :) 

Amen to this. Can't be everything to everyone all the time but they can put out the the best phone/camera that the OS will allow at that particular time and by doing so get a cash infusion from device sales to further development and make the next device even better. You can't make a Ferrari without first making a few Fords...

It's really quite simple. Those who aren't really into taking photos won't be interested in this and those who are will be. Photo fans won't mind the aesthetics. This model is for a target market and their other models for the rest.

Its cool prefer red as its my fav colour but im sitting tight till the next flagship despite the awesomeness of the 41 mega pixel camera

Initially when L920 was launched, I dread that Cyan option is not available internationally. However, since my brief excounter to take home a L920 for test drive, the cyan color does not seems as striking as it is seen on promotional photos. I would go for a Yellow EOS if I am going to get one :)

I won't be purchasing the EOS, but if I did it would be black. Maybe the metal finish.
I'm a plain, basic colors kind of guy.

I gotta say I'm kinda jealous of my buddies yellow 920 (its an instant eye puller), I'm rocking the red which I love, and love when people ask if that is my case! I do find it tricky with regards to theme color choice on the colored devices. These are fun problems to have!

The red is very nice I did contemplate it but with my second 920 I got an original matte grey swap out unit and it looks great, you can buy original Nokia replacement cases in all their colours which come with all the un reusable parts, just swap out board and screen, wpc has an article on this.

If you ever have a yellow Corvette, Porsche, Lambo, or Ferrari, I expect you to hand the keys over to me immediately. What is wrong with a yellow phone? Luckily for the world, choices are good!

We are talking about a ground breaking piece of tech here that will redefine the camera phone market yet again. And all 90% of the chuckleheads on here can talk about is what colour it will come in. No wonder instagram is so popular.
*rolls eyes walks away shaking head*

Maybe because this article was about it coming in yellow. Hence the color emphasis in comments.

I could have sworn we had solid information that the EOS would come in every single color than the 920 came in.

I would get this I had the Cyan 900 and Black 920, I have an upgrade coming in september so I may wait for this!