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Microsoft repeals controversial Xbox One DRM policies [Confirmed]

In a late breaking news story, Microsoft today announced due to feedback from the Xbox and gaming community they have changed “certain policies” regarding their controversial digital-rights management features of the upcoming Xbox One.

The details are listed on the Xbox news site, which is being hammered left and right, resulting in errors when trying to load.

According to the site Giant Bomb, the changes in DRM are the following:

  • No more always online requirement
  • The console no longer has to check in every 24 hours
  • All game discs will work on Xbox One as they do on Xbox 360
  • An Internet connection is only required when initially setting up the console
  • All downloaded games will function the same when online or offline
  • No additional restrictions on trading games or loaning discs
  • Region locks have been dropped

If accurate, this represents a complete 180 degree reversal on DRM, resulting in a significantly more competitive devices against Sony’s PS4, which has none of those restrictions. It also shows how Microsoft is more than willing to listen to user feedback on their device, which is still months away and can be changed significantly.

We recently wrote an editorial defending the contentious policies with most of our audience agreeing that in fact these rules weren't too off-putting.

We’ll update this story as more information comes in…

Update (Confirmed): Via the Xbox blog, Xbox head Don Mattrick writes:

"An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360."

Source: Xbox Wire, Xbox Wire 2 (official blog post); via Giant Bomb; Thanks, Auric J., for the tip


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Microsoft repeals controversial Xbox One DRM policies [Confirmed]



get ready to carry them ;). or buy them digital and have Access to them but you cant resell them or share them.
this is what it says in blogpost or the thing xbox team did.
"These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray."
that i guess answers most of your first questions :P
and i dont understand why Microsoft would want to benefit peopel complaining about this? why you have to do it? if awesome feedback apparently dont want it. well, lets make it the old way and end the problem. why Microsoft have to "solve" anything? if you are adding a feature and people dont want it, remove it all.
and well... you still have to install the games, just have the disc on it. so multitasking doesnt have to be affected that much. I guess it depends how much it will read the stupid disc. but you wont in those few seconds Im sure.

I'm thinking or least hoping (praying?) that the family share abilities are still intact. I imagine they would be considering that it would require an internet connection constantly. What I sense their saying is IF you do nit have internet 24/7 you can play as you always have on the 360/PS3, but if you do then you can access all the sharing abilities because its still possible to check authenticity. That's my thinking. I'm hoping its true because if not.. I'm kicking multiple rocks and leaves!!

Yah read some other stuff about it. Pretty much BS. Now the X1 is just a 360 with 1080p and 60FPS, really offers no incentive to buy one over a PS4 other than games. If they nerf the cloud based games like Forza, DR3, and Titanfall then they will be making worse decisions than if they just stood their ground and  believed in what they were doing. 

Generally, in business you will do better if you stick to your strategy, instead of changing it everytime something goes wrong or gets tough.

So that's all it had going for it, to not use a disc and trade real games? Nothing else new from Microsoft?

Thank goodness Microsoft listened. They shouldn't even have thought about that bs in the first place.

I can't wait to get my PS4. Sony's PR team has done an amazing job so far for it. Hopefully they will continue to keep the average gamers in their mind first.

OK... I have to say I am disappointed about not being able to share games anymore... I guess you can't have both world so now it would be stupid of me to complain about that.

Its good they are listening to people but I would rather have the benefits of digital only myself. Maybe they will keep the family share option etc. alive for digital downloaded games.

They need to have an option for DRM. I was loving the idea of installing Call of Duty Ghost one time to my account and playing it on any Xbox one without the disc. But now no. People who were against it, you can pay for the extra call of duty ghost disc I will now need to play against my son in the same house... Stupid...

This is very good news for the Xbox community - they had to give in eventually. However I am still mostly put off by the high price (especially here in the UK) and the requirement to have Kinect, which would be useless in my tiny room!

Correct, but unfortunately my room is so small that I have to be crammed into my bed with the TV next to where my head rests, on the right. There is little to no room for me to move about. The only features I can see working are voice recognition (a nice touch) and Skype, but for gaming unfortunately I think I'll have to be mindful of what I buy - don't you agree?

It means you stair at a blank screen if you don't insert your disc. Or you can play the digitally downloaded game you bought.

There is no stopping. I was at and the mocking, laughing, bitching, joking, fanboy battle, is still going on.

I'm still significantly more interested in the PS4 because of how well Sony works with indie devs (and how poorly Microsoft does), but with this change I'll actually consider getting an Xbox One for exclusive titles sometime in 2014/15.
Also, to those claiming that Sony, or Sony fanboys, are somehow the cause of this... Microsoft's DRM plan disappointed many Xbox fans (myself included), the real hardcore Sony fanboys weren't going to buy a One to begin with, so they had no investment in the situation.

Um... what? I'm not allowed to care how indie developers are treated if I'm not an indie developer myself? That is ridiculous.
As someone who enjoys playing games I care a great deal how they are treated because the platform that is easier for indie developers to get on will get more of those games. Microsoft has increasingly soured their relationship with indie devs, which is why Sony is getting better indie support, and also why I am more interested in the PS4.

and then the awesome sharing feature was just a dream we had :D. thanks for listening to Morons Microsoft. if i didnt like you so much and there were other altenatives i would seriously think to leave you.

What if he means both?  And yes while it is primarily a gaming console, I believe the point is that MS wants to expand it to be more than that.

Can't see this impacting any of the non-gaming entertainment features. If you're connected the system should still be able to update itself in the background.

Thank you.  That's all the information I needed.  This is pretty much about the gaming community, which I'm not a part of, but the editorials and comments around the web today regarding what's lost/gained didn't clarify how this would affect the other audience Microsoft is attempting to reach with Xbox One.

Buying a video game console for non-gaming purposes is quite stupid, no offense.
You have 99€/$ boxes that do the same thing (better, actually).

You don't have to be connected to the internet to play yourself anymore. You can play alone all in the privacy of your own den!

Its a step back as they have potentially removed the good features such as sharing your digital library with up to 10 people. It was ambitious if flawed but a shame to see them change their policies

Because I was hoping to go all digital, but it looks like I won't be able to because I share my games with my kids.

Now I can buy an Xbox :) so damn excited lol was about to be a Sony player after all these years but now I can keep getting my halo on! Woot

You are a troll who ruined a good thing for the rest of us smart people.
"A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them." - Steve Jobs

I don't believe I'm a troll but if you see me as one that's ok by me. I just don't remember anyone asking for all the restrictions that were imposed on the end user. If I remember correctly the PS4 was applaudedfor doing the opposite of what MS was doing. Even on the jimmy Fallon people were super excited over the lack of crazy control Sony was not imposing. So if anyone is a troll sir it would be you, the minority in this discussion.

I know that people were not asking for it.  Hence the Steve Jobs Quote.
"A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."
It is 2013 and we will be using our game consules the same way as we used the Atari.  Must have the Disk/Cartridge.
Cloud based gaming was the future.  Unfortunatly, many like you just aren't ready for it. 
Not wanting this is a knee jerk reaction.  People didn't even fully realize what it was, but they didn't want it becuase it was a change.

I get that but your not understanding that people like sharing their games more then once..parents like saving money at gamestop...people like renting from gamefly...suddenly microsoft and you want to change that without warning or reason other then because we can. What Steve jobs did was create new products that fit a new catagory that was either not working or needed a new approach where as this is just doing it for the sake of doing it. Xbox was never broken, actually it was doing better then all the others. Why change what was never broken?

Why change what isn't broken?  To Innovate!!
You post shows exactly what I was afraid of.  You didn't want something and you never bothered to even know what it was.
XBOX ONE was going to let you share more than once.  You could share with up to 10 people and infinite amount of times.  No need to give them a disk at all, you could just text your buddy and tell him "I just added you to share Halo, enjoy!)
You would still be able to sell and buy at game stop.  They would just scan your game and you would lose the lincenes to play it.
and get this, you would be able to buy and sell digitally.  There would be a whole new market to buy and sell digital game "licenses" without leaving the couch.  So, instead of going to the xbox store and buying a new game, you could just go and buy a license used.  How is that not better?
But all that is now gone.  At least you can give a disk to your buddy

This is all fine and dandy but when people can't get online we just say "tough shit buddy looks like your not playing a game today". They moved to fast assuming everyone is online all the time and even though I can afford internet why should those who can't be punished? Actually Its already been reversed so hey whatever :)

I do agree that the fact that everyone can't get online is a problem, and obvisouly this move was a little too soon for people to handle.
But, it was going to be awesome and it is too bad people shot it down without even understanding it.
Cheers, sorry i called you a troll :)

Sorry but your stance only promotes one thing. PIRATING! I don't care if you agree or not. What gamestop and game sharers do is plain illegal. That's that. Truth hurts.

Lord only knows all the illegal things we do on a daily basis that we don't know about. But you know what Microsoft was never crying about gamestop or pushing lawsuits...sooooooo yea

wait, I am confused.  Now I have to argue the other side.
Selling a game that you are done with or loaning it to a friend is NOT pirating.  And, it is certaintly not illegal.
It is an old archaic way of doing things, but nothing is wrong with it.

You don't have to wear yourself out arguing with us lol look you have your points and I would have probably gotten it anyway but can we agree no matter what the new killer instinct is gonna be awesome

Yea I was exited about no discs, this ish gonna lag out the ass with discs especially the voice commands to start a game where I left off

I want them to somehow implement family sharing they put easier DRM features so they make sure they have the game and make the option to turn on family sharing! Otherwise arms should be off somehow I think they can do it with out DRM but Microsoft won't let off!

The up in arms vocal minority of hardcore gamers that cried all over the Internet about the DRM stuff was too much of a risk to damage their sales.  As we all know, the sheep follow those who scream loudest often, so hence this is what we get.  Oh well...

Lol. I'm done with Microsoft. They knew no one would buy the thing, so they took all the restrictions away. That's great, for now. They could put them into place at any time. The fact that Microsoft would even consider putting those restrictions on gamers has sold me the PS4. Sony cares about their customers

No Sony cares about selling a system that is all I had both but as far as support/software Microsoft >>>> Hardware>>Sony
They wouldn't say shit till they saw what Microsoft didn't do eff Sony

No Sony cares about selling you an Atari. Disk based games is a joke. It is 2013. Thanks for delaying the future.

Why the hell are disc-based games a joke? I'd rather have a physical copy of my games than to have to wait forever for them to fucking download. And plus, Sony is offering every single PS4 game as a download. Know your facts. Even the PS3 had game downloads. 

Yes, but you can't share or sell downloaded games.
With the XBOX One you were going to be able to do just that.

You could play the games while they download, jerkweed.
You NEVER owned the game itself, only the licence to play it. If you owned the game, you'd be the developer/publisher - capische?
The One will have all games to download, the 360 also has a lot to download, you argument makes no sense.

Excuse me? PSsheep? I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3. I prefer the Xbox 360. I also have a Windows Phone and a Windows 8 laptop. I like Microsoft, but when they threaten to steal my freedom, then I will not buy their product. The Xbox One, as of their old policies, was allowing for companies to tell ME what I can do with MY copy of a game that I purchased. Unacceptable. It's also very immature of you to call me a "PSsheep" when you know nothing of me. Just because I don't like one product of Microsoft's and like one of Sony's does NOT mean I will follow the company until I die. Grow up.

oh. Boy. Here we go. Damn if you do damn if you don't. People say they do not listen to feedback, they listen, and people still find ways to complain.

This is just flat out cool. I admit I wasn't a fan of some of these policies but the fact that Microsoft actually made changes based on public feedback is just awesome. I love this company.

Because you still live in the past and refuse to move forward. Physical media will die. You just made it take that much longer.

The digital library feature and sharing games with up to 10 people has been scrapped too? I hope not as I quote liked th discless features!!

Holy shit, dat damage control.
Still... weaksauce hardware, no japanese library, 100€ more than the competition, mandatory kinect, probably less interesting exclusives than PS4 and no self publishing. I'm sorry for Remedy Games but I'll wait for Quantum Break on Steam.

So region free?? Or just that you can play games on your own console without being locked out due to the region your IP is in?

Can't remember who's the guy at MS who said if you have no internet go buy a 360!!! I guess he is kissing his own ass right now.

How about family and friend sharing? Can still play my digital downloaded games on any xb1?
So does this mean my friends and have to buy the same game in order to play with each other? I could have played a ton of my friends games for free! Is that gone?

You can play your friends games. You just need to have the disc with you. Or be signed in to your account if it is digital.

Incidently, this is PRECISELY the reason why I don't buy ANY XBLA games or games on demand games. If my kids want to play it I have to either let them play on MY TV or I have to go transfer my profile to their console (so I can't play on mine either).

I absolutely love the fact that hundreds of posts spell out in great detail that this is indeed a bad thing and people are still cheering it every other comment. You lot are half monkeys by the looks of it. We just lost a tonne of features and progress because you want to buy cheap discs at blockbusters, despite that theyre all closing down

Why don't they give you a option to enable family share, an game with out disks, but to use them you would need a 24 or 32 hour check in ?

Can't do both
Either every single console must check in every 24 hours to make sure more than one person isn't using the same game, or they can't allow games to be played without disks.
Otherwise you could just buy a disk, install it, set up family share, and sell the disk.

this is my first time commenting at WP Central (love the site). gotta say that i am maybe 1 of the FEW people in the world that thought the proposed DRM requirements were a good thing in the long term. if people enjoy the way steam works i would find it exceptionally hard to believe that they wouldn't want the same on their console. (1) no more waiting in lines at midnight to buy a game. maybe some people like that but it seems borderline caveman to me (no disrespect), (2) i can share my library with people i am close with, without having to lug around a console or my games, (3) the last time i "sold" a game to game stop i was paid a whopping $7, so if i can sell it online to whoever for even $8 i'd be ecstatic because i wouldn't even have to leave my home to do that. the benefits of DRM far far FAR outweighed the perceived "problems". X Box 1 DRM system is way more flexible than anything that can be found on your smartphone, tablet, computer games, productivity software, apps, cable box (yup, read it up if you don't believe me) so it BAFFLES me that people were up in arms about this.
some people may have an issue with this, but i DESPISE it when companies bow to pressure from the ones most vocal. i can give a ton of examples (recently: lowes, a song sounding "rapey" so feel free to ask. that a policy that was so well thought out can be changed because a few people are acting out is poor poor form from any company. u know what's funny...i preordered mine simply for the entertainment capabilities. my kiddos will play the games i buy...and when they go back to their Mom's they can log in and play the game at their Mom's home. When the kiddos go to Jamaica to see my folks they can log in on my brothers XBox and play. i was really looking forward to that feature. and the ability to sell my games for more and without having to go anywhere. it seems that people have a problem with publishers making money on their art. i would rather publishers (big, small and indie) make money on their craft, continue to employ people, contribute taxes to the country and towns...than to have them go out of business because people want to have their cake and eat it too. i will bet my left testicle that even with these DRM restrictions gone people will still want $20 games, huge discounts on games released a few months ago, etc etc etc. reminds of a saying, give a man an inch and he'll take a mile.
Microsoft takes 1 step forward...people gripe (mostly because they don't like AND understand change)...cave in...take 7 steps back and to hell with creativity and progress.
on another note: if you don't have a Windows Phone, BUY one.

how people don't see the benefit of this is beyond me. as a poster said "we have to be brought into the future kicking and screaming". the share with 10 people was fantastic. all 10 people buy 2 games each and we all have access to 20 games. anywhere. on anybody's machine.

i have a question - how is only buying two games and getting to play 20 really supporting the devs and publishers? i dont see it any different than people buying used games, as far as the pubs getting there cut.

See what happens when people are f!!!ing cry babies I was totally happy with the new ability of the Xbox one. People are never satisfy with moving forward into the future wants the same old stuff that do the same old shit. Damn Microsoft why did you give in

And this is why we can't have nice things. Great job guys. You got your way. They just took away half the coolest new features. Now I am seeing less and less reason to buy an X1.

Thanks Trolls
Why must we always be dragged kicking and screaming into the future?  Cloud based gaming was going to be epic and open so many doors.  Now the XBOX ONE is just like an atari as far as games are concerned.
Good call idiots who complained.
And shame on Microsoft for listening.  What the hell?  It was the one time I wanted Microsoft to not listen to the people!
"A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them." - Steve Jobs

I'm sure the software will still be in the Xbox One so that they can enable it if they decide to switch back though. Hopefully.

From what I've been reading you have to download a patch on day one to get the Xbox One to work without DRM policies. Can I just reject the patch and use the Xbox One how it was supposed to be?

I would take an option to still have DRM I kinda got over the policy changes since I'm always online anyway....only fair to developers

Narrow minded people afraid of the future and holding us back to what is inevitablely going to happen anyway, we are going to miss out on some interesting cool features that MS was going to bring along with this

So what happens with the multitasking and fast switching games in a instant? Now you will have to find the disc, put it in, then switch. Asinine. The original idea was better and more advanced. This is becoming just a enhanced Xbox 360 not a new console. There were plenty of features that set the Xbox One apart from the PS4 and now that list is dwindling. Way to go guys.

I was willing to buy Xbox One even with the old policies, with 2 pre-orders already locked in place.
I was so sure Microsoft will do or change something about it before the release, but didn't expect it to be that soon and in such a way.
Well done Microsoft.

I am stunned!  Happy, but literally stunned. 
I thought they'd wait until PS4 killed them at Christmas to fix it. I definitely have to say thank you Microsoft.

I'm upset about this like many others. The way of the future would have been so much better than the present. The Xbox now has to complete on normal terms. It isn't all that much different than the PS4 now. I wanted a console that adopted a better Steam model.

I called this way before this happened? They had no other reason not to do it regardless of the benefits. I am just glad they do it now so Sony ca break a sweat and try something crazy before their console hits the market.

NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!! The "game discs work just like the Xbox 360" means that we will ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE THE DISC IN THE DRIVE. That is insane in 2013. I would gladly take MS' previous proposal over this totally backwards move.....

Not totaly true, if you dont want to have to put your game in the drive, buy all your games digitaly. Then you can play them with out the disc in the drive or need to be online.

Everyone is freaking okay with Steam on the computer. When Microsoft trys to go the same rout everyone starts to freaking cry, but yet everyone loves steam.

Read thru most of the comments on here and you will see many here agree with you.  I and many others want the Original DRM.

I hope they make it an "OPT IN" option to have there intial DRM policy.  If they could somehow link the DRM policy to your Microsoft account if you choose to Opt In to the DRM policy that would be great.  I believe that would appease everyone then!

PS4 doesn't have these restrictions it just leaves it to developers to use whatever DRM policy they want; which is even worse.

This whole situation blows. I don't want to lose functionality. Can't us people who want to be constantly connected keep that functionality? I mean wtf...i was 100% behind microsofts vision on this.

Microsoft are very good at a great many things, but one thing they're abysmal at is PR. Credit though for saving face and making these decisions, ultimately don't think it will impact sales, but they surely, surely have to start learning from these mistakes to prevent them happening in future

I don't like it i prefer it the new way. I don't want to have to put the disc in all the time. I want to be able to log in a play my games anywhere with out the disc. I want to be able to share my games with up to 10 family members.
I am upset just to please the people that are moaning we lose the next gen features that i was looking forward too. Now its just a new console with better graphics.

Like some of you here, I too thought Microsoft will do a complete 180. Why?
There are several reasons, but Microsoft should have really thought this out before going all gun-ho with their Q & As as responses from key figures were not uniform.
I for one, just placed a pre-order for the day one edition (not because of the huge U turn but thought I'd do it before I forgot again lol) as my older brother will be getting the PS4 sometime later.
Anyway those who think the DRM would have ment steam like prices (meaning substantially cheaper than retail store disc prices).. they are more or less the same as disc based prices sometimes disc based IS cheaper, i.e. i  bought defiance PC version off Amazon for £18.99 couple of days ago whereas on Steam it is £34.99
There are games on that steam still sell for full retail price, where as in-disc based outlets they are considerably cheaper. The reason being there is no competition to Steam, this is true for any digital store, last i checked games on the PS Store games also went for full retail price that was like a few weeks ago  and I hear the same applies for xbox 360, why would this be any different for Xbox one or playstation 4 games?

Well, I hope everyone that complained is happy, because everyone that was looking forward to the bright digital sharing future of Xbox One, including myself, sure won't be.

Oh well, maybe things will change again at some point.

Sucks when the people that are catered to are those that don't take enough time to look at the benefits that well and truly outweighed the downsides.

I'm ok either way regarding the DRM. I'm more disappointed that Xbox One will only be released in late 2014, almost a year after the initial launch.

I hope they turn back after launch.  This is so, so disappointing.  All the great features are now gone.  I'm not happy at all.  I might cancel my order now.  I'm that pissed.

In my eyes its a sad day for gamers! The future of gaming was upon us & now we have just a high powered current gen! Nothing revolutionary like xbox ones original plan. Its such a shame that the internet has given the twat a voice that has killed off such a great idea! I shall still be purchasing the xboxone on launch, but feel rather sad that its not the true version!
All the people complaining will be the retards that play call of duty 20hours a day on xbox live (or psn) constantly connected to the internet, but the 24 hour checkin becomes an issue & for what reason? There isn't 1!!! Come on people get with the times now is the future & xbox one was it!
& talk about paranoid, kinect always listening to you. it listens for 2 words (xbox on). what are you worried about? Your clearly upto something wrong if that scares the everyday public! Come on Microsoft you can win this war still your exclusives are awesome & in my eyes you could have won before the change with that alone!

For me the region blocking was the only problem, sad they dropped no disc in drive requirement and 10 family members.
There is still no reason Microsoft cannot fine tune all these thing after all there is still 5 months till release.

Ugh, this is very disappointing. Their original strategy was much better, just poorly explained. They should've had a PR team from 6 months ago onward explaining the benefits of their original strategy: digital and remote sharing with up to 10 people (awesome), accessing your library on any console (awesome), games that grow thanks to cloud computing and digital downloads and updates (awesome), not having to lug around discs or pop discs into and out of the tray to play them (awesome). Instead they did no PR and let Sony do a PR coup (I really hate Sony right now for holding back the industry. If they had just announced the same features instead of trying to cheaply sieze on public misconception, all would've been fine, but instead they ruined everythign and now Microsoft has reneged on their awesome plan. Also, for those people who keep whining about the Kinect  being bundled in: please stop before you ruin that for everyone too.


Like so many others here, I'm disappointed with this also. But, I'm not surprised. Everyone seems to blame the very vocal ones. I'd think there were other issues that caused Microsoft to reverse course. Ever since the launch, I wondered how this was going to play out with the EU. I'm sure the company would have found itself in trouble again due to the DRM. Regardless, it sucks :(

Guys, it's already happening, PS4 has become available for pre-order on several online stores while Xbox One is selling out

I can't believe at the whiners on here. People are actually whining about something you buy to have recoupable value. Now if you buy a game for $65 bucks you have the ability to sale it after you beat it or get tired of it. I see why America has so many foreclosures, bankruptcies, repossessions and being hounded by collection agencies. People aren't wise with their money. You should never buy a game you can't easily resale. That's like flushing money down the toilet. I'm just stunned /saddened by the ignorance.

but that the thing, by law your not allowed to resale the game its illegal actually read the ToU of your games... also reselling games makes the studios go out of business for they don't get a cut of the resale just the initial sale (gamestop makes all profit from resales while studios see none)

I had to register to add a comment on this.
There's a simple solution to get both sharing with family without 24 hour checkings.
What microsoft could is implement a sales system.
Xbox must get online while installing a game right? Microsoft can do two things at installation.

  1. Tie the game to an Xbox account (with whatever)
  2. Check to see if a game has been sold.

I.e. the seller must go back online and set the game as sold or transfer it to another person's account before the game can be played somewhere else.
Also the xbox website can keep track of where a game has been installed and only complete ownership transfer after the other consoles have logged on to the internet, to wipe off the game.
If this is done, the owner of the game, can still share the game.

So I'm assuming this means the [seemingly] awesome cloud system they were planning is gone, too? My only REAL complaint was the 24-hour check in due to being in the Navy. I almost wish they hadn't changed any of the DRM if so.

Good news for everyone who wanted this change.  I hope everyone that complained pre-orders one now.  You demanded change, you got change now it's time to support it!
I was interested in the family sharing since I have friends in other timezones we could have capitalized on that sharing across single player games.  That's OK, though, I'll live either way. 
Do you know my favourite thing about this news? 
My favourite thing is that I won't have to shift through thousands and thousands of online articles about how bad this is and how it's the end of the world.  Really, the past few weeks have been sickening.  Yes, I don't have to go online and read stuff but it's kind of a habit. 
It's good people are passionate about things, but a lot of articles seemed to go well beyond passionate and into some sort of fanatical hate. 

Agreed! Was on board with XBO and the pre-180 because it's how we buy most online digital content for a more integrated experience... games and the family share would have been amazing!
If only there was some sort of benefits for the people who want to download their games online as opposed to the disc model now implemented...
Then again... can't win them all can you?

Nooo they should not go back on x1 policy. I want original x1 policy without region lock. Everything else should be as it was. Instead of going back they should have opt-in where in at first login you just have to choose.
one of the feature i liked and wanted is gone now.

I think it is good thing to do from Microsoft.  I'm sure the things that Microsoft planned to do for the X1 is great, and that's the future.  But the thing is, how practical are those things for the present? Future is future, but the priority is the present, I don't thing those always on connection, 24-hour check-in and DRMs are approriate for the present.
If everyone else (Sony and Nintendo) are doing the same or similar things, then yes, they can all do it together, but if Sony and Nintendo is not doing the same thing, and Microsoft is doing something different that most people hate (most, not all), then it is a bad thing for Microsoft.  
Prepare your hardware/OS to cater for future scenarios, but slowly implement it a step at a time when approriate should be the case, instead of doing all of those at once and get all negative response from the crowd.

Not surprised that Microsoft reversed their stance on the used games and online check-in. It was a foolish move on their part. I keep seeing people shout about how "progress" was blocked but it really was a one step forward and two steps back thing. They are learning the same thing Sony did when they tried to implement a similar system with the PS3 when it first came out. For those saying the "vocal minority" won, I have to laugh as it was a huge problem for both casual and hardcore gamers to have the restrictions proposed in place. If it was the minority why were PS4 pre-orders blowing up after they announced no obvious restrictions on their games? Saying the people railing against the Xbone policies are the minority is wishful thinking.

Really strange. First everyone is complaining. Now they give in and people complaint about that. I for my part hate that they gave in. I would have loved to share my library with my friends. The biggest bugger is that you have to use your disc again, I hate discs. What's next. Bringing the One for 499 without the Kinect? In the end we'll have an Xbox 360 with better hardware but old downsides...

Sorry for the double post, but scrolling takes ours. I wanted to mention that we have to hear the noisy disc drive again. Man, I wonder if preorders even go up after they changed this

For real, Don Mattrick should be fired for this mess. After saying stuff like "you cant go on line, get a 360" and the PR mess that HE personally caused by what he said.
If they got someone to give the whole story, not bits and pieces... it might of been better.

Bah  I have 3 360's in my house now time to give PS4 a shot.
MSFT is confused all they seem to do is fk things up.  WP7 > WP8...W7 > W8...and what the hell is up with the suck that is RT.
It's time for MSFT to change leadership.

I guess someone has to make the dumbest post on the board.  Let me see if I get this right, because Microsoft dropped the DRM stuff you are to switch to a system without DRM?  Are you the same guy that said since Windows 8 doesn't have a Start button, you were going to buy a Mac (that doesn't have a start button).

Lol. I've heard so many people say that they will buy a mac because windows 8 doesn't have a start burton and the first thing I ask is "oh so the mac has a start button?"

A lot of people here seem confused and disapointed.. so alow me to explain a few things on how the world of business works.
1. Microsoft and Sony don't give a crap about any of us, but they do love our money.
2. Microsoft saw Sony getting all the money and didn't like that.
3. Microsoft made changes to try to recoup some of the money that they weren't getting because of some stupid decisions.
4. Money talks, crying fanbois walk.
I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings some of you may have had about Microsoft loving and caring about you.

"We recently wrote an editorial defending the contentious policies with most of our audience agreeing that in fact these rules weren't too off-putting."
What? Boy, are you delusional. The vast majority of people were incensed with these restrictions. The editorial clarified the reasoning behind such implementaitons, but in no way did the majorify of us agree that they were acceptable. Please don't misrepresent your readers, I implore you.

Wow, so once again, Microsoft caves to the whiners who are apparently incapable of adapting to the new.  Just like the Start Button.  Progress held back by the weak.  Lovely.

I All they had to do for me was remove the 24 hour check in rule so that I could play even if I was without internet.  I travel and sometimes I'm without internet. I get the drm part of Microsoft was doing but I didn't get the region lock. I don't mind buying a kinect as I would have anyway.  I just don't want my Xbox One to only work with the kinect attached.  Like I said I travel,  I guess I'd still be stuck packing around a kinect, ugh!  I think this is a big deal for some people to, I know several people that are going to pass because they don't want a Kinect.  I think that Microsoft should rethink this (kinect) as well becaue it is a barrier for some people.  I guess they've done cost annalysis and figure the extra $100 bucks for every console they sell will make up for any lost sales.  I ordered my Xbox One on the first day it was up for pre order.
I was thinking more about it and all Microsoft had to do for me was allow me to play no matter the internet connection or region if the game disc was in the console.  The only issues I had was the 24 hour check in  keeping me from playing any games and having to keep the kinect hooked up to use the Xbox One.

While I'm happy they've done this, I'm sad that installing games is no longer a requirement, at least from what I'm reading. If it still is, then excellent, because a lot of us readers know that read/write/transfer speeds on today's hard drives are faster than optical drives and that would reduce lag and load times!

"It also shows how Microsoft is more than willing to listen to user feedback on their device" - Are u kidding me. They just change their policy because no one buying Xbox one and it turned out flop already before even releasing the Damn thing. Just try not to make us laugh.

I don't believe it. It's just to push sales. The policy will be change to the 1st one after a year.

Now, I really like the fact that they reversed on the 24h online checkin and the disc based games.
I do, however, not understand why MS wouldn't take the middle ground here. Have disc based games behave like they do now and opt for the new licensing model for downloaded games that would allow for the family sharing (which would, of course, need an online connection or at least a 24h checkin to work on the console).
This wouldn't even have to confuse the customer, all the xbox one would have to do is pop up a message when the user tries to play the game "You need to be signed in to Xbox Live to play this game", just as the 360 does now when you try to launch an XBLA game on a friends 360.
The point is: people are not willing to accept a new licensing model for their disc based, expensive console games (console games are considerably more expensive than their PC counterparts and there are practically never discounts for disc based games like there are on steam) but were willing to accept a new licensing model for their Games On Demand or arcade games, provided they would have benefits over the disc based games (either steam-like discounts or being able to share the game within certain limits)

Thank you Microsoft for listening to your fans!! Pre-ordered the XB1 on day One (when the DRM was still in place). Now, I'm even happier! MS 4 the win!

When Microsoft comes up with the final move, they should let the user choose their own path.
one goes to the original plans, and showing all the benefits you will get from that path.
then have the strict less DRM path, and what benefits you will lose from the original plans.
just wishful thinking.

I can understand that microsoft was put in an extremely hard place. Now, in this digital age, the internet is used more often now than when ps3 and the 360 for came out. All the crying, complaining, memes, and Reddit, convinced users to give anything xb1 negative reviews. All sony had to do was "out do" them, and they did by mentioning everything xb users complained about. I wouldnt have minded the discless gaming, and everything else w/ the original.

Pardon me, but why does Microsoft not allow us to choose which DRM set-up we want?
So, by default the console does work as "Normal DRM Mode" aka "xbox 360 DRM". BUT if I prefer the PRE-DRM xbox one, I just have to switch to "Always Online Mode". If I switch it back it will disable all my shares. 
I do NOT want to have a built-in DRM, I want to choose. Why?
I prefer the "Always Online Mode", but if I go on holidays or somewhere else (shit happens) and want to take my console with me, I just have to switch to "Normal DRM Mode" / "Offline Mode" before I disconnect the console.
Microsoft can we have the best of the 2 worlds?

Why not allow us to place games (with a cd or reg key) into my online libraray (cloud) and then "check them out" onto a physical machines to play.  I could have it downloaded on multiple machines, but crippled until the check out key is set (and DRM verified).  Once checked out, I can play forrever or until I check the game back in.  
When checked in, I could check it out on whatever machine I want, or even loan it to a friend (limit "friends" somehow to reduce abuse).  The checkout key (DRM) could only be on one machine at a time.
So you could check out your current 5 favorite games and go on a trip, and loan out a couple games to friends at the same time.  You just would need to be online to check in and check out games from your personal library. 
I'm sure I missed something, but just a thought.

Seems fine to me. :)
As long as we have an option to play offline without compromissing the future DRM of sharing games with our friends/family!
I am sure that microsoft will do it, if they have the will. They don't have to do it, but if they do ... xbox one will be definitely the best console arround.
When will we have a meeting with microsoft? :D 

By becoming region free Does this mean that Xbox one would be available in December also in the European countries that weren't in the list??

When you see your shiny new hardware being made fun off at a popular late night tv show, you have to do something. Its not that Microsoft was wrong. I in fact loved the forward thinking setup. But maybe the world (& whiners) weren't ready for it yet. The same thing happened with the tablet pc years ago and then the iPad comes in and is hailed as the greatest thing ever. The Microsoft PR department needs to be kept in line. The company makes fantastic products otherwise.