Nokia shows off precision in the Lumia 925 camera with new ad

Nokia has published this promotional video on its YouTube account that shows off how the company has managed to construct the camera that's featured in the Lumia 925. The new flagship Windows Phone has a sixth lens when compared to the Lumia 920, but still sports the same OIS (optical image stabilisation) and improved apps and software tweaks.

What's more is you get to enjoy the awesome tune that's used for Nokia's latest adverts. More than your eyes can see, folks.

Source: YouTube


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Nokia shows off precision in the Lumia 925 camera with new ad


Here is a question, will EOS feature the 6th lens found in the 925 plus OIS? Along with the software improvements and any other improvements the camera is going to be amazing. I hope they compare the S4, i5, and HTC one with EOS and EOS blows them away.

I prefer this to the 1020 or whatever. I don't want a fat phone. When they make a new flagship, I hope it is like the 925's slim and elegant design, but 32GB and better specs.

The aluminum EOS will have the silm body you want. And from previous leaks it seems much thinner then the polycarbonate EOS.

Unless Nokia comes out with a hexadeca core, 3 TB onboard memory, and a 4000k resolution display then don't bother. I mean, everybody's flocking to the latest tech, ya know. 6 lenses? Woo, big deal. I hear Android is coming out with a camera that will spit your photo out of the side of the phone. You just wave it around a little so it will dry and BAM. Instant pic. Take that Windows.

Too bad Google printed a copy and sold to there advertisers. And that new nifty app you downloaded copied it and wiped you phone at the same time.

But hey it the biggest phablet available with NFC that doesn't wait to be asked for your money it already gave it.

I <3 WP

Most people don't understand technology, why bother... The idea is good, but an add that is fun, has a line sticks better in hollow heads...