Mobile Nations site apps for Windows Phone and more!

We all know Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Windows Phone Central are the best places to go to for your Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone news… But did you know we have a whole family of apps purpose-built to free you from the shackles of your desktop computer?

Below is a quick roundup to connect you with these awesome apps. Download and install. You'll be glad you did!

Official site apps

Windows Phone Central App

Developed for Windows Phone 8 and 7.5, the official app of WPCentral.com is your guide to absolutely everything Windows Phone. There's live tile support, and our developer (Jay) is found lurking around our forums on a regular basis to take your feedback and suggestions. It's good, real good.

$0.99 - Download now

CB10 App

Available for all Z10 and Q10 owners, the official CB10 app was designed and developed by our own Marcus Adolfsson… and to say it's awesome is an understatement. The app recently won the 'Best Built for BlackBerry App' award at  BlackBerry Live 2013. I use it all the time on my Q10 and Z10, and highly recommend you do the same.

Free - Download now

Official Android Central app

AndroidCentral.com is the #1 Android community on the planet. Connect with Phil, Alex, Jerry and the rest of the AC crew via the official AndroidCentral.com app, available for free in Google Play. You'll get the latest from the blog (of course), but inside you'll also find widgets, forums access, podcasts, and much more.

Free - Download now

Official iMore for iPhone app

The iMore for iPhone app is hands down the best way to enjoy iMore content, no matter where you are. It's a free download, available right now on the iTunes App Store.

Free - Download now

Important Note: We're planning to bring the official app experience to every site on every platform. The CB10 app for Windows Phone? The iMore app on BlackBerry? Yeah, that's coming!

Forums Apps

If you're a forums junkie, you should install our forums apps. Now. They're powered by Tapatalk and are readily available for free via Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

  • Android Central Forums app for Android: Free - Download now

Note: While we'd love to have the app available for iOS, for some reason Apple has a habit of rejecting anything to do with Android Central.

So there you have it. No matter which Mobile Nations site you prefer (and hopefully you love ALL of them), we've got an app for you.


Reader comments

Mobile Nations site apps for Windows Phone and more!


Why only WP Central app is paid and others are free?????
Window Fanboy Answer-    It's worth it. 
My Reaction - hahaha...so others not worth it?.....oh! come on just admit it WP sucks when it comes to apps. (I am not talking about only WP Central apps but other apps too which are free on other platform but paid in WP store)
WP is always disappointing when its comes to apps.  Even the normal apps are paid.

There's a free WP Central app on the WP Store too, with ads. Can't understand why you are still complaining

You didn't read my comment properly. This app is just an example. I am talking about other apps like all angry bird,cut the rope etc game which are free on other OS but paid in WP. And for your information ads support apps have some restricted features which can only unlocked by paying but other OS are getting it free.

Can't understand why are you still defending WP , when you can clearly see WP is a failure when it comes to apps.

Except that if you are reading WPCentral you probably have a Windows Phone and thus can't get any of their other apps. Sad day guys.

They said they're trying to make all the apps available to all the Mobile Nations platforms. I'd like to have an app for iMore on my phone to make it easier to access the site.

Unless the WP8 version for AC has been vastly improved, its trash on WP8. I DLd and was turned away from the lack of luster on it. Just access via net. Don't expect it to be as great as WPC but when you can't even swipe screen its show shit for quality

I thaght IOS and Android also paid app.. why only WPcentral is a Paid and other are damn free??

FYI: I bought WPCentral app in Windows Store

The ad supported version functions great tho, so you technically don't have to buy it if you don't want..

So u imply that CB10 App, Official Android Central app, Official iMore for iPhone app and
their Forums Apps are not of quality hence FREE? hummm I think NOT.
Even if there is a price for the quality whatever happened to ad supported version as an option.
I think WPCentral WHOULD INTERVENE if at all the app is not home brewed (not in house).
After all it’s their reputation on the line and above all the convenience of WPCentral FANS.
There is a WPCentral Forums app for Android & iOS also Free but no WP7 or WP8 app at all kinda funny actually :P
Thanks iboypx for taking this up. #respect

I don't have those devices so I can't check but are they free and ad free?  Technically the WPCentral app is free with ads if you download the trial.  99 cents is if you want to ditch the ads and enable a little more functionality.

I get your point @phirefly but to tell u the truth I did not install it in the first place for the sole reason it was trial which means limited functions. Ads I can live with but the reason I wanted the app was for the live tiles, toast notifications, offline reading and these aren’t available. This "little more functionality" is like the major reason anyone would want to use an app over m.wpcentral.com or a RSS reader. Right?

It's great to know that developers are working to go cross platform for every site. Hopefully one day, we will have all these apps merged to one Mobile Nations app?

and its also a ONE DOLLAR app... who doesnt have $1 today?... if someone thinks its "too much", (even though they are in wpcentral because they have an expensive smartphone, so i guess they would have $1)... well they can use the trial and dont have access to some "premium" features, that paid app bring, you know, this is what trial doesnt give you:
"The available trial is ad-supported with only the video section, live tiles, toast notifications, offline reading, wallpapers and the podcast player disabled, all other features are accessible."
so if someone doesnt like the wpcentral app business model and what features trial doesnt give, they could also use m.wpcentral.com, and problem solved

I wish, I WISH, you guys would collaborate and build a "Mobile Nations" app that combines all four sites into one unified experience where I could jump between WPCentral, Android Central, iMore, and Crackberry. Ideally, you could make four separate Mobile Nations apps, each one with an interface tailored to their respective platform! But this ability to traverse the different websites in one app, having access to each site's news articles and forums, would be absolutely INVALUABLE! I may own a Windows Phone, but I like staying up to date on each mobile player no matter what device I own, going to each forums and reading the discussions taking place there. Right now, with just my WPCentral app on my Windows Phone, I do not have this ability, but I'd sure like it!
Is this a viable option for Mobile Nations to implement? I'm not sure, but I personally don't feel this is a true "nation" without some form of unification of the different platforms.

While I do agree with you, Windows Phone's slight lack of apps doesn't deprive it of a browser.. You have the ability, always have done... Despite that, I do think a unified app would be something awesome.

You are all proving that you don't read this site properly. WPC is a paid app because Jay is not employed by MN, he just works in conjunction with them. The other apps are made "in house" so the cost just gets soaked up in MN.

That raises even MORE questions. How come all other platforms from MN get "in house" love and WPCentral doesn't? It is like Microsoft's support for its own platform.

That's no excuse. The $0.99 is sticking out like a sore thumb. All these apps are fantastic contrary to what trolls here are saying so it doesn't make sense for WPC to be paid. If Jay isn't employed by MN then get someone who is and ask him to make a FREE app.

i hope there will be a promo like having the full version for free for...like... 2 days or less. sort of like that.

Dude it's hard work to make an app you know. you pay money use alot of resources it's better than what shit you make compared to Jay's

So, should we convince MN to employ Jay? I must agree that WPC app is a really great one!! But the lack of payment method just angers me! And I can only request WPC team to make it free, may be for a limited time?

Do you buy coffee everyday or any other sort of drink? Take that cost an annualize it, compare to approximately $1.08 and then we have a basis for comparison :)

Those extra features are the ones that go one step further than a mobile site or even other platform apps can go, so they are the premium parts

I access WPC thru the tile on my Start Screen. But would love to get notifications and all through the app. WPC has given me some really awesome news about great promotional offers and thanks to the team, I have some premium apps on my WP for free (promotional offers). WPC is the best site!!

Why WPCentral is the only one need to pay? I have no problem to pay, but wanna know the rational behind it

I had to laugh at this. But seriously though, Apple does not make crap, their OS is not just as fun as WP8 in my opinion. They have more apps but that's about it.

Just got to say guys, it gets pretty tiring trying to defend 2 years of hard work, listening to feedback and fixing up bugs for £0.79. So to those who are defending me, thank you

Gotta really suck to hear so much trash from folks.  Imagine if there were public comments on their work every day...  Personally, love the app.  I think it's great work, and I appreciate all of the updates and tweaks!

Like many of us, we live in WPCentral through your app and its still among the best in the Marketplace, so keep it up, your doing great.
My thoughts is more in the line that with a great app like yours and a big corp like MSFT behind the OS, and MN having "news" for WP, why aren't you employed by MN already? Why is the third biggest platform the one that seems to have a distance in the MN network?
I find "lets talk mobile" nice and all but I never thought of WPC as a part of MN, so it feels really strange (and I don't mean it in any hostile sense) to see MN news now. If talk mobile is to be uniting us geeks, then why not first create equal situations, really unite the network for the supported OS's.
Now my bad English hopefully makes sense.
P.s. I know the answer is not for a thread here so I expect non. But I just had to speak up because everybody ( and very visibly u Mr B) at WPC is supplying my needs and I am thinking the WPC crew is not getting the backing it should, that's at least the picture the rest of the world sees I guess judging by all comments. If there is a problem, its not at WPC, its at MN so bring your questions to them. I have no knowledge about anything about "behind the scene" but I feel that WPC is leading\helping to drive the Microsoft platform forward so believe me, WPC is more important than a lot of other sites (your our Nokia) ....aha, I'm talking in circles, I love you guys at WPC and I get a feeling that you are the odd ones at the party and Daniel always looking like he wants to leave when in a MN podcast. End of rant and hopefully I didn't piss anybody off and I got my point home. English is not native.

I purchased your app without a second thought. It is just 99 cents, if people can't afford it, why do they have a smart phone? It is one of the only apps I use daily, it is *that* good.

So amazing how many folks complain about a freaking dollar.  It's a great app.  Pay it and enjoy.  A DOLLAR, guys?????

You can login to your Microsoft account, payments link and at the bottom center of the screen you can add another form of payment

Funny how wp8 is the only one charging money. (even though the trail is fully functional minus a couple features)

Jay, don't sweat these EAASL nimrods. I started with the free trial, in 2011, and followed quickly, with 99¢, in gratitude, for your hard work, and obvious quality. I'm sure the other devs who build the MN apps on the other platform are compensated directly, or by ad revenue, which could scale up well, based on the massive volume and scale of those platforms. WP, as the smallest community, would obviously provide less revenue, based on scale, and dev cost, would have to be supplemented, by a token fee, I should think. For those of you, who want to crap on this man's work, then just use the mobile site. Don't complain, if you're using the free trial, because moochers don't get that right. Those of us paying for your free lunch, applaud you, for your over-frugality (you cheapskate m0f0s).

So I think there needs to be an article on why the WPCentral app isn't free to clear up the confusion.

Absolutely love the app, I use it everyday and it's exceptionally beautiful. So thanks Jay for all the hard work, I very much appreciate it.

Lol so many people crying to make the WP Central app free. Btw hope to see a mobile nations app in the near future. :) And Jay ignore those newbies.. We love you for the effort and dedication you put into developing the app and keeping it upto date.

My Lumia 920's screen broke so for now until I can afford to replace the screen I am using a HTC One VX, not a bad phone.... definitely found it's limits thou lol, Anyways to my point! I was just wondering this morning if there was even a third party app for WPC on android and low and behold in my feed on FB I see that all MN sites are multi-platform now and that's AWESOME. Thanks guys!
edit: even if it does look like tapatalk/XDA lol

The WPC app is worth all 99 pennies. I'd paid two or even three hundred pennies for it. Great quality, always updated with new features and fantastic support. All that is missing is a W8 app which I know is in the works. Keep up the good work Jay.

Jay, just because people were not appreciating what you do for the app, and community I finally bought the WPCentral app. Keep up the stellar work!

I'm so hoping your comment is a troll because the answer has already been given multiple times in this thread.

jay, i know the cost is pretty much worth it... but can you make it free for 24 hrs so these people will shut up, including me? lol. pleaaaaase! :( i have payment method issues too like sarim_xyz, so it's quite a hassle for me to buy apps.