US government shows how smartphones can help save lives, merging the iPhone and Lumia 920

The US government fired out the above promotional video, which has been captured and uploaded on YouTube. It essentially sends out the message that smartphones (and mobile phones in general) can save lives just as effectively as other technology. A weather warning is demonstrated on a Nokia Lumia 920, but it's not showing a Windows Phone screen. We're looking at an iPhone.

Sure, it makes sense why the team behind the production would prefer to show the most popular smartphone UI in the US on that device, but it's great to see them consider the award-winning design of Nokia's Windows Phone hardware. Mixing the two together is just weird, especially since they didn't even fill the entire Lumia 920 display, making it appear to cut off. Why not just use the Modern UI?

via: WMPU; thanks, John, for the tip!


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US government shows how smartphones can help save lives, merging the iPhone and Lumia 920


Sure this system is gonna save lives, but merging a Nokia lumia 920 with iOS surely isn't.

It wouldn't work. Their Irish overlords would probably do the suing...and we already know that they don't pay the taxes they owe.

Hilarious how people use "should of" instead of "should've". And don't get me started on "your" and "you're" screw up!

They did something like that on one of the first episodes of Arrow -___- got me happy when I saw the Lumia, but mad when they quickly changed it to an iPhone on the same scene

hmm... sure it wasn't just the other character's phone?  I noticed in Arrow a STRONG Microsoft promotion, but there was always one or 2 character who didn't carry Nokias or Win 8 products.  One was the 'Arrow hotline' that Ollie gave Dinah, it was (and alwasy was) an iPhone.  And I'm not 100% sure, but I think some of the more business-characters, like Ollie's step-dad, had a Blackberry.

Truthfully, I like that its mixed up... its a little unrealistic to see every single person in one TV show with the same exact phone (yeah yea, I know... we're talking about Arrow of all things...realism isn't something that should come up...)
But otherwise, I do love seeing the Nokia's and Win 8 machines in that show.  Makes up for all the iPhone and Macbooks in every other TV show.

You have all missed the point, this is just Cupertino's road in to legal action against Nokia for stealing the Lumia design from the Fruit Loops. Obvious really.

Apple and Microsoft had agreed in cross patent licensing, so they can't sue one another in that agreement. But for the US gov, they can sue it.

What crack are you smoking? It's the 920....get your eyes checked, the logo is just blurred out but its definitely a 920.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Why not just use an iPhone running iOS or a lumia running WP8?

Half a$$ government work, what do you expect. I remember meeting a woman that rights government policies on mobile phones, shocked me when she said that she really don't know anything about the products she writes theses so called policies on.
Useless ineffective workers doing half A$$ work. Lol

This is actually quite common, even in the private industry. Policy or instruction writers will take input from the people who know that stuff. It comes down to dollar allocation. I can pay someone making $30/hr (or more) to write documentation and policies or pay someone $15/hr to do it.

The intentions of the video is to let Windows Phone users about the Amber/NWS/Presidential Alert system implementation coming (which Microsoft is two years behind in terms of compliance, among other things discussed by yours truly).

That's cool and I think most people get it, my argument is that you don't preach about electric vehicles by show a BMW M5 with interior shots of a Nissan leaf. If you're gonna do something do it right. Do not half ass it.

But I already have that option on my Verizon 928.  Is this not on other phones?  Under messaging options, there's Emergency Alerts.  I can turn on Amber alerts and set what emergency alerts I receive, options being:
Presidential only
Presidential and Extreme alerts
all alerts

It's on my 822 also. I've gotten both Amber alerts and NWS alerts. Threw me off the first time it went off...I was like "What is that sound!?". It makes the same sound you here on the radio or TV.

Not sure how WP is behind on compliance. I receive all those alerts on my 822.
It appears that AT&T is the one behind, as they are the only ones not putting it in their WPs.

I get amber alert on my Lumia 521 all the time, but my 920 doesn't get it. I guess it's a carrier feature and not a software limitation.

A Nokia device running IOS would be effing heaven. Just think about it. Notification center, bright backgrounds, apps that function properly , Microsoft apps

Isn't it possible that this is simply an app with iOS trimmings running on the Lumia? The whole thing is running from within the boundaries of the app, right? Can't they make the app look just like they want? What am I missing?

I think it's because Windows Phone doesn't support the EAS (Emergency Alert System).
A few days ago, we got some harsh weather, and so all these iPhones were buzzing around me with alerts, yet my phone stayed silent. Heck, even basic feature phones got the alerts.
I don't know whose fault it is, but it kinda irks me. Anyways, more on point: a Lumia + iOS hybrid? Gross, no thanks. How would that even work? iOS isn't designed to work with three buttons or a camera button. Likewise, the Lumia isn't compatible with iOS APIs. They must've done some serious work to get that hybrid to even turn on...

Not true, I've received an alert (tornado warning) from the NWS on my Lumia 928. Still have it on my phone, it was a text that read:  "Tornado warning in this area until 8:15 PM EDT. Take shelter now. Check local media. - NWS"

It's on my 822 also. I've gotten both Amber alerts and NWS alerts. Threw me off the first time it went off...I was like "What is that sound!?". It makes the same sound you here on the radio or TV.

That's funny.
Also funny in the video is after "dad" gets the warning, his face is pretty funny. I imagine its the same face Clark Kent has before he dashes into a phone booth to become Superman.

Sure, the US Goverment saves lives by merging technology.
That's exactly what the NSA is doing with PRISM....
If Edward Snowden only understood.

Remember kids, Uncle Sam saves lives. No matter what anyone says they do.

I was just going to ask that question.  Would kind of be nice if we were able to get them.  Anybody know what the reason is?

From the info I have seen on Ready.gov ( ready.gov/alerts ), the CITA site about WEA ( http://www.ctia.org/consumer_info/safety/index.cfm/AID/12082 ) and AT&T’s site it looks to be carrier and possibly phone hardware OEM dependent.  AT&T also states ( http://www.att.com/gen/public-affairs?pid=20107 ) that they have chosen to offer WEA within a portion of its service area, so it looks like they don’t even have the service in all of their markets.  I guess the question would be if the Lumia 920 currently has the required hardware/software and AT&T just has not enabled the service for their Lumia models or if the Lumia models AT&T has don’t have the needed hardware/software like the Lumia 822 Verizon has.  However, unless Verizon has not updated their list ( http://support.verizonwireless.com/information/wea_devices.html ) of compatible phones the Lumia 928 is not listed.  Verizon does list the Lumia 822, the HTC Windows Phone 8x and the Samsung ATIV™ Odyssey as compatible.
Also refer to the FEMA fact sheet on it for more info: http://www.fema.gov/library/viewRecord.do?id=7249

Didn't think many brought the 822, how do you find it? Do many ppl ask about it? I don't think the carrier gave it the credit it deserves

I'm not the little bit bothered with iOS on a Lumia. Actually, given the slow pace at which Microsoft updates WP and their lack of effort into bringing Apps to the platform, I would welcome Nokia to put iOS in the Lumias. And I don't even like Apple.

Anyway...if the US Government tries to convince you of something...keep in mind they're just trying to spy on you.

Pouring money isn't enough. They should make the platform more flexible. The amount of restrictions without appearent motive helps keeping developers away.
I'm not saying "open your legs" like Android, but loose up the restrictions a bit.

Ummm...did anyone else notice that not only was it a 920 with iOS on the front in blue...when he picked it up it became a White 928...?

Looks like a white 920 when he picks it up to me, the back of it looks like the 920.  It also looks like a white 920 when it is on the table.  I think it is the lighting in the room that is causing the white 920 to have a blue hue.

I noticed after a friend showed it to me on their computer is looks white as well...and the backs are more similar than I thought.

you can see the area around the hardware button is clearly white.  if the phone suppose to be blue it will be cyan, not something like light cobalt.

Just make smartphones unique by leaving them as they are, NOT by merging them! It's the most weird combination, though I prefer NL920 over the iPhone. Is the video edited, or the government hates WP8 so it decided to merge iOS into that?