Rumor watch: Nokia Rivendale

Nokia Rivendale

We’re more than halfway through 2013 and Nokia shows no signs of slowing down. Since the year started they’ve released half a dozen new handsets running Windows Phone 8. Which is actually on point with the message they were giving at CES. More handsets with more variety. That’s certainly true with devices like the Lumia 520 for emerging markets to the recently announced Lumia 1020 for those on the bleeding edge. But they have 5 months left in 2013, what else are they working on? Prepare for the Nokia Rivendale.

The Lumia 1020 hasn’t even been official for a week and we’re ready to start the next round of watching for rumors and leaks around a device going by the codename Rivendale. The tip comes courtesy of @evleaks, who has been on the money with things like this for the past 11 months. What do we know about the Nokia Rivendale? About as much as you.

The codename appears alongside some others. HTC Z4, Amazon GLP70, Lenovo Aupres and Snoopy. Amazon hasn’t made a smartphone yet. So we’re inclined to believe that the GLP70 is another tablet in their Kindle lineup. Lenovo has only made about three smartphones, so again we’re inclined to think this might be a tablet from the successful PC maker. So what if this was a Nokia tablet? Or, as much as Dan hates the word, a phablet? Didn’t we see an aluminum looking device from Nokia recently? Yes we did. And it appeared larger that a regular smartphone in those pictures.

We have a feeling we’ll slowly be learning and hearing more about Rivendale over the coming months. What are you guys leaning towards? A Nokia Lumia 1020 with 1080p display or maybe a real phablet?

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Rumor watch: Nokia Rivendale


Every now and then I see if BGR has anything worthwhile (nope) and the comments over there...wow. I wonder how some of those people manage to continue breathing. edit: Engadget isn't much better...

Totally agree. BGR's comments have become the slums of the tech world. Be careful there. Don't touch anything.

Thats because BGR itself is very close to the slum of the tech world. Poor and highly opinioniated reporting sometimes with partial facts. Egdgt and the verge are better, mucho better! 

I'll take whatever device that is high end with the best camera and a MICROSD card slot. Until then, I'll stick with my 920.

My feelings exactly.  I love my 920, but my next is going to have to be leaps and bounds better, not just slight spec bumps, and with SD card support.

Here we go again.  One thing is already for sure.  Nokia has at least one more major AT&T exclusive set to launch this calendar year.  Stephen Elop accidentally let that one slip out, during last Thursday's Lumia 1020 press event.  I guess the only question now, is it a phone, a phablet, or a tablet?  Considering that it will be carrying an AT&T subsidy, I am going to lean toward either another phone, or a phablet.  Who knows, could be both.

That they (Nokia) will be having a "much grander/bigger/important" event later this year. I'm guessing holiday season. Watch the video. It's in the end where someone ask how can Nokia conquer the challenge they currently face: sales rep at AT&T stores not promoting WP8/Nokia devices.

Yeah, link for the video? I don't remember anything like that in the main press event Q&A. I would love to check it out and see how he phrases it.

Just search for it on YouTube.. He said something in the line of "we have more things coming later in the year""...

He didn't "let that slip" there will be an L920 successor one year after its launch. That's always been the case.

Nah, the 1020 is a niche phone. It will spread to other carriers soon enough after the stupid exclusivity ends.

There will obviously be a new device (or devices) later this year with 1080 p and maybe a quadcore to take advantage of the gdr 3 update... its a no brainer

The 820 is a 8 series phone, the 920 is a 9 series phone, and the 1020 is a 10series phone... The last two numbers to the right are the generation, so successors would be... 930, 935, 938, 830, 835, 838, 1030, 1035, 1038... With the exception of the 1030 you can say this means 3rd generation Lumia devices, which they will be.. You can count on those being the new names.. Watch❕

It has the big camera/sensor bulge and room for a xenon flash. Don't like the USB on top (if that is the top).

On second thought, it looks like the bottom, with two screws like the 920. So would that mean, the opening is for MicroSD tray? Since the SIMM is on the top of the 92x series.

It also looks rather thin. Since the market hasn't seemed to mind the camera bulge, I think they are going to use that design quirk to make otherwise thinner and lighter phones while still including higher end optics.

Wow Sam, 12:46 am! 
The squared place for the camera sensor is identical to the one in the Lumia 1020, could this have a 41mpix sensor too?

I'm all for new devices... But let's enjoy the 1020 for a few seconds before we race forward to the next thing!

I'm not eligible for an upgrade until January 2014. Only noticed this when I went to preorder the 1020. :( I'm happy with my 920 so guess I can wait.

Yes please. A Lumia 1020 with a bigger 1080p screen and a bigger battery - I'll be sold regardless of the price.

If we could confidently hope that AT&T is getting an aluminium version sometime this year, I would just wait for that.

Waiting for Lumia 1025 w/ 1080p Screen. I wish they introduce Miracast(if possible) or atleast mini HDMI port like Nokia 808 Pure View. Rest it's RockinglyWoW..!!! ^.^

They have DLNA support for the 920. Its called Play to in the store. Better than nothing but micro HDMI out would be nice.

My guess is Rivendale is a metal version of the 1020 for a different carrier, much like the 925/928. Will be out later in the year with same specs as 1020. Lol

Damn, the lumia 1020 hasn't even been released and there's already rumors about another device. Now im really undecided if I should just wait for this new device to officially be announced to see what it is. Or I can just get the Lumia 1020. Ughhhhhh why is Nokia doing this to meeeeeeee

you think that bad probably next year there will be a newer version of the 1020 but quadcore which will get rid of the delay when processing picture, and since it a snapdragon will all all sorts of goodies like it will wake just by say a word like wake up snapdragon, or wave your hand etc, i can think of one thing i'd want that for to be in the picture I could put 1020+ one tripod stand in front of it and say cheese and do a self portrait ., and if it uses the camera array tech you can refocus even after taking photos, which is almost science fiction stuff. And their tablet is supposed to have that as well, so watch out nokia is will be the king fro some time.

I be interested in a high end 4.3" HD+, quad core, lite weigh, thin, modern looking Nokia smartphone. 
I think the 4-4.3" is just the right size for most people and kids.  I watch all these kids - 10 years and older using the iPhone 5 along with adults and it seems that is the right size for most people.  The people with the 4.5" and larger are the younger adult populations that likes to play games and use it as a mini computer.  
I love to see Nokia go head to head with Apple high end iPhone 5S or 6 in design. 

I have this bitter feeling that Verizon will get this baby. Even though ATT gets the exclusive product, the other carriers seem get the improved version.

I'm a big dude with huge hands, but I'm ready for an ultra powerful loaded phone in a 3.2 to 3.5 in screen. Again, someone toss super phone into the Zune HD casing.

A Nokia Lumia 1020 with 1080p display would be great. The screen's what's keeping me from getting the 1020. I don't want a phablet though, just a phone. Unless it had a nice stylus and a ink-compatible OneNote, that would actually be pretty cool.

Wish list (I would have to camp out to get this):
4.7" - 5" Super AMOLED 1080p Clear Motion HD+
Gorilla Glass 3
MicroSD Slot
32 to 64 Gb of internal storage
25Gb of SkyDrive Storage
13Mp Camera (unless it's the 41Mp PureView, YES PLZ!)
2Mp secondary camera
Full HD video recording with dual mic surround sound
Quad Core 1.6 - 1.7 GHz processor (more for the media buzz, the OS works just as fine on dual core)
2500 mAh battery
Built in Qi charging
Accelerometer, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture, gyro, magnetometer, 
Available in Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue
(all other buttons and whistles that we know and love included, ie, Office apps, NFC, BlueTooth, yada yada)

Wish list (I would have to camp out to get this):
4.7" - 5" Super AMOLED 1080p Clear Motion HD+ It will be that
Gorilla Glass 3 Yes also
MicroSD Slot  probally not
32 to 64 Gb of internal storage probally will
25Gb of SkyDrive Storage
2Gb RAM yes, most likely
13Mp Camera (unless it's the 41Mp PureView, YES PLZ!) No even better, it will have a camera array, first in a commercialy availble phone
2Mp secondary camera  probally
Full HD video recording with dual mic surround sound Even better this phone is supposed to do 4k recordings
Quad Core 1.6 - 1.7 GHz processor (more for the media buzz, the OS works just as fine on dual core) Definately will be
2500 mAh battery probally as its bigger
Built in Qi charging probally gonna be an add on as thin is in
Accelerometer, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture, gyro, magnetometer, All that stuuf is built in to the new snapdragons, so it will have some of that and more
Available in Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue
(all other buttons and whistles that we know and love included, ie, Office apps, NFC, BlueTooth, yada yada) Bluetooth 4.0 yes, and hdmi hopefully, well I think that snapdragon has bulit in send to screen function so maybe it wont need hdmi out

Including a quadcore just for the media buzz is not how Nokia works.
Nokia proudly swims against the current, which is one of the reasons I am still a Nokia fan since forever.

By the size of the camera casket I bet it has a 41Mp camera and might also be a 5 inch device. 
if this device were to come with 1080P display and a Quadcore chip it will kill all the other phones out there. 

Too bad it wasn't named Rivendell. Perhaps they can't use the official names from The Lord of the Rings. In that case, let's see them get creative:
Elrand, Roham, Moredoor, Gonedoor, Gondorf, Aragon, Bore-a-mirror, Frida, Sam, Mary, Pipsqueak, Gimme, LEGO-Lass (whoops LEGO wouldn't like that one).

Am I the only one that hates the "phablet" idea? Either do a smartphone or a tablet. I have no use for a monstruous phone that doesn't fit in my pocket nor a mini-tablet that has little more use than a normal smartphone...
That said, I like the Rivendell...sorry, Rivendale codename. A LotR Lumia along the lines of that Batman L800 or Superman L920 would be awesome. But next year. With the third generation.


please oh please be a 1028 pureview on Verizon.........if you are.....TAKE MY MONEY NOWWWWWWW.......and while we r at it, if you have 1080 screen, quad core, and WP 8.1, ill be a happy camper.  I need to get rid of my crappy laggy Galaxy Nexus, and will wait as long as i have to for 41mp pureview on VZW!!!

I JUST started a thread yesterday wondering where the rumors were for a 1020 variant for Verizon and then this pops up. I was thinking about a 928 next month but a "1028" would be worth waiting a few months for.

I doubt this is a variant. Nokia World, Nokia's largest event every year is just 2 mon ths away. They will release their flagship there, like they have for years.
It will be GDR3 device with the now supported quad core and 1080 screen

Speculation, but definitely possible.

Release it on Verizon this year with the 1020's sensor and I'll propose!

looking at that image i think of a lesser pureview with something like 20MP sensor and aluminium body, maybe the lumia 925? more detail is cool and all that but i would prefer a less sharp sensor with 4k recording and slow motion thats funnier than taking DSLR like pictures imo

Wishing for a Nokia Lumia for SPRINT!!!!!
Maybe off-topic: Not sure if this isn't even close to happening yet. But can anybody tell me why Nokia might still be far off from providing a Windows Phone to Sprint?

I certainly agree, but darnnit, Sprint needs to test their Windows Phone market with NEW, HIGH-END Windows Phone devices!! Not nearly-phased-out Windows Phones. How long has this variant of HTC and Sprint been around to other carriers now? Sprint needs to get a high-end Lumia that is exclusively their own. Just like ATT, T-Mo and VZW have already done.

a 1020 with a 5" dsiplay, 2Gb ram a quad core the same camera and a 3000Mah battery in aluminium and my face would melt off :)