Oggl for Windows Phone

Hipstamatic Oggl and Oggl Pro Windows Phone now available with Instagram posting

During Nokia’s Lumia 925 event back in May it was revealed that Hipstamatic Oggl (hipstamatic.com/oggl) would be coming exclusively to Lumia Windows Phones, allowing the more serious photographer out there to share their images on the Hipstamatic network.

Previously available only on iOS and powered by filters and lenses, the potent photo network also allows users to post directly to Instagram via a deal reached with the company in mid-2012.  Besides Instagram, Facebook and Twitter support are also included.

Now with the Nokia Lumia 1020 officially released today on AT&T, Oggl (for Windows Phone 8 Lumias) and Oggl Pro (for the Lumia 1020) will be available today as well.

What is Oggl?

Oggl is a photography app from the award winning company Hipstamatic that includes five pre-set filters, including landscape, portrait, nightlife, food and sunset. Described as "a community for creative people to capture and curate their lives through photography", Oggl is the latest expansion of the Hipstamatic brand into a more robust, photo creation network. You select the preset and snap away, saving the image to the device. Later, you can go back and re-apply numerous filters to it, changing it as many times as you want.

While Oggl comes with five filter presets, users can grab more “Gear” via the store. That gear includes additional virtual lenses and film types, giving your photos a very unique and hip look to them because you can mix and match. To get access to the more advanced gear, it costs $2.99 a quarter or $9.99 a year, but Nokia Lumia users get free access for 60-days to try as much as they like. The amount of extra “gear” is almost overwhelming, ensuring that you won’t get bored with the service. After all, while filters are old for mobile photography, it was Hipstamatic that pioneered it years ago, so they have a lot of experience.

Once saved to the device, you have the option of sharing to the Oggl network, where you can have people follow you or you follow others. Likewise from the Share screen you can post to Facebook, Twitter and for the first time (officially) Instgram.

What’s Oggl Pro?

Oggl Pro for Lumia 1020

Oggl Pro is simply the version for the Nokia Lumia 1020, announced just a few weeks ago. It’s the same as Oggl only that it was built around the deeper Nokia camera SDK, meaning users can have full access to manual control of exposure, white balance, ISO and shutter speed, as well as an auto-level indicator and high-quality zoom.

Such features should sound like the Nokia Pro Cam app and indeed, that is what Nokia’s camera SDK gives access too. Those who use Oggl Pro will get a more fine-tuned experience, giving a notch in professionalism to Windows Phone users who opt for the flagship camera phone.

Functionally speaking, Oggl and Oggl Pro are the same app, it’s just the Pro version is a bit more sophisticated (it’s also a bit more sluggish due to the 1020’s advanced setting abilities).

Instagram finally comes to Windows Phone! Kind of…

Oggl Windows Phone

Sure we have Instance already available to browse and upload photos to Instagram and another third-party solution is coming from Rudy Huyn in the future, but Oggl is the first commercial application that allows you to post directly to the famous hipster network with their blessing. Granted you can't browse the Instagram network, but for those looking for a legal and safe approach to posting to Instagram, you now have a solution.

That’s because back in 2012, Hipstamatic was one of the most popular imaging apps on iPhone, having won app of the year in 2010. However, in 2011, Instagram won that title and instead of going head to head, Instagram allowed the popular app to post directly to the network. That carried over to the Oggl network launched in late May of 2013, the same time frame during the Lumia 925 announcement.

Interestingly, Oggl is available on iOS and now Nokia Windows Phones but there is nothing official yet for Android, making this a rare win for the burgeoning platform (we have a feeling Nokia played a role here).

We'll update this post as soon as we get the Store links...

Update: You can now download Oggl here and Oggl Pro for the Lumia 1020 here from the Nokia Collection.

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Hipstamatic Oggl and Oggl Pro Windows Phone now available with Instagram posting



This app is just meh so far, imo. Definitely not a must have unless you're really into photography. Very slow and buggy. Had it time out many times before my profile was finally created. Also had to restart app a few times to get it to work. Bad first impressions don't go away.

Installed and setup within a minute on my 920, the only slight hicup was facebook connect, but that never works smoothly with anything on windows phone.

60 days free access for Lumia users from today or, as I hope, the day we install it? What about the pricing?

Just read on Nokia Conversations, there's the August 9th deadline to free gear access. You have to create an account before August 9th. Not sure about activating the gears though.

The free app includes five lenses and film selections, but there's a whole closet full of "gear" that you can download, giving you many more filter options. You'll need to sign up for a $9.99 per year (or $2.99 per quarter) to unlock those extra filters, however, though they'll be free for the first 60 days"  --The Verge

Same here: I managed to get it on my 8X with this link.
It's great that there's a workaround some of the exclusive. My next phone will be a Lumia, but it's really sad how neglected people with other phones are. You can't blame Nokia for trying, but there will be loyal Samsung and HTC customers who will want to give Windows Phone a try, only to feel like second-class citizens.
Except for the exlusivity deal, this is a great application!

I downloaded to the HTC 8X too, but the images it saves seems to be really lo-res and the app is really slow and even resets my phone.

you were in daniel's naughty list.. just one good comment is not good enough to get back in the good list. you have to keep doing this till he is happy to move you.

For an app like this it is totally nonsense this can't be for all phones out of the gates... I would blame MSFT for this nonsense really.

Not available for the 521 (says the store) becuase it requires:
1. 1 Gig of RAM (wat. that's ridiculous)
2. Front facing camera (Which just screams narcissism)

I came from 7.8 to a 512MB WP8 device and I feel pretty much the same ad I did back then now. Gonna have to poor more damn money into a 920 or maybe 1020 if it comes to Canada

Wow. I'm seeing more complaints about having a 512mb device than I did with the 7.8 users! UPGRAAAAAAAADE

Some of them can't, and don't want, to upgrade because they just got their 512mb devices... It's okay if they expect a app like this to be compatible.. Now, if they were complaining about a game like Halo not running then I would tell them to upgrade too... Hopefully, in a future update, the app will be optimized to run on 512mb devices for these guys.

I think the biggest complainer will be the Lumia 720 owners, like I am.
We bought a mobile phone sold as perfect for photos, with a good front-facing camera and a very good rear camera. And... we cannot use a photographic app especially thought for Nokia Lumias.
It seems like we've been fooled, and that's not nice. Don't you think?

Fine. Are you paying for all our new phones? Especially those who would only need a 1GB phone for this one app. That's what you're offering...right?

Cool❕❕... I think it's the free 60 day trial to use the extra features that's exclusive... I guess they made it available to all, which is awesome, and smart.. CONGRATULATIONS❕... Lol.

Not for my Lumia 520. Cue sadface. Here's hoping when Instagram get their act together, they will create an app which everyone can enjoy.

Going great for me. This is the first app I personally have come across that I couldn't get which I somewhat wanted. I think excluding the budget phones will skew the company's view of Windows Phone user interest beyond recognition.

I just bought a 520 yesterday so that I could use some of the WP8 apps (I was using a Lumia 800). I didnt want to change my contract or plan, so I went for something inexpensive. Telus (Canada) has the 520 and 620, I didnt think the extra features of the 620 were worth the $100 extra, so I went with the 520. So far, I find it OK, im still getting used to it, it doesnt look or feel nearly as nice as my 800, but it should hold me over until I want to spend the money on one of the high end WPs - likely when 8.1 is released.

Some apps seem to open faster (ie - Facebook, Twitter, IMDB), some seem to take the same or longer (ESPN, Weather Channel). Overall, I cant say I am noticing a huge difference in regards to speed. I havn't had a chance to put the 2 down beside each other and test them yet though.

Same. I'm perfectly happy with my 520 and find its value for money for what you get astonishing to be frank when compared to other devices. Is it as good as devices 3 times the price? Of course not. But it suits me fine for what I use it for.

My bad!! But also says the normal is available for Windows Phone 8 lumias, but seems to be working fine on this phone.

Stuck up at creating username..whatever I write it's saying"already taken"..Is it occurring only for me?..my username is very specific (venu238)..I use it in my social networking so what's the problem here?

This is a whole new realm of quality for a WP app❕... It just shows how far WP has come.. This is the most elegant app I have ever seen❕

I finally got it to sign up. First it kept saying passwords didn't match. Then it popped up a screen saying failure to create profile. Then it said welcome back and it timed out, trying to sign in. Ugh

I guess they are working on it, let's wait for sometime...maybe only Asian countries are facing these problems..

Same problem, went to their website and it has the first username I tried registered under my account, but still doesn't work in the app.

Just signed up with an email address, and created a username (iGeorge), so for me everything is working great. I'm on Lumia 920 btw, and I just linked Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in the app. It is working 100% for me.

Stuck at creating username. I get either operation timed out or the username has been taken, everytime.

Same here, USA.
Their website says that the first username I tried is registered to my account but it doesn't work in the app. Odds are you don't need to keep trying different usernames, its probably already accepted one but something in the app is goofed.

Errors left and right, but I finally got it to work and the app is slow on my L290, app sucks!! not opt'd. so slow!!
Update:  Uninstalled not worth the headache, they need to fix the bugs and optimize it!

Reinstalled it to give it another chance, now everything is working and running smooth...strange! my first impression was not all that good.

The startup time for the app from launch to shoot is really long!

And there's no way to edit existing photos with the app, unless that's how it's like with the original iOS version?

I noticed it too. I thought it froze while opening it, but it was just really really slow.

I don't see why should I regularly pay them if I can get almost the same functionality with much cheaper (in some cases free) apps...

I didn't know hipstamatic was produced by Microsoft... Oh wait, it's not.
Inferior hardware=Inferior app & update support.

I dont care about games need 1GB ram. I dont care for the slow windows phone's updates. BUT if they continue to make useful apps require 1GB then i wont buy a wp again (although very pleased with the OS).

Why not just buy a phone with a decent amount of RAM next time?
I feel sorry for everyone missing out on apps but 1 GB is a device standard at this point... unless its a low end device - in which case you shouldn't expect full support for features/apps.

L620 is my first wp so i didnt want to spend much incase i didnt like it. As i posted i understand the need of 1GB on games but i dont like this attitude with these apps that should run on 512 ram devices.

Because 1GB WPhones in Colombia, for example, are reallyyy expensive! They still sell the stupid L900 for over 1 million.

This 1gb restriction thing makes me feel that i made 2 mistakes

1) getting a windows phone
2)getting a 512 Mb ram phone

People who brought 512mb phones are feeling cheated now....n stop saying oggl is now on windows phone, its now on 1 Gb ram windows phone only

Daniel, I think according to the WP blog, oggl is for all WP8 and oggl pro is for Lumia 1020 only. The article title was slightly confusing

Oh... Okay... I already blaming my connection for failing the account creation... It seems almost everybody experience that...

Yea some thing is jacked up. I entered email, password and username and say is Create Profile Failed. Second try takes me to the top again.. and again i entered email, password and username. Now it says username already in use. SO I logged in through hipstamatic.com and guess what they already me and my username registered. So now if you already have an account what can one do?? Hipstamatic you didn't really think through did you??

Same here. I went to the website, and I already have a username associated with my email. Why the hell would I need to select a new username if I have one already? Way to get off on the right foot, Hipstamatic. Unuseable.

What about the guys with 512 mb ram devices?
"1 GB" my foot!!
Over a decade ago used to play GTA Vice City on my crappy PC with 256 MB RAM. Its becoming a trend to somehow discriminate consumers with low-end phones on almost every platform except iOS, cos it have no low-end devices. Earlier,256 MB RAM was min requirement for WP7 & Lumia 710 with 512 MB RAM enjoyed all the premium apps leaving behind the poor 610 & 510. And now 512 MB RAM is the min requirement for WP8, hence the guys with HTC 8S & Lumia 520,620 & even 720 are suffering. I know that games require superior graphic performance that low RAM devices can't afford but this is not the case with apps.
They say only 1% apps are not compatible but those are only the much awaited apps on the platform.

Anyways, am glad that this time I bought a high end Lumia 920 over my old Lumia 610.

Yeah, the "99% of apps work" is a useless measure. Let's see how many new 520 users get pissed off when they see how left out they are, not only in the general world of apps, where WP is already suffering, but also within the WP app store. They will not be happy campers.

They are having a lot of problems with their service right now. The tweet was without caption, but the image link (with preview) was fine and also on Facebook but when one goes to their site took like 10 minutes to show the image after a few failed attempts where seemed broken. Also the user account was failing to open using the desktop version. Btw I took me like 30 minutes to download all the filters (one by one) because the scroll is really bad. The app in general is very slow charging the content. http://oggl.in/Q8z0/

Lol, wp independent developers of unofficial clients (Instagraph wp7/8, Instance, #2instawmassiveluv, winstagram, [6tagram]) are better than all these big companies :)

That it doesn't work on the 520/521 is a bummer. Front facing camera and 1GB seem like arbitrary requirements. If WP developers are going to see success, they will have to develop for all devices.

You bought the cheapest device available. You shouldn't expect these things. Of course you can hope for them, but this shouldn't come as a surprise. People with the 820...those have more of a reason to be disappointed...

However...be that as it may, don't be. Those of us who got the App can now experience all the errors, bugs and sluggish behaviour it brings with it...enough to say "f*ck this" and go back to the combo Instance/Instagraph+Photo Editor.

I couldn't care less if it works for me. My comment was regarding the requirements and the market situation. If WP developers keep leaving popular 512MB devices (not all are the cheapest) out, they will suffer and the users will be pissed off.

It'll be the same thing then, unless all devices have 1GB (already 1020 has 2GB).
My points are 1) that consumers buy cheap phones and expect it to be slower, have less features, not as good camera, etc, but they still expect an app released for the OS version they use to work on their phone, and 2) that developers are missing out on a huge market by being lazy and not optimizing for 512MB devices, and it hurts both them AND the consumers.

just wait for Rudy Huyn's Instagram application and see how everyone will stop complaining about Oggl, cuz' nobody will use Oggl.

The amount of hate towards the app, they obviously didn't look for people needs before design, they were like " lets build a camera app" :S and that's how it looks like, doesn't sign in, and not available for everybody! Devs are you stupid? I do t think so, then why such idiotic moves.

The sentence "Hipstamatic was one of the most popular imaging apps on iPhone [..] in 2010" cracked me up. That's what we WP users get excited about. ;) yes, I know Oggle is now on WP before android as it says in the article. It just made me chuckle. :)

can't login to my account that i made on my iphone a couple months back. not a problem though. maybe itll get fixed soon. dont go blaming ms for the 1gb ram requirement. you get what you pay for. besides, its all up to the developer to optimize the code. its not ms' responsibility to hold the devs hand and walk them through it. 

First it jacked up my Facebook account and said it had been compromised so logged me out of everything. Then the app wouldn't upload to Facebook, so I reinstalled, now I can't log in. Mess.

I second that. Don't expect a Toyota carolla to have the same features and benefits as the Toyota Avalon.

I know it's not an OS limitation. That's exactly what I mean. In theory they'are selling that ALL their current devices have the latest version but they don't tell you the fragmentation inside the OS itself. Yes, it's the only OS that needs 1GB to apply some filters or whatever. If that's they way it's going to be; I guess Vine, Path, etc. Will need 1GB of RAM too. And Instagram if it ever comes.
And yes, I understand your argument but this is not a high quality game, it's just an app for photos? 

Hey that's not really the point. Maybe you should try out VIXL first, the recently released app that allows users to apply real time filters, not to photos but videos.The greatest thing is that it is available to 512 MB devices too. I tried it on my gf's Lumia 720, & the experience is pretty satisfying.
Hipstmatic should learn something from them.

Finally got the registration to go through... Turns out, I don't even want this app. I don't need filters on my phone and I already have a way to post on instagram & Facebook.
Kind of lame, maybe I'm missing something?

It took a while but, I gave it a while reopened the app, signed in and it worked.
Most likely the first username you tried went through, its just not reporting in the app. I don't what the problem is, but it eventually just went through.

Won't let me create a user name. The app times out and gives me a bogus message saying the requested username has already been claimed, no matter what I submit.

they should add in the article this app is NOT for all Lumias...512Mb devices are out, that means 520,521,620,625 and 720! honestly, that's rly significant since 520 and 620 are two of the most selling Lumias (i think 520 is 1st and 620 3rd) and 720 is advertised as an amazing low/mid-end phone for pictures (like a 920 for those who cant afford)...what a shame on this company :/

Just to counter the immense negativity here: Great app, beautiful filters, great it's on WP (in your face Android). The bugs will be fixed. Can't wait to play around with it.

I look forward to the day when people just go back to posting the real pictures and not add crazy, pointless filters. ((when was the last time someone said, "that's a great filter that you used?")).

Is there a discover tab, where we can follow some people doing nice work with the filters like Instagram? I tried to find people, but everytime it just returns with no results!