Instagram reverses course on security measures? Instance working again but with a limitation


Instagram has reportedly altered their security measures one more time today as users are now reporting that posts are sticking via third-party Windows Phone app Instance. Indeed, we can confirm via our own account that the third party app is working, but there is a catch: images are posted as private and not public.

Why the sudden change? We have no idea, though possibly there was some bad PR that Instagram was facing with the earlier move, which is said to have not been deliberately targeting third party apps. Of course, this has been a wild saga over the last 24 hours and for all we know, Instagram may make some API changes yet again to re-start the problem. Your guess is as good as ours. 

But at least for now, Windows Phone users can pretend that they’re part of the “it crowd” by using Instance and other third party apps. (Still want a backup? See our earlier post on two other methods that will work for the foreseeable future.)

To recap, Instagram changed their API for posting to their service in the last 24 hours. The measures were said to be security related to prevent spamming and other potential problems. According to Instagram’s PR, third party apps were not purposefully targeted, though it did have that side effect--any non-authorized app posting to Instagram would have their image deleted within 15 seconds. Windows Phone developers Rudy Huyn and Daniel Gary were trying to work on a fix, with Huyn reportedly figuring a work around via his PC. However, getting that fix into a Windows Phone app was going to be a challenge. Luckily, they may not have to do anything.


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Instagram reverses course on security measures? Instance working again but with a limitation


looks like something will need to get adjusted in instance, cause 6stagram just posted a public pic

If Oggl allowed me to edit and post photos that I took earlier, it would be the perfect app... So far, I haven't found a way to import a photo from my gallery though? Anyone?

No kidding. Personally, I don't care about Instagram, but many do, and they only hurt themselves by this kind of nonsense. Good on them, though for the quick reversal. Maybe it was indeed an unplanned side effect.

Nothing :( my last picture was a photo of my laptop together with my Surface RT, seems like nobody sees it ..... so sad ... 
Best regards!

You need to clean your greasy lens off :)
Unless you are going for the "beauty shot"?

I've found that, with 2InstaWithMassiveLove at least, images still post, but they aren't public. I can see them if I'm logged in, but no one else can.

I´m switching to Photoplay. Instagram can keep their service. Photoplay is just as good (or even better) and supports the top three platforms. Already got some of my friends converted or using both.

This just might finally make them turn an about face and finally allow MS to publish their app...

I was getting excited that it worked ..... seems like only i can see my own pictures  :( 
Best regards!

Instaraph is working fine been 2 hours now no privates no deleting. Thought u can only share 1 image per day from the free app. And paying for just instagram uploading service? Naah

So what's the point then if they aren't public? Can they be changed to public? If not that's still useless guys...

So, when the pictures are made private, that means no one other than the user who uploaded them can see them, right? Like, followers can't see them either?

I believe that private means that it treats your account like a private account; meaning that only your followers can see it.  However, when you set your account to private, you have to approve followers.
I am confused!

no, i think only you yourself can see them, even users that you allowed to follow you can't see them

So it is as good as not being able to post then.
I guess I will just pull the images down from Skydrive on my PC / Surface and post from the web.

I was able to see pics of Daniel Gary a few moments ago but moments later it dissapeared .... I thougt it was working again and that Daniel was testing a few things but sadly it won't work normal ... 
Best regards!

who knows maybe he was erasing them. if they were just tests. seems to be uploading and sticking for me now.

Maybe he can make it work somehow... Maybe, it's time that we as WP users should all head out to Photoplay and stay there. LOLz. At least that one's official. :D

Fhotoroom is cool, but feels a bit disconnected. Hipstamatic is so limiting as I can't upload pics/images from Picture Hub except those taken using the app. No Fotor (my fave), Fhotoroom, PicStitch, etc.. And also, even if I can live w/o Instagram, I don't know if we can convince a lot of people to grow our community as WP users.. That's a deal breaker as of now.

Curious as to why Fhotoroom feels disconnected. Is it because it is currently Windows Phone only?  I follow them on Twitter and they are in the later stages of an iOS app, as well.  I've also noticed a LOT of growth in Fhotoroom lately, so you might be surprised.

I hear you on Hipstamatic.  I was excited for about 24 hours, but it constantly crashes and when it crashes, you lose all of you "gear" that you downloaded so you have to go back an manually redownload each "lens" and "film" filter.  

Yes, exactly. It's like a popularity contest, Fhotoroom has to come to other platforms and have those using iOS and Android fall in love with it, and move on from the likes of Instagram. Personally, as a WP user I love it, I even had changed region settings just to install the version w/ social networking.

ok, sorry if I´m spamming but... try Photoplay http://photoplay.net/ .. made my day. No instagram upload, but is a completely rivaling service. You just need to have a few friends install the app and you´re fine...

I have that, too. LOLz.. Love Photoplay as it allows more than square-y image upload.. What's ur username, I'll follow you..? :)

If that were the case they would make an app for WP, I think you can account any change to stories from the Verge, Engadget, Google tech news, etc.

I think all WP users should just start posting hundreds of pics a day.  1) to drive them crazy as they change their API's 2) to show how much of a market they are missing
Probably wouldn't change anything but it would be fun

Ah so it is private - and I have no idea how to change privacy on an individual photo from either the web interface or Instance...

A private account means you have to approve followers.  People can't find your pictures by searching for hashtags.  It does not mean you are the only one who can see it.  Your followers can.

MS should just go anti and yank all their Office apps out from other platforms. Just for a month! I want revenge.

Well, they actually care about their customers, so I don't see them doing it. But I agree it would be awesome, sweet, and funny!

Instagram is tired. There, I said it. And it has nothing to do with not playing nice. Its like buying new designer jeans only to rip them or poop on them for a vintage look.

So if I had my account as private - meaning I have to approve my followers - it should be working?

Hopefully this is a sign that they are about to drop a Windows Phone version of Instagram, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Path can be EVEN faster to do that, but why Instagram can't, and give a promise that is irrelevant for us, WP users?

The reason no official Instagram client for WP exists is that Kevin Systrom (the CEO of Instagram) positively hates everything Microsoft.

The whole app ecosystem things is beyond fustrating. Windows Phone is auguably easier to develop for, and Microsoft is more than willing to "help" you get your application out on its platform. It makes no sense that you would intentionally blackball a platform and its users.
If they don't want to make the app themselves, I'm sure it would be more than worth their while to let MS make it, or throw a few dollars to one of these great 3rd-party developers and let them make an official app with you overseeing the project.
Windows Phon has the best phone camera now, but no instagram --even though pictures get mostly degraded by using the app.
I'm just tired of the only reason reviewers give WP a bad rap is because of its app ecosystem. Although it is still a valid arguement.

I agreed with you, that's why, people will often give a bad rating for WP just because of lack of app selections. But just think of it, they don't even realize that some, or even most, apps in their phone's OS store (e.g. Android) are malware.
Another thing that I agree with you is, Windows Phome is much easier to use and easier to develop, while maintaining its beauty and usability. Just take a look at its Live Tile.
But, the only reason why WP gets only few active developers is devs can get lazy easily when there are other OSes with different, really new design language, and that's what WP offers! Did you know? Apple's iOS and Google's Android have nearly same interface which make devs can get easily adapt. Windows Phone is the only OS which gives totally different, either in its interface, its effects, or in its design language.

Well, FYI, Instagram had promised to announce its app just long ago since WP8 release, but up until now, where is its promise? Path is one step forward than Instagram, and its devs even had showcased the screenshots of their app for Windows Phone!

I don't want an official client. Instance can save images to the library whereas this can not be done from the Official Clients.

Welp, I'm done with this. If Instagram wants to be a bunch of babies, fine, I don't have to be a part of it. I did pay for Instance, but at this point, I see it as more I paid a developer I like to keep working. :)

Don't care, shut down my accounts, instagram and facebook can rot, for all I care... This is ridiculous.

Any one else having issues getting the Instance app to natively share the image to Facebook as well. It worked fine yesterday, but now it doesnt upload to Facebook at all. I have both the twitter and FB  boxes checked within the Instance app before sharing. It goes to twitter fine but facebook doesnt work.

Be careful a few days back my Facebook page was marked as spam after uploading pics from instance,had to go online and confirm my account,and had to reinter all my passwords.

Yeah I had the same problem. Didnt seem to big of a deal. Just had to confirm it again. Not sure what that was about. ..

Weird, I forgot about that, same thing happened to me too. Had no idea why my FB was claiming I was at risk of spamming so they shut me out. dicks!

So what is the best way to verify if the Picture is set to Private after posting?
EDIT: it looks like the photo I posted using Instagraph is not set to private.

I clicked on the last image I shared from Instance on the link on my Facebook page and it still came up "page not found," but when I logged in, I was brought to my account and found all three photos I'd posted up there. Just a shame that they're no longer shared as I'd done.

So lets reverse the earlier blockage but in doing so not allow pics to be public, good move on a social photo sharing service! bunch of childish planks running these companies I swear!
I like Oggl even though it needs tweeking around the edges but this doesn't help folk who own handsets that can't run it even though there is a gentlemens agreement that these two can share a bed.

If you look at the About Us profile, @kevin used to work at Google...so it's not hard to see what an obnoxious pr0ck he is >=/

I'm so SICK of these Jack*s and their high-falootin exclusionary ways! I have half a mind to trek all the way to their home base and put a bird on it! >=/

I just took a picture of BIGFOOT on a unicycle and uploaded it to instagram!  To bad you guys can't see it now.

Instagram was a nice app now it's crowded with massive advertisements and lost what we like, photography

Such total assholes. Glad only one person I know socially or professionally even uses this stupid POS service.

Hmmm.  How badly do F'book, Apple and Goog want M$ to fail? Pretty badly I expect, based on this. I imagine that there were a few calls placed by M$ lawyers wich involced the word "anti-trust."

It's so funny how well-known rudy huyn is, all of my friends with WP know his name and at least one of his apps ^^

So, if only the account holder can see the pictures, what is the point?  Confirmed my followers can't see the pictures I am uploading now

Facebook, why don't just merging Instagram with yours into one social media? That's more SIMPLE than just make a regulation like that.

If Hipstamatic paid to use the API, why can't Microsoft or Nokia do the same? Seems ridiculous to me

Im not currently a WP user but this is bull.  What the hell is wrong with Zuckerberg?  Just build a freaking app for WP already and put an end to all this nonsense.  It's rediculous at this point.

i dont have an instagram acocunt but my wife does, so what the difference when posting pics that are public vs private. i can only assume private is only viewable to people you allow to follow you, correct. if no can some one explain the difference, so i can update my wife on the instance app

No, I tried that. For me, its not just photos from today that are showing up as private, its all of my previous uploads from Instance

I'm currently using WPgram as my instagram app. Because it uses official api's it still works fine and allows you to see videos. For uploading pics I use Instagraph. It sucks to use to separate apps but they are both very reliable apps if you need your Instagram fix. Give it try and see what works for you.

one would thing that Instagram would be willing to add another OS to its ecosystem while the App is still very popular, as social networks usually don't survive -popularity wise- for more than about 5 years. I really just don't understand why Instagram's "developers" are acting the way that it is...maybe some investigative journalism can be done in regards to this too. hmmmmm.....

Simple reason: They hate everything Microsoft. This is not so uncommon among bay area residents more so if they work in tech.

It's like companies WANT WP to fail... I read on some other website, that a large advert company took away the "and available on WP store" from an original design because "it wasn't big enough"
Now instagram does this. What benefit does this give them REALLY? 

I can't login through Instance any longer. Says username or password has changed however if I just go to the instagram website it lets me login.

Well facebook (instagram) love google (android) for letting them do the facebook home launcher for android devices; microsoft hates google bcuz .. well bcuz microsoft hates anyother company that is better than them and that's why they do those stupid ads that you would only see from haters; so google told facebook (cuz this is how it works) to deny instagram app for WP. WP8 users leave WP 'cuz basically  there is no instagram app for their devices (and instagram is a must have app for your device). This is like apple quitting youtube, google maps and google as siri search engine, so this is an endless war. 

Seeing as Google and Facebook are rivals (remember Google+?), I'm not sure why they'd be colluding against WP together...

This is more a case of gross negligence and arrogance on Facebook/Instagram's end, whereas there is an all-out turf war between Google, Apple , And Microsoft

Wow incredibl back to square one. I dont get why instagram and google are neing so greedy with the instagram app abd the youtube app. Microsoft is too nice id be deleting things rught back the fact that they use windows Os in thier offices to make these apps really gets on nerves.i love my lumia and hope this issue gets fixed asap big instagram user here..sigh..FML....

Even though i can log in fine via PC, instance is not letting me log in.  Is this part of those changes?  anyone else having this issue?

well i got my wifes phone eand i can view my uploads via her instagram so apparently the issue has been solved i uninstalled and re installed i dont see my images deleted and they are being viewed via another person instagram